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Which crystal suits my zodiac sign?

There is such a practice in the world as the magic of stones and crystals. Those who believe in it claim that these minerals have special properties that can attract good luck, improve personal life and simply calm with their invisible “vibrations” No one gives 100% guarantees here, but the power of natural crystals has been believed for many years hundreds of years. Which crystal will give you good luck? Look at our list and find out

Taurus – Rose Quartz

Ruled by Venus, Taurus appreciate all that is most beautiful, especially love. Rose quartz will help this sign find their soulmate and get the perfect dose of romance from their relationship. By the way, quartz not only attracts love, but also “heals” broken hearts well.

Gemini – Citrine

Citrine has a beneficial effect on mental activity and helps generate cool ideas. This crystal will help Gemini remember all the most important things and quickly assimilate new information. A real must-have when preparing for exams!

Cancer – Moonstone

Extraordinarily beautiful, moonstone helps Cancers overcome worries and relieve internal tension. The sparkle of the crystal sends out vibes of zen and calm, pleasing the Cancer’s eyes and helping him cope with sudden paranoia and unpleasant news.

Leo – Tiger’s Eye

The iconic Leo crystal transmits the energy of creativity and positivity. The tiger’s eye provides harmony in Leo’s passionate desires and allows you to achieve a balance of desires and opportunities.

Virgo – Red Jasper

They have a lot in common, because these precious little things are known for their brevity and extraordinary ability to bring clarity to any complex issue. Therefore, jasper is an ideal crystal for an earth sign. The red crystal will help Virgo concentrate on important details and solve all problems quickly and without losses.

Libra – Lapis lazuli

You can’t find a better option. Oh, this dark blue color with a scattering of gold veins. A real pleasure for the eyes of the Libra esthete! Lapis lazuli is not only beautiful, but also helps to achieve that golden mean that the air sign is looking for. The blue crystal encourages Libra to improve themselves and accept themselves as they are.

Scorpio – Obsidian

A strong crystal with extraordinary energy. Carrying it with him, Scorpio will quickly achieve what he wants and resolve doubts in his inner world. With its help, the sign will be able to protect itself from negative vibrations and thoroughly improve the skill of intuition.

Sagittarius – Turquoise

Such a crystal will help Sagittarius cope with stress and meet all deadlines. With its help, representatives of the sign will be able to dot all the “i”s on their long list of very urgent matters.

Capricorn – Jadeite

Its rich green hue relaxes and strengthens memory. With a jadeite crystal, Capricorn will establish relationships with people and help separate the feasible from the impossible. In short, jadeite will allow Capricorn to clearly understand what exactly he needs from this life.

Aquarius – Aquamarine

Aquarius has a large choice, but aquamarine suits him more than all other crystals. The crystal will help the sign to quickly collect all thoughts into a pile and find solutions to any problems. Aquamarine will also help Aquarius cope with emotional blocks and quickly establish relationships in a new place, for example, at a new job or at university.

Pisces – Amethyst

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The editors of Grazia learned from a professional astrologer how to choose and feel a crystal and use your personal talisman for good luck.

Crystals and stones are not just a beautiful accessory; natural minerals have a number of useful properties and can have a positive impact on a person’s life. Professional astrologer and founder of the School of Astrology Inna Lyubimova tells which stone is better for Leos to choose, to whom amethyst will bring good luck, and to whom citrine will bring happiness.

How to choose the right stone?

Even a non-precious stone can become a talisman and reveal a person’s full potential. For some, their best friends are, indeed, diamonds. For others, malachite, onyx and jasper are more suitable. How to choose your stone? There are some tips:


  • Try to choose a talisman intuitively, having previously studied information about the energy of the mineral, relying on your own feelings.
  • There is no need to try to choose one stone for life. At certain periods of life and in certain specific situations, we need different minerals.
  • Remember that an astrologer will help you give an accurate answer. The stone is selected individually, based on the indicators of the person’s natal chart. If you want to upgrade a certain area of ​​life, you need to select a mineral depending on the goal. For example, stones that are suitable for attracting finance will not work effectively in a relationship with a partner. There is a whole direction in astrology – astromineralogy – which reveals the properties of minerals and their effect on humans.


How to choose a crystal according to your zodiac sign?

There is no universal advice for choosing a personal mineral and it is impossible to determine your stone by taking a test. Choose a crystal according to the general recommendations that we have described below if you do not want to go deeper into the topic.

Aries – red jasper

Which stone should active, confident and purposeful Aries choose? They vitally need energy to achieve their ambitious plans, so jewelry with red jasper will help ignite the fire in the hearts of these leaders. The rock will not only create a dome of positive energy around Aries, but will also protect him from ill-wishers. Lady drivers can keep a pebble in the glove compartment of their car to reduce the risk of an accident.



Taurus – malachite

How to choose your birthstone according to your horoscope if you are Taurus? Most of the time you are preoccupied with career and income issues. These earthly girls have no time at all to build a personal life. Hardy and persistent Taurus can harmonize relationships with a man or find love with the help of malachite. This stone will reveal the potential and make its owner even more feminine and attractive, at the same time it reminds them to enjoy the moment.


Gemini – gray agate

Gemini is a restless, contradictory and restless sign. Girls born under this constellation love movement and life, cannot concentrate on one thing for a long time and want to be in time everywhere, but they are prone to changing their preferences. The best option from the list of “crystals for the zodiac sign Gemini” would be gray agate, which will enhance intellectual and communication abilities, and also awaken the art of public speaking. It will be easier for you to formulate your thoughts and react in difficult situations.


Cancer – moonstone

The emotional state of Cancers is not always stable. These girls often take everything too personally and get upset over trifles. This sign often gives more than it receives, so representatives of the water element need to be reminded of self-love. The zodiac crystal, that is, the moonstone, will help Cancers find inner harmony and improve relationships with others. In jewelry made from this mineral you will be more catchy and bright.


Leo – citrine

How to choose a crystal for yourself for Leos? They always strive to be the center of attention, success and position in society are above all else for the royal sign, but they will not be hindered by motivation for action. It is citrine that promotes financial well-being. Wear jewelry with a lemon-colored mineral to all important business meetings, and then they will be successful.


Virgo – Tiger’s Eye

The zodiac crystal is the tiger’s eye. It will double all the wonderful traits that representatives of the earthly element possess, namely, it will strengthen intellectual abilities and allow its owner to think broadly and abstractly. Perfectionist Virgos need minerals that reduce the desire to constantly improve minor details. In jewelry with this bright and unusual stone, you will definitely not make a rash purchase: it will restrain your emotional impulse and force you to act rationally.



Libra – Rose Quartz

How to choose your stone for Libra? If you believe the myth, rose quartz was given to people by the Greek god Eros; this incredibly beautiful stone really enhances attractiveness and femininity, helps to find a soul mate and harmonize existing relationships. In addition, rose quartz is an excellent antidepressant. Attractive and inquisitive Libra sometimes lacks determination, so even a tiny pebble in a ring can give confidence, charge with positive energy and get rid of negative thoughts.


Scorpio – black onyx

How to choose your crystal for those born under the zodiac sign Scorpio? Under the weight of difficulties, Scorpios can plunge into melancholy and apathy, and products with black onyx will become an excellent talisman for them and will help them cope with troubles. Straightforward Scorpio needs this mineral to relax, reduce mistrust of others and tame his all-consuming energy. You will feel a solid core inside and become more confident in your abilities.

Sagittarius – rock crystal

How to choose your crystal according to the horoscope of the freedom-loving, impulsive and energetic Sagittarius? Rock crystal will become your accomplice in all your endeavors. The mineral will enhance the energy of the fire sign, make it more friendly and open to new acquaintances, and will also help maintain a clear mind and structure information. Be sure to take the stone with you on trips and trips so that they leave only good memories.

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