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Which stone helps restore vision?

The secrets of preserving, maintaining and restoring health have interested people at all times. Humanity has tried literally everything possible, wanting to retain the slipping youth, regain good health, or even dreaming of achieving immortality. People did not ignore natural precious stones and minerals – and here, oddly enough, they were able to achieve serious success. Ancient cultures around the world, to one degree or another, used gems not only to accumulate wealth and satisfy cultural and aesthetic needs, but also to prolong active life. Many jewelry, both women’s and men’s, had several purposes in addition to the public demonstration of status. Semi-precious and precious stones were worn to protect against “plagues”, get rid of chronic pain syndromes, harmonize the emotional state, feel cheerfulness and self-confidence, and attract good luck. In the modern world, these practices have not disappeared anywhere. Gems are still successfully used in lithotherapy, various types of massage, feng shui, astrology and many other practices related to spiritual and mystical quests. And the first thing people ask gems for is, of course, health. After all, without it, all the other joys of life become less important. Some stones have a greater healing effect, others less. Which of the many minerals supports health better than others?


It is no coincidence that this gem is associated with a huge supply of vital energy. The most common type of garnet (also known as pyrope) is distinguished by its rich shade of red. In fact, garnets come in green, yellow, brown and even black, but scarlet ones are the most popular.​​​​​​​ Garnets are credited with the ability to dispel melancholy, restore former self-confidence, nourish muscles with strength, and make a person incredibly attractive to the opposite sex. In a sense, this stone resembles a natural battery that recharges a person oppressed by a complex psychological state, exhausted by illness or stress. An incredible feature of pomegranate is its ability to cleanse the body of waste and toxins, promote sports and restore good physical shape. These gems are used to increase libido and relieve inflammation. Pomegranate has a positive effect on the functioning of the heart, stomach, thyroid gland, and respiratory system. Under the influence of this gem, the body, freed from slagging and negative emotional states, begins an active process of self-healing and wound healing. In modern society, which is under constant stress, does not have the opportunity to eat well and, in principle, fully deal with the issue of health, this gem is incredibly in demand.


Another “scourge” of our time is insomnia, problems with the nervous system, headaches, disruptions in the endocrine system and variable dysfunctions of the visual apparatus. Almost every adult has encountered something from this list. Amethyst will help with all this. It is used to restore the normal functioning of higher nervous activity, improve the functioning of the pituitary gland, pineal gland, and relieve stress. The stone returns good sleep to the owner, relieves headaches and anxiety. And when a person’s mental state is at the proper positive level, “physics” also begins to improve. A person becomes more active, positive, gets rid of many bad habits, his blood is cleansed, and the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and endocrine system is normalized. Amethyst is also recommended to be worn when you begin to notice that your thinking has become unclear, confused and extremely negative. This gem harmonizes the energies of mental processes, however, wearing it for too long is also not recommended due to hyperstimulation of the nervous system – you need to give rest to both yourself and the stone. Experts use amethyst when diagnosing the state of a patient’s energies: if a person’s “spiritual powers” ​​are severely depleted or the aura is critically damaged, the stone will become noticeably darker – and vice versa, the lighter the gem, the better your condition becomes.


Chronic disorders in the gastrointestinal tract, inflammatory difficulties in the intestines, the development of tumor processes, premature aging of the skin – all these problems are extremely common today throughout the world. Due to the poor quality of food, poor environment and high levels of stress, the gastrointestinal tract is, of course, one of the first to suffer, causing a person daily discomfort, which over time can develop into a much more serious problem. Constantly wearing onyx (naturally, together with traditional treatment methods and adjusting the usual diet) helps restore the normal digestive process and metabolism. In ancient times, when colic occurred in the abdomen, this stone was applied directly to the sore spot, and then washed in salt water to wash away the disease that it had taken over. By restoring the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, a person directly strengthens the immune system, begins to better resist stress and seasonal colds, has more strength for everyday activities and improves skin condition. We can say that by correcting one system of the body, it helps everyone else. A person is getting younger before our eyes.


This stone is directly related to water. And it has an incredible effect on water and salt metabolism in the human body. It is also believed that pearls are useful for difficulties with hearing, vision, and diseases of the female genital organs. Experts in ancient healing practices suggest that pearls help painlessly remove sand and small stones from the kidneys. Since ancient times, this gem has been used to treat teeth, purify blood and restore its volume in case of great loss. Restored water and salt metabolism allows a person to safely lose weight, get rid of toxins, and improve the functioning of the immune system. Girls wearing pearls become even more feminine over time, their skin becomes clearer, their eyes become clear and pure. However, you need to wear pearls with positive thoughts. This stone does not like evil people; in their hands it quickly “dries up” and crumbles. Please note that if a pearl that constantly touches your skin suddenly becomes cloudy and becomes “oily,” it means that some negative change is occurring in your body, requiring additional diagnostics from a specialist.


One of the most popular “harmonizers” of general human energy, stimulating the natural restoration of health. Since ancient times, it was believed that rock crystal was able to soothe pain, relieve depression, and relieve insomnia and nightmares. Crystal was even used to detect poisons in food. Depending on how exactly you wear this gem, you can influence the functioning of certain body systems. For example, rhinestone in a bracelet on your hand will prevent the formation of blood clots. To restore gallbladder function, place the stone on the right side of your abdomen. To normalize sleep, crystal is placed under the pillow. Nursing mothers are advised to wear a crystal necklace to ensure they always have enough milk. Modern scientists have proven that the rays of the sun passing through this gem are better at killing pathogenic bacteria and microbes. Rock crystal is worn by everyone who wants to restore liver function, improve vision, get rid of dropsy, and disorders in the genitourinary system. Experts in ancient healing practices believe that this gem can be worn by absolutely everyone, regardless of gender and age. Rhinestone is universal and helps everyone. Ophthalmologists claim that if you wear stones that match the color of your eyes, you can use them to improve your vision and ward off eye diseases. Group:
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Date: Wednesday, 26.10.2011, 22:09 | Message #2 I didn’t know, but still sometimes I chose it based on my eyes, for beauty and for combination, but I’ll know now, thanks for the useful information. Alba Group:
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Date: Tuesday, 01.11.2011/22/22, 3:XNUMX | Message #XNUMX Where exactly should these stones be worn in order for them to have a beneficial effect on vision? Wear it around your neck?
And if you look at them, does this also have a beneficial effect on vision or not? Lica18 Group:
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Date: Saturday, 05.11.2011, 10:56 | Message #4
Parameters (Lica18) Where exactly should these stones be worn in order for them to have a beneficial effect on vision? Wear it around your neck?
And if you look at them, does this also have a beneficial effect on vision or not? Well, yes, you can wear it on your neck, you can wear it in your ears, and no one can stop you from admiring it either.
Just not in the form of piercings close to the eyes, otherwise it may have the opposite effect. Merry Group:
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Date: Sunday, 06.11.2011, 12:40 | Message #5 And besides stones that are chosen according to eye color, what other stones can help improve vision? What stones have these properties? Christina Group:
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Date: Wednesday, 22.02.2012, 13:48 | Message #6 Pliny the Elder wrote about emeralds: “There is no color that would be more pleasing to the eye.” Indeed, it is known: green color calms the nervous system and relieves tension from the eyes. It is not surprising that, thanks to their rich green color, emeralds are renowned as healers of eye diseases. Lithotherapists claim that emeralds also help with insomnia. They reduce fever, help treat inflammation, fight infections, and are useful for diseases of the bladder and urinary tract. Emerald treats diabetes and burns, heart pain, lowers blood pressure and helps treat psoriasis. Maks Group:
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Date: Wednesday, 22.02.2012, 17:16 | Message #7 In China, Taoists considered pearls to be the frozen feminine principle of Yin, an elixir of youth that prolongs life. Until now, in Mongolia and China they believe that pearls contain miraculous healing powers that help in the treatment of cataracts and other eye diseases.
Live with dignity! Dima Group:
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Date: Wednesday, 29.02.2012, 03:30 | Message #8 I didn’t even know that if the stone matches the color of the eyes, then it can also improve vision. Although I think that if there are any problems with vision, then you should not only turn to alternative medicine. Group:
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Date: Wednesday, 02.05.2012, 00:54 | Message #9 For eye diseases wear aquamarine, beryl, chalcedony, obsidian, topaz, jade, opal. For example, I have a pendant with aquamarine, I wear it almost always (I have congenital myopia) Group:
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Date: Sunday, 20.05.2012, 21:47 | Message #10
Parameters (Lika) For eye diseases wear aquamarine, beryl, chalcedony, obsidian, topaz, jade, opal. For example, I have a pendant with aquamarine, I wear it almost always (I have congenital myopia) This is good, because it is recommended that this decoration, either a pendant or earrings, be closer to the eyes.
But it is not advisable to pierce with a stone near the eye in order to be even closer. This can only make things worse. Amy Group:
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Date: Monday, 21.05.2012/09/28, 11:XNUMX | Message #XNUMX It’s like an auxiliary element.
But in fact, you shouldn’t forget about real treatment either. Lithothepary cannot be the main focus of your treatment in any case.
It’s like dietary supplements. ) Alpen

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