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Which stone gives life energy?

A person’s success depends on many factors, but one of them is vital energy.
This energy gives, first of all, health, performance, and financial success.
Here are some energy sources:
Ruby activates the immune system, improves metabolism, suppresses inflammatory processes and regenerates tissue faster. It has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the brain and heart, strengthens the immune system, and increases vitality. Pyrite engine
An energetically very strong stone.
It bestows colossal power on its owner. A stone of leaders, people ready to change the world. Useful when you need to “ignite” the crowd, to lead the masses. Acts as an energy shield, helps to increase self-esteem for people who are unsure of themselves, and can push them to take bold, unexpected actions. Gives strength and determination to act. The stone helps remove drowsiness and apathy from life. If you can’t wake up or need to work for a long time – put on jewelry with pyrite – an influx of energy and increased performance are guaranteed to you. Garnet is a stone of passion, love, victory and wealth. The properties of red pomegranate will bring new desires, changes into your life, fill you with energy and desire to live, act and enjoy life.
If worn for a long time, it will lead you to the path of prosperity, because. loves to give its owner new desires and gives the opportunity to realize them. The stone helps to develop in its owner a sense of commitment and duty, helps to go through a crisis and emerge victorious from the test. Garnet is a great helper in working on yourself. It helps you get rid of old, outdated habits and build new thinking and new, positive patterns of behavior. Moonstone is filled with soft feminine energy; it will help those who want to find harmony with their feminine essence and hear the voice of intuition.
Moonstone unites both the masculine and the feminine, combining the energies of water and wind. (And thereby balancing thoughts and feelings). Its energy resembles a fresh ocean breeze, allowing one to live with a clear head and inner knowing of the heart, and also charges one with vital energy. (wear only on the waxing moon). In all cultures, pearls are associated with longevity, beauty and prosperity. Pearls are associated with the Moon and enhance its positive influence on a person.
Pearls help strengthen vitality, normalize the body’s biorhythms, and also protect marriage and love relationships.
Contemplation of pearls calms the psyche, brings peace of mind and peace.
Can serve as an indicator of health – for example, if it becomes dull and loses its shine. Green garnet (grossular) Grossular has an invigorating effect on its owner, saturates a person with the energy of fire.
The mineral does not conflict at all; it can be worn with any other stone, both in one product and in different ones. This property is passed on to humans. The owner of a pomegranate becomes a peace-loving person who understands the needs and problems of other people.
The stone restores the nervous system after exhaustion and stress, relieves insomnia, removes causeless anxiety, nervousness, and sudden mood swings. The name itself clearly indicates that the stone is associated with the Sun – the source of life on our planet! It is a stone of energy and optimism. An excellent healer of depression and mental trauma – it fills our consciousness with soft and warm sunlight and strengthens the nervous system. The sun stone strengthens the spirit, stimulates a person to be active, gives strength and determination – that is, it fills it with the energy of the Sun. If used at the right moments, this stone brings unexpected good fortune and allows one to fulfill desires in the material realm. On a personal level, Sunstone significantly increases self-confidence, develops emotional and psychic abilities, adds grace and attractiveness to the wearer, and always leads to significant changes through unexpected gifts of fate. Carnelian – sunny mood A stone of the sun that has absorbed its energy and hot radiant color.
Carnelian – means pleasing (or reminiscent) of the heart. It has a strong calming effect, prevents quarrels, improves mood, promotes success in business (including financial), and relieves attacks of melancholy. It can also help strengthen memory, develop eloquence, and enhance the owner’s insight. Carnelian carries the pure energy of health of the whole body, suitable for any sign of the Zodiac. Its red-orange color stimulates the sex chakra and helps purify the blood. Nephritis
This opaque green stone is considered a talisman that strengthens vitality and protects against all diseases.
Jade has strong energy. It gives hope, strength, energy and strength when it is so lacking.
If you wear it as a talisman, it wards off illnesses, restores a person’s energy, improves blood circulation, and relieves internal/external skin rashes. For heart or stomach health, you should wear a white/light green stone pendant on your chest. Jewelry with precious stones adds zest to the look and makes us irresistible. However, since time immemorial, people have invested sacred meaning in natural minerals and believed that they conceal a powerful force. Esotericists claim that gems have a special energy that has a beneficial effect on all areas of human activity. Therefore, to this day, many of us have no doubt that sparkling crystals help solve financial, love or other issues, can cure ailments, and some minerals are designed to protect the owner as amulets. We have put together for you a collection of 5 precious stones, which, according to energy practitioners, have the most powerful positive energy. In the photo: gems from the personal collection of Maxim Demidov.

The most powerful stone

Ruby. From time immemorial, the blood-red crystal has adorned royalty, testifying to their highest status and comprehensive superiority over everyone. To this day, the ruby ​​is considered the royal crystal, before which all doors open. The stone of power and love adorned the outfits of almost all the monarchs of the world. The largest collections of fire gems were owned by Cardinal Richelieu of the Roman Catholic Church, Queen of France Marie de Medici, Emperor Rudolf of Austria and others. Royalty believed that it was the ruby ​​that helped them make correct, strong, meaningful, wise, and sometimes fateful decisions. Since ancient times, the scarlet gem was considered a source of inexhaustible energy and strength. Ruby is an ally in the struggle for leadership. That is why it is recommended to wear it for energetic and strong-willed people who are actively pursuing victory and leading others. Energy practitioners explain this by saying that the gem contains all the strongest qualities and is capable of multiplying what is in the heart of its owner. Wearing jewelry with ruby ​​is contraindicated for weak-willed, envious and cruel people. It is believed that the scarlet mineral will not only increase these negative qualities, but can also take away energy. In the photo: a set with Carmencita rubies from the Maxim Demidov jewelry house. Ruby is also a stone of passionate love. Esotericists say that the crystal brings good luck to conquerors of hearts and protects against unrequited love. A ring with a ruby ​​as a gift indicates strong feelings and the desire to always be close to your loved one. Want to know more about ruby? Watch the video “King of Gems” on our YouTube channel.

Stone that attracts money

There is an opinion that in order to increase cash flow, it is necessary to have jewelry with green shades of gems. Chrysolite is one of them. It is suitable for those people who are desperate and have given up on the path to success. The stone helps to forget past failures and start life from scratch. Esotericists say that the green mineral itself seems to sense and suggest profitable situations to the owner, helps to successfully implement the plans and successfully develop his business. As a money talisman, chrysolite helps the owner find the right path, get out of the “debt hole,” quickly close loans, and achieve material well-being. In order for the stone to attract money, you must wear a gold ring with chrysolite on the index finger of your left hand. In the photo: the “Spirituality” set from the Maxim Demidov jewelry house. You can learn more about the green gem from our article “New life with the peridot stone.”

Stone that attracts happiness

Emerald is a stone that helps you love life. Therefore, bioenergeticists say that even one glance at an emerald is enough to feel its positive energy and experience true happiness. It is believed that if a person feels that he is missing something, then he needs to put on jewelry with an emerald and carefully look into the depth of the stone. This noble mineral will allow you to look at life from a different angle. It will show that there is not only a job, career, home, etc., but also simple little things that are worth enjoying. Emerald gives the owner fullness of life and harmony. At such moments, a person understands that it is impossible to want more. And this is true happiness. In the photo: ring with an emerald “Revelations of Love” from the Maxim Demidov jewelry house. We have dedicated a whole series of articles to the gem of the first order:

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A stone that exudes harmony

Sapphire is another royal stone. A symbol of wisdom, tranquility and vital integrity. Stone of Order. Stone of reflection. This is harmony in its purest form. Sapphire brings everything into balance, helps you think through important decisions, draw the right conclusions, and “dot the i’s.” Russian priest Pavel Florensky wrote about sapphire: “in it you can see a symbol of the soul, rushing into eternity.”

As a talisman, sapphire encourages noble deeds and protects against anger, fear and envy. The mineral gives its owner endurance, strengthens willpower and helps to move towards the intended goal, not paying attention to adversity and troubles.

Sapphire loves powerful people and favors them. It helps those who occupy leadership positions to organize their work correctly.

In the photo: ring with sapphire “Royal Choice” from the Maxim Demidov jewelry house.

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A real source of energy

Citrine carries a powerful charge of positive energy. Bioenergetics experts claim that the gem contains the power of the Sun, which is considered a bottomless source of energy. The star provides the Earth with 80 thousand billion kilowatts every second, which is several thousand times more than all the power plants in the world.

If at some point a person runs out of energy or feels that he does not have enough strength to complete the task, then citrine will help replenish them. Esotericists call citrine a “solar battery” and say that owners of the fiery mineral can boast of successful business, public speaking skills and the ability to lead people.

In the photo: a set with citrines “Sands of Time” from the Maxim Demidov jewelry house.

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The power of precious stones is something you want to believe in unconditionally. However, do not forget that not a single stone, as if by magic, can make all your wishes come true instantly. Esotericists say that gems store the necessary energy and only help a person at the right moment. It is only important to have a pure heart and good thoughts, then the stone will faithfully serve the owner.

You can choose your lucky talisman in the Maxim Demidov catalog.

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