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Where to sell expensive jewelry?

online assessment Only originals.
No fakes or replicas Excellent service,
pleasant atmosphere Quick estimate
and issuing money

We buy the following types of jewelry at high prices:

If you want to sell jewelry in Moscow, contact Elite Lombard on 1905 Street, 1, and you will get the highest possible price for the capital. We process transactions and issue the full amount on the same day of application and provide guarantees of legal purity. “Elite Pawnshop” works with the premium segment and values ​​jewelry accessories. We dearly accept works: Our employees evaluate jewelry extremely honestly and objectively. We value our earned reputation as a responsible partner and provide our clients with the most comfortable conditions of interaction. Upon purchase, our pawnshop offers up to 60% of the cost of the new product and draws up a purchase and sale agreement. If necessary, we will make payment by bank transfer, provide a car to come to us, and professional security.

Advantages of Elite Pawnshop

  • the fastest possible purchase of jewelry – from the moment of submitting an application or calling to the issuance of money takes up to several hours;
  • comprehensive services and full customer support – we ourselves conduct a professional assessment, prepare all documentation, provide professional advice;
  • maximum prices for jewelry accessories, taking into account their condition, brand, model, quality of stones and other factors;
  • guaranteed reliability, legality and confidentiality – we do not share information about the transaction with anyone;
  • simplicity and convenience of sale – we save your time.

How to sell jewelry

At Elite Pawnshop, you can sell jewelry, exchange it with an additional payment using the trade-in system, or pledge it as collateral. We accept applications on the website and by telephone.

To quickly find out the approximate price of your jewelry piece, use the online valuation service. To do this, fill out an application on the website, attach a photo of the jewelry and send it to us. The Elite Pawnshop appraiser will determine the preliminary amount, and you can discuss the final price of the product during a visit to our office.

Call us at +7 (495) 605-59-25, and our staff will provide all consultations and coordinate with you the time of your visit to our office.

Our warranties:

  • documentary registration of the transaction, transparency and legality of all transactions;
  • efficiency and objectivity of assessment by professional experts with many years of experience;
  • the possibility of a preliminary assessment without any obligations on your part;
  • the best price you can get for your item at a pawnshop;
  • assistance from specialists at all stages of cooperation;
  • confidentiality of transactions and personal data.

With gold prices reaching very high levels in recent years, selling gold jewelry has become a quick and effective way to turn old jewelry into cash. REGION GOLD is the best place to sell gold jewelry as you are likely to get the highest price for your items.

We purchase branded jewelry and simple gold items in any form. Our experts use the most high-tech equipment, which allows us to accurately determine the metal sample.

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