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Which stone improves psychic abilities?

The name of the stone, oddly enough, is associated with alcohol and is translated as “free from drunkenness.” An ancient Greek legend says that the goddess of hunting Artemis saved the nymph Ametis from the encroachments of Dionysus, the god of wine. He was in love with a beautiful nymph, but she rejected him, since she herself was in love with Sirikos, a handsome shepherd musician. In anger, Dionysus chased Amethys, trying to take her by force. Fleeing from pursuit, the nymph began to call for help to Artemis, the patroness of chastity. The goddess was about to hit Dionysus with an arrow, but in time she remembered that Zeus did not tolerate strife on Olympus. Artemis turned the nymph into a purple amethyst crystal – it fell somewhere in the grass and was lost, leaving Dionysus with nothing. And in memory of the fact that Amethyst rejected the god of wine and fun, the stone was given the ability to protect against intoxication, help maintain prudence in business and bring good luck in hunting and sports competitions. To this day, the most valuable property of amethyst is considered to help in the treatment of alcohol addiction. To do this, it is recommended to drink amethyst infusion and wear a pendant that falls on the solar plexus. Of course, subject to the desire of the patient himself, the stone will definitely help. Lithotherapists also use amethyst in the treatment of gout, osteochondrosis, and insomnia of any nature. Girls use amethyst to remove freckles and improve their facial skin. It also helps against numerous moles and warts, and smoothes out wrinkles. Occultists classify amethyst as a stone with strong magical abilities, so it should be given and received with caution. Some consider the mineral to be a “widow’s stone” that brings separation. In fact, amethyst is a symbol of love and fidelity. This is a great gift for two loving people. It will strengthen feelings and bring harmony to family life. By the way, if strangers give you jewelry with amethyst, be careful. In ancient times, it was believed that the mineral was able to evoke feelings, even if you had previously loved another person. The mineral brings success and prosperity to representatives of the zodiac signs belonging to the air element: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini.


In Ancient Egypt, topaz was revered as a stone that received its color thanks to the golden radiance emanating from the powerful Sun God Ra. This endowed topaz with the properties of a very powerful amulet that protected its owner from evil. In Hindu mythology, topaz is one of the nine sacred stones. Hindus believe that a topaz pendant around the neck sharpens the intellect, suppresses thirst and helps prolong life. African shamans use topaz in their rituals to establish communication with the kingdom of the dead. Since ancient times, it has been generally accepted that the energy of topaz directly depends on the phases of the moon: the closer to the full moon, the brighter the radiance of the stone and the stronger its mystical and magical properties. There is a legend that the topaz, kept in the chapel of the Rupertsberg monastery near Bingen, emitted such a powerful light at night that there was no need to light candles to read prayers. Topaz is a stone with powerful healing properties. It balances emotions and relieves tension, stimulates metabolism and digestion. Jewelry with blue topaz is recommended for those who are struggling with excess weight, and with yellow topaz it is suitable for those who suffer from insomnia, irritability and depression. Interesting fact: in 1255, the famous Dutch mystic Saint Hildegard of Bingen suggested soaking topaz in wine and then lightly rubbing the eyes with the wine as a means to improve vision. Perhaps it is better not to repeat such an experiment.
There is an opinion that blue topaz is a recognized destroyer of the family. True, this only applies to those based on lies. Blue topaz brings any untruth to light. For this reason, in ancient times this stone was a faithful assistant to any criminologist. Topaz is most suitable for those born under the sign of Sagittarius, and for those born in November, the talisman will be yellow topaz, and in December – blue and blue. This gem will also bring good luck to Scorpios, Leos, Geminis and Virgos.


One of the most striking legends about the origin of pomegranate can be called Georgian. They say that a long time ago there lived a Georgian king, and he had a beautiful daughter. When the time came to marry her off, the king decided to test potential suitors. All candidates for marriage had to find three ripe pomegranates. True, not every fruit was suitable, but only the one that grew on a magic tree located in the wild desert. He was guarded by evil spirits, and the idea seemed impossible. But one of the worthy sons turned out to be incredibly brave and lucky, courageous and cunning. He overcame all the tests and, having picked off three grenades, rushed back. Unfortunately, there was famine in his country, and the old king was preparing to die. The smart young man decided to try his luck and open each of the pomegranates. Then three miracles happened in turn: when the first fruit was opened, the old king recovered, the second – the gardens bloomed and an unprecedented harvest was instantly obtained, which saved the country from famine. When the young man opened the third fruit, precious stones fell out of it instead of grains. Once released, they scattered all over the world. And since then they have brought love and prosperity to everyone who finds them. You can read about red pomegranate (also called pyrope) in the Bible. So, according to the Old Testament, it was this stone that illuminated Noah’s path during the time of the global flood and impenetrable darkness. Garnet is a truly unique stone. It has long been considered a symbol of passions, desires, love, sexuality, and emotions. In fact, the main task of this mineral is to activate a person’s vital energy and bring him good luck in love and creativity. The two main varieties of gemstones – red garnet and green – are responsible for different areas of life: a red stone guarantees the appearance or preservation of bright and strong love feelings, but in addition it helps to gain a wise view of the world around us; the green mineral attracts money, helps strengthen financial condition, and also improves intuition and even extrasensory abilities. It is believed that red stones ensure a safe and easy birth. Also recommended for women with menstrual irregularities, they help with diseases associated with blood circulation, for example, blockage of veins. Lithotherapists claim that pomegranates promote wound healing, have a positive effect on metabolism and increase potency. It is especially good for fire signs to wear a garnet: Sagittarius, Leo.


A long time ago, a conquistador from Spain fell in love on the shores of America with the daughter of an Indian chief. He liked the beautiful girl so much that the Spaniard decided to take her as his wife, and although the leader of the tribe was not against it and even offered the Spaniard a piece of land as a gift for the wedding, the conquistador was tormented by doubts. It seemed that in this way he was betraying his own people. However, the girl came to him with a large citrine in her hands and, with the help of this stone, calmed the contradictions in the Spaniard’s heart. They got married, and on the land that the Spaniard received from his wife’s father, a deposit of citrine was discovered. In Ancient Rome, citrine was revered as the stone of orators. It was believed that it helps to overcome speech defects and develop the gift of eloquence. Therefore, crystals of this mineral were carried with them by ancient Roman orators and senators. In ancient India, citrine played an important role in yoga practice. In South America, the stone was used to make amulets that protected their wearer from attacks by poisonous snakes. In Russia, citrine was called the “merchant’s” stone, believing that it would help accumulate a fortune. The gem was set in gold and a variety of jewelry was made with it. It was from citrines that family signet rings were cut, which were used to seal letters. Citrine jewelry is an amulet for people who make their living with their own hands. This mineral helps enterprising and prudent people. This stone has long been considered a talisman of trade, so it will not hurt for a successful business if this stone is stored somewhere in a safe. The stone has a particularly beneficial effect on Leo and Virgo.


The Mongols called chrysolites “dragon stones.” There is an ancient legend associated with this name. One ruler decided to build a fortress, and such an impregnable one that had never been seen before. But the walls erected by the best masters, for some unknown reason, soon collapsed, and this was repeated over and over again. One day the ruler met a wandering old man who explained what was going on. The fortress will not be built until the Fire Dragon finds and takes his lost jewels to the Kingdom of Volcanoes. And precisely in the place where the fortress is being built, a cauldron filled with beautiful golden-green stones is buried deep in the ground. These are the treasures of the Fire Dragon, which were stolen and hidden by evil genies. On the advice of the elder, the ruler ordered to dig up this cauldron and place it at the gates of the future fortress. As soon as this was done, a black sparkling tornado flew in. He picked up the cauldron and took it to the mountains. Since then, according to legend, golden-green stones – chrysolites – began to be found in the volcanoes of the Khangai Highlands. Crystals are often mentioned in Christian culture. In the Bible, chrysolite appears as a constituent element of the foundation of the Heavenly Jerusalem. Chrysolite is called a talisman of unlucky people. It helps its owner get out of this sad category: it promotes good mutual understanding with others, reduces conflict, increases self-esteem and self-confidence, and relieves depression. The mineral is used to influence the energy channel of the solar plexus. Lithotherapy confirms the effectiveness of treating insomnia; nervous disorders; diseases of the cardiovascular system; ophthalmological disorders. Since ancient times, the stone has been successfully used in occult sciences to protect and create a powerful amulet against various injuries and mutilations. The talisman restored peace of mind and tranquility, giving its owner the wisdom to forgive insults and quarrels. Chrysolite, according to experts in the field of magic, is able to influence the special abilities and life of a person: to open the gift of clairvoyance; protect against unreasonable actions; protect during sleep; preserve the family hearth; has a positive effect on men’s health.
Chrysolite will be especially useful for Leos, Pisces, and Virgos. Labradorite is a semi-precious stone that many people know as “labradorite”. It is not only amazingly beautiful, but also has special magical properties. Labradorite is considered a powerful amulet designed to repel negative energy and strengthen the aura of its owner. In addition, the stone is a symbol of prophecy and intuition. It is believed to help develop clairvoyance, improve intuitive abilities and unlock hidden potentials. Labradorite belongs to the planetary association, which determines its connection with the planet Moon, which symbolizes femininity, intuitive gift, and emotional stability. The stone, connecting with lunar energy, becomes a powerful tool that helps achieve inner harmony, balance emotions and strengthen intuition.

Properties of labradorite

Labradorite is called a magic stone. It is known for its properties of enhancing magical abilities and learning the secrets of esotericism. The mineral helps to reveal the creative potential of its owner, extrasensory skills, and awaken hidden talents. The talisman seems to guide you to new achievements, giving you confidence in your abilities. As one of the moon stones, labradorite gives the owner the ability to speak and creates protection in matters that involve risk. The amulet will benefit creative people – it will give inspiration and help them achieve success. If you wear it for a long time, you can attract sponsors and philanthropists. The owner of the stone becomes famous and recognized in society. The mineral is easily tamed. He gets used to the owner, protects him from dangers. The Labrador will remain calm in the house, but it is important that he is always visible. The talisman absorbs negative energy, transforming it into positive. The stone does not tolerate evil people. Labradorite will bring misfortune to anyone who wants to use it for unseemly deeds and dirty thoughts. The talisman can be worn as decoration. Pendants with Labradorite are very popular because the stone interacts with the solar plexus. However, the connection can simply be destroyed if you transfer the amulet into the wrong hands.

A bit of history

In legends and myths about Labradorite, the connection between the stone and the Hyperboreans can be traced. In the oldest records there are references to the rainbow mineral, which was processed and presented as a gift. It had to be earned, but the talisman always helped the chosen one in all matters. It is impossible to say whether this is true or fiction. It’s probably just a beautiful fairy tale. But officially people first became acquainted with labradorite relatively recently – in 1770. Its deposit was discovered on the Labrador Peninsula in Canada, which is where the name came from.

Varieties of labradorite

  • Solar. A special type of labradorite of yellow-orange shades, partially transparent, without an iridescent effect. At the moment, only one deposit of the mineral is known – in America, Oregon;
  • Black lunar. Labradorite has nothing in common with the moonstone (adularia). This is the name of the mineral of blue shades;
  • Spectrolite. A mineral that shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow, while being quite bright and distinct. There is also only one known deposit – near the city of Ylämaa in Finland.

Overall, labradorite is a surprisingly diverse mineral. It has a rather complex composition, combining more than ten chemical elements. Its colors vary over a very wide range – from bright and multi-colored spectrolites, combining the entire rainbow spectrum, to rather dull ones, consisting of two shades.

The magical properties of Labradorite

This stone has been known since ancient times for its strong energy. First of all, when talking about labradorite, the magical properties include the ability of “providence” – it is able to warn of upcoming events, warn against mistakes, and lead to profitable deals. Some owners of the amulet note that after acquiring it they began to see prophetic dreams. The magical properties of labradorite also include the following:

  • The stone brings particular benefits to creative individuals: it helps to fully realize their potential, awaken new talents, and simplifies the path to recognition;
  • It has a beneficial effect on the psycho-emotional state: it helps to get out of depression, maintains harmony in the family, and reduces tension in the team. Labradorite is called a stone for women – it helps them find love;
  • The amulet protects the home from robbers and evil spirits. By placing a small stone near the front door, you will protect your home from any dangerous intruders.

The healing properties of Labradorite

While some people don’t believe in the magical powers of minerals, their healing powers have been tested by time. Labradorite is a stone that has the following properties:

  • helps with migraines;
  • slightly lowers body temperature and relieves fever;
  • beneficial for arthritis;
  • used in the treatment of eye diseases;
  • improves metabolism;
  • indicated for insomnia and nervous conditions;
  • can be used in the prevention of cancer and diseases of the lungs and throat;
  • useful for infertility, deterioration of potency and some other pathologies of the genitourinary system.

Who is suitable according to their zodiac sign?

Scorpios, Cancers, Pisces can rely more than others on the favor of Labradorite; the stone obeys the signs of the zodiac of the water element more readily, transforming the situation around them, adapting to the desires and emotions of the owners.

How to care for stone and products made from it?

Labradorite is quite unpretentious and does not require any special care requirements. In order for the mineral to remain shiny, it must be wiped, using a clean soft cloth for polishing.

If the product needs to be washed, you should use only clean water without any cleaning agents – the composition may contain acids and alkalis that are harmful to the stone. Products made from labradorite are usually stored in a fabric bag that protects them from dust and scratches. If you use it as decoration, it should be in a dry place.

Since the stone has a close connection with the Moon, in order for the properties of labradorite to be better revealed, it should often be laid out in the moonlight. This will help him recharge with positive energy.

How to choose and wear labradorite?

As with any mineral with powerful energy, when choosing a Labradorite magic stone, you need to listen to your intuition. Having looked at the assortment of our store, you will definitely find “your” talisman.

In general, labradorite is one of the few minerals suitable for both men and women of any age (but not quite young). It will be of particular benefit to the elderly, because the stone has excellent healing properties. The versatility of the gem is also evident in the fact that it will suit any style of clothing. It can be worn in combination with jeans, evening dresses, and boho-style outfits.

The mineral can be used in jewelry and as decoration. In any case, with Labradorite, a stone whose meaning lies in gentle energy, you will feel inner strength and harmony.

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