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Which finger is best to wear a citrine stone?

Jewelry stones carry a huge reserve of natural energy, which they have accumulated for thousands of years, which is why they are used as talismans, amulets and amulets. There are minerals that attract love, can improve health, protect against the evil eye, and many others. Today we will take a closer look at one category of stones – those that help attract and increase money. In first place is chrysoprase. It is considered one of the most powerful money amulets, which is often chosen by businessmen, financiers, and banking workers. A bewitching green color – to literally attract paper money, popularly simply called “greenery”. Chrysoprase gives its owner the necessary acumen, instinct for successful deals, perseverance and foresight. Suitable for those who often choose the “wrong thing”, miss out on benefits due to chance or a combination of inexplicable circumstances, and talk for a long time about their phenomenal unluck. How to use? Just decorate your ring finger with a ring before an upcoming business meeting: good luck is in your hands! Cover the box with household savings with chrysoprase – the effect will be double! There will be more money, but it will be spent more slowly. The second place goes to chrysolite. Peridot, especially in a gold frame, is for those who for a long time cannot boast of being particularly lucky in terms of financial affairs. Attracts wealth, “suggests” cases and opportunities, the right people and keys to get close to them. With the support of peridot, you can completely “rewrite” your credit history and learn to distinguish between promising offers. Interestingly, it is believed that chrysolite especially favors women. What to do? You need to wear a ring with chrysolite on the index finger of your left hand – your financial situation will begin to improve. Some information also claims that the stone, if necessary, will help in legal matters; you just need to use a chrysolite gold pendant, brooch or pendant. In third place of honor is topaz. First of all, yellow varieties of topaz are considered “money”. This stone senses its owner very subtly and, in some way, tries to control him. It would be more correct to say that the stone guides him, but there is one “but”: topaz as a money talisman should be worn by a fairly confident person. The fact is that this semi-precious mineral exposes the self of its owner, acting like a magnifying glass, so a person should know that he definitely has something to offer this world. It will strengthen the charms of its owner and teach him how to influence others convincingly, and will also contribute to the patronage of his superiors. Other superpowers include the ability to nip in the bud attempts by enemies to “annoy” you, and, most interestingly, to predict the moves of your business partners. How to use? You need to make sure that topaz is on you on Thursday and Saturday – these are its “lucky” days. Wear a ring with a stone on the ring finger on other days – if important negotiations are scheduled for them. Fourth place – pomegranate. A luxurious garnet as a money bait helps those for whom money is not the main meaning of life. They can only be a means of implementation or an incidental bonus. This is a talisman of active, active and ideological people, real creatives. Garnet gives its owner the ability to open any door, protects against the desire to “give up everything” and fills it with energy – this blood-red stone is literally imbued with it. Just be careful: its power can be crushing, so it is contraindicated for people who are amorphous, lacking initiative, or passive. What to do? Wear garnet jewelry always and everywhere. Fifth place is shared by citrine and amber. Together with these golden stones, you yourself become a kind of sunshine: everyone likes you, everywhere you go. They will help you maintain and increase both personal finances and the family budget. In addition, these stones can transform the aura of any living space and promise good health and long life. Citrine should be worn on the index finger. Amber – Store near household savings. Choose jewelry from your phone, computer or tablet, without even leaving home! We are ready to help you with your choice and answer all your questions ONLINE! Just write to us or WhatsApp|Viber 8-922-567-98-80. The catalog presents only a small part of our assortment; we will prepare a personal photo selection of jewelry according to your wishes. Choose online – now it’s fast, convenient and safe. We are in touch from 10-00 to 19-00 every day! Bright yellow with hints of orange, like the setting sun, citrine excites and bewitches, pleasantly pleasing to the eye. According to legends, this is a stone of travelers who found it on a deserted, abandoned island. And in modern times – decoration for status, elegant men and women.

Description of citrine and a brief history of the stone

Citrine is a type of quartz that has a bright yellow, lemon or orange hue. When heated, it tends to change color to a more saturated one. It is rare in nature, and therefore it is often counterfeited with other types of quartz if it is amenable to artificial heat treatment. People first started talking about the stone around 1556, and that’s when the first documentary mention appeared. The mineral gained wide popularity only in the XNUMXth century, when it began to be used for the manufacture of royal jewelry and seals. It was originally called “golden topaz” because of the incredible similarity of the two stones. Today, citrine is mined in Russia, Brazil, the USA, Italy, Uruguay, and Madagascar. Depending on the color and deposit, as well as the amount of iron, lithium and other elements in the mineral, it is divided into several main types: palmyra, sierra, oriental, Spanish topaz and others. The yellow-orange stone soon began to be called the word “madeira”, and the pale yellow one – “saffranitil”.

Main characteristics and properties of the mineral

  • Increases the owner’s immunity;
  • Improves and stimulates brain function;
  • It is a preventative against heart and lung diseases;
  • Cleanses the body of toxins and negative energy;
  • Relieves stress, calms, eliminates depression;
  • Improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Doctors recommend wearing citrine on your finger if you have sleep problems or high fatigue. It is also believed that a ring with this mineral helps to cope with bad habits, in particular smoking.

What to combine with a citrine ring

Citrine is a beautiful mineral, however, according to jewelers, it will also be beautiful to combine with other precious and semi-precious stones, both in one piece of jewelry and in combination with others. For example, the most popular solution is to combine it with cubic zirconia. A combination with diamonds (especially colorless ones) is often found.

In rings and other jewelry, citrine is combined with precious metals, for example, yellow gold. There are also color combinations with white gold, where the bright mineral plays in contrast. It is also used in silver jewelry in combination with gems of red, brown and black shades.

Depending on the size and purity of the stone, the shape, type of decoration and cut are selected. Among the most popular are diamond cut (transparent stones), combined, as well as flat (opaque) and cabochon (damaged or cloudy samples).

How to choose citrine, how to distinguish a fake. Who is suitable for jewelry with this mineral?

The modern market in Russia is flooded with a large number of counterfeits of both precious and semi-precious minerals, and citrine is no exception. While the price of a product made from natural material is high, they are trying to replace it with other, cheaper subtypes of quartz, plastic, glass, or even morion and calcite.

To distinguish natural citrine in products, you must:

  • View the stone in the light: natural has soft and smooth transitions between the stripes inside, in contrast to a fake with sharp and clear features;
  • Evaluate the inserts inside: the presence of yellow stripes is a sure sign that this is rock crystal;
  • Consider the color: the brighter and more contrasting the color, the more likely it is an amethyst or smoky quartz;
  • Assess the refraction of light: slight shine and lack of color change indicate that this is glass or plastic;
  • Explore Color: Natural citrine sparkles with shades of yellow and has no red or green undertones.

It is believed that citrine and products containing it are suitable for people of any gender and age. Often it is given to women, both young girls and mature ladies. However, it also perfectly complements men’s hands, especially if its owner is a businessman.

It is best to give rings with citrine to those with an autumn or warm spring color type, those with brown eyes and dark or light brown hair. The stone is ideal for people with dark, dark skin.

How to wear and what to combine with

Having in your arsenal such a product as a ring with citrine, you should understand that this stone is quite capricious, which means you should learn how to wear it correctly and choose clothes to match it.

To wear it correctly, it is worth considering the following nuances:

  1. When using jewelry with citrine, avoid other colored stones that will overload the image;
  2. The best companion for this stone will be diamonds or cubic zirconia, but the mineral should not be combined with sapphire and emeralds;
  3. In combination with gold, it is suitable for business and evening style, and with silver – for urban and even tourist style;
  4. It is not recommended to wear a ring while doing housework and interacting with household chemicals;
  5. It is not recommended to often wear rings with this mineral in the summer, since ultraviolet radiation affects the shade;
  6. You should not apply varnish or perfume to the skin on which the product with this stone is present.

It is recommended to wear citrine rings in a set or set, and also match them directly to the colors in your clothes. The best choice would be dark shades or a play on contrast with cool tones.

Storage and proper care of stone

It is recommended to store the stone away from any other jewelry. This is because its hardness can be higher than that of other minerals, which can cause scratches and cracks to appear on them. It is best to keep it in a closed box or box where sunlight does not penetrate.

Jewelry can be cleaned very simply using soap or store-bought cleaners. It is important that they do not contain abrasives or chemicals that are harmful to natural stones.

A silver or gold ring with this mineral can be soaked in water and soapy water for a couple of minutes. It can then be cleaned with a soft cloth or brush, paying special attention to hard-to-reach areas.

You can learn more about proper care, try on and buy citrine rings from trusted jewelers and brands in the stores of the Golden Gross jewelry shopping center in Moscow.

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