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Which stone helps restore health?

Since ancient times, it has been believed that wearing and contemplating a certain gemstone has a beneficial effect on the human body. Eastern doctors, unlike Western ones, do not trust potions and tablets, since medications do not eliminate diseases, but only muffle symptoms and briefly reduce pain. They are sure that like is cured by like, and therefore by nature. And our whole world is a casket with precious gems – the best medicines for many diseases. You may be skeptical that minerals can be used to diagnose and treat humans. However, thousands of years of experience in traditional medicine confirms this. Nowadays, scientists are studying a science such as lithotherapy, and there are even entire resorts in Bulgaria, Switzerland and the USA that specialize in stone treatment. The modern concept of lithotherapy is that the vibration of the stone is almost identical to the vibration of a person, so the minerals can optimally stimulate energy flows in the body. For lithotherapy, predominantly energetically saturated, purified and polished minerals are used. How did this not fully studied and at the same time promising method of treatment come about? Eastern researchers are confident that lithotherapy originated on the territory of modern India. One day, a certain old man, who was tormented by headaches, sat on the bank of the river and contemplated the world. His gaze was drawn to a stone (it turned out to be a gem) lying in the sand, he took it in his hand, then put it to his temple and after a few minutes the pain subsided. The sage repeated the experiment with other people and wrote a treatise on lithotherapy, which says that the world consists of crystals “dissolved” in the air, water, earth and even the human body, and their energy should be used in the name of health. In order to thoroughly understand all the intricacies of stone treatment, we will try to study some issues of lithotherapy. To begin with, we want to warn you in advance that you are unlikely to cure serious genetic diseases, but you can easily fight headaches, “scare off” colds, and prevent certain diseases. Before learning about the properties of the mineral, let’s study the chakras (areas where vital energy is concentrated). After all, they control physical and psychological health, and it is to these points that the energy of the stone must be directed. SAHASRARA – by applying diamond, agate, amethyst, jade, rock crystal to the crown, you can harmonize the spiritual spheres, improve metabolic processes, and also alleviate karmic diseases.
AJNA (third eye) – lapis lazuli, flarite, sodalite, amethyst increase intuition, mental strength, relieve headaches, reduce appetite.
VISHADHA (throat) – celestine, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, turquoise increase optimism and sociability, treat diseases of the throat and lungs, and improve metabolic processes.
ANAHATA (heart) – watermelon tourmaline, rose quartz, jade develop compassion and kindness, have a positive effect on the nervous system and heart, and relieve depression.
MANIPURA (solar plexus) – malachite, emerald, rose quartz, aventurine develop leadership qualities, cure gastrointestinal and skin diseases.
SVADHISTHANA (just below the navel) – ruby, citrine, moonstone, carnelian increase sexual energy, treat genitourinary diseases.
MULADHARA (perineum) – tiger eye, ruby, agate, hematite, heleotrope increase vitality, activity, improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, vision, relieve headaches. What is the healing effect of this or that stone? Of course, in one article we will not be able to list the properties of all crystals; we will present only the main ones. Diamond – protects from the evil eye, cleanses the face of blemishes, promotes the normal course of pregnancy and facilitates childbirth. It is advisable that this stone be given as a gift or inherited, since it is believed that a diamond bought for oneself brings little benefit.
Amber – stabilizes internal enzymes responsible for metabolic processes, neutralizes toxins, and is beneficial for diseases of the throat, thyroid gland, liver, kidneys, and joints.
Topaz – protects the immune system, strengthens nerves, instills optimism, helps balance emotions.
Aquamarine – helps with respiratory diseases, clears consciousness.
Cornelian – put on the eyes for headaches.
Jasper – an excellent healer of women’s diseases.
Chrysoprase – helps with eye diseases; contemplating this stone reduces pain in the eyes.
carnelian – strengthens teeth, pacifies fever and nervous diseases.
Ruby – helps with headaches, cleanses the blood, strengthens the heart.
Pink quartz – helps with headaches and psychosomatic diseases.
Malachite – helps with colds and allergies, acts favorably as a general tonic.
Lapis lazuli – calms, reduces body temperature, protects the heart and kidneys.
Emerald is good for the eyes, improves vision, saves from fever, leprosy, epilepsy. Don’t rush to grab any stone right away. First, you need to select and cleanse the crystal (you never know what kind of “memory” it has?).
For healing, only real gems are needed and it is not necessary that they correspond to your zodiac sign. To choose the right stone, you need to put 5-6 different gems in front of you. Then close your eyes and try to imagine your crystal. Then open your eyes and take the stone that first attracted your attention, hold your hand over it. If you feel warmth, trembling or a slight jolt, then your energy fluctuations are compatible. Well, if in doubt, repeat the procedure 2-3 more times. However, it is necessary to remember (this was confirmed by scientific experiments with stones): gems are “living” and they have their own “character”, “memory” and can reproduce. True, time passes rather slowly for them. If for us 100 years is an entire era, then for a stone it is just a sigh. According to scientists, stones are very picky creatures; they are capable of absorbing and generously giving back any energy, even negative. Therefore, before preparing healing water or using the stone for external use, place the gem under cold running water to free it from accumulated energy dirt. Then place it in the sun for 24 hours so that it absorbs the energy of the daylight well. Or create an “earth bath” by burying a rock in soil, which is known to be naturally magnetic and has the ability to release negative energy. But before you take the crystal in your hands, try to calm down and put your thoughts in order. Try to establish a connection between you and the mineral – to become close or at least feel comfortable. Now you can start treatment. But first, try to clearly give the stone a task. Well, for example: “I want the stone to be a good remedy for stomach pain (headaches, lower fever, etc.).” When your headache is severe, press two crystals (rose quartz or aquamarine) to your temples. Don’t be afraid to experiment, because you already know where the chakras are (energy zones located along the spine). If you think the stone is out of place, try moving it. And move until you feel comfortable – the point has been found and you can leave the stone on it for as long as you wish. Eastern medicine is both paradoxical and simple, like everything ingenious, so lithotherapy should not be neglected. After all, this science is designed to increase the amount of energy entering the body, as well as harmonize existing reserves. Try it – and you will be healthy! Life-giving water Healing water can be prepared at home. Take regular mineral water without gas and a crystal that emits healing vibrations. The stone is kept in water for some time, then removed. Now the gem and water have an excellent “memory” and “remember” their mission to heal. You can drink water and apply the stone to the sore spot. The famous Fitzgeralds and English aristocrats the Stuarts constantly received “medicine” in the manner described above. Each family had its own family “doctor”, who was famous for his ability to cure various diseases, including mental disorders. How to determine the gender of a gem? “Female stones” are unlucky on the hand of a male owner, and “male stones” are unlucky on the hand of a woman. “Male stones” shine brighter and have warm tones and shades, “Female stones” do not shine as much and have cool colors and shades. Through the sparkling crystal The calendar, published in Augsburg in 1491, shows the connection between the body, stones and the signs of the Zodiac.
Aries corresponds to sardonyx, Taurus to carnelian, Gemini to topaz, Cancer to chalcedony, Leo to jasper, Virgo to emerald, Libra to beryl, Scorpio to amethyst, Sagittarius to hyacinth, Capricorn to chrysoprase, Aquarius to rock crystal, Pisces to sapphire. Stolen stones, as is known, most often exhibit negative properties; those purchased become talismans after many years. Real talismans are stones given or inherited. P.S. By the way, Christians are confident that man is a macrocosmos in a microcosm, and not vice versa. Those. man is greater than the visible cosmos. This of course should be understood spiritually. But from this position, the “liver” or “spleen” cannot dictate a person’s fate. See also: Stones by zodiac sign
How to choose a stone Jewelry with semi-precious and precious stones has been valued for thousands of years. In ancient times, people believed in the healing power of each stone and tried to choose talismans or jewelry individually, depending not on their preferences, but on their state of health and emotional well-being. Experts advise choosing modern jewelry according to the same principle, as well as according to your horoscope. Talisman stones are chosen very carefully. It is generally accepted that several stones are suitable for each sign, which bring health, luck and prosperity

  1. Carnelian, diamond, amethyst and rock crystal are suitable for Aries.
  2. Chrysoprase, chalcedony, emerald and agate will bring good luck to Taurus.
  3. Geminis need to choose agate, alexandrite, charoite, pearls and beryl.
  4. Moonstone, onyx, chalcedony and ruby ​​are suitable for Cancers.
  5. Leos will be happy to wear amber, peridot, ruby ​​and topaz.
  6. Virgos are helped by stones such as emerald, jasper and sardonyx.
  7. Libras really like and bring good luck to lapis lazuli, beryl, opal and aquamarine.
  8. Scorpios need to choose coral, garnet, carnelian and topaz.
  9. Sapphire, amethyst, ruby ​​and turquoise are ideal for Sagittarius.
  10. Astrologers recommend wearing malachite, ruby, onyx and garnet for Capricorns.
  11. Obsidian, sapphire, lapis lazuli and amethyst are suitable for Aquarius.
  12. Pisces will prefer moonstone, jasper, pearls and aquamarine.

Chrysoprase helps against the evil eye and nervous exhaustion, saves from slander and envy.

Cornelian improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, protects against ill-wishers, calms the heartbeat and sharpens mental abilities.

Agate It will help with diseases of the throat and teeth, with a strong cough, increase tone, sharpen vision, protect against the evil eye and enhance eloquence.

Alexandrite will help in the complex treatment of vascular diseases, prevent the development of pancreatic diseases, and normalize blood pressure.

Amber normalizes heart rate, improves thyroid function, and helps get rid of insomnia.

Diamond protects against the evil eye, protects against serious illnesses, attracts wealth, gives strength and brings good luck in all endeavors.

Topaz will protect the immune system, give women fertility, calm the nerves, give men wisdom, and tell the right way out of a difficult situation.

Aquamarine treats respiratory diseases, helps with weather dependence, strengthens the connection between two people, gives the union respect and mutual understanding.

Amethyst relieves tension and headaches, relieves insomnia, helps resolve disputes and brings good luck.

Emerald strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves vision, mood and tone, enlightens the mind, and drives away melancholy.

Sapphire relieves fatigue and strengthens memory, improves mental abilities, protects against envy, slander and melancholy.

Onyx will strengthen memory, relieve insomnia and cure heart disease, strengthen intuition and increase the overall tone of the body.

Turquoise will improve vision, attract wealth and help all lovers.

Ruby will bring happiness in love, strengthen the cardiovascular system and help with migraines.

Malachite normalizes the functioning of blood vessels and the heart, relieves toothache and headaches, helps with eye diseases, and makes relationships between women and men harmonious.

Coral reduces toothache, helps in the treatment of gout, eye diseases, protects against damage, improves heart rate.

Pearl will bring happiness to a woman of any age, protect against the evil eye, promote longevity and protect against thieves.

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