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Which stone enhances psychic abilities?

The ability of crystals to influence the increase in certain qualities was most likely first noticed by people who have secret knowledge and see more than others (otherwise they are called magicians, witches, etc.). It was they who began to use stones to enhance their abilities and protect them from the machinations of others like themselves and dark forces. Today, much secret knowledge has become available, and any person, turning to the world of minerals for help, and, most importantly, choosing the right stones, is able to protect himself and strengthen and develop his abilities. In this blog, I would like to highlight intuition and clairvoyance. Intuition is our inner voice, which we sometimes hear, but do not always listen to and do the opposite. These are signs that we most often do not notice, and only then do we understand that it was him. I would like to highlight a few stones and minerals that will help strengthen and develop the sixth sense. Stones are conductors of energies. Azurite. A stone that enhances a person’s spiritual essence, raising consciousness to a level close to cosmic forces and subtle energies. Lithotherapists believe that the mineral stimulates the appearance and activity of the “third eye.” In their opinion, azurite has healing energy at all levels of human existence. Starting from the physical component and ending with the subtle matters of the soul. The stone normalizes energy flows and removes blocks. It helps to transfer a person’s thoughts from the subconscious into the field of consciousness. Amethyst. A stone that helps to develop a person’s internal abilities, open doors to higher spheres, and comprehend universal wisdom. Amethyst is considered an ideal crystal for meditation. It easily helps to free the mind from unnecessary thoughts and achieve crystal clarity of consciousness. Typically, when meditating, this stone is placed in the “third eye” area and placed on the back. The stone helps a person move to a higher level of spiritual development. It gives the wearer wisdom and understanding. Rhinestone. Since ancient times, it has been believed that crystal gives its owner the gift of clairvoyance. Alchemists of the Middle Ages assured that rock crystal, the skin of the planet, was able to detect the slightest signals from the cosmos and endow the owner with the gift of a soothsayer. It has gained a reputation as a “clairvoyant’s stone.” Acts as a link between space and man through balls and crystal skulls. The gift of telepathy appears due to the fact that the stone sharpens the perception of information by the brain. The mystery begins with contemplation of the transparent depth of the stone. This immersion allows you to open your “third eye.” Kyanite. The gem has a positive influence on a person. It can help its owner find the only right decision in making important matters. Will endow the owner with prudence, prudence, genuine modesty, and loyalty. Kyanite holds a special place among magicians and psychics. He has inexhaustible pure energy. There is no need to purify the mineral. In most cases, magicians use this particular gem for meditation. The mineral is not able to attract negative energy. When choosing jewelry with such a stone, you should take a close look at it. If the mineral has a crack or other errors, then it will not bring good luck and happiness. On the contrary, trouble will await the owner of the gem. Labradorite. The stone is a kind of amplifier of a person’s foresight abilities, which are given to him by nature. Experts believe that labradorite awakens hidden talents in a person and helps develop them, bestows bright dreams and forces its owner to try to “embrace the immensity”, to accomplish what previously seemed unattainable – this is exactly the talisman with which you will make the impossible possible. Chrysocolla. It is an excellent tool for connecting with the energy of the Cosmos and for interpreting its signals. The stone helps to understand the essence of the world around us and the Universe as a whole, gives a person an awareness of what place he occupies on this planet and what purpose he serves. People who know how to feel the power of the universe and control it widely use this mineral as a kind of instrument that is able to more subtly and sensually perceive the basis and essence of the surrounding world. Selenite. Has the highest vibration, opens a channel of knowledge of the universe. This is the number one stone for developing psychic abilities. It is in combination with black obsidian that it provides a soft effect and maintains internal balance. The stone gives its owner the intuitive gift of foreseeing the future. On a subconscious level, it programs a person to avoid traps and difficult situations in life. Moldavite. Having an unearthly origin, moldavite holds the secrets of the Cosmos. It contains magical abilities of unprecedented power, inherent in the forces of the Universe. This is a gift from the Universe, an alien who brought with him a particle of outer space. The formation of the breed occurred under the influence of four elements. The magical properties of moldavite include its ability to reveal the gift of a fortuneteller in a person. It promotes the development of intuition and helps to see prophetic dreams. On an energetic level, moldavite cleanses the human aura. It helps a person’s energy circulate correctly and opens his chakras. The owner of jewelry with moldavite comprehends the divine essence of existence, becomes tolerant and merciful. He stops getting upset over little things and begins to take what happens to him for granted. Fluorite. Has strong magical properties. Its significance in human life is enormous. These are violet ray stones that reveal the violet spectrum of a person’s aura. This leads to balance in the functioning of the body’s organs and to balance in relationships with others. Gives a person inner strength and the ability to go through all the trials of life. By wearing jewelry made from this stone, a person gains clarity of thought, inner balance and wisdom. Sodalite The magical properties of the stone help the development and accumulation of human supernatural abilities. Products made from sodalite allow you to achieve inner perfection and harmony, mutual understanding with the outside world and sharpen your intuition. The stone gives strength, puts thoughts in order, gives courage, prudence, a sharp mind, endurance and unbending will. Magical properties: a lucky talisman worn to maintain a joyful mood; able to help a person gain courage and clarity of mind; increases its owner’s optimism and self-confidence. “Stone of Love” – promotes the emergence of mutual sympathy, heightens feelings and emotions. Symbolizes creative impulses and chivalry. Meditation with a gemstone product gives a feeling of depth, warmth and eternity. Medicinal properties: helps fight allergic dermatitis and hair loss; reduces blood pressure, treats bronchitis and colds, diseases of the cardiovascular system and blood circulation; accelerates wound healing and reduces warts. Massage with balls is considered very useful. In Indian yoga, green aventurine was used to stimulate the heart chakra, strengthen vision and develop intelligence.


Magical properties: in Ancient Rome, agate was the stone of the fertility goddess Pomona, so these days, agate jewelry can be given to familiar farmers and gardeners. Gives the owner courage and longevity. Symbol of health and prosperity. Can protect against energetic attacks and “energy vampirism”, taking on negative energy. Arriving home, such a stone must be “cleaned” by holding it in cold water, and thanked for your care and salvation. A ring with agate gives men charm in the eyes of women. Agate jewelry can calm a baby, it helps him get to his feet earlier and protects him from the evil eye. Helps athletes achieve athletic success and calm anger. Medicinal properties: increases potency, helps with prolonged lingering coughs and throat diseases, relieves cramps, helps fight fears, protects against infections and stomach diseases. Blue agate has an effect on the thyroid gland, yellow agate treats the respiratory and digestive organs, red agate has an effect on the vascular system and viral diseases.


Magical properties: Symbol of good luck and victory; accompanies success in financial affairs and attracts money; promotes peace in the family, stopping quarrels between spouses. A stone of brave people who are not afraid of risks and strive for victory. Jewelry with turquoise creates fearlessness, fortitude and assertiveness. Medicinal properties: Strengthens vision, relieves insomnia and nightmares, relieves headaches; has a positive effect on the vocal cords and thyroid gland. A fading or greening stone is a signal of the onset of a disease (the color of the stone can also deteriorate from exposure to soap, alcohol, perfume, and fats)


Magical properties: A frequent attribute of magicians and soothsayers, “The Stone of Clairvoyants.” Concentrates attention, improves speech and sharpens thought processes. Medicinal properties: Stabilizes a person’s spiritual and physical strength, promotes good functioning of the spinal cord and brain, helps with coronary disease, eye disease, varicose veins and respiratory diseases, helps reduce temperature


Magical properties: A stone of love that can arouse love passions and cheer the soul. A stone of anger and passion, drives away sadness and brings joy to the owner. Stimulates will and endurance, promotes the development of self-esteem. Gives power over people. A symbol of fidelity, faith, devotion and strength. Medicinal properties: Provides pregnant women with a safe delivery. Positively affects digestion, breathing, blood circulation and the immune system. Pomegranate necklaces help with high fever, sore throat and long-term headaches.


Magical properties: Protects against all troubles and misfortunes. A piece of jadeite held in your hand will help you conclude a profitable trade deal. Medicinal properties: Aligns disturbed bioenergy, gives emotional charge and regulates blood pressure. Helps fight infertility and kidney disease. Can relieve eye fatigue and is useful in meditative treatment of myopia.


Magical properties: According to ancient legend, Adam, choking on the apple of knowledge, spat out a piece of the coil. Therefore, the serpentine is called “Adam’s stone” and is considered a symbol of temptation and possible sin. Sometimes it is worn by people who seek to deliberately deceive others. It is recommended to be worn by people who want to avoid dangers on the path of life. It is a vampire stone capable of absorbing any type of negative energy. Medicinal properties: Helps with headaches, can awaken from lethargy and accelerates bone healing.


Magical properties: Rose quartz is a talisman of love, love and hope; helps achieve what is desired by carrying out the necessary harmonization. Smoky quartz is a powerful amulet; can only be used by strong individuals. Medicinal properties: Used to treat cardiovascular diseases, venous vessels. Improves the functions of the kidneys and gonads, relieves stress, calms. Helps with insomnia, anemia, sore throat, stimulates sexual energy. Treats drug addicts and people addicted to various negative habits.


Magical properties: Talisman of Bohemia; stone of wisdom, helps to make the right decisions. Symbol of wish fulfillment. Talisman of doctors and scientists. One of the strongest and oldest amulets for children, especially at the head of a child. There are many legends associated with malachite: those who drink from a malachite cup understand the language of animals; can make a person invisible. Absorbs energy, so it needs to be cleaned after each use, otherwise the stone will become dull and lose its strength. Medicinal properties: Treats diseases of the blood, eyes, cardiovascular system, skin; helps with mental disorders, toothache, poisoning; used for seizures, joint diseases, asthma, pancreatitis, diabetes, creates harmony between the sexes. Works great in beads and rosaries.


Magical properties: Talisman against bad deeds (saves from sins), helps to realize your weaknesses. Gives concentration, composure, saves from unclean love. People wearing an amulet made from this stone are not afraid of any changes and are always ready to accept a new view of the world. Medicinal properties: Works great on the cardiovascular system, circulatory organs, joints, spine, intestines; normalizes the central and peripheral nervous systems, treats impotence, strengthens the immune system.


Magical properties: Promotes the accumulation of vital energy, helps get rid of indecision and suspiciousness. Protects against sudden death; symbol of luck and good fortune. Medicinal properties: Used for diseases of the nervous system, depression; relieves pain, sharpens hearing, rejuvenates, strengthens memory and increases potency.


Magical properties: A symbol of true love, protects against human ill will, the machinations of enemies and evil spells. It will help prevent a quarrel and save you from wasting energy. Promotes wealth, gives creative strength. Medicinal properties: Improves cerebral circulation, strengthens the immune system, relieves headaches, helps with skin and thyroid diseases. Useful for poor bowel and kidney function; strengthens teeth.

Selenite (Moonstone)

Magical properties: In magic, it is traditionally believed that this stone is strongly associated with the Moon: it can bring relief to a person experiencing the negative influence of the full moon, absorbing the stimulating lunar energy. Receives and attracts love; it is worn to bring feelings into one’s life. Calms the mind, awakening dreaminess and tenderness in people. Medicinal properties: Has a beneficial effect on the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract, helps with edema and dropsy. In Tibetan medicine it is used to heal epilepsy and mental illness.


Magical properties: Stone of charm, spiritual purity and prudence. Creates peace in a person’s soul and promotes harmony in human relationships. Able to strengthen marriage, awakens clarity of thinking, enhances prudence. Medicinal properties: Use for diseases of the kidneys, heart, liver and inflammatory processes. Relieves mental stress and headaches.


Magical properties: A guardian stone that wards off the evil eye and evil spell. A source of creative strength, faith and optimism, it clarifies thoughts and helps to implement plans. Brings good luck and maintains health. An amulet over a child’s cradle against fright. Medicinal properties: Helps stop bleeding, strengthens teeth, regulates sexuality, resolves tumors, protects pregnancy, helps with thyroid diseases, insomnia, cramps, headaches, coughs.


Magical properties: Symbol of the mysteries of existence, courage, modesty. Helps to establish relationships with superiors and colleagues, protects against evil fate, and helps develop eloquence. Strengthens the sense of duty and honor. Gives the owner fortitude and wisdom. Medicinal properties: Treats epilepsy, toothache, women’s diseases; improves vision, stops bleeding. Strengthens the physical body and prolongs life.

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