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Which finger is better to wear an emerald?

Emerald is one of the most beautiful, expensive and ancient gems. It is a type of beryllium belonging to the silicate family. Its name translated from Greek means “just green stone.” But it’s not easy! This color is difficult to describe in words, it is unique and delights with its depth, liveliness, extraordinary elegance and vague mystery. This is why the gold ring with emerald has become the most frequently purchased piece of jewelry in the world.

The meaning of emerald

Over the years, this gemstone has adorned the most powerful rulers in history – kings and emperors. It was a determinant of status and power, so it was traditionally associated with strong and determined people. It was considered a symbol of harmony and personified the fight against weaknesses. It was recommended to wear it to develop a strong character and not be afraid of new life challenges. Ancient beliefs say that placing an emerald under the tongue helps detect betrayal and look into the future. They believed that this stone protects against memory loss, enhances intuition and is able to reflect changes in the owner’s mood. Regularly wearing emerald jewelry calms, strengthens the nerves, relaxes and relieves eye fatigue if you look at it for a while. Residents of many countries around the world are convinced that it expresses the seriousness of intentions and protects against deception and betrayal, which is why men prefer engagement rings with emerald.

Tips for choosing an emerald engagement ring

  • shade,
  • crystal quality,
  • its absolute size.

The most valuable emeralds are distinguished by high transparency and uniform color. They do not have concentrated zones or inclusions of other shades. They are mined in countries such as Brazil, Colombia and Zambia. They are formed in the environment of metamorphic rocks in the form of hexagonal prisms.

Because emeralds are very fragile in nature, they can be much more vulnerable to damage from everyday use than other gemstones. During the crystal growth phase, natural stresses arise that contribute to the formation of micro-scratches, which are proof of the authenticity and natural origin of the stone.

The high price and exceptional rarity of natural emerald are due to the fact that its structural elements – beryllium, which forms the crystal, and chromium, which gives it a green color, are practically absent in the earth’s crust.

When choosing wedding rings, you should consider:

  • thickness. To prevent the decoration from putting pressure on neighboring fingers, it should not be thicker than 1–2,5 mm. For daily wear, you should not buy products with a minimum thickness of up to 1 mm. They are subject to deformation;
  • width. For men’s models – 4–7 mm, for women’s – 3 mm. For full and short fingers – 2,5–3,5 mm, with an average length – 3–6 mm;
  • size. Since wide rings fit tighter, you should buy 0,5-1 mm more. After all, with age, fingers become fuller, and sometimes salts form on the bones. Reducing a ring is much easier than enlarging it, especially if it is a product with a complex design. You also need to take into account that the size of the finger changes depending on the time of day, air temperature and the person’s weight.

Popular options for ring models with emeralds

Jewelry etiquette insists that after the marriage ceremony, the engagement ring gives way to the wedding ring. It is worn on the middle finger of the right hand (in the West – the left) or on the ring finger of the left hand. But in the last few years, it has been fashionable to combine an engagement ring with a wedding ring on one finger, creating a 2-tier piece of jewelry.

However, they must be made in the same style and have a similar rim shape. Two narrow headbands or a wide one with a narrow one look beautiful. But two wide models on one finger will look too bulky. An engagement ring with a medium emerald will look harmonious paired with a piece with a small path made of the same stone.

Smooth classics give way to models with bright inlays:

  • symmetrical rows,
  • on the side edge;
  • over the entire surface.

Square, wicker, open models or with a curved rim are becoming fashionable. Models where the stone seems to be recessed into metal are popular.

As for the profile of the ring, the most popular is the European one – round on the outside and on the inside. Such models are suitable for fingers of any thickness, do not slip or put pressure, even if a person loses or gains weight.

If the ring has a complex design or engraving is planned, then the “American” profile is more suitable – flat inside and out. It is not suitable for those who have large phalanges and wide joints with salt deposits.

Consider how reliable the metal is when worn constantly. The most popular wedding models are made of platinum and 585 gold – yellow, white and pink. 750 – too sensitive to external factors due to softness. Silver models darken faster, so they will need to be cleaned from time to time.

For several years in a row, women’s and men’s wedding rings with emerald made from several metals have been a popular hit. Geometric asymmetrical motifs in non-standard cuts are still held in high esteem.

Rings with convex massive stones are no longer in trend, because the texture of the metal has come first in decor:

  • matting,
  • spraying,
  • grain,
  • thread,
  • engraving.

An emerald gold ring is ideal for a wedding. This unique stone will become a symbol of your love. It always looks extremely elegant and impressive.

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Emerald is a beautiful gemstone from the beryl group. Once upon a time, he was a real favorite of Cleopatra: the queen decorated her clothes with emerald scatterings and gave crystals to those close to her with the image of her profile. In ancient times, emerald was called “smaragd”.

Rings, pendants, earrings and other jewelry with emeralds are relevant at all times. This is an excellent gift option in honor of a memorable event or celebration. Today, emerald rings are worn by both men and women.

Features of the stone

Emerald is one of the most expensive stones. Pure examples of rich shades of green without inclusions weighing 5 carats or more usually cost more than diamonds. From the point of view of jewelry, transparent stones are ideal, in which the color is evenly distributed over the surface. Natural stones often have various inclusions and cracks and may be cloudy.

The emerald cut is most often used when processing stone. Other popular options include:

The beauty of the stones is well emphasized by a frame made of white or yellow gold. Gold rings with emeralds are a true jewelry classic. The vibrancy of the dark green color is evident in the platinum frame.

Emeralds form spectacular combinations in tandem with diamonds, garnets and rubies. Models with one large emerald surrounded by a small scattering of diamonds look very elegant.

Varieties of emerald

Stones are classified according to their place of origin. They differ in depth and saturation of shade, as well as color scheme.

· Colombian emeralds have a distinct blue-green color and minimal defects. Some of the most expensive samples are mined here.

· Brazilian – light green emeralds, distinguished by their large sizes.

· Zambian – clean and almost transparent stones of a yellowish-green hue.

· Egyptian – the brightest stones of a blue-green hue.

· Ural – opaque, rich green stones.

The color of emerald depends on the amount of impurities included in the composition: chromium oxide, vanadium and iron. Thus, stones mined in the Urals have a rich green tint due to their high iron content. Ural emeralds, as a rule, are used in their most natural state and are subjected to only minor processing. Vanadium in the composition gives the stones pleasant bluish notes, and chromium gives them dark green notes.

Interesting properties

It is believed that emeralds are more feminine stones. They help to reveal beauty and femininity, protect against rash actions. They relieve stiffness, help you gain self-confidence and give you a positive attitude towards life.

· Esotericists believe that emerald is capable of showing the future. It is believed that the stone protects the human soul from the negative influence of extraterrestrial entities. Cleanses energy, helps to find mutual love and find family happiness.

· Astrologers are confident that the emerald will be an excellent talisman for representatives of such signs as Cancer and Pisces. Emerald jewelry will help Taurus achieve their goals faster, reveal their intuition and creativity. For signs of the air element, the stone will allow them to concentrate and reduce anxiety.

· For mothers and pregnant women, emerald gives health and harmony in relationships with children. The aura of the stone attracts family well-being and helps those who are looking for their other half.

Rings and bracelets with emeralds protect owners from negative influences and help maintain peace of mind.

Emerald Magic

· It is believed that if you look at an emerald immediately after sleep, the day will be successful.

· To become more successful in matters of the heart, it is recommended to wear emerald jewelry on the ring finger. To protect against troubles – on medium.

· Inherited jewelry with emeralds retains positive energy and becomes reliable talismans.

Emerald ring: nuances of choice

Before choosing an emerald ring, pay attention to the criteria that determine the quality of the stone.

· Color. The reference is considered to be a dark green and green shade, perhaps with a small admixture of blue.

· Purity. It is determined by the number of microcracks, bubbles, rock residues and other foreign inclusions. Absolutely transparent stones practically never appear on the open market.

· Transparency. Faceted stones that have a uniform, uniform color are highly valued.

The design of the ring should be in harmony with the image and hands of the owner. So, girls with long fingers will be decorated with dyes with large geometric stones. For wide fingers, rings with inserts in the shape of a pear or a drop are suitable.

What to look for when choosing

Under the guise of emerald, synthetic stones, doublets and triplets, as well as imitations can be inlaid into rings. High-quality imitation stones, grown in a laboratory using a geothermal synthesis process, have properties comparable to natural emeralds. However, stones of natural origin are of great value – they do not deteriorate when exposed to sunlight and are not susceptible to scratches.

· In ultraviolet rays, real emeralds acquire a brownish-red hue. But this method will not help identify imitation stones, since they also glow under the influence of UV rays.

· Duplexes and triplexes, consisting of several stones, can be distinguished by inclusions at the gluing points. Natural emeralds are not layered.

· When viewed from different angles, the emerald has a green-blue color; sometimes golden shades can be visible.

· The authenticity of high-quality large-sized emeralds is necessarily confirmed by gemological certificates.

· Inside natural stones there are cloudiness and inclusions: scratches, abrasions, microcracks.

How to choose the right size

A special device called a ring gauge will help you determine the appropriate size of an emerald ring. It is easy to find in any jewelry store. But you can measure the circumference of your finger yourself. To do this you will need a lace, thread or a strip of paper. Wrap the thread around one of your fingers, then bring the ends together and trim off the excess. The resulting segment is the circumference of your finger. The diameter of the inner contour of the finger determines the size of the ring.

What else is important to know when choosing a size:

· For narrow (2–6 mm) rings, select a smaller size, and for wide (6–8) rings, vice versa. So, for a finger with a diameter of 18,2, a narrow ring of size 18 and a wide ring of 18,5 are suitable.

· Finger size can change by 0,5 sizes per day. Therefore, measurements should be taken in the middle of the day, when the fluid balance in the body is at an optimal level.

· The ring must pass freely through the phalanx. The girth of this part of the finger is also worth considering.

Emerald luxury MIUZ Diamonds

On the official website of the Moscow Jewelry Factory there are collections of rings with emeralds made of 585 and 750 gold. Emerald jewelry from such lines as Royal, Precious Heritage, and Color brilliance especially stands out. In the catalog of the MIUZ Diamonds online store you will find engagement, wedding, cocktail rings with emeralds, as well as track rings that will complement your everyday or formal look.

How to choose an emerald ring

How to choose a ring with an emerald Emerald is the most beautiful gemstone from the beryl group. Once upon a time, he was a real favorite of Cleopatra: the queen decorated her clothes with emerald scatterings and gave crystals to those close to her with the image of her profile. In ancient times.

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