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Which stone is suitable for Libra as a talisman?

From September 24 to October 23, people belonging to the air zodiac sign Libra are born. Venus, the main planet-ruler of the sign, endows its wards with an innate sense of beauty, a love of luxury, and a desire for harmony, justice and perfection. At the same time, these people are characterized by indecision, sometimes excessive sensitivity and capriciousness. A stone that matches your zodiac sign will help Libra strengthen their positive qualities and smooth out negative manifestations of their character, as well as attract love, health and prosperity into their life.

Which stone is suitable for Libra?

Translucent precious and jewelry minerals of blue, green, and white colors are especially suitable for representatives of the air element. One of the main stones for the Libra zodiac sign is agate. The mineral and those born from September 24.09 to October 23.10 have very similar energy. The stone will give you strength to deal with difficulties that arise and will attract good luck. A favorable stone for representatives of this sign is aquamarine. Gives stability and helps to make the right decisions without mental anguish and throwing from side to side. When Libra reaches a state of balance in this way, without using all their reserves for this, the energy they need to be active and achieve success will be released. Opal involves the owner in finding a way out of situations that seem dead-end at first glance, and suggests constructive ways to solve problems. Gives optimism and confidence, instills hope in melancholic people, brings harmony. Despite the dual nature of opal, it was believed that if worn by a decent and noble person, this stone as a talisman would ensure success in business. Rock crystal will enhance the positive qualities of Libra, contribute to the expansion of social connections, and make the owner more attractive in the eyes of members of a significant group of people. This variety of quartz also promotes creativity. Lapis lazuli will become a talisman in your personal life and business, protect you from competitors, and relieve you from financial difficulties. The tourmaline stone is suitable for Libra, who is changeable in their views, as it returns them from heaven to earth, and also gives them optimism and brings success. The mineral is especially useful for doctors and teachers, among whom there are many representatives of the sign. Sapphire is a stone of balance for representatives of the sign, which is what they lack so much. Promotes the development of emotional resilience, protects against the treachery of others. Another first-order gemstone that suits Libra is emerald. This green variety of beryl strengthens the spirit and adds courage, contributes to the achievement of goals and recognition by others of the talents of those born under this sign. By the way, the planetary ruler Venus is also associated with green color. Amethyst is the Libra stone of peace of mind, prudence and tranquility. The tiger’s eye protects its owner from the unreasonable pangs of jealousy and thoughtless spending of money, and helps to notice details.

By date of birth

There are three decades, in each of which a person is influenced by one or another planet, which means that people’s characters will be different, as well as the stones of influence. · From September 24 to October 2. Planetary ruler – Venus. Those born during this period are dreamy and sociable; they are soft and gentle in nature. The birthstones for Libra women and men based on dates of birth falling in the first decade are turquoise, lapis lazuli, jasper, quartz, rock crystal, light amethyst, moonstone, and malachite. · From October 3 to October 13. The patron of this decade is Saturn. Libras of this period are reasonable and modest. Suitable stones would be emerald, sapphire, amethyst, tourmaline, zircon, topaz, and peridot. · From 14 to 23 October. The influence is exerted by the planet Jupiter. Representatives of the sign born during these periods are endowed with creative abilities. Their minerals are chrysolite, zircon, aquamarine, turquoise, topaz, emerald, sapphire, tourmaline.

By year of birth

For Libra, like other zodiac signs, it makes sense to choose a talisman stone based on the year of birth. So, people born in the year of the Rat are advised to wear amethyst. Those born in the year of the Ox should pay attention to emerald. Amethyst will protect Libra-Tigers from impulsive decisions. According to the eastern horoscope, rabbits will benefit from topaz, which organizes career advancement. Astrologers advise those representatives of the sign who were born in the year of the Dragon to take a closer look at amber. And jewelry with opal is suitable for Snakes. For those born in the year of the Horse, emerald and turquoise will create conditions for personal growth. In the astrological combination of Libra and Goat, sapphire, emerald and green garnet (demantoid, uvarovite) will be useful. People of the Year of the Monkey are advised to wear aquamarine, it will help finish what they start. For Libras born in the year of the Rooster, topaz will become a reliable assistant. Those born in the year of the Dog are recommended to use amber to lift their spirits. And for those whose birthday fell in the Year of the Pig, lapis lazuli will make the process of self-discovery easier.

Stones for women and men of the Libra sign

For Libra women, the talisman stone of youth and attractiveness is emerald. Lapis lazuli will help modest people achieve harmony in relationships with people around them. For peace of mind, representatives of this sign should take advantage of the energy of the moonstone (adularia). Blue sapphire will help Libra change their anger to mercy. According to the horoscope, Libra women can take advantage of the malachite stone to awaken creativity or increase creative potential. Turquoise will help representatives of the sign become more confident and bring harmony and stability to life. Tourmaline will help you make the right choice, give you confidence in your own abilities, and help you achieve harmony with yourself. If we talk about which stone according to the horoscope is suitable for Libra men, then they should pay attention to leucosapphire or yellow sapphire. This mineral helps to activate mental potential. Aquamarine will help representatives of the sign increase their authority, believe in themselves, negotiate successfully, and will be suitable for those involved in business. The money talisman for Libra men is a zircon stone. The mineral will also bring success in business. Peridot has similar power; the stone will attract material wealth and financial stability. Will help in new endeavors.

Helping stones for areas of life

Astrologers name certain resource stones for representatives of the sign. Rose quartz, emerald, chrysoprase, and malachite contribute to success in amorous affairs for Libra. Emerald is generally considered a faithful assistant in love affairs for representatives of the Air element. Those who are in a couple will be protected from temptations on the side, adventures and dubious acquaintances. Malachite and rock crystal will provide support in creative endeavors. Peridot and zircon will be your assistants in money matters and business matters.

The healing properties of amulets stones

Lithotherapists believe that each stone has certain healing properties that can be skillfully used to alleviate a particular ailment. But the power of minerals is not the basis for the treatment of any diseases and is not an alternative to medications. Among the Libra amulets, tourmaline has a positive effect on the endocrine system. It is believed that emerald can relieve insomnia and migraines. Lapis lazuli has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes in the body, increases physical strength and preserves youth. Sapphire will help with internal conflict.

Stones that Libra should not wear

The list of contraindications for representatives of the sign includes the following minerals: However, this does not mean that you should completely abandon jewelry with these stones. If one or another mineral from this list attracts you, you feel positive energy from it, do not deny yourself the pleasure of wearing it. When choosing a talisman, not only the collective image of Libra matters, but also personal character traits.

Talisman stones of star representatives of the sign

Italian actress Monica Bellucci, who celebrates her birthday on September 30, absolutely knows how to highlight her beauty. The Libra film star chooses elegant outfits for her appearances, which she complements with jewelry with emeralds and amethysts. Gwyneth Paltrow, born on September 27, shines in jewelry with malachite and tourmaline. The queen of burlesque Dita von Teese, who celebrates her holiday on September 28, prefers precious stones of the first order – sapphires and emeralds.

How to choose and wear a talisman stone for Libra

The sign, as mentioned above, is favored by the planet Venus. Her metal is silver, so silver jewelry with the listed talisman stones would be a good choice for Libra. If they are made in the form of the actual symbol of Libra, such as this sapphire pendant, birds, books or wheels, this will further enhance the positive influence. No matter how strong the energy a mineral has, it will not begin to manifest its properties immediately – the stone must “get used” to its owner. But at the same time, you should not be zealous and wear the talisman constantly, you need to give it a rest: put your favorite jewelry in the box for a while. Remember that only natural stones have power; artificially obtained samples do not have any effect on the owner and can simply serve as jewelry. According to esotericists, you should not wear jewelry with a stone that has cracks and chips, since energy will leak through these defects. In addition, it is important that the inserts in one product do not conflict with each other. If you do not know how minerals combine with each other, it is better to choose jewelry with one type of stone. Choose gold or silver jewelry with a suitable
for the zodiac sign Libra
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bracelets, brooches and other jewelry, any of which can bring
representatives of the sign have success in one area or another. It is also possible to manufacture at
order with a talisman mineral. https://miuz.ru/guide/stones/zodiak/vesy/ Libra stone: which stones are suitable for LibraWhich stone is suitable for LibraStones for women and men of the sign LibraStones-assistants in areas of lifeThe healing properties of amulets stonesStones that should not be worn by LibraTalisman stones of star representatives of the sign Like Libra. Extraordinary personalities born in mid-autumn should take the choice of a talisman seriously. Precious stones for Libra can enhance strong-willed qualities and strength of character, which this sign lacks. The amulet will hide shortcomings from others and enhance the best traits of Libra, which manifest themselves as cordiality and a friendly disposition. Libras are very developed people intellectually, but at the same time they are insanely naive, timid and indecisive; an argument with Libra may turn out to be pointless – after all, such a person will always choose the right words and arguments to challenge his opponent. Very strong, effective talisman stones that can bring bright colors to life and protect from troubles and bad events are: diamond (diamond), topaz, amethyst, emerald, sapphire, peridot, tourmaline, quartz, coral, amber, ruby. Diamond (diamond)

Diamond is a symbol of transparency and moral purity of Libra. This is one of the main stones of this sign. He will be able to give the owner the necessary strength of spirit, which will allow him to make independent decisions. Diamond is a talisman capable of reflecting negative energy directed towards its owner. This mineral will push representatives of the Libra sign in the right direction and stimulate their activities. This symbol of moral purity is suitable for Libra altruists and philanthropists who do not care too much about material well-being – an amulet with a diamond (cut diamond) will do this for them. With him it is easier to gain strength of character in order to rise to your heights when making responsible decisions. If a diamond is inherited, it carries the energy of several owners, which can bring disharmony to weak Libra. It needs to be washed under running water and charged from the sun. Earrings и ring in combined gold and diamonds Topaz

Topaz for Libra is a charge of optimism. In order to maintain this attitude, you need to purchase jewelry with topaz and wear it. Topaz also helps to defeat insomnia, expel the feeling of pettiness from your soul, and develop intuition. Topaz will give you the opportunity to find yourself. Mobilization of internal reserves, a second wind and unlimited possibilities gives its owner this amazing stone. Earrings и ring red gold with topaz Amethyst

Amethyst, set in silver, especially in a rich purple hue, will be able to strengthen the will of the fairer sex of the Libra sign; this stone also has the property of driving away bad thoughts. Amethyst can bring happiness to its owner. Amethysts will bring harmony and balance in situations where Libra does not know how to behave. This mineral will replace indecision with sanity and prudence, calm, fill the heart with peace and confidence in the future. Earrings и ring made of silver with amethysts Emerald

An emerald shimmering with green tints is perfect for Libra. A talisman in the form of a ring with an emerald gemstone is the embodiment of elegance, purity of soul, health and longevity. In order to protect herself from various oddities of fate, in order not to get into trouble in difficult situations, and in order to finally recharge herself with positive energy, a girl is recommended to wear jewelry inlaid with emerald. If a Libra woman wears an emerald, she will remain young and attractive for many years. This magnificent talisman has the ability to delay aging and also allows you to remain calm in various situations. It is also the stone that promotes procreation, so if a girl dreams of getting pregnant, then she needs to wear an emerald amulet. Earrings и ring in combined gold with emeralds and diamonds Sapphire

Sapphire will contribute to the resilience of Libra. With such a talisman they become more decisive. With sapphire, representatives of this sign will be able to resist all physical and mental ailments. Sapphire will extinguish negative emotions such as hatred and anger. A talisman made from this stone will protect both enemies and friends from treachery. Harmonious dark blue sapphire is the best stone for Libra. One can only write, write and write about the beauty of sapphire, because this gem helps its owner find spiritual comfort, find himself in full openwork, become more reverent, affectionate, smart and beautiful, both outside and inside. For example, an amulet in the form of a ring decorated with sapphire will play a fatal role in a woman’s fate, and this role will be good. Pin made of combined gold and sapphire • Stud earrings red gold with sapphires Chrysolite

Chrysolite will be an excellent talisman for Libra, which can relieve nervous tension, protect its owner from bad dreams and insomnia and the negative influence of people. This mineral will give peace of mind and balance. Earrings и ring red gold with chrysolites Tourmaline

Libras have good intuition, easily get along with people, are fair and changeable. The latter quality can ruin Libra’s plans, annoying and frustrating them. However, Libras, in spite of everything, are selfish and carefully monitor their health. Jewelry with tourmaline will significantly relieve headaches, improve hormonal balance, and increase metabolism in cells.
Good physical condition promises a good mood, which means achieving goals is easy. A confident and calm person is always at his disposal, which means it will not be difficult for Libra to start new strong relationships, which are sometimes so difficult for them to find. Earrings и ring red gold with tourmalines Quartz

Quartz for Libra is an irreplaceable talisman that will become a devoted assistant and will serve its owner when he needs its strength.
The stone helps during periods of creative and mental crisis; it makes it easier to overcome depression and apathy. Reveals clairvoyance abilities, improves memory and intuition, and activates mental activity. Gives you self-confidence and helps you quickly make the right decisions. Protects family relationships, protecting against infidelity, jealousy and misunderstandings between spouses. Earrings и ring made of silver with quartz Coral

Coral will help preserve youth and take care of the skin, reveal the secret of true femininity, and reward you with charm. This is one of the best amulets for representatives of the fairer sex of the Libra sign. Talismans with coral will give the owner the ability to think quickly, rationally, and form his own point of view. Coral will protect you from evil people, damage, envy and the evil eye. This gem is ideal for those who are looking for a rational way out of a deadlock situation, as well as for those who want to get rid of bad, uninvited thoughts. Earrings и ring made of gilded silver with corals, enamel and cubic zirconia Amber

Milky (whitish) amber, worn in a ring on the index finger, is recommended by astrologers for Libra, and lithotherapists recommend wearing amber beads or necklaces for thyroid disease. Any amount of relic resin in jewelry will be useful for representatives of this sign. A large amulet will attract fans and ensure the right choice of the chosen one, and will give fidelity in family relationships. Earrings with amber will strengthen friendships with useful and influential people. Earrings и ring made of blackened silver with gilding and amber Ruby

The gem gives the owner dynamics, helps strengthen vitality and develops determination. But not all representatives of this sign are able to accept the energy of the mineral. Only balanced and unafraid people, capable of taking responsibility for their actions and confident in their desires, can afford to wear ruby ​​jewelry, which enhances their dynamics. Earrings и ring made of red gold with rubies and diamonds • Bangle in combined gold with rubies and diamonds General tips for choosing a stone

Angelic children of Air – Libra, combine in their character a whole set of contradictions; they are usually highly intellectually developed, well versed in philosophy and have a passion for acquiring new knowledge. Open, easy-going, vulnerable and at the same time sensual to tears, Libra should choose a stone in accordance with: • With your own taste and aesthetic preferences. By nature, every person’s soul has a flair for beauty; he has the right to choose the gem to which he is most drawn. • With the professional orientation of the person. In some cases, Libra can be called scrupulous, sometimes even boring, picky people, but in any case, the best stone for Libra should be selected in accordance with their professional activities. For example, if you are an artist, then tourmaline is ideal for you; if you are a writer, then your life will lose its bright colors without amethyst. Emerald suits everyone without exception – no matter what position a person holds. It is important to consider not only which stones are suitable for Libra, but also to pay attention to the shape and symbolism that this or that amulet has. You can wear jewelry without stones, if it is an image of hieroglyphs, some kind of oriental symbol, or an image of scales in a pendant. This is a guarantee for Libras from the business sphere to build the right relationships in business and gain useful business connections. Cupids, Cupid’s arrows or a small heart-shaped amulet with any stone will help indecisive representatives of the Libra sign become desirable in the eyes of their chosen one. According to the horoscope, the sign of Libra itself suggests that it is advisable to wear paired jewelry, for example, earrings or rings with inserts on both hands. Beads made from natural gems should also be of an even number. Pendants and pendants can contain 1 large gem, then it is complemented with rings or bracelets that have the same Libra stone. And we remind you that we are running a promotion for birthday people “Talisman Stone as a Gift”. More details can be found here. Log in to leave a review.

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