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What zodiac sign is the spinel stone suitable for?

Undoubtedly, the luminaries of the jewelry Olympus, which are the diamond, emerald, sapphire and ruby, were, are and will remain in their place of honor, but today collectors are increasingly turning to less famous, but equally valuable representatives of the precious world. Among the stones of the first row, which are not included in the magnificent four, there are true masterpieces of nature, and they are also very rare, which further increases their attractiveness. This niche is occupied by the regal spinel – a stone with a long and glorious history. The mineral is actively used by jewelers in the manufacture of various jewelry, so it deserves attention and study.

History of the stone

The first mentions of it are found in the records of the great traveler Marco Polo in the 13th century. From that time on, spinel began its triumphal march throughout the world, adorning the crowns of rulers and the fingers of eminent dignitaries. The most honorable objects, the center of which is a magnificent mineral, were the crown of the British Empire, the Great Imperial Crown of Russia and the crown of the Persian Shahs. Spinel was often confused with corundum and ruby, so the deposit was initially called “ruby mines.” But in the 19th century, this stone was carefully examined, as a result of which it was found that it has nothing in common with a ruby. This is a mineral with its own characteristics, which fully deserves to be perceived as a separate jewelry stone. By the way, many ancient jewelry contained spinel, not ruby, because they were very similar. The crown of Catherine the Great and the famous “Monomakh’s Cap” are also decorated with spinel, and not with ruby, as previously thought. Perhaps the most famous example is a spinel called the Black Prince’s Ruby, which was given to the ruler of Wales, Edward. The stone was approximately the size of a chicken egg, and its weight was 170 carats.

Properties and deposits of spinel

For a long time, this luxurious stone was mistaken for a ruby, and now only a specialist can distinguish its dark red variety from the famous corundum. This type of spinel is considered the rarest and most expensive. Spinel is a crystal of high hardness (8 – 8,5 points on the Mohs scale). But despite this, the mineral is vulnerable to mechanical damage, so you need to ensure that jewelry with it does not fall on the floor, is not scratched, or is not subject to other similar impacts. The richest deposits of stone are found in Ceylon, the Pamirs, India, and Tajikistan. Russia also has deposits of this amazing mineral. Spinel can be found in deposits in Thailand, Afghanistan, Brazil, and Sri Lanka. The most beautiful red spinel is mined in Myanmar (Burma).

The color palette

Spinel surprises and attracts primarily with its beauty, brilliance and richness of color. The brightest and most valuable is the luxurious red, but its bright pink shade is no less loved. Nature has created other beautiful variations of the color scheme of this mineral. The main varieties of this stone are:

  • Noble spinel is a transparent mineral that has a rich hue. Red stones are called ruby ​​spinel, red-pink ones are called bale ruby, and red-orange ones are called rubicell. But the color scheme is not limited to red and other colors in combination with it. Blue and purple minerals look no less elegant. Noble minerals also include blue and green spinel.
  • Pleonaste, which is also called “common spinel”. This category includes translucent specimens that contain large amounts of iron. Among the shades we note black, brown and dark green. They can be found much more often than spinel, which is a noble mineral.
  • Picotite. These minerals are found in almost the same colors as pleonaste, but unlike them, picotite is completely opaque. The main feature is the increased chromium content.
  • Ganit. These are quite rare specimens, which contain a high content of iron and zinc. Shades can be different – from blue to green and purple.

Impact on the owner

If you have jewelry with spinel in your jewelry wardrobe, then in addition to aesthetic pleasure, other pleasant bonuses await you.

Circumstances themselves will develop around you in the best possible way, showing you to the world from the most positive side, increasing your charm and influence on others. Energy and vitality will literally flow into you, and joy and optimism will make you the center of society and a magnet for people. It is believed that this stone also enhances a person’s attractiveness to the opposite sex.

The stone patronizes generous and moral people who do not do bad things to others. It is for them that the mineral can become a real helper in life, but for evil and envious people, spinel is not the best traveling companion, because there is an opinion that it can even harm them because of their bad thoughts.

In addition to magical properties, this stone also has certain healing properties, as people previously believed. It all depends on the color of the stone:

  • Red. It has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system, strengthening the immune system. In addition, it was previously used to make amulets that helped in love affairs due to its positive effect on libido.
  • Pink. It has a calming effect on the nervous system and also helps normalize sleep. Many note the positive effect of this mineral on the condition of the skin.
  • Green. It has a beneficial effect on vision and also helps get rid of headaches and joint pain.
  • Blue. This mineral is useful to wear for those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, lungs, liver and kidneys.
  • Black. The stone is useful for low blood pressure, helps with wounds and bruises.

There is a definite connection between this mineral and its beneficial effects on the body. This is understandable, since before people used more actively what nature gives them. Therefore, they noticed what gives their results. But if you have truly serious health problems, then we do not recommend that you rely solely on the likely benefits of this mineral. But to perceive it as a beautiful gem that can decorate any decoration is what is within your power.

Compatibility with Zodiac signs

For those who are interested in astrology, it will probably be interesting to know which zodiac sign spinel is suitable for. This mineral is 100% suitable for Leos, and will help representatives of this sign in all endeavors, enhancing their innate charm. Leos are characterized by periodic blues, when they feel that they have no strength left, so this stone will help in such difficult moments, giving them the necessary vital energy.

It will also be a good amulet for other representatives of the fire element – Aries and Sagittarius. It will give them strength, improve their willpower and mental abilities.

Use in jewelry

Spinel is actively used in the manufacture of rings and magnificent necklaces. Earrings of different shapes and sizes, in which spinel is successfully combined with other precious and semi-precious stones, look no less elegant.

In jewelry, the mineral is often combined with diamonds, which are considered a universal insert to decorate any tandem. The stone also goes well with emeralds, sapphires and other stones, so the jeweler can fully express his imagination.

Features of care

The fragility of the mineral requires compliance with certain recommendations for its care:

  • exclusion of any bumps and falls;
  • It is recommended to store jewelry in a separate box with soft walls;
  • When doing any housework, it is advisable to remove jewelry;
  • avoiding any contact with chemically aggressive substances;
  • Once every few months you need to carefully clean the stone using a mild soap solution and a soft brush.

Synthetic spinel

Science does not stop in its progress and creates methods for accurately and skillfully reproducing stones of the highest category. The rarity and difficulty of mining and processing spinel contributes to its artificial production, which results in stones of high purity and brightness of color. Only a specialist can distinguish such a stone from a natural one.

Of course, we still recommend purchasing natural precious stones, because the knowledge that you have a real, genuine treasure is very pleasant and valuable.

In our collections you will find jewelry with natural spinel in all the richness of its types and colors. These are luxury jewelry from famous Russian brands that come with an extended warranty. This is a great gift for any occasion, so surprise your family and friends only with high-quality premium jewelry.

Spinel is a rare gemstone known for its special properties since ancient times. About the magical abilities of spinel, its healing power – in this article.

Spinel is a very unusual rare stone. In addition to a rich color palette and incredible glossy shine, the mineral has a range of healing and magical properties, which makes it a real source of happiness and balance for the owner.

Magical properties

In this article we will discuss only some of the magical properties of natural spinel. It is mentioned in ancient Vedic treatises, in the notes of Doctor Paracelsus, heard in Dante’s diaries and is actively used by modern energy practitioners.

This luxurious, truly imperial mineral turns a person’s energy towards optimism and favorable changes, making the owner successful, creative and purposeful. Spinel awakens a person’s interest in life, gives mutual understanding and protects against both the wrong step and the influence of insincere people.
The mineral enhances a person’s sensual energy, helps in finding a life partner and creating a happy union.

Spinel, as a healing mineral, was first mentioned in the Akhtarvaveda (the first Indian text related to medicine). Doctors in India divided which stone was suitable for which disease based on its specific color.

  • Fiery lal – gives the owner amazing resistance to respiratory diseases, improves blood supply to the body, and gives greater sexual energy to men and women.
  • Black spinel was mentioned as an assistant in Buddhist sources. It is necessary for recovery after severe injuries, for healing bleeding – and always normalizes low blood pressure.
  • Pink stone – with its gentle effect it balances the human nervous system, relieves insomnia and periodic stress.
  • In Akhtarvaveda, with the help of blue spinel, diseases of the throat and breathing were overcome, and a person’s speech was made pure, correct, full of truth and meaning. Modern experts recommend the mineral for diseases of the digestive system, impaired metabolism and poor nutrition.
  • The rarest green variety of the stone helps to overcome headaches and relieve a person from migraines. It also normalizes heart function and stabilizes blood pressure. Modern lithotherapists advise to rest your eyes and restore visual acuity by focusing your gaze on this miracle helper for 10 minutes every day.

Signs of the zodiac

Possessing a unique set of properties, the ability to bring happiness to the owner and protect from the evil eye, spinel is a complex, capricious gem. Energy practitioners recommend wearing it constantly, then the effect of the lala will be effective and beneficial. First of all, it is a stone for the fire signs of the zodiac.

The stone improves a person’s mental and physical qualities, adds strength and energy. In terms of health, the mineral is considered a talisman for Taurus and Libra; it is most useful for Pisces and Cancer. For these representatives of the horoscope, spinel will be a help during long business trips and in responsible decision-making.

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