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Which stone brings good luck and wealth?

The magic of stones is used in astrology, esotericism, healing and homeopathy. These talismans give the owners power and strength. Napoleon and Hitler believed that the twelve stones of the crown of the Roman Empire would make them rulers of the world. Use the energy of the ten most powerful talisman stones to attract good luck.


  • calm down and feel optimistic;
  • activate brain activity;
  • have good health and strength for victories.

Nadezhda Lapina writes about this in detail in the book “Talisman Stones for Planets in Astrological Houses.”


Olive green peridot looks like a sweet candy. But do not underestimate the powerful stone of luck and prosperity. Thanks to its natural energy, the owner of a chrysolite talisman can count on help in:

  • achieving personal goals;
  • preserving property from encroachment by other persons;
  • successful trading.

It is recommended to wear a ring with peridot on the index finger of the left hand. It will protect the owner from magical interventions in life, teach wisdom, cunning and flexibility.


Amethyst is considered the main talisman in love. It helps to find a marriage partner, strengthens existing couples and makes family life happy.

Even in the Middle Ages, lovers gave jewelry with amethyst to their chosen ones. For new partners, the stone serves as protection against betrayal, and for spouses it does not allow feelings to cool down. Amethyst pendants were placed under the pillow so that loved ones could see each other in reality and in dreams.

In addition to love magic, amethyst has other properties:

  • helps not to get drunk and protects against poisoning;
  • develops creative abilities;
  • teaches you how to find spiritual harmony.

Amethyst loves the energy of the sun, so you need to charge the stone by placing it on the windowsill.


One of the varieties of chrysoberyl is called “cat’s eye” for its ability to create an optical effect on the surface of the stone, similar to the pupil of a cat’s eye.

The magical power of all types of chrysoberyl has been known for a long time. The stone is suitable for representatives of all zodiac signs except Aquarius. It attracts good luck to life, protects against rash actions and rash decisions.

In people, the magical mineral develops intuition, sharpens memory and intellect, allowing the development and realization of all natural abilities. In the book “Find Your Stone,” Yuri Lipovsky tells how meditations are carried out with chrysoberyl to attract good luck.


It would seem that such a simple and inexpensive stone as turquoise cannot change life for the better. This is a huge misconception, because the mineral was highly valued by both the Egyptian pharaohs and the Greeks, Persians, and Europeans. Residents of the Middle East hung horses from mane to tail with harness and jewelry made of turquoise so that the rider would find good luck, happiness and prosperity in battle and in peaceful life.

Pliny, Albertus Magnus and other ancient scientists warned: the owner of turquoise should monitor the condition and color of the stone. If it turns pale and changes color, then this is a harbinger of a serious illness or events that threaten the life of the owner of the talisman.


Topaz was revered by ancient healers. They attributed to the stone a huge number of medicinal properties that helped fight headaches, heart disease, blood vessels and sexual impotence. Topaz was considered a talisman capable of restoring youth.

In the modern world, stone is valued for:

  • the ability to instill optimism and prudence in the owner;
  • the ability to heal emotional wounds, give peace and self-confidence.

There is no stone more varied in color than topaz, but blue crystals are the most prized. Jewelry with blue topaz is an ideal talisman for managers at different levels. They are charged during the full moon by placing them on the windowsill.


Carnelian talismans are a magnet for positive changes in life:

  • it protects against adversity;
  • helps not to lose optimism;
  • teaches business acumen;
  • creative realization.

The magic of the stone lies in its ability to rid the owner of unnecessary, depressive and aggressive people in the environment.

With carnelian it is easy to find happiness in your personal life, as well as the support of higher powers. As Archimandrite Job (Gumerov) describes in the book “The Spiritual Life of a Modern Christian in Questions and Answers,” the walls of Heavenly Jerusalem—the prototype of the Kingdom of Heaven—are decorated with carnelian.


Blue sapphire has long been called the stone of kings, because previously it was worn exclusively by royalty. In the book by Tatiana Tairova-Yakovleva “Hetmans of Ukraine. Stories of glory, tragedy and courage” tells how, for the victory, the Polish king Vladislav presented Hetman Peter Sagaidachny with a coat of arms studded with sapphires. With the talisman, he saved the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth more than once and regained the hetman’s mace three times.

Sapphire is considered a sacred stone. He has powerful energy. Based on astrological and magical teachings, sapphire is capable of:

  • protect from any troubles;
  • protect from evil and attract God’s grace;
  • Strengthen insecure people and guide them to success.

Sapphires bring material well-being to their owners.


Emeralds are stones of strong and courageous people, leaders by nature. As described in the book 100 Great Adventurers, a necklace of large emeralds adorned the neck of the last Inca leader, the godlike Atahualpa. He was fabulously rich, owned an empire with huge natural deposits of precious green stones.

To significantly improve financial affairs, astrology recommends wearing jewelry with emerald. These stones are adored by Angelina Jolie, Kate Middleton, Elizabeth Taylor, Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell, Julianne Moore and Victoria Beckham.

In order for a stone to become a money amulet, you need to purchase it yourself, paying a lot of money, because not everyone can afford emeralds.


This radiant stone with bright, sunny energy brings joy and positivity to people. Citrine talismans attract good luck, help improve your financial situation, and teach you how to invest and save money. A person who sincerely loves the energy of the stone will become smarter and more confident:

  1. With the help of golden crystal vibrations, it is easier to make the right choice and make a vital decision.
  2. Citrine enhances intuition and helps to gain fortitude, confidence, and status in society. It is recommended to leaders and speakers so that people listen and follow their idol.
  3. Thanks to citrine, it is easier to build a network of business acquaintances and get patrons in various areas of life.
  4. If the owner of a citrine amulet is associated with painting, sculpture or architecture, it will be easier for him to find inspiration in simple things.

It doesn’t matter what zodiac sign you belong to, citrine suits everyone without exception. It is not worn on the body, but in a wallet or purse.

Thanks to knowledge of the energy of precious stones, you can choose the most suitable magical talisman. It will allow you to strengthen important qualities and get rid of shortcomings, attract the right people, luck and love into your life.

Almost every natural mineral has supernatural abilities that positively affect its owner.

Belief in the magical properties of gemstones dates back to Babylonian times. They were used as talismans and amulets, in astrological and medical practices.

The stones protected people from dangers, eliminated the effects of poison and cured serious diseases.

The Lapidarium collection has survived to this day, containing descriptions of stones, their attributes, symbolism and the action that should be expected when worn.

Hindu Vedic medicine uses the association of minerals with the planets, sun and moon. Since each stone has its own energy, they can be used for many purposes – inspiration, energy boost, positivity and even increasing income.

The first stone of luck is amethyst

Purple amethyst (translated from Greek as sober) is a type of quartz. This is rock crystal, colored with the tears of the god Dionysus. There is a legend according to which Dionysus fell in love with a forest nymph named Amethys. However, the girl entrusted her heart to the shepherd. He angered the God of Wine, who decided to disgrace the nymph. The goddess of the hunt, Artemis, saved her from this unfortunate fate by turning Amethys into a statue of crystal quartz, the color of forest violets.

The color of this semi-precious stone resembles spilled wine. It was believed that it protected the owner from drunkenness. To survive the endless series of holidays and special occasions, Romans often wore amethyst rings. This type of jewelry was also allegedly chosen by Cleopatra, who asked that her wedding ring be engraved with the inscription Methe, the name of the goddess of drunkenness included in the retinue of Dionysus. She believed that amethyst protected her not only from alcohol intoxication, but also from all types of mental intoxication and from trusting the wrong people.

Turquoise is the second stone that brings good luck

Turquoise was extremely popular in Ancient Egypt. She was also loved in the Middle Ages. It came to Europe through Turkey, reaching France, where it got its name in the 13th century. In Persia, armor, sabers, maces and even ceremonial rows of horses were richly decorated with turquoise. It was believed that this stone was the stone of happiness, success and good luck for horsemen.

Pliny repeatedly wrote about turquoise, calling it calla, which in Greek means a beautiful gem. The Roman scholar attributed it to Indian origin. He argued that turquoise is similar to sapphires, but has a brighter color, like water near the seashore.

The 12th century philosopher Albert the Great wrote that turquoise protects the wearer from dangerous accidents. A change in its color, namely a pale hue, warns the owner of an illness or a threat to his life.

What other gemstones to wear for good luck?

  • Lapis lazuli has an unusual blue hue. Marco Polo also mentioned it in 1271 in reports of his expeditions. The name of the mineral is a combination of Latin-Persian words and meanings. Lapis in Latin means “stone”, lazhuward means blue. The Greeks and Romans gave lapis lazuli as a reward for courage. The Egyptians used it in large quantities in religious ceremonies. Along with carnelian and turquoise, it belonged to a trilogy of colors often repeated in Egyptian ornaments. It symbolized the power of the Nile’s revival.
  • Topaz is translated from Greek as search. Its name comes from the Egyptian island of Topazos in the Red Sea, which is now called Zabargad or the island of St. John. Ancient people believed that it was effective for headaches, cardiovascular diseases, varicose veins, and impotence. Astrologers considered topazes to be stones of youth because they delayed the aging process, enlivened the mind, and aided intellect and concentration. It was believed that their light came from the sun, directly from the gods. In the Bible, topaz is found in many books, most often where the values ​​of divine qualities are compared with the treasures of the earth; the wisdom of God cannot be compared even with topaz from Ethiopia – Book of Job 28, 19). Topaz crystals stimulate strength and the flow of money for the owner of the jewelry. Thanks to its connection with the Sun, it makes its owner a leader and keeps him on the light side of power. This increases the likelihood of money multiplying.
  • Emerald is one of the gemstones that fills their eyes, causing feelings of satiety. From ancient Greek smaragdos is a green stone. It was mined in Upper Egypt from about 3000 BC. It was often found in Egyptian tombs, as well as in Rome – in Pompeii and Herculaneum. According to the information contained in the Book of Pseudo-Aristotle Stones, emerald is useful in the fight against poisons and treats eye diseases. When worn around the neck or as a ring, it protects the wearer from epilepsy. Emerald green symbolized nature, guaranteed a good mood and protected against betrayal. The ancient Romans associated its color with love and attributed it to the goddess Venus.

Stones for attracting money and luck

  • Tiger’s Eye is one of the most powerful gemstones in the world. It removes all negative energies from the mind and helps you focus on the best aspects of life. It is used primarily to eliminate fear and anxiety. Helps with transformation, including money matters.
  • Malachite is a beautiful dark green stone that affects all chakras of the human body. It helps in achieving success through making better financial decisions.
  • Jade is a crystal with healing properties. Wearing it regularly helps remove all your self-imposed boundaries and limitations, giving you the courage to take risks and explore more. For many years it was used as a crystal of happiness.
  • Citrine is responsible for bringing positivity and joy into life. It also brings success and financial improvement, increases and stimulates moral and mental strength.
  • Ruby increases the vitality of the body and mind. It is popular among businessmen and gamblers due to its ability to attract good luck in risky investments.
  • The green color Aventurine is known as second chances. It helps to recover lost money. Wearing it helps to open up new opportunities for abundance even with temporary problems.

Now you know the stones that bring good luck, wealth and love. Products from some of them are presented in the catalog of the Silvers online store. Choose, buy, wear, get the results you want and improve your life.

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