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Which stone is good for women s health?

Jewelry made from natural stones For many centuries they have been pleasing to the eye and attracting attention. These are not just accessories that complement the style of the costumes, but real talismans that nature gave, and people cut and ennobled them. Shamans used natural minerals for healing. Scientists have conducted a lot of research, thanks to which they were able to understand how this or that stone affects the human body. Minerals have a beneficial effect on people’s health, can improve mood, protect against the evil eye, and even cure complex diseases. The effect of natural minerals is so great that they even developed a separate science, calling it “Lithotherapy”. Lithotherapists study the effect of stones on the human body and use them for medicinal purposes. The range of uses is wide, and the healing itself has no contraindications and can be used in tandem with other techniques.

Lithotherapy – the science of stone treatment

If in ancient times stone powder was used for treatment, today other methods are used. Grinding and cutting are carried out, talismans are made, jewelry with stones is created. As a result of wearing such products, people receive moral satisfaction and are fueled by the energy of nature. To get the maximum effect, you should wear jewelry made from natural stones in contact with the skin, then energy protection and healing properties increase. You can decorate yourself with beads, bracelets, and wear pendants for several hours a day. This treatment is unobtrusive and even pleasant.
If it is not a cut mineral, store it in a beautiful bag or box, take it out every evening and hold it in your hands for a couple of minutes. Treatment with stones does not require taking medications; you should choose the right mineral that will work for your benefit. It is very important to restore contact with the stone so that synchronization occurs, the woman and the mineral understand and love each other. Taking a stone in your hands, you will feel whether there is contact, whether grace comes, anxiety goes away, these feelings cannot be confused with anything. When there is no synchronization, it means this mineral is not yours, look for another one. You can find out what diseases stones treat in the article

The influence of minerals on the health of expectant and present mothers.

Every woman is a real or future mother. She raises and raises children, which is why it is so important to take care of women’s health. Life disruptions do not allow all women to experience the joy of motherhood, so some representatives of the fairer sex opt for artificial insemination. Such problems can also be solved with the help of lithotherapy, you just need to find your mineral and follow the advice of the lithotherapist. The harmonious interaction of natural stones with a woman’s body allows her to experience the taste of motherhood, and the mineral will also protect pregnant and nursing mothers from unkind glances and the evil eye. There is a group of minerals that have a beneficial effect on the female body before, during and after pregnancy. They maintain the integrity of the aura, feed energy, and some treat infertility. The main rule is to wear talismans and jewelry with natural stones, believing in their fruitful work. We will look at these stones in more detail below.

The legend of healing women’s stones

Zeus’s wife, the goddess Hera, who is considered the patroness of motherhood and family ties, scattered gems all over the globe in her care for women and their destinies. A woman who found such a mineral received a blessing for motherhood. These stones also became a talisman, protecting the pregnant woman from various troubles. The mineral accompanied easy childbirth, the presence of milk during breastfeeding, and made babies strong and healthy. Therefore, expectant mothers should be given jewelry with natural stones. It is best if the mineral is given by a husband, mother, sister or grandmother, a woman you can trust. The most significant period in a woman’s life is Pregnancy The period of pregnancy and the moment of childbirth are the most important for every woman. Pregnancy changes not only hormonal levels, but also affects the nervous system, physical condition and emotional well-being. Childbirth, as well as the health of the unborn baby and the mother herself, partly depend on the condition during pregnancy. This is where natural stones donated by nature come to the rescue.

Garnet is a female talisman stone

During pregnancy it is recommended to wear jewelry with pomegranate : earrings, pendants, bracelets, pendants, rings. Pomegranate actively supports a woman’s emotional state and preserves her health. It is recommended to be worn throughout pregnancy, especially in the second half. Choose minerals in a palette from red to light greenish (tsavorite garnet).
Garnet improves mood, relieves depression, promotes easy childbirth. If you carry jewelry with pomegranate during pregnancy, do not give it up after the birth of your baby. They strengthen the aura, create favorable vibrations, reliably protect the new mother and her baby from the evil eye, the mineral becomes a true amulet in the future.
Jewelry with pomegranate can be worn by all women who want to cleanse and restore the body. A garnet in a silver frame, worn around the neck, has a beneficial effect on the lungs, and in tandem with earrings it relieves migraines. The mineral has a positive effect on the circulatory system, strengthens the immune system, and simply beautifies a woman. The magical properties of pomegranate, who is suitable according to their Zodiac Sign, are described in detail in the article

Cacholong – stone of motherhood

Caholong – This is a milky opal with white and yellowish inclusions. In Asian countries, the mineral symbolizes chastity, purity, and is considered the stone of a woman-mother. In Ancient Egypt, cacholong was an attribute of the Apis bull, which carried the power of the clan. If a mother passes the mineral on to her daughter, it automatically becomes an amulet that will accompany an easy birth and speed up the woman’s recovery after the birth of her baby.
The mineral is revered by the Hindus, it is called “frozen milk of sacred cows”, and in some countries of the East it is called “frozen women’s milk” and I recommend presenting it to young girls before she gets married. Protection from stress and the evil eye, worries and emotional breakdowns – these are the properties of cacholong. To improve lactation and improve health, purchase jewelry from cacholong.
The mineral is suitable for those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Bracelets and pendants are ideal as gifts for girls. Lithotherapists also recommend wearing rings with cacholong on the middle finger. The mineral will strengthen and bring the family closer, attract the hearts of men and women to each other, and also protect against adversity, protect against angry statements and nervousness.

Carnelian – a female talisman stone

A woman’s chakra opens under the influence of carnelian, it is able to restore “woman’s” strength and health. Jewelry with carnelian will fill hearts with love. The mineral sparkles with beauty, and its energy potential is enormous. By wearing it, you can smooth out rough edges and restore relationships between relatives and loved ones. In addition, carnelian forces you to act, get out of your comfort zone and work on yourself. It protects pregnant women and in every possible way promotes gestation and subsequent easy childbirth.
It is also a powerful hemostatic agent and should be given to people with poor blood clotting. A silver ring with carnelian will breathe joy and lift the spirits of its wearer. Beads with carnelian work intensively, in contact with the body, they strengthen the aura, protect against damage and the evil eye. People with deteriorating vision are advised to look at the mineral for 3-4 minutes a day. Lithotherapists advise buying bracelets, beads or necklaces with carnelian for those who suffer from anemia, insomnia, and rheumatism. Jewelry with carnelian help fight depression, especially postpartum, restore the psycho-emotional background, remove despondency and powerlessness. It is advisable to wear carnelian jewelry so that the stone has direct contact with the skin, so the positive vibrations will be more active and effective.

Pearl – a stone of lunar energy

This is a feminine stone, and its energy echoes that of the Moon. Jewelry with pearls beckons and fascinates; every girl dreams of adding such jewelry to her jewelry box. But, in addition to beauty, pearls have powerful healing properties. It has a positive effect on blood circulation, eliminates bleeding, and is able to destroy bacteria and germs. By wearing jewelry with pearls, you will be protected from various types of inflammation and infectious diseases.
Pearl is a fertility stone, and its donation symbolizes continuation of the family. There are often situations when a woman who is not pregnant, having received such a gift, after a while becomes a mother. The precious mineral works best when given by a woman to a woman. Lithotherapists recommend giving pearls to your daughters and daughters-in-law. Tarnishing of the stone will indicate health problems; in this case, it is recommended to undergo a medical examination.

Moonstone – a talisman for the expectant mother

Moonstone is also included in the spectrum of minerals that should be worn during pregnancy. It also helps to become a mother, as it is sacred and is designed to give joy, good luck and luck. The extraordinary depth of the mineral beckons like an abyss; you can drown in it if you look long enough. Give rings, bracelets, earrings with this stone to women who are trying to get pregnant. And it will also become a powerful amulet after the birth of the baby.
Jewelry with moonstone Recommended for women with irregular periods. It also minimizes pain during menstruation. With all the positive characteristics, there are also caveats. The mineral is very strongly associated with the Moon, and should not be worn on a regular basis. But periodic wearing 1-2 times a week will be an ideal option; if this is a ring, then it is better to wear it with a cabochon-cut stone.

Amber – a stone for infertility

An amber talisman is a sure way to protect the expectant mother from attacks of toxicosis. This is a solar mineral with deep meaning; no two stones are alike, so each piece of amber is unique. Ukrainian, Polish and Baltic amber is highly valued; it is a sponge that absorbs negativity and removes it from the human body. Both the removal of toxins and the removal of negative energy that accumulates in the female body occurs. Amber is also valued as a stone against infertility, giving new life. Amber stone It is recommended to carry it with you as an amulet in a velvet bag, protecting it from prying eyes.
Jewelry with amber, in which the mineral comes into contact with the body, stops the proliferation of free radicals and the division of “evil” cells. Therefore, it is relevant for cysts, fibroids, and mastopathy. It is recommended to use amulets with amber to get rid of wen; it also alleviates goiter conditions. The succinic acid secreted by the stone can eliminate infertility and promote lactation. It is best to buy an amber necklace and wear it as often as possible.

Turquoise stone of female happiness

Turquoise brings harmony, and its wearer receives true feminine happiness. First of all, this is a loved one nearby, a long-awaited pregnancy, the birth of a healthy baby. If a man wants to make his significant other happy, he should definitely give her jewelry with turquoise. The mineral of blue saturated shades is considered the most active.
With turquoise there is no threat of miscarriage or premature birth. The mineral works with double power if it suits the girl’s horoscope. Rings, pendants and bracelets with turquoise have a beneficial effect on the heart, lungs, and thyroid gland. Lithotherapists recommend looking at turquoise if your eyes hurt, are watery, or your visual acuity has begun to decrease.

Jasper is a protective stone for women

Jewelry made from natural jasper will become a powerful protective amulet; their strength depends on the color saturation of the mineral. A wonderful combination of green and silver, especially such jewelry has a beneficial effect on pregnant women and facilitates the birth process. Red jasper is strong in gynecology, in stopping bleeding.
Jewelry should also be worn after the birth of the baby, then the mother and her child will be under protection. This is a completely feminine stone that promotes conception and proper development of the fetus. When wearing jasper, do not combine it with jade, otherwise it will lose its strength and energy potential and will become a simple decoration.

Agate – a stone of women’s health

Jewelry with natural agate promotes conception, is strong in gynecology, increases libido, and normalizes hormonal levels. If there is a lack of lactation, you should wear milky agate. The mineral helps cleanse the body and remove toxins. It will also prevent toxicosis, prevent sore throat, and help get rid of cough.
Make amulets with agate if you have asthma, frequent bronchitis, tonsillitis. The blue mineral has a positive effect on the functioning of the heart muscle, and all shades of green have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract and pancreas. Agates in jewelry with silver have a particularly beneficial effect.

Rauchtopaz will help in conceiving a child

If you are planning a pregnancy, but it doesn’t come, then buy decoration with rauchtopaz or myself rauchtopaz crystal , which must be placed in the bedroom – and a miracle will certainly happen. Rauchtopaz, like a magnet, attracts all favorable circumstances that help to conceive a baby. The mineral is also called smoky quartz. It actively affects both women and men, strengthening their reproductive system. The stone also harmonizes relationships, suppresses nervousness and fuss, and forces you to recover psychologically and morally.
People with hyperactivity, as well as those who are easily excitable, simply must buy jewelry with smoky quartz and wear it as often as possible. Calming and suppressing aggression, at the same time the mineral increases vitality, gives strength and vitality. But phlegmatic people and very calm people are better off giving preference to another mineral.

Lapis lazuli – healing stone

Truly a magical stone, its blue beckons and attracts. It protects the woman throughout her pregnancy, prepares her for an easy birth, and subsequently reliably protects her from the negative influence of others. Women should wear lapis lazuli jewelry on their fingers or wrists, such as a ring or bracelet.
A positive effect of lapis lazuli on other systems and organs of the human body has been noticed. Headaches and even migraines and depression go away, back pain stops, and physical condition improves. Kidney stones, problems with the spine, joint pain, all this is actively influenced and helped to cure by lapis lazuli. Advice from lithotherapists regarding proper behavior with stones:
• Store the natural mineral in a box or a special linen bag.
• Take it from the box with two fingers, never place it in the middle of your palm.
• Cleanse the stone of negativity by holding it under running water.
• Do not let jewelry with a stone “stale”; wear it at least once a month.
• Store incompatible stones separately, or at least not allow them to touch each other in the jewelry box.
Each stone is individual, some get used to the owner immediately, others take time. Carnelian must “live” for 2-3 months, only after this period it will begin to work. Opal cannot be worn on a regular basis; it should be allowed to rest. Transparent stones are suitable for spring and summer, and rich stones are suitable for autumn and winter. Astrologers have identified the new moon period; from March 15 to 20, they do not recommend wearing jewelry with stones.
When choosing a stone as a talisman, you should pay attention to your feelings and emotions. Hold the mineral in your hand, look at it, if contact is made, then it is yours, if not, look for another one. This also applies to jewelry with rock crystal, amber, jasper, pearls, carnelian, ruby, and turquoise. A miracle must happen, you choose a stone, and the stone chooses you. Otherwise, the purchased talisman will remain a simple decoration. The extraordinary healing and magical properties of gems have been noticed by people for a very long time. That is why jewelry made from natural stones has always been something. оmore than simple accessories – they concealed natural powers that could improve well-being, cure a particular disease, and protect from envious people and evil spirits. And modern science only confirms these observations. In particular, lithotherapists (specialists who study the properties of minerals and metals) study the effect of precious stones on the human body at the cellular level. To do this, they measure the magnetic and electronic vibrations emitted by the crystals. In many ways, these rhythms coincide with normal biological indicators characteristic of humans – which means that, by entering into resonance with them, pieces of rock can correct disturbances in the functioning of any organs. There are many ways to use gems. In ancient times, precious stones were crushed into powder to be mixed with herbs, infusions and other medicinal drugs. But now they are treated more carefully. Jewelry created from shining crystals has been proven to have equally powerful therapeutic effects. And perhaps they have an even stronger effect – after all, admiring your image, set off by wonderful accessories, you experience positive emotions that can significantly improve your physical condition! This effect is especially pronounced in women, because the fair half of humanity has more developed intuition, sensitivity and empathy. Precious stones will help balance energy flows, improve health, and get rid of various ailments. And most of all, your body needs this support during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. Modern ecology, difficulties and stress at work, hormonal changes occurring in the body – all this can affect mother and baby. And gems will help protect you from negative consequences – they will be real amulets for both the woman and the child. So, which talisman stones should a pregnant woman choose? Read and find out!

  • Agate – protector of pregnant women
  • Amazing qualities of pomegranate
  • Heavenly tranquility of lapis lazuli
  • Gift of the Moon – Selenite
  • Carnelian is a sign of love and tenderness
  • Amber – the beneficial power of the Sun
  • How to strengthen the bond between mother and child?

Agate – protector of pregnant women

This gem is considered one of the most powerful “female” stones. Its presence alone prevents the occurrence of diseases of the genitourinary system, which is why agates are recommended to be worn by those women who dream of becoming mothers. The precious stone helps cleanse the body of waste and toxins, which alleviates or completely eliminates morning sickness during pregnancy. Lithotherapists also advise using crystals to treat sore throat, cough, sore throat, bronchitis and asthma. They will relieve toothache and normalize the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

Agate is a gem with a very rich color palette. At the same time, the properties of stones of different colors differ significantly. Thus, white gemstones improve lactation by increasing milk production. But be careful – you should wear them only during feeding; if you are going to wean your baby, it is better to avoid such jewelry. Blue crystals relieve hypertension and tachycardia, and green crystals relieve pancreatic diseases. And black pebbles will help relieve stress and protect against attacks of fear.

Amazing qualities of pomegranate

This mineral of a rich, bright scarlet hue has long been associated with vital energy, strength, and performance. In addition, it was believed that it interacts with the blood, purifying it and normalizing circulation. Therefore, if your feet and fingertips are constantly cold, this gem will help solve these problems.

It has no less beneficial effect on the body of pregnant women, especially in the last months of pregnancy. For this, both garnets of the usual red tone and rarer stones – green or bluish-gray – are suitable. Once upon a time, women in labor specifically wore special jewelry with these gems – it was believed that they softened the pain of labor pains. Precious stones can also affect your mental state – they will give you a feeling of vivacity, cheerfulness, optimism, help prepare for childbirth, get rid of anxious thoughts, fears, anger and obsessive experiences. The vibrations of the crystals will create a kind of protective canopy that protects you from negative emotions and loss of strength.

Much also depends on the frame into which the healing stones are inserted. Thus, garnets in silver are suitable for those who suffer from various diseases associated with the respiratory system – laryngitis, asthma, bronchitis or pleurisy. And gems framed in gold will allow you to cope with sore throats, tonsillitis and pharyngitis without drug intervention. In addition, they can relieve headaches.

So, accessories with pomegranates should be worn if you want to strengthen the body and protect it from negative influences from the outside. They will help cleanse and remove toxins, faster tissue regeneration, strengthen the immune system and nervous system.

Heavenly tranquility of lapis lazuli

When planning treatment with stones, do not forget about such a mineral as lapis lazuli. According to Ayurveda, this gem strengthens both physical and mental (mental) condition. It helps get rid of headaches, migraines, and diseases of the nervous system. Thanks to The crystal is a source of positive energy, it improves overall tone, increases endurance and resistance to stress, gives peace of mind and harmony.

Jewelry made from lapis lazuli, especially bracelets, protect against premature birth, reduce back spasms, help cope with fluctuations in mood and well-being, and in the early stages of pregnancy alleviate toxicosis. The beneficial effects of the mineral also normalize the irregular monthly cycle.

This gemstone is no less useful for other diseases. Thus, washing with water in which the gem is briefly dipped improves vision and prevents the development of myopia. And by applying it to your back, you can cope with prolapsed intervertebral discs, scoliosis, and various defects of the spine and joints. In addition, lapis lazuli heals kidney diseases.

Gift of the Moon – Selenite

This mineral, also known as moonstone, has always been considered the patron saint of women. It promotes pregnancy, helps to bear and give birth to a healthy child, and is also useful for those women who have irregular periods. The magical properties of stones are also important – for example, in India, selenite was revered as an amulet that attracts wealth, luck and fortune. The gem will interact with your body most effectively if you put a ring carved from it on your little finger.

But excessive interest in moonstone can lead to negative consequences. Therefore, such jewelry should be worn no more than once a week.

Carnelian is a sign of love and tenderness

Even ancient Indian healers noted the connection that exists between these stones and the heart chakra – the source of passion, health and harmony. Therefore, this gem is known as a protector of feminine energy and a “stone of action”, which helps to establish relationships with loved ones, avoid conflicts, and gain mutual love, understanding and support. Its vibrations will help prepare the body for fertilization, so women who have problems with reproductive function are advised to wear the gemstone. But you should not remove it after conception – carnelian promotes the normal intrauterine development of the baby, protects him and you from negative emotions and fears.

Scarlet and orange-red gems stop bleeding and speed up wound healing. That is why such carnelian jewelry was often given to pregnant women. So, in the East, healers accelerated difficult labor by putting a piece of mineral into the mother’s mouth. But in the Czech Republic, beads made of natural stones were worn throughout pregnancy – it was believed that they prevent possible miscarriages, and also protect against the evil eye. In addition, such accessories heal thyroid dysfunction – for example, Graves’ disease – and other hormonal imbalances. The combination of carnelian and silver is most effective – in particular, a ring made of these materials, worn on the ring finger, will help you feel joy, calm, harmony and tranquility.

This gemstone has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, allowing you to forget about insomnia, depression, neuroses and obsessive behavior syndromes. Thanks to its connection with the blood, the gem cures anemia, VSD, hypertension and other malfunctions of the cardiovascular system. In addition, the vibrations of crystals strengthen tooth enamel, prevent the development of inflammation, relieve rheumatic pain, promote faster bone healing, and permanently relieve eczema, asthma, fever, ulcers and gastritis.

Carnelian was also used to make good luck talismans. They were supposed to ward off illness, wounds, damage and even sudden death from their owner! Contemplation of such amulets gave peace, happiness and serenity, and also increased visual acuity.

Amber – the beneficial power of the Sun

Amber is a stone that contains an amazing warm light and extremely powerful positive energy. Even its name translates as “protecting from all diseases.” That’s why pregnant women simply need to wear this gem – it, like a sponge, absorbs negative vibrations, in return giving you health and excellent well-being.

Wearing a gem prevents decay and pathological cell division. Due to this, it is often used in the treatment of mastopathy, fibroids, cysts, and wen. Exposure to the precious stone improves the functioning of the thyroid gland, cures goiter, and prevents hormonal imbalances. Women who are pregnant need to wear pieces of petrified resin that have a reddish tint, because they contain the most succinic acid – an important trace element that promotes the normal course of pregnancy and eliminates the threat of miscarriage. This relationship was noticed a long time ago: for example, in Kievan Rus, a pregnant woman or a wet nurse was given a necklace made of sun stone.

However, the healing properties of amber are not limited to this. It evokes pleasant dreams, helps with migraines and insomnia, quickly heals minor scratches and wounds, improves mood and increases the overall tone of the body.

How to strengthen the bond between mother and child?

During pregnancy, a woman focuses entirely on the needs of the fetus, establishing an almost mystical contact with it. Therefore, it is so important to achieve a state of inner harmony, calmness and peace. And precious stones can help with this, emitting beneficial vibrations and normalizing the baby’s intrauterine development. But during the ten lunar months of gestation, the needs of both mother and child change – which means that the gems you wear need to be periodically changed. This way the magic of the stone can be revealed in all its fullness. So, which minerals should you wear and when?

1 month of pregnancy passes under the sign of the Sun. Its stones are coral, quartz, malachite, jade, amber;

2nd month (Moon). Agates, amazonite, cacholong, opals, selenite, pearls have a beneficial effect;

3rd month (Mars). Give preference to amethysts, hematite, garnets;

4th month (Jupiter). For normal formation of the fruit, agates (blue and moss), rock crystal, quartz, and carnelian are useful;

5th month (Venus). Wooden accessories, as well as jewelry made of amethyst, turquoise, and lapis lazuli will cleanse the body of toxins;

6th month (Saturn). Your energy will be strengthened by products made from white jade, cacholong, charoite;

7th month (Uranus). Carry garnets, hawkeye, carnelian, serpentine;

8th month (Neptune). Wear pieces made of onyx, obsidian, tourmalines, fluorite, jasper;

9th month (Pluto). Patrons are considered to be aquamarine, pearls, chrysolite, zircon;

10th month (Mercury). Agate, turquoise, coral, rauchtopaz, and natural amber will speed up and facilitate childbirth.

Of course, only natural gems that have absorbed the energy of the Earth and space have such properties. Wear them often and with joy – and they will become your best protectors!

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