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Which stone attracts paper money?

It’s no secret that there are crystals that have special energy. But each of them has its own magical properties. Some improve their health, others improve their personal lives. We have put together a selection of stones that can increase your earnings. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE


Since ancient times, people have called it “Fool’s Gold” – it was believed that just looking at the stone would soon make you rich. This amazing mineral favors the revelation of your inner potentials. It enhances the manifestation of personality strengths and eliminates character problems. As a result of this process, a force is born that helps improve your career situation, and with it your financial situation. Pyrite is recommended for those who have been experiencing financial troubles for a long time. The mineral breaks the vicious circle of bad luck and bestows long-awaited success.

green aventurine

The name of this crystal is far from accidental. He has long been recognized as the patron of those who are willing to take risks to achieve their goals. Aventurine is the very energy of abundance and wealth, not only material, but also spiritual. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE The mineral helps to correctly build life priorities and focus on the main thing, discarding the unimportant. In addition, the green stone instills confidence in a person and inspires the desire for victory. Green aventurine promotes material well-being.
ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE The crystal generously rewards the bravest – such people cease to experience material limitations and significantly expand the scope of what is possible. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE


This variety of quartz is another example of a mineral that can improve our financial situation. Citrine is the force that helps eliminate doubts about the correctness of our goals and means of achieving them. The crystal has enormous positive energy – its impact will be felt by each of those who are lucky enough to become the owner of this stone. The very golden shade of citrine seems to hint to us that with its support a person will experience financial success. The radiance of the gem will help people not to go astray and not to plunge into the abyss of doubts.


The mineral is distinguished by its unusual ability to eliminate stress. This is especially true for a person when he has a lot of financial problems. Sometimes it seems to us that there is no way out. Such thoughts are accompanied by anxiety, and at this time the nervous system is increasingly depleted. Amethyst allows you to overcome such conditions. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE The crystal gives calmness and also affects concentration. Thanks to this effect, it becomes easier for people to see prospects and use them correctly.


Crystal clear quartz with its characteristic purity brings clarity to our material circumstances. The influence of the mineral is that it helps to correctly set priorities and understand what really is true value and what only hinders financial well-being. We stop panicking and surrendering to the mercy of internal chaos, and this is precisely the key to achieving success.


Reflection is a process that is important not only in solving global issues, but also in striving to improve the material aspect of our lives. In this case, agate comes to the rescue – it takes us into the depths of fundamental personal attitudes and allows us to get rid of false and imposed ideas. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE In addition, the mineral enhances courage, courage and self-confidence. There is an ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and at the same time, to go beyond it. Life becomes more stable and manageable, and surprises no longer paralyze, but inspire. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE

Eye of the Tiger

The influence of this mineral can safely be called truly extraordinary. On the one hand, the tiger’s eye turns us to inner intuition and establishes those deep connections that go beyond the rational. On the other hand, the crystal does not allow us to lose touch with reality and makes a person more stable in conditions of uncertainty and turbulence. Tiger’s eye stone favors financial success.
ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE This crystal effect is most clearly revealed in the financial aspect. He will tell you where to invest money and at what point it should be saved, help in building material priorities and bring success in your career.


The beneficial effect of the crystal on achieving material success is to get rid of false doubts. During periods of financial difficulties, people are overwhelmed by all sorts of questions and fear of making decisions, even if they are sure of their correctness. Malachite eliminates anxiety and indecision, allowing us to take a step in the right direction and at the right moment. Under the influence of this mineral, we feel stronger and more whole – this is especially important for those who are trying to resolve their material problems. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE


The green mineral, sometimes called “peridot,” has long been associated with miracles. This crystal reveals supernatural abilities and magical powers in a person. With their help, we feel a surge of special energy, which allows us to go beyond limits and points in the right direction, promising abundance and wealth. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE Peridot is associated with the heart chakra, which means that the stone promises emotional stability and nervous stability. Owners of chrysolite can forget about worries, doubts and fears, and at the same time improve the material side of life.


Bloodstone helps in the processes of both accumulation and multiplication of money. It enhances people’s sense of stability and makes them more cautious in the context of financial investments. At the same time, heliotrope allows you to see real opportunities for financial growth in time, and also take advantage of them at the right time. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE The ability to forecast and strategic thinking increases, which is very important in financial matters. In addition, blood jasper (another name for this mineral) is associated with courage and perseverance – qualities of entrepreneurs and all successful people.


This stone is known for its effect on thinking and perception of reality. Garnet removes blockages in the lower chakras, which are responsible for the material aspect of our existence. This is where the essence of the stone’s influence on issues related to accumulating and making money is revealed. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, consider purchasing this wonderful mineral. Garnet bestows wealth and abundance.
ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE In addition, pomegranate has a positive effect on the overall picture of people’s worldview, as well as on the way through which they look at the reality around them. Positive perception is the key to any success. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE


The mineral is known for many beneficial properties, one of which is improving the material aspect of life. This is achieved due to the fact that Amazonite establishes subtle connections between the human consciousness and the Universe, allowing one to achieve harmony and better hear the inner voice. The crystal is especially suitable for those who are faced with a difficult choice and cannot find the strength to make this or that decision. Amazonite will bring you back to yourself, and at the same time resolve financial difficulties. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE

Pink quartz

This mineral is called the ruler of the heart chakra – and for good reason. Rose quartz brings love and tenderness into our lives, while simultaneously eliminating internal limitations and opening the way to opportunities that seemed out of reach. Rose quartz is effective in resolving money problems.
Legion-Media The peace of mind that a person achieves under the influence of a crystal allows him to approach career issues and financial challenges with all wisdom. We stop thinking and acting chaotically and discover the ability to feel the moment. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE


Our list ends with a semi-precious stone, which can be considered another talisman for those who are struggling for their financial well-being. Sodalite is the energy of balance between our thoughts and feelings. But this is exactly what we miss so much in times of material difficulties. The mineral helps to establish proper contact between the head and the heart, thus reconciling our desires and strict logic. Another undoubted advantage of sodalite is its powerful positive impact on the way we perceive the surrounding reality. Inner apathy and negativity are something that must be constantly overcome in the struggle for more. Crystal will prove to be a faithful companion and reliable friend on this difficult but promising path. To buy exclusive jewelry, you need money. Believe it or not, this principle also works in the opposite direction. Namely, in order to have money, you need to purchase a special piece of jewelry. Talisman stones promote prosperity, financial stability and well-being of the owner. The main thing is to believe in their miraculous power and in yourself. Because an optimistic attitude is the key to success in any business. We will tell you further what jewelry items you should look for in the catalog of the AURUM online store in order to become a millionaire.

Five powerful stones that attract wealth and luck

Let’s clarify right away: stones cannot bring money without your efforts, they don’t work that way. They are used to unlock and release the energy needed to achieve your financial dreams.

Yellow citrine

Gives a clear mind, wisdom to overcome difficulties associated with business and work. Indispensable for business meetings and business trips, where you need to establish new contacts with partners. It is closely connected with the respiratory chakra, so it is better to wear it in the solar plexus area – like a pendant on a long chain.

Green malachite

Helps to let go of fear and doubt. Gives you self-confidence and reveals your inner strength, which you need to move forward – following your dreams. Incredibly effective when worn as a necklace on the chest. It will remind you that when making important decisions you need to listen to your heart and devote yourself to your favorite work with passion.

clear quartz

One of the best crystals for setting intentions and clear goals. Clears your mind so you can decide what you really want. It will come in handy when the construction of grandiose financial plans begins. To bring them to life, enhance other wealth stones with quartz, combining them in one piece of jewelry.

Multicolored cat eye

Opens up many ways to solve a complex problem, warns of danger, and helps to concentrate. Develops intuition, so you will know exactly when to act and when to rest. Contributes to the conclusion of a successful transaction. A good choice for wearing this stone is earrings.

Golden amber

Fills you with new strength, gives you the ability to think clearly and remain calm. These are important characteristics for those who want to attract wealth into their lives. Earrings, rings and pendants with amber of various models and sizes will become a symbol of prosperity and financial success.

Figurine stones to enhance the magical effect

  • the toad is the strongest talisman and money magnet that will turn your wallet into a cornucopia;
  • elephant – the sacred animal of Thailand will bring prosperity, stability and financial luck;
  • fish – iridescent scales will contribute to dazzling career growth and increased salary;
  • the dog Fu, a devoted protector of the Chinese emperors, activates energy flows through which money will flow into the house;
  • dragon – a powerful mythological creature will help you find a strong patron and protect you from partnerships with unscrupulous people.

In addition to animals, horseshoes, pyramids, scooping spoons made of precious metal and, of course, money trees will help you achieve success.

How to charge a stone for financial well-being

Only new stones that you bought or found yourself will work with you. They are clean, without extraneous energy. After you have brought the talisman into the house, dip it in holy water, and then rub it a little and warm it in your palms. This way the money stone will sense your biofield and tune in to it.

Minerals are well nourished by the sun’s rays, fire or earth. You can also perform a simple ritual with church candles and prayers. And the most important thing is visualization. Look at the talisman and think about how you make expensive purchases, count money, and move stacks of bills.

Advantageous jewelry according to zodiac signs

Astrologers recommend choosing a stone, paying attention to your date of birth and the zodiac sign under which you were born:

  • Aries – emerald earrings will bring money.
  • Leo – rosary made of sardonyx.
  • Sagittarius – garnet bracelet.
  • Taurus – ring with onyx.
  • Virgo – pendant with chrysolite.
  • Capricorn – hematite bracelet.
  • Gemini – pendant with moonstone.
  • Libra – ring with lapis lazuli.
  • Aquarius – earrings with chalcedony.
  • Cancer – ring with carnelian.
  • Scorpio – coral beads.
  • Pisces is a string of pearls.

It is always convenient to choose monetary jewelry in Ukraine on the AURUM website. The assortment includes jewelry in various colors and at an affordable price. Delivery of goods is carried out in all regions. Place an order and receive a personal talisman to increase profits.

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