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Which stone is considered the most magical?

Recently, the magic of stones has become increasingly popular. The abundance of information on this topic is of constant interest to people who want to see for themselves that the mystical properties of stones really exist.

A bit of history

Since ancient times, stone has been invariably present in human life. Even primitive people made tools, weapons, and household items from natural stones. Then they began to be used as a building material for the construction of houses and other structures. Since ancient times, precious stones and jewelry made from them have been considered one of the best. Jewelry processing methods gradually became more complex. Modern tools and technologies make it possible to make a real work of art from a precious stone. When it was discovered that various minerals have magical properties, they began to be widely used to perform ritual ceremonies. Magic stones are still used to this day to make amulets that help protect the home and the person himself from the aggressive influence of the environment and people with evil intentions.

More about lithotherapy

Lithotherapy is a branch of alternative medicine that uses the healing and magical properties of stones. The earliest mentions of this were found in surviving papyri of Ancient Egypt. The healing properties of stones and minerals were widely used in the countries of the Ancient East – India, Japan, China. The main direction of lithotherapy prescribes the use of the magical properties of minerals to activate the chakras – the energy centers of the human body. There is a certain system that determines which mineral should be used in a particular case. Among magicians and healers, such treatment of patients has always been popular. Special massage is also used to treat certain ailments. During this procedure, magical minerals are used to influence and stimulate a specific organ. During the procedure, blood flow to the affected area of ​​the body is ensured. Lithotherapy is used not only to treat diseases, but also to improve a person’s psychological state. Belief in the magic of minerals helps you get rid of depression, bad mood and bad thoughts, as well as recover from severe stress. Of course, conservative medicine does not recognize lithotherapy as a full-fledged method of treatment. However, there are many people who believe in the magic of minerals.

Stones in feng shui technique

Magic stones are widely used in Feng Shui. She recommends placing some minerals at certain points in your living space. This allows you to nullify the flow of negative information entering the living space from the outside. Another direction of feng shui technique recommends drinking water charged with certain stones. They impart their healing properties to water, which improve the health of the human body in the process of drinking and cooking. Washing and a general bath with the addition of charged water improves the condition of the skin, helps to heal small external wounds, abrasions, and scratches.

Stones in folklore

Belief in the magic of stones has led to their widespread use in folklore. In fairy tales and legends, magicians and wizards always have magic stones, with the help of which they perform their miracles. Numerous signs and beliefs associated with minerals exist among all peoples of the globe. Therefore, all kinds of amulets, talismans and amulets made from stones have been widely popular among different segments of the population since ancient times. Many such products are passed down from generation to generation, protecting the family. In folklore, there are many options for exactly what shape magic stones should be. A talisman with a through hole found on the banks of a river or sea is considered especially successful.

How to make a stone magical?

There is a special technique for imparting magical properties to a stone. After completing all the prescribed manipulations, a person will receive a talisman that will protect him and bring good luck. To make friends with a stone, you need to squeeze it in your palm and warm it with the warmth of your body. The positive emotions and pleasant sensations that a person experiences at this moment indicate that the procedure was successful. Next you need to thoroughly clean the stone. For this we use:

  • salt;
  • water;
  • land;
  • light – solar or lunar.

The choice depends on the element to which the selected mineral belongs.

The cleaned stone must be customized for the future owner. First, it is charged with positive energy. To do this, place it on the palm of your hand and gently squeeze it, tuning it to your own biofield.

As a result, a person receives a talisman that will take on all the negative energy directed at the owner. To do this, you must always keep the stone with you – wear it as a decoration, put it in your pocket, etc. To prevent it from losing its magical properties, its energy must be periodically cleansed, removing accumulated negativity.

How to find your stone

All the positive properties of natural stones are most clearly manifested in relation to a person born under a certain zodiac sign. Each of them, as is known, belongs to 1 of the 4 main elements – Water, Air, Earth or Fire. The primary elements of water include such signs as Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. These are people with well-developed intuition, a high level of intelligence and vivid imagination.

Stones, the hue of which can change, will help representatives of the primary element of Water realize their ideas. Their color range includes many options – from white to intense purple.

The primary element of Air is the signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Dreamers and romantics are often born under these signs. They are almost not interested in everyday problems. People of the primary element of Air spend a lot of time improving their personal qualities and self-improvement.

A good help for such a person is an amulet or talisman made of translucent or matte stones. The color can be soft pink, pale blue, gray and blue.

The primal elements of the Earth are Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus. Under these signs, people are generally born who are calm, practical, and self-confident. They strive to bring all their undertakings to their logical conclusion.

A talisman made of matte stone will help such people increase their success in life. It can be green, yellow, brown or brown, black or white.

The primary element of Fire includes such signs as Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. People born under these signs are distinguished by a strong and decisive character. In some cases they can be quick-tempered and even quite aggressive. Crystals from golden to bright red, especially transparent ones, become talismans for them. It is precisely such stones, according to magicians and psychics, that concentrate the power of Fire.


Gemstones are natural minerals that are quite rare. They are distinguished by high strength and unusual beauty. As a rule, these are shiny stones of an interesting shade and shape. The aesthetic appearance and magical properties of minerals are noticeably improved after their jewelry processing. Jewelry made from them retains its beautiful appearance for a long time.

The magical and protective properties of precious stones increase noticeably over the years. Especially if jewelry, amulets and talismans made from them are inherited by blood relatives.

The chemical structure of an inorganic gemstone remains unchanged. Organic ones include agate, pearl or amber. They require additional processing, proper handling, storage under certain conditions, otherwise a change in their chemical composition can lead to deterioration in appearance or even destruction of the structure of the stone.

Properties of some stones

The stone should evoke only positive emotions – this is a prerequisite. We should also not forget that the maximum benefit to the owner comes from a mineral that corresponds to the sign of the Zodiac according to the horoscope, or at least to the element to which the sign belongs. When choosing a stone, you need to take into account gender, age, date of birth and personal preferences:

  1. Diamond. It was widely used to treat patients in Ancient India. Among modern magicians and lithotherapists, it is still considered the most powerful of the precious stones. For a diamond to show all its protective and healing properties, it must be natural and of good quality. In this case, the diamond must be personal property. A foreign mineral can be hazardous to health. Diamonds help with diseases of the cardiovascular system and improve brain functioning. When preparing to become a mother, women have long tried to acquire a diamond to facilitate childbirth. However, if you have hypertension, diamond can be dangerous.
  2. Turquoise. This mineral can easily be destroyed, so it must be protected from high temperatures, acids and all kinds of aggressive influences. Careful treatment will help preserve the original beauty and healing properties of this stone for a long time.
  3. Sapphire will be useful for colds, central nervous system dysfunction, hypertension and heart disorders. Water infused with sapphire is good for washing the eyes for various diseases. Wearing a ring or pendant with a deep blue sapphire will help you find peace of mind and get out of a stressful situation. With its help you can overcome various fears and/or phobias and cope with laziness.
  4. A good quality ruby ​​will help cure cardiovascular and joint diseases, blood diseases and neuropsychic disorders. With its help, you can significantly improve memory and blood supply to the brain. The stone can be used as an antidote. Constantly wearing ruby ​​jewelry will help overcome insomnia and depression.
  5. Emeralds have been used in folk medicine since ancient times. With their help, you can treat heart and inflammatory diseases, burns, psoriasis, and diabetes. Owners of jewelry made from them gain life wisdom, determination and the ability to earn money.
  6. Larvikite. The mineral was first discovered in Norway in the Larvikfjord. It is an igneous rock belonging to the feldspar family. It occurs from dark gray to dark blue. Black specimens are also known. They may have shimmers of steel or blue. According to the Zodiac, larvikite belongs to the water element. This is the stone of people born under the sign of Aquarius. It is their larvikite that especially carefully protects them from the effects of negative energy, stimulates brain activity, the desire to achieve a goal, and spiritual strength. A talisman made from it will help you in your studies and career advancement. Larvikitis is of great importance for patients who have suffered a stroke. It stimulates the body’s regenerative forces, improves brain functioning, and normalizes blood and intracranial pressure.

When planning to purchase a new piece of jewelry, you should study its magical properties in detail so as not to make a mistake when choosing a stone. By clarifying the meaning of the mineral and its properties, you can get not just a beautiful piece of jewelry, but also an effective talisman or amulet that will give strength in difficult times and protect against many dangers.

Taurus talismans are semi-precious and precious stones, which are selected according to the recommendations of astrologers and are suitable for women and men according to their date of birth. They have magical properties that have a beneficial effect on the energy of the Taurus sign, support in difficult situations and bring well-being and prosperity to the owner.

This article contains astrological recommendations; it will be useful not only for Taurus who want to choose a talisman for themselves, but also for those who want to give an unforgettable gift to Taurus and present a protective amulet to a loved one.

Characteristics of the sign

The sign of Taurus includes people whose birth dates fall between April 21 and May 20. Taurus is a wonderful zodiac sign that combines many positive qualities; of course, there are internal contradictions, like other signs. It is under the patronage of Venus, mistress of the arts and everything beautiful. Venus is responsible for emotions, feelings, creativity, and the material manifestation of people’s activities. Therefore, Taurus are connoisseurs of beauty, hedonists, they love comfort and convenience. A well-equipped life and home comfort are important to them. They have a love for expensive, high-quality and luxurious things.

Sometimes they experience periods of melancholy and depression, which can be eased by the correct selection of talismans. These are lovers of painting, jewelry, and theater. Taurus people love to be in public, dress beautifully, and know how to present themselves elegantly. They constantly strive to increase wealth and increase well-being.

What stones are suitable for Taurus

According to the horoscope, the following are considered favorable precious and semi-precious stones – talismans for Taurus:

  • Sapphire
  • Moonstone
  • Jewelry varieties of quartz
  • Diamond (diamond)
  • Garnet
  • Emerald
  • Tourmaline


Sapphire is the main talisman and amulet of Taurus according to the horoscope. It helps you overcome life’s difficulties, find a point of support within yourself, decide on goals and objectives for the future and achieve them. He seems to clear your path from troubles. The stone as a talisman gives confidence in one’s strengths, abilities, talents, determination to defend a point of view, adhere to ideals and build a value system. This stone is suitable for both men and women born Taurus. Sapphire relieves fears and unreasonable fears, makes life calmer and more harmonious. You become more complete and collected when wearing sapphire jewelry. The attitude of those around you will gradually change, you will be taken more seriously and trustingly. Sapphire cleanses, it heals a person’s state of mind, brings peace and humility.


Moonstone for Taurus is a favorable talisman, with which Taurus has good energetic compatibility. A whole family of lunar stones is known, from barely translucent belomorites to almost transparent orthoclases and plagioclases, known for their unique optical effect – adulariscension. This effect got its name due to the most valuable pure variety of moonstone – adularia. Adularia are unusually beautiful stones, attracting with their mystery and bright blue iridescence. They are usually processed in the form of cabochons, and very rarely cut. It is believed that adulars awaken the gift of foresight in Taurus and help them become more insightful and sensitive. These are stones of the Moon; they enhance empathy and sensuality of their owners, and awaken hidden abilities. Taurus women wearing moonstone, according to astrologers, look much more beautiful in the eyes of men nearby. This gem loves white metal, so choose a frame made of silver, white gold or platinum.

Jewelry varieties of quartz

Quartz for Taurus is one of the most important amulets. The mineral quartz combines several varieties of jewelry, differing in colors and properties, but all of them are suitable for Taurus according to the horoscope. These include amethyst, citrine, rutile quartz, prasiolite, ametrine, smoky quartz, rose quartz, the latter, by the way, is especially suitable for Taurus women and girls.

Purple amethyst is the most valuable variety of quartz from a light lilac-pink hue to a deep purple, almost black. Amethysts are considered a wonderful talisman for Taurus; they enhance creative and analytical abilities, help to find peace of mind, improve sleep and reduce anxiety.

Citrine is a quartz with an exotic yellow color scheme. It includes stones from very light yellow with a greenish tint to orange and even reddish-yellow. The name “citrine” originates in French and comes from the word “citron” – citrus. The most valuable color is Madeira, a golden, wine-yellow hue. Citrine is considered by astrologers to be a powerful talisman for Taurus; they believe that citrine cleanses a person’s energy, strengthens the aura, is beneficial for the nervous system, and promotes spiritual harmony and tranquility. On the other hand, Taurus people who wear citrine jewelry feel a surge of energy. The stone seems to recharge a person with a positive attitude and gives strength to do great things.

Hairy quartz is the conventional name for quartz with inclusions of minerals in the form of threads or needles, similar to hair. Depending on the color of the inclusions, it can be called “hair of Venus” (if the rutile quartz is golden) or Cupid’s arrows (if the quartz contains black inclusions of tourmaline-schorl).

Rutile quartz is a transparent type of mineral in which thin needles – rutile crystals – have frozen. Rutile needles can be arranged chaotically, or they can have a regular order. They can be gold, in which case such a stone will be valued higher than other hair stones.

Astrologers believe that rutile quartz and tourmaline quartz influence the intimate life of Taurus. These varieties awaken libido, strengthen and multiply human energy. Also, hairy quartz promotes creative realization, including through the sublimation of increased sexual energy. You will be filled with the desire to create and create something new and unusual, even if you are not an artist or composer in life.

If you want to keep your body and spirit youthful, choose jewelry with rutile quartz for daily wear. Of course, it will not work if you are a slave to bad habits, adhere to an unhealthy lifestyle and do not follow a sleep and rest schedule.

Jewelry garnets

Garnets for Taurus are also included in the list of stones with a positive influence. Garnet is not just one stone, it is a whole family of completely different gems with independent magical properties. What interests us more is that, according to authoritative astrologers, all garnets are suitable for Taurus according to the horoscope. So, the most famous varieties are:

  • almandines,
  • pyropes,
  • rhodolites,
  • orange spessartines,
  • green tsavorites,
  • demantoids,
  • topazolites,
  • hessonites,
  • grenades with color change,
  • Malaya pomegranate,
  • Mali pomegranate.

All these stones differ in chemical composition and color. Red garnets are more common than others; they can be seen in large quantities in jewelry stores as small inserts in mass-produced jewelry. Large, clean and bright stones are much less common, and almost all of them are individual. Red garnets bring Taurus love and happiness in their personal lives. These stones are especially suitable for romantically minded girls who want to find happiness in marriage. For men, red garnets give confidence and make them more courageous and charismatic.

Green demantoid garnets are a rare type of andradite garnet, one of the most beautiful gemstones, it is considered a protective amulet, protecting the owner from accidents, on long journeys and protects against the evil eye and envy.

Demantoids bring joy and wealth to the house where their owner lives, it increases the well-being of the family and normalizes the mental state. Peace and harmony are the companions of the demantoid.

If you or your loved one – Taurus – are irritable, unreasonably angry, hot-tempered for no reason and aggressive, you need hessonite garnet, which, according to most esotericists, calms and puts its owner in a constructive mood. This stone has a reputation for calming emotions; it will help smooth out the internal roughness of your character and become a more balanced person.


Tourmaline is a wonderful gemstone that has strong energy, it suits all signs, including Taurus. Tourmalines make their owners calm and complacent, they instill positive moods and create a sense of security. Depending on the color and type of mineral, the magical properties may vary. Thus, pink and red rubellite brings inspiration, gives rise to new ideas, and is recommended to be worn by creative Taurus, artists, sculptors, and designers. Green verdelite has the properties of preserving youth and a sharp mind, it protects against nervous strain and has a positive effect on health. Indigolites promote spiritual harmony, peace, and serenity.

Blue Paraiba tourmalines are considered a talisman for businessmen, business men and women, and public people. This stone protects against unfavorable situations and attracts the attention of the right people, helps to establish connections and increase well-being.

Taurus birthstones by date of birth and decade

Astrologers are of the opinion that certain stones are more suitable for a person born during certain periods of a sign—a decade—this is due to the influence of the luminaries that patronize the sign on these dates. The sign of Taurus is divided by date into the following decades:

  • 1st decade: from April 21 to May 1
  • 2nd decade: from May 2 to 11
  • 3rd decade: from May 12 to 20

Taurus born from April 21 to May 1 are under the influence of the planet Mercury, sometimes they become despondent, are overly emotional and sensitive, lose their life guidelines, they need support and reassurances that everything will be fine. To restore optimism, joy and get rid of melancholy, Taurus is recommended to wear jewelry with garnet. You can choose the variety of garnet that you like best, this stone will give you confidence in the future and protect you from adversity.

Taurus, whose birth dates fall in the second decade, that is, from May 2 to May 11, are under the protection of the Moon. These are dreamy individuals who value home comfort and stability and are very reluctant to leave their comfort zone. But their strong point is their creative inclinations. To express their individuality, astrologers recommend Taurus of the second decade to wear a rainbow noble opal as a talisman.

The third decade is ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn endows its wards with anxiety; life seems difficult and gloomy to them. Therefore, men and women born between May 12 and May 20 need the support of energetically powerful gemstones such as tourmalines, diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. Also pay attention to aquamarines, topaz and opal.

What stones should Taurus wear?

To answer the question of what stone Taurus should wear to attract good luck and happiness, you need to determine what astrologers consider a talisman. It is believed that each mineral has its own energy, internal strength that can influence well-being, health, and circumstances. For each zodiac sign, stones are consonant, which are combined with a specific planet or star that patronizes the signs in a certain period of time.

A prerequisite for a talisman is naturalness, that is, the natural origin of the specimen. For some stones, unrefinement is important, that is, they should not be subjected to any influences other than cutting and polishing.

Please note that the market sells a large number of fakes and imitations, which unscrupulous sellers pass off as natural gemstones. It can be glass, plastic, synthesized (laboratory grown) stones. Therefore, be sure to contact competent sellers with a proven reputation.

Stones for men – Taurus

What stones are suitable for a Taurus man by date of birth? Astrologers believe that quite a few stones are suitable for the stronger half among the representatives of the sign. A talisman stone for a Taurus man should enhance the qualities and aspects of life that are traditionally delegated to men, making them stronger in their careers, in business, in family, and in achievements.

Aquamarines will help Taurus men find true friends and reliable business partners, and establish relationships with people. Aquamarine for Taurus is also a stone for strengthening family ties.

Astrologers consider the precious sapphire to be the most effective male talisman for Taurus. It will strengthen masculinity, it is a stone of benefactors, integrity, loyalty and spiritual purity. Sapphire also inspires sympathy and trust in you among others, relatives and colleagues.

Amethyst will fill every day with optimism if you wear it in a ring regularly. Amethyst is considered a very beneficial male talisman according to the horoscope. If you have an amethyst with you, you can remain sober and negotiate with a cool head, defending your interests in business and career.

Men can also wear diamonds, demantoid and tsavorite garnets, red almandine garnet, and topaz. The stone can accompany its owner as if without a frame, but then it must be taken out as often as possible and held in the hand to establish contact with the amulet, or set into jewelry, for example, a ring, a pendant, and it is desirable that the stone in it touches the skin.

Stones for Taurus women

A talisman stone for a Taurus woman should carry feminine energy, make girls more attractive, protect against damage and strengthen relationships with loved ones.

Opal will be a good talisman for a Taurus woman. Opal emphasizes the girl’s individuality, her uniqueness, it gives self-confidence and irresistibility. Astrologers advise choosing a rainbow specimen with many flashes of different colors. Such a stone will ward off the evil eye and help you become more resilient.

Red garnet is a traditional gem, considered a symbol of mutual true love and a happy marriage.

Green garnets – demantoid, tsavorite – help increase wealth and well-being in life. The beautiful green color is attractive for good luck and success. Astrologers consider these stones to be strong magical talismans for Taurus women according to the horoscope.

The diamond is perfect for women – Taurus by date of birth. Diamond is the most valuable and hardest gemstone, it bestows success in life, good luck, luck will accompany you, thanks to it the most incredible meetings and coincidences can happen. This stone has strong energy, its properties are such that it attracts cash flow in your direction. A diamond, especially a large and clean one, is a powerful amulet against the evil eye; it removes all negative energies directed in your direction. Therefore, even a small piece of diamond jewelry is worth wearing if you are going to speak in public, give a presentation to a large audience, including if you will be broadcast on television, or if you are a video blogger. This is especially true for women, because the female aura is more delicate and susceptible to envy and criticism.

For women and girls born under the sign of Taurus, emerald is considered a beneficial and active gemstone – an amulet. Despite the fact that it often has cracks and defects, which is generally undesirable for talismans, emerald has a positive effect on all aspects of life. That is why many famous women and business women choose rings with emeralds as decoration. Emeralds help rid Taurus of negativity and negative personality traits. Thus, many sorrows and troubles will pass you by. In addition, this stone, having a very pleasant green color, restores the nervous system; for this you need to admire your amulet as often as possible and enjoy the joy of owning it.

Contraindicated stones

In addition to the recommended stones for the sign, astrologers identify a number of unfavorable varieties, which in some cases can be dangerous for Taurus. They are considered contraindications for regular wear by both women and men.

Amber is considered an absolutely forbidden stone for Taurus. If you have jewelry with amber, it is better to get rid of it. The best way is to give this jewelry with the best wishes to a loved one, for whom amber will serve as an amulet.

Also try to reduce contact with stones such as pink topaz and ruby. Ruby has excessive energy, according to esotericists, and is capable of harming Taurus, especially women. It makes its owners aggressive, awakens primitive instincts, selfishness and possessiveness.

However, as astrologers write, for some atypical Taurus, wearing jewelry with a ruby ​​can bring prosperity. Therefore, ruby ​​is a controversial stone for Taurus, the only way to understand whether this gemstone is right for you is to rely on your intuition and trust your inner voice.

What should a real stone be like – a talisman for Taurus?

The talisman stone for Taurus must first of all be of natural origin, otherwise it will not “work” as an energy assistant. Synthetic analogues, imitations and fakes are present in huge quantities on the jewelry and stone markets, in stores and on the Internet. Therefore, we advise you to purchase precious and semi-precious stones only from trusted sellers with a good reputation who specialize in selling natural stones. If the stone is expensive, it must be accompanied by a certificate or expert opinion from a laboratory whose authority and experience is beyond doubt.

The second is the absence of cracks, inclusions, and chips. Stones with high purity have the most pronounced magical properties, according to astrologers. Look at the stone with a magnifying glass before purchasing to see if there are any serious defects that are not noticeable at first glance.

Also one of the wishes for a talisman that is set, or is planned to be set, in a piece of jewelry. It is important that the stone “communicates” with you; contact with the skin is necessary so that it transfers energy to its owner.

Our catalog of precious and semi-precious stones presents high-quality natural specimens that have been carefully checked by specialist gemologists; many stones have already received expert opinions. If you haven’t found the piece you want, write to us, we specialize in individual selection and cutting of stones.

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