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Which stone is the healthiest?

Crystals for health and longevity

  • Amethyst, relieving pain and giving restful sleep
  • Rose Quartz for Cardiovascular Health
  • Moonstone – a mineral for women’s health
  • Citrine, which balances mood swings and supports the functioning of internal organs
  • Aventurine accelerates recovery
  • Carnelian for vigor and motivation
  • Black tourmaline, protecting against electromagnetic radiation
  • Selenite for youth
  • Smoky quartz that fights stress
  • Pyrite, which eliminates toxins
  • Pomegranate to reboot the body
  • Tiger’s eye improves metabolism
  • Lapis lazuli for healing during sleep
  • Clear quartz that enhances energy and opens blocked chakras
  • Hematite for blood circulation and suppression of aggressive behavior


Amethyst will help you get rid of bad habits

Amethyst helps fight bad habits

Amethyst is considered a universal stone because it relieves all types of pain, especially migraines. This mineral promotes healthy sleep and gives strength to those who are trying to get rid of bad habits. It should be worn as close to the body as possible so that it calms and relieves tension. Frequent meditation will be useful to combat addictions.


Rose quartz will keep your heart healthy

Rose quartz promotes heart health

Rose quartz is filled to the brim with the energy of love, so it is ready to take care of you from head to toe. But it best affects the heart and blood vessels, keeping blood circulation under control. This stone stabilizes your mood, allowing you to achieve harmony with yourself and your environment. It is best to wear rose quartz jewelry so that the mineral is in contact with the body. For this purpose, use bracelets and pendants.


Moonstone is good for the female body

Moonstone works most effectively with the female body

This stone is filled with feminine energy, which is why it is most often used for painful PMS and hormonal problems. This mineral works with the reproductive system, solving infertility issues. Moonstone helps get rid of fears and worries, as well as sudden feelings of anxiety. You can meditate with cabochons of the mineral or apply them to sore spots.


Citrine fills with energy

Citrine can be used for depression and chronic fatigue

Citrine is always ready to share its energy. It gets rid of bad surroundings and toxins in the body, improves mood during depression and chronic fatigue, and regulates the functioning of internal organs. Use this mineral when you feel that your strength is running out and your reserve of optimism is melting away at incredible speed. It can balance your physical and mental strengths so that you regain your inner harmony.


Aventurine maintains balance in the body

Aventurine will calm a restless heart

Aventurine is able to support the entire organ system, with an emphasis on the heart and circulation. It gives peace of mind and normalizes the heartbeat. This stone is associated with the heart chakra, so it will always help restore its functioning. Wear the mineral during illness or during the recovery period after surgery.


Carnelian energizes

The vibrations of carnelian will awaken the sleeping mind

Carnelian knows how to raise energy levels and motivates for small victories. He is always ready to bring more activity into your life – either in the form of physical exercise or in the form of mental work. This red stone will help with fertility or circulation problems. Turn to the mineral when you feel like you have gone astray.


Black tourmaline protects health

Black tourmaline strengthens the immune system

Black tourmaline helps relieve anxious thoughts and negative emotions, while protecting you from the effects of electromagnetic fields and toxins that attack the body. This stone is a means of strengthening the immune system and improving blood circulation. It reduces pain and supports the functioning of the respiratory system. Black tourmaline should be kept close to the body so that it comes into contact with the skin. Only in this case will it create a barrier between you and negative energy.


Selenite strengthens the skeletal system

Selenite frees cells from free radicals

Selenite is a highly spiritual stone, but it does not forget to help the body stay fresh and flexible. The stone works to strengthen bones, maintain overall body tone and free cells from free radicals. The latter affects the maintenance of youth and slowing down age-related processes. Turn to this mineral whenever you feel heaviness in your body and fog in your mind. Selenite is sure to improve your well-being and keep your skin, hair and heart glowing.


Smoky quartz protects against fading

Smoky quartz banishes bad thoughts

Like all members of the quartz family, this smoky stone is a powerful energy amplifier. It cleanses the body and frees you from bad thoughts. This mineral reduces stress levels, protects against professional burnout and exposure to electromagnetic fields. The best way to improve your health is to meditate with smoky quartz. You can also place the crystal next to your laptop on your desk.


Pyrite fills with vitality

Pyrite will help you overcome any obstacles

This crystal has a huge energy shield and charges your cells with light and energy. Pyrite fills its owner with vitality, which helps to overcome all difficulties. It also protects against pollutants and electromagnetic fields. Always take the mineral with you to important negotiations, or when you feel physical or emotional distress, but cannot determine its cause.


Pomegranate will reboot all body systems

Pomegranate relieves physical stress

Pomegranate is truly a powerful reset tool, it boosts your self-confidence and fills you with powerful energy. The stone can be used as a means of prevention to protect the body from external influences and the development of chronic diseases. Wear garnet jewelry or pick up a crystal whenever you feel physically weak or mentally stressed.


Tiger’s eye speeds up metabolism

Tiger’s Eye Increases Motivation

Let Tiger’s Eye awaken your senses and enrich you with vitality. This is a stone of sacral chakra energy and high vibrations. It can speed up your metabolism, increase motivation, and improve your relationship with your partner. A mineral bracelet will pull you out of the clutches of fatigue, and earrings will relieve you of headaches.


Lapis lazuli lowers blood pressure

Lapis lazuli will give you a restful and healthy sleep

Lapis lazuli is a mystical stone, but always ready to help when it comes to physical health. It cleanses the body, eliminates negative vibrations and lowers blood pressure. The mineral is associated with longevity and restful sleep. It is useful for headaches and insomnia.


Clear quartz cleanses the body

Quartz will enhance the work of any of the stones

Clear quartz enhances energy and activates the chakras, cleanses the organs and improves memory, which is important for mental acuity. This mineral is also used to cleanse other stones of accumulated negativity. It is recommended to take it in your hands or place it in front of you during meditation.


Hematite will give you courage

Hematite will protect the body’s circulatory system

This stone was previously used as an amulet by many warriors. Hematite not only gave strength and courage to the wearer, but also supported blood circulation and ensured that wounds would not become fatal. The mineral eliminates aggression and impatience, which can affect blood pressure. Use it when you want to protect yourself from negative energies and when dealing with any blood related problems. Always keep a stone nearby if you tend to lose your temper quickly, get angry, or experience any emotions that drain you.


How to Use Crystals for Healing

Crystals for healing work in different forms – as treated and uncut stones, jewelry. To improve your health, you can:

  • use stones during meditation and other spiritual practices;
  • place them on the chakras;
  • arrange minerals on your home altar;
  • wear jewelry with healing minerals;
  • To protect against negativity, install crystals in different rooms of the house.

If you want physical healing, then it is best to keep the stones on your body. Crystals, when touched on your skin, become more in sync with your vibrations. Wear jewelry with health minerals – and they will balance your chakras and protect you from diseases.

You can also use these crystals in meditation. By placing the stone on the chakra it is associated with, you will remove any blockages. This will restore the flow of energy and remove negative influences.

Each natural stone is unique – you cannot find two identical crystals or gems in the world; they always differ in shade, pattern, and structural features. The beauty of these minerals is mesmerizing. People have been studying their properties for centuries to discover the secrets of their effects on health, mood, and energy field. For the De Agostini “Healing Stones” collection, gems and crystals were selected that have the strongest positive energy. Using the power of these stones, their owners will bring peace and harmony into their lives. So far this collection is sold only in Italy, but perhaps in the near future it will appear in Russia. Although De Agostini has already released several collections of stones and minerals for our readers, one of the latest is “The Energy of Gems.”

What’s in the collection

The “Health Stones” collection from De Agostini features natural minerals and crystals. They are made in the form of pendants with a small loop made of durable alloy, which are convenient to wear every day on a silver chain. These stones were mined in different regions of the planet and polished by the hands of real craftsmen. This polishing enhances the energy and properties of minerals. All stones have a certificate of authenticity. Each mineral comes with an illustrated magazine describing its properties.

The wooden box has three compartments – an upper stationary “showcase” and two drawers. In small “nests” you can keep each pendant separately without touching other jewelry. This protects the surface from chips and scratches. You can leave a sticker with the name of the crystal near each pendant to make it easier to navigate.

How to use the power of stones

Each crystal or gem has potential that can manifest itself in one of the spheres. To use the full power of the stones, you need to:

  1. Wear different pendants every day, choosing the stone that best suits your mood and circumstances.
  2. Remember that stones have energy potential in four areas – Health, Prosperity (including financial), Love and Protection.
  3. Most minerals that have great potential for being associated with prosperity have a golden hue (such as tiger’s eye).
  4. Minerals that provide protection are usually dark in color (purple, deep brown and black). These crystals and gems help to avoid failure, give a feeling of self-confidence and security, and provide protection in any area, including professional and personal relationships.
  5. Red and pink gems are responsible for the third sphere – Love. They are worn to attract the attention of a lover, to overcome the pain of parting. These gems have one more property – they help develop creative abilities.
  6. Green and blue stones are responsible for the Health sphere. These gems strengthen the body and willpower. White minerals also fall into this category. They have calming properties.

By putting the pendant on a silver chain, the owner of the stone gets the opportunity to use this energy.

What stones are presented in the collection from De Agostini

The collection includes common and rare minerals:

  1. Amethyst – since ancient times it was believed that this stone gives a person insight, helps develop cognitive abilities, protects against injury, and protects the wearer from evil thoughts. And in the Middle Ages they believed that it could become a shield against infection, as the ancient treatise “The Garden of Health” writes about this.
  2. In European tradition, emerald is considered a stone that gives the owner developed intuition and the ability to predict the future. In the old days they believed that emerald was the enemy of witchcraft and spells, because it helped to expose any evil intentions.
  3. A coil with a green surface and white veins has a positive effect on health. And in the old days in Italy they believed that it protected against snake bites.
  4. Moonstone brings happiness to its owner. In India, it was revered as sacred, so it was put up for sale on a yellow cloth. It also brings good luck in love.
  5. Lapis lazuli has always been valued by jewelers – this blue stone with small golden specks has a beneficial effect on health. Doctors of ancient times considered it a remedy for melancholy, and today holistic therapists know that it prevents depression.
  6. Tiger’s eye is a stone with an unusual color due to the presence of iron hydroxides in its composition.
  7. Chalcedony is a translucent mineral on which precious cameos were carved in ancient times. There are more than a hundred varieties of this stone in the world. Ancient Chinese and ancient Greek authors wrote about its medicinal properties, and Russian healers also believed in them.

The collection also includes other minerals – orange calcite, African turquoise, hematite, pyrite (it is also called “fool’s gold” due to its resemblance to the precious metal), amazonite, garnet. The series also includes amber, although this is not a stone, but an organic compound – hardened resin. Even if the owner does not believe in the healing properties of stones, he can wear them for decoration. Gems and crystals can be combined with any clothing, and their energy works regardless of what the owner thinks about it.

What does the magazine talk about?

From this magazine you can find out:

  • information about the geological origin of the stones;
  • physical, chemical properties of the stone (composition, degree of hardness), energy characteristics – influence on the chakras associated with gems;
  • interpretations of their medicinal properties throughout history;
  • practical advice on the everyday use of the properties of gems and crystals;
  • interesting facts about the most famous minerals.

All materials in the publication were written with the participation of scientists and holistic therapists who study the philosophical concept of balance of body and spirit.

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