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Which stone absorbs negative energy?

Nature has been filling natural stones with its magical properties for hundreds and sometimes millions of years, so since ancient times people have considered minerals to be powerful protective amulets for both humans and their homes. Esotericists believe that minerals create an energetic barrier around the room that repels negative vibrations. In addition, if used correctly, gems cleanse the aura and have a beneficial effect on the health of their owner. We tell you how to achieve this effect. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE Stones for home protection

Stones for home protection

Check out these powerful energy minerals.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is one of the most powerful crystals for protecting your home from negative energy. According to experts, the magical properties of the mineral neutralize evil intentions, returning damage to its sender. It is suitable for people who want to strengthen their aura, maintain peace of mind and improve their mood. At the same time, the power of the stone has a beneficial effect on domestic animals and plants. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE Black Tourmaline: Stone for Home Protection
ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE Place black tourmaline in the corners of rooms or near the front door to protect yourself and loved ones from negative vibrations. The stone can also be carried in your pocket on the street or in public places. If you treat it with respect and gratitude, the effect will be much more impressive. However, you should not use the gem in the presence of infants and children under 6 years of age. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE


Agate has always been considered an extremely effective way to combat poor health and negativity. By influencing a person’s aura, the mineral cleanses, protects and improves the overall atmosphere in his home. It activates intuition, thanks to which the owner of the crystal begins to see through envious and deceitful people. In addition, the gem can relieve stress, relieve fatigue and improve the quality of sleep. However, like any stone, agate is not suitable for everyone. Experts recommend avoiding using a crystal if you do not feel an energetic connection with it. It is also not recommended for people who are prone to allergic reactions.

Pink quartz

Rose quartz is a beautiful, delicate stone known for its ability to attract happiness and love. It helps reduce stress and tension, which in turn creates a calm, positive atmosphere in the home. The mineral also eliminates negative emotions such as anger and jealousy, which promotes more harmonious relationships with loved ones. In addition, the gem can help establish a connection with the Universe, which is responsible for the fulfillment of our desires. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE Rose quartz: a stone for home protection
ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE If you want to use rose quartz to protect your home, place it in the center of your living room so that it spreads its magical properties throughout all rooms. It can also be placed in the bedroom to create a cozy and relaxing mood. However, if you are experiencing serious problems with envious people, then you should pay attention to other options, since this stone is not considered the most powerful amulet. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE

clear quartz

Clear quartz is one of the most versatile crystals. Firstly, the stone helps rid the home of negative energy accumulated as a result of everyday life. Secondly, it has powerful healing powers that help improve a person’s overall well-being and mood. The gem also drives away negative personalities, protects its owner and his loved ones from the evil eye and damage. At the same time, transparent quartz enhances the magical properties of other crystals and is suitable for all people, without exception, for daily use. When using a mineral for a favorable atmosphere in the house, you should place it on the windowsill, table or bedside table.


Esotericists often use citrine in their rituals to protect against evil forces and accidents. Its magical properties allow it to attract positive energy and reflect the negative influence of others. The mineral, symbolizing joy, prosperity and warmth, attracts good luck, financial well-being to its owner and helps him in making decisions. In addition, if a person has good thoughts, it cleanses and protects his aura. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE Citrine: a stone for home protection
ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE Citrine should be used in an area where there is negative energy because it improves the overall atmosphere. The stone is also useful during meditation and magical rituals. At the same time, experts prohibit its use by people suffering from restlessness, anxiety and diseases of the digestive system. It is also not recommended to use the mineral for pregnant women and children under 7 years of age. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE


Aventurine symbolizes natural strength and harmony, so it is ideal as an additional source of energy. The mineral helps to believe in one’s own potential, gives confidence in one’s actions and promotes development in the professional sphere. Thanks to the magical properties of the crystal, you can attract luck and money into your home, as well as attract the attention of the Universe. Aventurine can be used anywhere, but its power will be fully revealed on the desktop. At the same time, we must not forget that some people should stop using the mineral. For those who suffer from heart and nervous system diseases, as well as high blood pressure, it is better to choose another option.


The magical properties of amethyst help to remove negative energy from both the owner and his loved ones. The mineral symbolizes wisdom, humility and moderation in all respects. It helps relieve stress and fatigue, improve sleep quality, and gain clearer thinking, which helps you make better decisions. The dynamic pace of life quite often becomes the cause of endless stress, fatigue and irritation. Perhaps this is why most of us need additional sources of energy to help replenish lost strength, regain our former self-confidence and begin to achieve our goals again. Some people prefer to wait for this type of fading to go away on its own, while others use natural stones. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE Stones that give energy
@witchlandia The impact of gems on mental and physical health occurs due to the exchange of energy: they take away the negative, giving back the positive. The main thing is to know how to work with them correctly. For example, to get rid of malaise, self-doubt and bad thoughts, you should pay attention to one of the seven centers of human health, the solar plexus chakra Manipura – if it is blocked, your overall well-being is unlikely to improve. However, by using crystals from this collection, you can correct the situation in a fairly short period of time. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE

Stones that charge with energy


Citrine brings its owner happiness, joy and self-confidence. The mineral also helps solve problems, resurrects faith in the best, and replenishes lost energy. It will absorb negativity and protect you from diseases, the evil eye and damage. Crystal makes a person more flexible, calm, sociable and charismatic. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE Citrine: the magical powers of the stone
ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE The gem also promotes the development of intelligence, intuition, cunning and awakens the desire to learn something new. Esotericists believe that the stone is most needed by people whose profession is related to creativity or manual labor, as it brings inspiration. The maximum effect of citrine can be obtained when it comes into contact with the skin.


From time immemorial, amber was considered a powerful amulet against any kind of trouble. The magical properties of this mineral help relieve fatigue and emotional stress. It gives the owner vitality, eliminates the desire to procrastinate and forces him to achieve his goals. Thanks to the gem, you can cleanse the aura and third chakra of negativity that prevents the body from functioning fully. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE In addition, the stone contains high amounts of iodine, iron, zinc, potassium and other useful trace elements that help cope with diseases of the thyroid gland, gastrointestinal tract and other health problems. However, you should be careful when choosing amber – if it has yellow or green tints, you are faced with a fake that will definitely not benefit you.


In the old days, people used pyrite to light a fire, but now it is used to increase inner strength, the desire to achieve their goals and achieve success. If your problems relate to business, the mineral will attract good luck and help solve any difficulties. In addition, the magical properties of the gem have an excellent effect on psychological diseases, helping to treat nervous exhaustion and depression. By exchanging energy with the owner, the stone lifts the mood, taking away worries. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE
ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE Pyrite: the magical powers of the stone
@witchlandia However, people who are overly active should be careful with pyrite – it can make you more hot-tempered, irritable and even aggressive. Lithotherapists also note that it does not combine well with other crystals, so they should be abandoned while treating the solar plexus chakra. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE


Calcite is one of the most favorite stones of businessmen and thrill-seekers. It attracts luck and money, shows how to find a way out of difficult situations, leads to energy balance and activates the desire to achieve more. Thanks to its magical properties, the mineral heals its owner from laziness and complexes. By influencing Manipura with its help, you will learn to control your emotions, which will have a beneficial effect on your nervous system and overall well-being. Moreover, the gem does not belong to any of the elements, so it is perfect for all zodiac signs. However, the effects of calcite vary depending on the gender of its owner. For example, a crystal will be useful for men in career development, while for women it will help increase inner strength, find harmony with themselves and get rid of old emotional experiences. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE

Eye of the Tiger

Tiger’s Eye was considered a divine stone in many ancient cultures, whose power could protect the weak and inspire even the most desperate person. Astrologers claim that the name of the crystal is entirely explained by its influence on character – it makes its owner fearless, unwavering and quick in decision-making. At the same time, the power of a big cat helps you think critically, protects you from stupidity, teaches you to trust your intuition and see through people.

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