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When is it better to drink zeolite in the morning or evening?

Comfortable pregnancy and recovery after childbirth
Let nature itself protect you and your child During pregnancy and lactation, the need for mother and baby for micro- and macroelements increases several times. Zeolite evens out and maintains mineral balance, saturates cells with oxygen, helps the baby grow healthy, and helps the mother preserve and restore the body’s resources. Zeolite helps cells become saturated with oxygen and minerals Mechanism of action
Effect of Zeolite during pregnancy and lactation

  • Safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Helps reduce
    manifestations of toxicosis
  • Promotes the absorption of vitamins from food
  • Helps strengthen your and your child’s immunity
  • Preserves beauty: healthy skin, strong nails and hair, teeth
  • Helps maintain skin elasticity
  • Normalizes mineral balance, helps avoid micro- and macronutrient deficiencies
  • Helps return to your normal weight after childbirth

This is how it works in life

Alena Borzina,
34 years
“I gave the child water, the allergy symptoms went away in 1-2 weeks”
“I gave the child water, the allergy symptoms went away in 1-2 weeks”

Good day!
I would like to share my opinion about the product Zeolite, which came to me completely by accident. In general, I don’t relate to this kind of product at all, I never took them and thought that the effect of them was self-hypnosis. Further

This product was recommended for my child by the pediatrician when he first used it at 1 month. an allergy to milk protein appeared. There were options for taking other sorbents for both me and the child, but after reading the composition of all the recommended drugs, I decided that I should take Zeolite because it wouldn’t get any worse) The child is allergic to cow’s milk protein, therefore all dairy products were excluded for both the child and the mother. But it started to fall out even if the food my mother ate contained powdered milk, and this is very difficult to track; the cheeks were very scary!

Zeolite is a gray powder, does not dissolve in water, has no taste or smell, to cleanse the body, I took the drug while breastfeeding, gave the child some water from the drug, allergy symptoms (cheeks burning like lanterns and spots on the legs) went away after 1-2 weeks. Then we took the drug when introducing complementary foods and in preparation for vaccinations, maybe this was self-hypnosis, but getting used to new products and the period after vaccinations was easier.
Zeolite showed itself quite positively.

The only downside I can point out is that it is not convenient to give the baby the suspension, and after taking it the sand crunches on the teeth, you need to wash it down with water.
Overall I recommend the product!

Evgeniya Lee,
27 years
“The child is healthy! My psoriasis went away!, and my husband stopped getting sick”
“The child is healthy! My psoriasis went away!, and my husband stopped getting sick”

At the time I met Zeolite, I was a nursing mother and was very worried that any supplements could negatively affect my child. But I trusted my friends). What’s the result? The child is healthy! My psoriasis went away!, and my husband stopped getting colds. Tell me a coincidence? Don’t think. Further

Now I always have Zeolite in my house. In any unclear health situation, we double the norm and everything goes away. Our daughter has already grown up and eats Zeolite with great pleasure.

Tatiana Slageva,
24 years
“All the skin rashes have disappeared. And I struggled with them after giving birth for 4 years.”
“All the skin rashes have disappeared. And I struggled with them after giving birth for 4 years.”

As I already wrote, a friend introduced me to Zeolite, and she also advised me to take the course. I tried it. As for zeolite, its appearance and taste resemble ordinary cement. BUT. within a week.. Then all my skin rashes disappeared. And I struggled with them after giving birth for 4 years and nothing helped! No ointments, creams, tinctures or lotions. Also during the appointment, I noticed an increase in performance, lightness throughout the body. I felt like my body was being cleansed. Zeolite is literally a collection of essential macro- and microelements! I asked the specialists a question about an overdose – it’s okay, if the daily dose is increased by 2-4 times, when the body is full, there will no longer be such a desire to “chew”. In any case, the excess comes out naturally, taking with it all the unnecessary crap from the body!

Leave only the positive moments of motherhood: use the smart natural gift

Zeolite is certified by the “Healthy Eating – Health of the Nation” program

Zeolite is useful. And these are not just words, but a fact confirmed by a certificate of conformity and a special mark.

“Healthy Eating for the Health of the Nation” is a voluntary program that provides laboratory testing and certification to confirm the beneficial effects of product components. Zeolite has passed this certification.

Our certificate confirms: “.. An increased level of medical, biological and nutritional value (benefits) has been established, due to the naturalness of the raw materials used and the high level of technological processing of the raw materials.”

How scientists from the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences used zeolite to eliminate the consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant

As part of the research of the Research Institute of Biochemistry of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, large-scale work was carried out to study the radioprotective properties of natural zeolites.

“Zeolite-containing enterosorbents prevent radionuclides from entering tissues and organs; actively remove “stuck” radionuclides obtained in the past, thereby stopping the destructive effect of hazardous substances on the body.”

The beneficial effect is associated with the absorption of radioactive elements by the surface of the mineral, as well as the ability to replace harmful isotopes with zeolite elements. For example, dangerous strontium-90 is replaced by magnesium and calcium ions,

From the archive of retired Major General N.D. Tarakanov, who led the operations to eliminate the consequences of the accident of the 4th unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant:

“16 zeolite dams were built on the Pripyat River, samples were taken from each dam “before” and “after” 5 times a day. The water purification efficiency of each dam was estimated to be between 40 and 60%. “Zeolite took and took away radionuclides. ”

By order of the Government Commission for the liquidation of the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the Chernobyl region from 4.06.86/23.06.86/30 to 50/XNUMX/XNUMX, employees of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, as well as the Institute of Physiology of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, worked as scientific consultants. Information from the act “on the use of natural zeolites for the prevention of radiation injuries in the areas of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant”: during the period of work at the site, it was decided to use a suspension of watered zeolite “flour” in a dosage of XNUMX–XNUMX g in the morning and evening as a preventive measure for radioactive exposure.

Observation of the subjects for a month after returning from Chernobyl showed the following: “the health status of people who used natural zeolites under conditions of intense radiation exposure remained within normal limits. Analysis of the current state after 5,10, 15 and XNUMX years also did not reveal any long-term consequences of radiation exposure. In addition, the experiment participants noted a pronounced protective and health-improving effect during the work process:

  • suppression of dyspepsia;
  • increased performance and mood;
  • reduction in weakness after being in an area with high radioactivity, more than 2 roentgens/hour;”

“natural zeolites are an effective means for the prevention and treatment of:

  • symptoms of toxicosis, including acute periods;
  • symptoms of radiation injury in conditions of radioactive contamination of air and soil;
  • prevent disturbances of mineral homeostasis in extreme situations (prolonged physical and mental stress, ionizing radiation, etc.);
  • are an anti-stress agent.”

SB RAMS, academician V.V. Vinogradov

The use of Zeolite in eliminating the consequences of the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant

Moscow, April 15, 2011. RIA News. “The operator of the emergency Japanese nuclear power plant Fukushima-1, TEPCO, on Friday began dumping bags of zeolites capable of absorbing radioactive substances into the sea in the area of ​​the emergency station,” the Kyodo agency reports, citing TEPCO. “The bags are also dumped into the drainage system of the second and third power units. The goal of the event is to reduce the radiation content in sea water.”

Dr. med. Karl Hecht, professor of neurophysiology and experimental and clinical pathological psychology at the Humboldt University in Berlin, is a pioneer in zeolite research. He is the author of hundreds of scientific articles and more than 40 scientific books. We spoke with Dr. Carl Hecht, MD, about the growing importance of the natural mineral zeolite in medicine.

Mister Professor, how much zeolite do you take per day?

For ten years now I have been taking five to ten grams of zeolite daily. My friends recently noticed that my hair has darkened a little again, although it was completely gray. But the most important thing is that at 86 years old, I feel like a fifty-year-old in both soul and body.

Why do people in Europe know so little about zeolite?

Zeolite has been studied in Russia for a long time. The Russian Academy of Sciences has been conducting relevant research for twenty years in forty clinics, with an average of 400 patients. The results are exceptional. The first article about zeolite was published in Germany in 1961, and in English.

Since then, little has changed in terms of the use of zeolite in medicine?

Absolutely right. On the one hand, the language barrier is a hindrance. Nobody wants to read Russian studies. On the other hand, a serious obstacle is the very position of doctors in Central Europe: “What I have not heard about does not exist.”

Are doctors who adhere to classical medicine really such limited people?

I have offered zeolite to many oncologists. They immediately refused with the words: “I don’t want my research to slow down.” And research funded by the pharmaceutical industry naturally cannot go in a direction that is contrary to the interests of the pharmaceutical industry.

If doctors themselves block information, how will patients even know about the beneficial effects of a natural mineral?

More and more naturopathic doctors are preparing to publish data on the effects of zeolite. My dream is to collect data on the effectiveness of zeolite from all over the world and make it known to the public. This would essentially mean opening the way to medicine for zeolite.

You tell incredible things about the recovery of your patients. Could you give us some example?

I had a patient who had breast cancer. She heard about zeolite and persuaded doctors to give her zeolite while she was in the clinic. As a result, her general condition during chemotherapy was significantly better than that of her roommate who was undergoing the same treatment. For example, my patient did not lose her hair. Six months later, she recovered, and the two other women who were in the same room with her died.

So, it is up to the patients to make their needs known. Maybe you have some other example?

I gave one of my Russian colleagues, who was rejected by all the doctors because she had water in her stomach, 5 grams of zeolite morning and evening. Three months later, the water left her stomach, and six months later she was already participating in scientific congresses. Such results cannot but inspire.

What is unique about zeolite?

The uniqueness, for example, is that with the help of ion exchange it plays a regulatory role in the body. That is, more than one mineral enters the body – various minerals needed by the body are delivered. At the same time, harmful substances are removed. Here it is worth mentioning the famous German chemist Justus Liebig, who, using the example of plants, proved that a certain combination of minerals is necessary for proper development.

There are large reserves of zeolite on Earth. Which zeolite is most suitable for humans?

The main thing is that it is a natural zeolite, clinoptilolite, which is available all over the world. The quality depends on the composition. Here 30-40 parameters should be assessed. The most important characteristic of zeolite is the ratio of silicon and aluminum content. This ratio should be at least 4:1, and even better 6:1. Regions such as Russia (primarily Siberia), USA, Cuba, Slovakia, Japan, Turkey, Italy, China, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia (primarily the Caucasus) and many countries of South America are rich in zeolite.

Is there anything to be wary of if we decide to take zeolite?

There is absolutely nothing to fear. For example, I gave zeolite to forty patients for 40 days.
There were no side effects.
An overdose of this drug is simply impossible.
Ion exchange does not allow substances that are not needed to remain in the body. It is important to drink enough water, if possible a glass every hour. This prevents possible constipation. In cases of prolonged diarrhea, the hydrophilic ability of the zeolite has proven to be very useful. Typically, symptoms disappear after two to three hours. I recently got two dental implants. The dentist was amazed at how quickly my gums healed. We also owe this to the hydrophilic ability of zeolite.

Some are afraid that zeolite may affect the body’s metabolism and thereby harm it. What would you answer to skeptics?

Research clearly shows that zeolite does not enter the kidneys, lungs, pancreas, or hormonal glands. It performs its main task – binding heavy metals and poisons – exclusively in the intestines. Delivering vital elements to the body, zeolite, with the help of its crystals, removes harmful substances from the intestines.

How long does zeolite stay in the human body?

After administration, zeolite passes through the entire digestive tract and is excreted in the stool. Isotopic studies have shown that zeolite is eliminated from the body within a maximum of 24 hours. It also turned out that within 6 minutes the zeolite reaches the stomach and duodenum. In four hours it passed through the small intestine and ended up at the beginning of the large intestine. 24 hours after administration, the process of excretion in stool begins.

The situation with environmental pollution is becoming dramatic. Can zeolite help here?

In the animal and human body, zeolite acts as a sanogeneticist – this is a derivative of the word sanogenesis – the development of health – i.e. as a kind of autobioregulator. Moreover, silicon dioxide plays a key role. Today, when the environment is so polluted, zeolite is an excellent protection. Chemical pollution for the period 1950 – 1980. increased tenfold. Every year, over 200 million tons of toxic substances are released into our environment. Natural zeolite is our weapon in the fight against this poison.

For whom is environmental pollution especially dangerous?

People who are overweight are at particular risk. Harmful substances accumulate in their fat layer. Since the mid-20th century, various types of chemicals have been widely used, including pesticides that cause inflammation. As a result, the risk of cancer increases. Natural zeolite helps combat this danger.

What should you pay attention to when taking zeolite?

The most natural way to take zeolite has been known for a long time: the powder is mixed with water. The peoples who used zeolite did not experience chronic diseases and lived long lives. Take the powder with a dry ceramic spoon, pour it into a glass of water (37 degrees) and mix. Then you take a sip. You can also take tablets in combination with spirulina algae. In this case, you need to drink a lot of water.

Can any other medicine have the same effect as zeolite?

None of the known medicines can compare with it. Only earth that contains silicon dioxide (silica) and montmotiland bentonites have properties similar to the natural zeolite clinoptilolite. Doctors knew this back in ancient times. Land rich in silica was worth its weight in gold.

What should both physician and patient keep in mind when using zeolite?

The use of zeolite in medical practice requires knowledge of certain scientific facts.
It is important to remember the following:

  • During therapy, which includes taking zeolite, you need to drink a lot of water. There is a golden rule: a glass of water every hour.
  • Regular intake – i.e. no breaks.
  • The prophylactic course should last 40 days. If zeolite is taken as a medicine, the duration of use depends on the situation.
  • Zeolite should be taken at least 30 minutes before meals. This activates minerals, nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and other trace elements found in food.
  • Alcohol, nicotine and caffeine inhibit the action of zeolite.
  • In certain cases, natural clinoptilolite may be taken along with conventional medications. At the same time, it can mitigate their unwanted side effects. This decision must be made by the attending physician on an individual basis.
  • Movement – walking, jogging, race walking and swimming – can enhance the effects of zeolite.

How do you see the future of zeolite in medicine?

After zeolite, which contained silicon, was rediscovered, scientists and doctors began studying this silicon-containing stone. The potential that zeolite has will improve the health and quality of life of each of us in the future. This is an opportunity that we have no right to miss.

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