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Which stone has strong energy?

Precious stones attract people with their variety of colors, intricate patterns, and enchanting shine. And also with its unique properties. Esotericists focus on the magical abilities of minerals, while lithotherapists are confident in their healing properties. Read about the influence of precious stones on our lives, the most energetic ones of them, and how to choose “your” mineral correctly. Ring and earrings made of silver with agate (art. 1340391828-20, 2340391828-20)

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The interaction of the crystal with the owner occurs through energy exchange. Minerals, like batteries, share with people the natural energy accumulated over billions of years of their formation, take away bad energy from them and protect them from negativity from the outside, improving their physical and mental well-being. In addition, gems enhance mental energy – the power of thought – and direct it to the realization of the desires and goals of the owners.

People paid attention to the unique properties of precious stones back in ancient times. In Ancient Greece, Rome, and the East, for a long time they were able to recognize different types of energy in stones and apply them accordingly. Some minerals were used to treat diseases, others to improve the atmosphere in homes, and others to influence and control people.

The ancient Slavs used amulets made of gems in the form of jewelry for constant wear, and as elements in folk costumes. For example, belts were decorated with special pendants that protected from troubles and illnesses. Preference was given to: diamonds, rubies, amethysts, emeralds, agates and garnets.

Silver pendant with garnet from the Young Star collection (art. 3340151240)

According to lithotherapists, all precious and semi-precious stones emit an energetic charge. If a gem is chosen and used correctly, it begins to have a positive impact on the character and various areas of the life of its owner. Among the most energetically powerful minerals, these eleven are especially distinguished.

Helps you understand your purpose, decide on a profession, and reveal your abilities and talents. Increases vitality and creative energy. Protects the owner from the evil eye and damage, making him more attractive to others.

Black – takes away all negativity directed at a person, when worn on the left hand – improves heart function.
White – normalizes the nervous system, softens character.
Yellow – will attract good luck to trade workers,
Green – will help to reveal creative talents.

Silver pendant with agate from the Lunnitsa collection (art. 3310395069-50)

It is considered the stone of philosophers, thinkers and sages. A strong amulet for various problems. Gives self-confidence, promotes mutual understanding in the family, helps to make the right decisions, and resolve conflicts. Used in the treatment of insomnia and alcohol addiction.

It is considered a stone of fidelity and happiness. Endows a person with secret knowledge, helps to comprehend wisdom, find the meaning of life, achieve goals, and protects against ill-conceived decisions. Increases attractiveness to the opposite sex. Promotes peace in the family. Provides deep, restful sleep. Capable of losing its beauty and shine as the owner’s health worsens.

A symbol of mutual love, sensuality, passion – it is often presented as a gift to lovers. Promotes a good mood, creativity, and brings good luck in business. Helps fight body exhaustion.

The personification of honesty, innocence, nobility. Protects from hypocritical and envious people. Serves as a magnet for love and good luck in business. Helps normalize emotional state and attract happiness. Serves as a shield against serious diseases. Promotes longevity.

Silver earrings with amethysts from the Bubbles collection (art. 2340060308)

Helps the owner to comprehend the truth and higher purpose. Gives prosperity, good luck, happy love. A powerful amulet for professionals whose work involves communicating with strangers and public speaking – it will add self-confidence.

Helps you find love, develop creativity, and realize your cherished goals and desires. It acquires special power during the full moon – it relieves tension, fears, calms and sets the mood for positivity.

Stone of love – attracts passionate, mutual, sincere feelings into the owner’s life. It has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the brain, spine, circulatory system, and immunity. Protects against bad thoughts and bad magical influence.

Endows the owner with persistent character, determination, loyalty, selflessness, and leadership qualities. Helps you find true friends and gets rid of enemies. Helps strengthen the spirit, gain faith, wisdom and mercy.

Teaches justice, gives the owner optimism, attracts financial success. It is considered a reliable talisman for travelers. Helps develop intelligence, protect against enemies, gives happiness, activates vital energy.

Silver ring with topaz (art. 1329704751l-76)

He is considered the patron saint of scientists, teachers, travelers, and newlyweds. Helps slow down skin aging, increase hemoglobin levels, and reduce the impact of magnetic storms. Protects against unrequited love and the evil eye. The most powerful are pieces of amber with insects or rock particles inside.

Energetically strong stones are the most reliable amulets. But if a person has a strong character, the energy of the stone can come into conflict with the aura of the owner. Therefore, you need to choose your stone – a protector and healer – carefully, taking enough time.

An incorrectly selected mineral may not show its miraculous properties and may become an ordinary trifle or, on the contrary, cause trouble. There are three main criteria for choosing “your” stone.

First of all, you should like the gem. Positive emotions when contemplating and touching it are what you need to pay attention to.
Take the crystal in your left hand and focus on the sensations. If you feel the heating of the stone and a pleasant, soft warmth in the palm of your hand, this is your stone. If even slight discomfort occurs, you will have to discard this stone – it is contraindicated for you. The absence of a response may indicate that the crystal is neutral to the human biofield or a very weak first signal. In the future it will probably intensify. If you practice tantra or yoga, you can analyze your emotions by placing the stone on your heart chakra or third eye area.

Silver earrings with rubies and cubic zirconia (Art. 2329021884l)

It is better to choose a stone for the current purpose. There are minerals that can have a beneficial effect on several areas of their owner’s life at the same time. There are those that can only help with one thing.

The best protectors are stones related to the patroness of love –
Venus and considered lunar minerals: turquoise, jade, malachite, carnelian, garnet, emerald, moonstone, amazonite, blue agate, jadeite, pearl, amber.

Special amulets are required – strong, but with a large amount of feminine yin energy, so as not to accidentally harm the incompletely formed children’s energy. Optimal options: aquamarine, amethyst, rock crystal, malachite, amber.

From the evil eye and damage

The most powerful and universal amulets, suitable for everyone, are: agate, jet, cat’s eye, malachite, selenite, black onyx, jasper.

For pregnant

The following will help protect expectant mothers: diamond, amethyst, turquoise, hematite, rock crystal, emerald, jade, ruby.

Silver earrings with carnelians from the Ural Gems collection (art. 2340680932-40)

For harmony in the family

The following will help preserve mutual understanding and love: white agate, turquoise, emerald, jade, carnelian, jasper.

For financial well-being

Tiger’s eye is best. With his energy, he will suggest options for improving your financial condition and bestow wisdom for proper money management.

Rose quartz – for harmonizing relationships in couples, protecting the family.
Carnelian – to increase female attractiveness, avoid intrusion into relationships by third parties.
Pomegranate – for people who are looking for a soul mate.

For good health

Gems are good for treating many diseases.
Agate (yellow, red, blue) – relieves pathologies of the digestive and cardiovascular systems, respiratory organs, thyroid gland;
Diamond – improves blood circulation and metabolism;
Aquamarine – normalizes the mental state, is effective for diseases of the skin and lungs, helps strengthen the immune system, and relieves seasickness;
Shungite is not a substitute for allergies, anemia, gastrointestinal diseases, bronchial asthma, diabetes, gallstones and kidney stones. Helps with frequent colds, cardiovascular diseases and nervous disorders;
Tourmaline – relieves arthritis, radiculitis, varicose veins, diseases of the endocrine and central nervous systems when used as inserts in knee pads, socks, gloves, mats, belts.

Silver earrings with quartz from the Ural Gems collection (art. 2340101851-30)

When using the mineral for medicinal purposes, do not forget that it does not replace traditional medicine, but only brings relief and helps speed up recovery.

If you want to have a truly strong amulet, it is better to contact an astrominerologist who will select a crystal depending on your natal chart. There are a lot of people born on the same day or under a common zodiac sign, but each one is individual. And one stone, even the strongest, cannot help everyone equally.
Another option is to choose a mineral based on already compiled tables of correspondence between its characteristics and your zodiac sign.
Aries – agate, serpentine, quartz, malachite, jasper – suppress the stubbornness and hot temper characteristic of this sign.
Taurus – agate, amethyst, hematite, carnelian – soften character, help to concentrate on achieving the goal.

Silver earrings with garnets from the Bliss collection (art. 2320151183)

Gemini – malachite, jade, selenite, topaz, amber – will help you become kinder and softer.
Cancer – amethyst, hematite, moonstone, ruby, jasper – will relieve worries.
a lion – diamond, rock crystal, ruby, sapphire, citrine, amber – will help develop oratory skills, make your character softer, and give strength.
Virgo – aventurine, rock crystal, jade, chrysoprase, jasper – promote well-being in your personal life and protect from negativity.
Scales – amethyst, malachite, obsidian, onyx, rauchtopaz – help to attract good luck and become more decisive.
Scorpio – agate, pearls, moonstone, carnelian, citrine – relieve aggression, improve personal life.
Sagittarius – turquoise, hematite, coral, lapis lazuli, topaz – help in the fight against problems.
Capricorn – rock crystal, garnet, obsidian, opal, jasper – help prevent diseases and find harmony in the family.
Aquarius – agate, amethyst, rock crystal, garnet, serpentine, onyx – contribute to competent planning of affairs, improve financial situation.
Pisces – amethyst, pearl, moonstone, opal – raise self-esteem.

Minerals with a porous structure absorb negative energy and are able to protect the owner from energy loss. Crystals of great strength are endowed with strong protective properties. When choosing a gemstone, it is a good idea to also pay attention to its color and shape.

Silver bracelet with agate, rock crystal and quartz (art. 4340876257-1-18-48)

It is believed that round crystals have softer energy and are more suitable for women. Pointed gems are recommended for men. Complex shapes are created for those who love adventure and are not afraid of change – they look good on both women and men.

Color is a flow of energy of a certain frequency. It also affects the aura. The effect of color on human health was known already in ancient times. For example, Avicenna advised wearing red clothes in case of apathy. Curtains and rags of the same color were hung in the room of a person with measles.
Red – such crystals strengthen the immune system, increase efficiency and vitality. Helps thin and cleanse the blood. They attract the attention of others and love. At the same time, they increase emotional incontinence. It is not recommended to wear jewelry with red stones for a long time, so as not to cause attacks of aggression.
Yellow – minerals of a color that inspires optimism help to quickly cope with the consequences of stress, restore the joy of life, and stimulate you to move forward towards your goal.
Green – these stones give the owner vitality and help to recover from illness. Transparent specimens are most suitable for healing.
Shades of blue – have a relaxing effect. Minerals help calm emotions, relieve nervous tension, especially during meditation, and improve mood.

Silver earrings with star sapphires from the Magic stick collection (art. 2340940733-8)

Esotericists advise first of all to cleanse the stone from the previous energy. Any new stone, whether purchased, gifted or inherited, requires cleaning. To remove negativity from a gem, there are several simple ways that anyone can do.
Water. It is enough to hold the stone under running water for several minutes. Do not wipe, the jewelry should dry on its own.
Sea salt. The method removes not only energy, but also physical pollution. You can keep the jewelry in a salt solution overnight, rinse with water and dry. Or cover the product with dry salt for half a day.
Sunlight. This cleaning is best suited for gems of warm shades – red, yellow, orange. The decoration should be washed thoroughly and left for 2-3 hours in a brightly lit place for several days.
By moonlight. The procedure is carried out in good weather and a waning moon, for which the product is left under the moonlight for several nights. Sometimes, when strong negativity has accumulated, they combine cleansing with moonlight and sea salt.
When interacting with a person, the gem accumulates negative energy, so it is recommended to repeat cleaning periodically so that the talisman does not lose its power.

It is not enough to just clean the mineral. In order for it to show its magical properties in full force, it is necessary to establish contact with it.
First, the pebble will need to be charged by placing it under the sun’s rays under the light of the moon. Please note: you should charge the stone, which has been previously cleared of negativity, once a month.

Silver ring with a moonstone from the Firebird collection (art. 1310931601)

To establish a connection with the mineral, you need to pick it up every day, put it under your pillow while sleeping at night, and carry it with you for one to two weeks.

During the period of attunement of energies, the owner should not pick up the crystal if he is tired, sick or upset about something. There may be a malfunction due to which the protective properties of the amulet will be reduced.

You can charge the mineral to fulfill a wish by expressing your request out loud, while simultaneously squeezing it one to one and a half minutes in each hand in turn. Repeat the procedure for several weeks or until the result is achieved.
You can visualize the desire by holding the pebble in your open palm, or by placing it opposite the third eye area (between the eyebrows), without touching the skin.

A natural mineral can bring maximum benefits. If you use it correctly.

Even the most beautiful and energetically powerful gem will not protect the owner when lying in a box. Therefore, first of all, minerals must be worn. Only then will their help be constant. There is an opinion that the properties of stones are best revealed through direct contact with the skin. The types of decorations also have an impact.

Crown, diadem. Placed on the head, they put thoughts in order and level out the emotional background.
Clip-on earrings. affect certain body systems due to stimulation of projection points located on the earlobes. Strengthen the immune system.
Necklace, beads – contribute to the growth of communication skills, leadership skills, and self-confidence.
Pendants – stimulate inspiration. Depending on the types of stones, they enhance or, conversely, cool feelings.
Bangles – have a beneficial effect on all organs. To save energy, it is recommended to wear it on your left hand.

Silver bracelet with opals (art. 4340346119-18)
When wearing jewelry with different stones at the same time, do not allow their energies to conflict.

Exercises will help you free your thoughts, be saturated with the energy of the gem, and tune in to the accomplishment of your plans.

The stone will help you find harmony, improve relationships with family and colleagues, and protect you from any negativity.
Lapis lazuli, fluorite or black tourmaline are recommended for the workplace.
Quartz and obsidian are suitable for the hallway. They will help shield the house from external energy and clean it. For the living room, aventurine, citrine or rock crystal are optimal. For children’s – fluorite or citrine. For the matrimonial bedroom – labradorite or pyrope.

Silver earrings with opals and cubic zirconia from the Zero Gravity collection (art. 2340340797-10)

You can use one of the methods of interaction with energetically strong minerals, or you can use all of them. Then the protection of the crystals will become continuous, and you will fully experience the magical power of the precious amulets.
Our YouTube channel Previously, a video review of jewelry with natural stones was released. The presented models were recommended for the summer, but perhaps some of them will become your mascots for every day.

We hope the article was useful to you, helped you decide on your protective stone and simplified the choice of jewelry.

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Jewelry with precious stones adds zest to the look and makes us irresistible. However, since time immemorial, people have invested sacred meaning in natural minerals and believed that they conceal a powerful force. Esotericists claim that gems have a special energy that has a beneficial effect on all areas of human activity. Therefore, to this day, many of us have no doubt that sparkling crystals help solve financial, love or other issues, can cure ailments, and some minerals are designed to protect the owner as amulets.

We have put together for you a collection of 5 precious stones, which, according to energy practitioners, have the most powerful positive energy.

In the photo: gems from the personal collection of Maxim Demidov.

The most powerful stone

Ruby. From time immemorial, the blood-red crystal has adorned royalty, testifying to their highest status and comprehensive superiority over everyone. To this day, the ruby ​​is considered the royal crystal, before which all doors open.

The stone of power and love adorned the outfits of almost all the monarchs of the world. The largest collections of fire gems were owned by Cardinal Richelieu of the Roman Catholic Church, Queen of France Marie de Medici, Emperor Rudolf of Austria and others. Royalty believed that it was the ruby ​​that helped them make correct, strong, meaningful, wise, and sometimes fateful decisions.

Since ancient times, the scarlet gem was considered a source of inexhaustible energy and strength. Ruby is an ally in the struggle for leadership. That is why it is recommended to wear it for energetic and strong-willed people who are actively pursuing victory and leading others. Energy practitioners explain this by saying that the gem contains all the strongest qualities and is capable of multiplying what is in the heart of its owner. Wearing jewelry with ruby ​​is contraindicated for weak-willed, envious and cruel people. It is believed that the scarlet mineral will not only increase these negative qualities, but can also take away energy.

In the photo: a set with Carmencita rubies from the Maxim Demidov jewelry house.

Ruby is also a stone of passionate love. Esotericists say that the crystal brings good luck to conquerors of hearts and protects against unrequited love. A ring with a ruby ​​as a gift indicates strong feelings and the desire to always be close to your loved one.

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Stone that attracts money

There is an opinion that in order to increase cash flow, it is necessary to have jewelry with green shades of gems. Chrysolite is one of them. It is suitable for those people who are desperate and have given up on the path to success. The stone helps to forget past failures and start life from scratch.

Esotericists say that the green mineral itself seems to sense and suggest profitable situations to the owner, helps to successfully implement the plans and successfully develop his business. As a money talisman, chrysolite helps the owner find the right path, get out of the “debt hole,” quickly close loans, and achieve material well-being.

In order for the stone to attract money, you must wear a gold ring with chrysolite on the index finger of your left hand.

In the photo: the “Spirituality” set from the Maxim Demidov jewelry house.

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Stone that attracts happiness

Emerald is a stone that helps you love life. Therefore, bioenergeticists say that even one glance at an emerald is enough to feel its positive energy and experience true happiness.

It is believed that if a person feels that he is missing something, then he needs to put on jewelry with an emerald and carefully look into the depth of the stone. This noble mineral will allow you to look at life from a different angle. It will show that there is not only a job, career, home, etc., but also simple little things that are worth enjoying. Emerald gives the owner fullness of life and harmony. At such moments, a person understands that it is impossible to want more. And this is true happiness.

In the photo: ring with an emerald “Revelations of Love” from the Maxim Demidov jewelry house.

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A stone that exudes harmony

Sapphire is another royal stone. A symbol of wisdom, tranquility and vital integrity. Stone of Order. Stone of reflection. This is harmony in its purest form. Sapphire brings everything into balance, helps you think through important decisions, draw the right conclusions, and “dot the i’s.” Russian priest Pavel Florensky wrote about sapphire: “in it you can see a symbol of the soul, rushing into eternity.”

As a talisman, sapphire encourages noble deeds and protects against anger, fear and envy. The mineral gives its owner endurance, strengthens willpower and helps to move towards the intended goal, not paying attention to adversity and troubles.

Sapphire loves powerful people and favors them. It helps those who occupy leadership positions to organize their work correctly.

In the photo: ring with sapphire “Royal Choice” from the Maxim Demidov jewelry house.

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A real source of energy

Citrine carries a powerful charge of positive energy. Bioenergetics experts claim that the gem contains the power of the Sun, which is considered a bottomless source of energy. The star provides the Earth with 80 thousand billion kilowatts every second, which is several thousand times more than all the power plants in the world.

If at some point a person runs out of energy or feels that he does not have enough strength to complete the task, then citrine will help replenish them. Esotericists call citrine a “solar battery” and say that owners of the fiery mineral can boast of successful business, public speaking skills and the ability to lead people.

In the photo: a set with citrines “Sands of Time” from the Maxim Demidov jewelry house.

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The power of precious stones is something you want to believe in unconditionally. However, do not forget that not a single stone, as if by magic, can make all your wishes come true instantly. Esotericists say that gems store the necessary energy and only help a person at the right moment. It is only important to have a pure heart and good thoughts, then the stone will faithfully serve the owner.

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