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Which finger does a ring look best on?

Rings are not just jewelry for women. Men wear them too, and we’re not just talking about wedding rings. Previously, these jewelry symbolized a special position in society, but now they are simply stylish additions to an everyday or festive look. Not everyone understands the meaning of the rings worn on different fingers. Meanwhile, this is a very interesting topic, because, according to esotericists, if the ring is put on the “right” finger, then it can become an excellent amulet, bringing good luck, love into the life of its owner and helping to develop certain qualities of his character. In addition, one should not forget about certain cultural characteristics that must be taken into account when visiting other countries. If in progressive Europe few people pay attention to this, then when visiting some exotic country you absolutely do not want to find yourself in a situation where your ring on your finger could be interpreted in the wrong way. To avoid finding yourself in such a situation, we will tell you how to wear rings correctly and which finger is best to do it on.

How rings influence a person’s destiny and energy

Even though rings are primarily associated with fashion jewelry, many people have always thought that they have hidden meanings. In the culture of different nations, these decorations are associated with the energy and destiny of a person. The ring is a closed circle, the keeper of the holy and fertile power of the nature that surrounds us. In traditional Mexican culture, the ring is a symbol of divine power and harmony. This accessory has a strong influence on group consciousness, as well as on a person’s energy aura. Separately, it is worth mentioning the engagement rings. They are given special attention because everyone believes that they contain hidden symbols of fate and love. They occupy a special place in ancient Russian and ancient Greek culture. As for the direct influence on a person’s destiny, it is believed that energy flows pass through our fingers. And a ring that a person has worn for a long time literally absorbs human energy. At the same time, both positive and negative. For this reason, they often became family decorations, representing a connection with their ancestors. In ancient times, women even wore the rings of their dead husbands – this allowed them to be closer to their loved one, feeling under his protection. But this energetic connection also has a downside – if you wear jewelry from a person who was sick or died under tragic circumstances, this can negatively affect its new owner.

On which finger should men and women wear a ring?

Traditionally, the main ring for men and women is the wedding band, worn on the ring finger of the left hand. This was due to the ancient religious belief that this finger is directly connected to the heart. There are several general rules for wearing a ring on each finger. Below are some of them:

  • Big. The thumb is the widest finger on the hand, which allows you to wear large rings on it. It stands out from other fingers, so it was often worn with jewelry to demonstrate power or supremacy.
  • Pointing. It has a special role – it is used to show direction or indicate something important, i.e. it is the embodiment of the will of its owner. The jewelry worn on it helps to realize oneself in life, as well as gain self-confidence. In the Middle Ages, rulers wore rings on their index fingers. It was believed that this allowed one to wisely manage one’s power and enhance the power of royal decrees.
  • Average. The middle finger occupies a central position on the hand. The rings on it are often worn as an expression of one’s style, without any symbolic significance. But different cultures have their own interpretations on this matter: Orthodox priests recommend wearing a ring with the inscription: “Save and Preserve” on the middle finger, and in the West they wear jewelry in a similar way, which is passed on by inheritance.
  • Nameless. The ring finger of the right hand is still considered the classic choice for a wedding ring among Orthodox Slavs. If a man is married, then he probably wears a wedding ring on this finger. The decoration is worn on the left hand in the Catholic-Protestant world. At the same time, when a man or woman gets divorced, it is customary to wear a wedding ring on the opposite hand, but today this tradition is becoming less and less relevant. Largely due to the fact that a person does not want to show others the details of his personal life in any way.
  • Little finger. Palmists believe that the little finger is responsible for creativity and intimate relationships. It is not for nothing that a ring on the little finger can be seen on musicians, artists, as well as other extraordinary personalities.

It is interesting that at the end of the 19th century, a decoration on the little finger indicated membership in the Masonic lodge, but in Italy there is a completely different tradition – a ring on this finger can indicate that a person belongs to the famous Sicilian mafia. Therefore, if you find yourself on a cramped Italian street in the company of such a person, it is better to keep your ears open and be attentive to what you say. Of course, this is more of a stereotype, because some trends tend to change and end, but it’s better not to take risks.

Which fingers are better not to wear rings on?

It is clear that in our ordinary life, when we are in natural conditions for ourselves, such a question is unlikely to worry anyone. Often, many married people do not even wear wedding rings – and this is not a sign of their frivolity or desire for constant affairs. Everything in this world is individual and you need to respect the boundaries of each person when deciding how to wear this or that jewelry.

But when we find ourselves in another country, we are a priori among people with different cultural values ​​and characteristics. “They don’t go to someone else’s monastery with their own rules” – this expression perfectly explains how one should behave in another country. In order not to find yourself in an unpleasant situation, it is important to remember that different cultures have their own rules for wearing rings on hands:

  • In Hindu culture, regardless of religion and region of residence, the left hand is considered “unclean”. Therefore, any decoration on her is an absolute bad manners and a reason, at a minimum, for judgmental glances. It is better not to attract attention to yourself and adhere to the established rules.
  • In Buddhism, it is not customary to wear jewelry on the little fingers, but not because they are considered “unclean.” On the contrary, little fingers are endowed with a sacred meaning, so the presence of any accessory on them can block positive energy.
  • In Muslim countries, wearing rings is generally not encouraged, regardless of gender. This is a display of wealth that is strongly discouraged by Muslims.

How to Wear Gemstone Rings

Rings with precious stones are a wonderful piece of jewelry, but it is not always enough to simply place them on any finger. There are certain rules, the observance of which will allow this jewelry to look appropriate on you and not look like a “foreign body”.

The first rule when choosing a ring with a gemstone is that it must fit exactly on your finger. It should not be too small or too large so as not to slip off your finger. Therefore, the correctly chosen size is an important and, so to speak, basic point.

The second rule is the combination of stones. If there are several precious stones on a piece of jewelry, then they should be harmoniously combined with each other. This can be achieved by using stones of the same shape, color or type.

The third rule is color selection. Jewelry with gemstones is often used to highlight the color of eyes, hair or clothing. The right choice of decoration color can give you even more beauty and expressiveness.

The fourth rule is the choice of metal. It depends on your preference. For example, if you love gold, then a ring set in gold can be a great addition to your look.

Gemstone jewelry can be worn on any finger, but will look different on each finger:

  • Diamond jewelry is best worn on the middle finger. There is no esoteric background here – it’s just that diamonds are most noticeable in the image. Considering that they are very expensive, it would be stupid to hide them from admiring glances.
  • Jewelry with topaz and amethyst can be worn on any finger, so there are no strict restrictions. They look spectacular on the middle and ring fingers, if we are talking about a wedding ring.
  • Jewelry with emeralds, as astrologers recommend, is best worn on the little finger. This is explained purely from a practical point of view – this is how they are able to attract wealth, as well as help in business negotiations.
  • Bright jewelry with sapphires in different cultures personify power, which is why it is better to wear them on the index finger.

Of course, the question of how to wear rings is debatable. To a large extent, due to the fact that any strict recommendations are already an imposition of someone else’s will, which is not entirely correct. It is much better when a person determines for himself what is best for him. This is how individuality is formed and a person becomes less dependent on other people’s opinions.

If you are free from prejudices, then wear rings the way that is most convenient for you. The main thing is to choose only high-quality jewelry with all the necessary certificates. Such accessories can be found in the “Diamonds are Forever” online store, where there is always a large selection of jewelry from the best Russian manufacturers. Look, choose, and if you need help, our employees are ready to advise you.

We will not delve into beliefs and astrological interpretations about the connection of fingers with planets, because it is obvious that there are a great many rules for wearing jewelry rings, as well as their interpretations. We do not propose to strictly adhere to them, but only want to talk about the symbolism of wearing wedding (and other) rings on different fingers throughout the history of jewelry. Perhaps you will find among the world’s traditions one that is consonant with your idea of ​​which finger to wear the ring on.

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From more to less

The thumb from its name alone has already received more than enough power and recognition. It is not surprising that men and people who want to express themselves and their far-reaching plans prefer to wear rings on it. The modern fashion for thin rings worn on several fingers at once does not bypass the thumb – it must be covered with silver jewelry.

The value of the thumb was already marked by the alphabet of ancient body language. The famous thumbs up gesture dates back to Ancient Rome. Only, contrary to popular interpretations, it did not mean pardon to the fighting gladiator, but a drawn sword, symbolizing death. To bestow life, spectators showed a clenched fist – a symbol of a sheathed sword.

Does it mean that by putting jewelry on your thumb, you can count on increasing your authority in the team and increasing your well-being? It’s worth a try, but we don’t guarantee results.

The index finger is called “royal” not only because it is a symbol of commands and instructions. The value of the second finger is no less than its older brother. A teacher in a classroom shows the door to a student who has disrupted a lesson, a passer-by shows the way to a wanderer, etc. Now imagine that there is also a massive ring on your finger – with a ring, such a gesture acquires additional weight, emphasizing the significance of the indication.

Since the Middle Ages, in portraits of royalty we often see gold rings with precious stones on the index fingers. Purposefulness, a sign of privilege and style – this is indicated by the ring worn on the index finger. According to historians, in some regions of Europe, only persons of noble birth could wear a ring on the second finger, and the ancient Jewish tradition ordered the bride to wear a wedding ring on it at a wedding.

Nowadays, many people prefer to wear rings on the index finger simply because it is convenient – the thumb located below does not interfere. Well, perhaps, without knowing it themselves, people increase their importance in the environment.

The middle finger is considered the most loyal for wearing jewelry, because it, like Switzerland, is as neutral as possible. Being the center of the hand, it expresses constancy and harmony, so a ring worn on the middle finger does not carry any special sacred meaning. In addition, unlike the two above-mentioned, the symbolism of this finger is the safest and has no secret meaning. It is recommended to wear thin gold or silver jewelry on the middle one to avoid contact with the rings on other fingers.

The ring finger, surprisingly, does not have its own unique name, unlike the others. Despite this injustice, the fourth finger of both the left and right hands is worthy of an engagement and wedding ring. To avoid confusion and not be considered a widow/widower behind your back, you should remember the following rules.

In the Orthodox tradition, wedding rings should be worn on the right ring finger. Among Catholics, as in most countries of the world, the tradition of wearing wedding rings includes the left ring ring. It is believed that it is directly connected to the heart – this explains the establishment of a channel from the finger to the main symbol of the epicenter of feeling.

In the USA, for example, a ring on the right ring indicates engagement, and on the left symbolizes marriage. In some countries, it is customary to wear the wedding ring on the same finger as the engagement ring. To avoid misunderstandings, it is better to agree in advance with your future spouse on which finger you will wear your wedding jewelry. Whether your decision is normal on the scale of generally accepted norms is essentially not that important.

Fans of family jewelry are most often interested in the question, on which finger should a man wear a ring? The answer is that the little finger, along with the index finger, is most suitable for massive jewelry. Previously, it was customary to wear family jewelry as a transmitted symbol of belonging to the clan.

The little finger is the smallest of all fingers in size, but not the least important.

If we talk about the meaning of the finger, then the little finger has the most interesting position – it alone of all lives on the border with the outside world. When you see a man with a ringed little finger, he is mistaken for an adventurer who never sits still. Girls prefer to wear neat, tight-fitting thin silver and gold rings on it.

How many rings are you allowed to wear?

As much as your heart desires! The main thing is to pay attention to the compatibility of the selected jewelry in style. If you are in doubt about your choice, an experienced consultant from our Studio will tell you how best to combine rings. It’s up to you to decide which finger will be decorated with the ring.

Want to know more? – order an online consultation.

The Studio manager will contact you and answer all your questions in detail. What we know, you will know too!

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