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Where is the most expensive diamond in the world?

They learned to process diamonds in a special way and produce a sparkling diamond in the mid-15th century. Since this time, diamonds have represented beauty and prestige for ancient Indian dynasties, European royal families and collectors for thousands of years. Not all diamonds receive special value and attention. The price of diamonds depends on a number of factors: cut quality, color, clarity, weight, historical and cultural heritage. There are diamonds whose value is not precisely established. Such priceless gems are kept in private collections, owned by royal families or displayed in museums. These diamonds include: Centenary, Hope, Cullinan I, Sancy, Koh-I-Noor. Experts estimate their value from approximately $90 million to $1 billion. It is not difficult to evaluate and sell diamonds in Moscow. To do this, you need to contact a certified gemologist at the Emporium Gold salon. Within 5 minutes he will name the appraisal amount, which you can receive in cash immediately. The list of Top 5 Most Expensive Diamonds presents precious crystals whose value is accurately assessed and known or was contributed by the new owner upon purchase.

1. Witterlasbach-Graff Blue Diamond

Diamond Witterlasbach-Graff. Cost: $80 million The rough diamond was discovered in an Indian mine in the 1600s. Its color is classified as rich fancy grayish blue, clarity – VS2. The diamond was originally called Witterlasbach. The gemstone remained part of the Austrian and Bavarian Crown for centuries. In 2008, the Graff Diamond company purchased the diamond at a Christie’s auction for $23,4 million and renamed it Witterlasbach-Graff. Lawrence Graff recut the diamond to improve its performance. Having lost 4,5 carats in weight, the company upgraded the Witterlasbach-Graff diamond to IF – internally flawless, and the color became a rich fancy blue. In 2011, Graff Diamond sold the 31,06-carat Witterlasbach-Graff diamond to former Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani for $80 million.

2. Pink Star Diamond

Diamond Pink Star. Cost: $71,2 million In April 2017, at a Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong, this pink diamond ring was sold for a record 71,2 million US dollars. The Pink Star Diamond has become the most expensive diamond in the world sold at auction. The owner of the ring with such a rare diamond was the Hong Kong company Chow Tai Fook Enterprises. The Fancy Hot Pink diamond weighs 59,6 carats and is the largest internally flawless Fancy Hot Pink diamond ever graded by GIA. Pink Star was discovered by De Beers in Africa in 1999. The rough diamond weighed 132,5 carats. After two years of cutting and polishing, it took the shape of an oval and adorned a platinum ring.

3. Oppenheimer Blue Diamond

Oppenheimer Blue Diamond. Cost: $57,5 million The Oppenheimer Blue diamond ring was purchased by a private collector at a Christie’s auction in May 2016. Until April 2017, Oppenheimer Blue was the most expensive gemstone sold at auction. The diamond weighs 14,62 carats and is classified as Fancy Vivid Blue. The diamond was named in honor of the previous owner, Sir Philip Oppenheimer, whose family controlled De Beers. Newmarket racehorse and stable owner Philip Oppenheimer had an incomparable collection of diamonds, led by the magnificent Oppenheimer Blue. The diamond is set in a platinum ring and framed on both sides with white diamonds in the shape of a trapezoid.

4. Blue Diamond Blue Moon of Josephine

Diamond Blue Moon of Josephine. Cost: $48,4 million In 2015, Hong Kong billionaire and collector Joseph Lau purchased this Blue Moon diamond ring at Sotheby’s for $48,4 million. Immediately after the purchase, the collector renamed the diamond Blue Moon of Josephine in honor of his 7-year-old daughter Josephine. The 12,03-carat Blue Moon diamond was discovered in 2014 at the Cullinan (formerly Premier) mine in South Africa. The Blue Moon of Josephine diamond is set on a platinum ring.

5. Graff Pink Diamond

Diamond Graff Pink. Cost: $46,2 million This diamond belonged to Harry Winston, owner of the Harry Winston brand of the same name, and was kept in his private collection for 60 years. A rectangular, mixed-cut, rounded diamond is set in a platinum ring. On either side of the pink diamond are white diamonds in the shape of a shield. In 2010, this fancy intense pink diamond weighing 24,78 carats was purchased at Sotheby’s by Graff Diamond for a then-record $46,2 million. After purchasing Lawrence, Graff named the diamond Graff Pink. The list of the most expensive diamonds in the world changes from year to year. As time passes, new owners again put up world-famous and valuable diamonds for sale. Bidders try to outdo each other by offering astounding amounts of money for them. It is not uncommon for previously unknown gemstones to emerge, disrupting the diamond market and changing prices per carat. In addition, amazing things happen to diamond owners that increase the value and exclusivity of the gemstones. Purchasing diamonds is also a good way to invest money. The Emporium Gold salon offers to buy diamonds in Moscow at attractive prices. Rare, impeccable in purity and unsurpassed in beauty, diamonds are perhaps one of the most delightful things in the world, created in the collaboration of man and nature. There is some incredible, irresistible magic in these stones. Neither the weak nor the strong of this world could resist their perfection. Monks and warriors, emperors and revolutionaries, socialites and housewives, ordinary people and the highest aristocracy – all of them were and continue to be fascinated by the pure cold and starry shine on diamond faces. The largest diamonds are so rare and expensive that they are given their own names. And behind each one there is a long, often dark, and sometimes bloody trail, delightful and frightening. Find out what the most expensive diamond in the world is, what kind of stones are in the TOP 10 most, admire their beauty and be horrified by the price. So, we present to your attention the most expensive diamonds in the world.

1st place – colorless “Kohinoor”

The Koh-i-noor (“Koh-i-noor”, “Kohinoor”) is a colorless diamond weighing 105,6 carats. If one day you are asked the name of the most expensive diamond, feel free to answer “Kohinoor”. Now “Kohinoor” (translated from Persian as “Mountain of Light”) adorns the British crown, which has belonged to it for more than 170 years. The stone was given to Queen Victoria in 1850 and originally weighed 190 carats. After cutting, the weight of the diamond was reduced by almost half, and in 1853 it became the main decoration of the crown. Its history goes back more than seven centuries, and then gets lost in the depths of not even centuries, but millennia. They say that the most expensive diamond was originally one of three fragments of a diamond that weighed more than 700 carats. Until 1305, the stone shone on the turbans of the rulers of Malwa (Northern India); later it passed into the hands of the Mughal dynasty, who owned it until 1739. Later, “Kohinoor” “moved” to Persia with its new owner, the invader Nadir Shah, and then, with the next owner Ahmad Shah Abdali, he went to Afghanistan. The reputation of the stone is terrifying. According to legend, only a woman and someone who is pure in heart can wield it with impunity. And indeed, almost everyone who in one way or another became the owner of the “Mountain of Light” died, and often a violent death. Only when the stone passed to Queen Victoria was the chain of victims broken. And, most importantly, how much does the most expensive diamond in the world cost? The stone is considered priceless, but according to experts, the cost of the most expensive diamond is over $1 billion.

2nd place – pale yellow “Sancy”

The golden “Sancy” has a teardrop shape, weighs 55,23 carats and is considered one of the most famous and expensive stones in Europe. The stone was found by the merchant Jagattunga in India at the beginning of the last millennium, according to legend, at the bottom of a mountain gorge. They say that after polishing, the diamond lost half its weight – it originally weighed 101,25 carats. Since then, merchants, traders, sultans, warriors, thieves, kings and emperors have become owners of the diamond. And, according to rumors, he brought misfortune to many. Among its owners (and often victims) were Charles the Bold, who wore the stone on his helmet, Mary of Burgundy, Henry III and Henry IV, James I, Charles I, Cardinal Mazarin, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, who inserted “Sancy” into the clasp of her fan . The last private owners of the diamond are the Astor family of industrialists, ranking alongside the Vanderbilts and Rockefellers. The stone stayed with the Astor family for 72 years, after which it was sold to the Louvre for $1 million. At the moment, none of the experts can determine the cost of the stone.

3rd place – colorless diamond “Great Star of Africa” (aka “Cullinan I”)

“Cullinan I” is one of 9 pieces that previously made up the world’s largest jewelry diamond, the Cullinan, which weighed 3106,75 carats (more than half a kilogram). Cullinan was found at the beginning of the last century in Africa, in the mine of the diamond magnate, Sir Thomas Cullinan. In 1902, the diamond became the property of the British crown – it was presented to Edward VII, who gave the stone to the famous jewelry workshop for cutting. They say that the owner of the workshop, the best lapidary in Europe, Asher, took months to find that single point on the surface of the stone at which the blow was to be struck. After this blow, the stone split into two large blocks, seven smaller ones and a hundred very small ones. It took several years to further cut all the pieces. The largest fragment became the blank for “Cullinan I,” a colorless teardrop-shaped diamond with 74 facets weighing 530,2 carats. Now the “Star of Africa” is the central decoration of the scepter of English monarchs. In 1908, the stone was valued at $2,5 million (now $51 million). Experts believe that the Cullinan is the third most expensive diamond in the world: its price is approximately $400 million. Formally, the stone is considered priceless.

4th place – sapphire-gray-blue “Hope” (“Blue Frenchman”)

The Hope Diamond weighs 45,52 carats and is cushion cut. Diamond clarity – VS1. According to legend, the diamond was stolen from the statue of an ancient Indian goddess and endowed with the ability to bring trouble to its owners. What is certain is that the carelessly cut triangular stone weighing 115 carats was bought by Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, who sold it to Louis XIV. After cutting, the stone “lost weight” to 69 carats, and the diamond acquired its current weight and shape after the next recut. Now “Hope” is kept in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History (Washington) and is valued at $ 350 million.

5th place – absolutely transparent “Century” diamond

The unique Centenary Diamond, weighing 273,85 carats and flawlessly cut in the shape of a heart, has the highest clarity FI and the highest color grade D. It is considered the largest stone with such standard characteristics. It got its name in honor of the centenary of the diamond mining company that discovered it. It was first presented to the public in 1988, and in cut form in 1991. In 2008, the stone was sold to a private collection. Today “Century” is valued at $ 100 million.

6th place – “Pink Star”

“Pink Star” is the rarest representative of pink diamonds weighing 59,6 carats. It is the largest colored diamond and is considered the finest pink diamond in the world. The world saw the Pink Star in 2003, years after a 100-carat pink diamond was found in a South African mine and cut by a team of 8 jewelers. In the fall of 2013, at a Sotheby’s auction, the stone was purchased for $ 83 million.

7th place – blue Wittelsbach

The Wittelsbach Blue Diamond weighs 35,56 carats and is truly royal in hue. Nobody knows where he came from. It is only known that it was also brought to Europe by the merchant Jean Baptiste Tavernier, and in 1722 the stone became part of the dowry of Mary of Austria, became the property of the House of Wittelsbach, and later adorned the Bavarian crown. In 2008, the diamond was sold to a British jeweler for $24,3 million, and then, after recutting, it changed its owner – the Qatari emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalif, who bought the stone for $ 80 million.

8th place – “Blue Moon”

This sky-blue stone weighing 12,03 carats got its name from an English proverb, the equivalent of which is the Russian one – “after the rain on Thursday.” Literally it sounds like “once in a blue moon,” which means “under a blue moon.” This is what they say about an unusually rare event. A blue diamond weighing 29,6 carats was found in an African mine in 2014. And after its cutting in 2015, the owner of the rare treasure became a seven-year-old girl, Josephine, the daughter of a Hong Kong millionaire, who bought the diamond for $48,4 million.

9th place – perfect “Pink Graff”

This amazing stone of the most delicate pink hue has a classic cut and weighs 24,78 carats. It belongs to the rarest group of IIa stones and contains virtually no impurities. Only less than 2% of mined diamonds can boast of such characteristics. No one knows where the stone came from, where it was extracted from the depths, and who cut it. He acquired his name only in 2010, when at Sotheby’s auction he was $ 46 million acquired by Lawrence Graff.

10th place – pink “The Little Prince”

The “Little Prince” diamond of the thinnest, absolutely childlike and, moreover, noblest pink hue weighs 34,65 carats and was found in the famous Indian mines more than three centuries ago. The stone was the property of the rulers of Hyderabad, but in 1960, when the financial position of one of them was shaken, it was sold at auction. For almost half a century nothing was heard about the stone, until in 2013 it appeared again at auction and was sold for $ 39,3 million to an unknown buyer.

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