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Which stone matches your date of birth?

People born in April – May on the dates from 21.04 to 21.05 belong to the zodiac sign Taurus and the element of Earth. The ruling planets are Venus and the Moon. These people are characterized by such traits as perseverance, practicality, leisurelyness, constancy and patience. At the same time, the sign is sometimes prone to self-doubt, laziness and melancholy. Properly selected minerals help representatives of this sign develop their best features and smooth out negative manifestations. From this article you will learn which stones are suitable for Taurus according to the horoscope.

Talisman stones for Taurus

This earthly sign is responsible for a person’s financial situation, so minerals can be used as talismans that attract wealth and wealth. Since the vital energy of those born during this period is already at a fairly high level, astrologers do not advise choosing stones that are too active. The main task is to direct energy in the right direction. Minerals of different shades of green are especially good. Stones suitable for Taurus are mainly emerald, turquoise, agate, chrysoprase, chalcedony, but not only them. Emerald, a precious representative of the beryl group, enhances the wisdom, practicality and calmness inherent in the representatives of this sign. Since ancient times, the mineral has been considered a powerful amulet. Green beryl gives joy to life, gives vigor and replenishes energy. Turquoise is the talisman stone for Taurus, who are persistent in achieving their goals. The stone accompanies success in financial matters, attracting material well-being. Along with the material, turquoise is responsible for the spiritual – it symbolizes the true love that people ruled by Venus so need. Agate will also contribute to the material prosperity of the owner. The stone also helps to develop eloquence and intuition, and adds confidence in one’s abilities. This is Taurus’ main assistant during public speaking, business negotiations and disputes. The energy of chrysoprase will help people born under this zodiac sign overcome inertia and self-doubt, and will give them the determination that is necessary for new beginnings and positive changes. Will help increase income. Chrysoprase is especially useful for those whose slowness prevents them from achieving their goals, including making money. Another Taurus stone is chalcedony. The mineral will help representatives of this sign restrain negative emotions and recover from emotional turmoil.

Mineralogical talismans by date of birth

Astrologers advise choosing precious and jewelry stones for Taurus in accordance with the ten-day period of the zodiac period: · From April 21 to May 1. Taurus in the first decade of the period is ruled by Mercury. Agate and aventurine will bring good luck to those born at this time. Talismans made from these stones will provide support in Taurus endeavors and relieve anxiety and depressive moods. · From May 2 to May 11. The ruler during this period is the Moon, which makes people of the sign romantic, timid and dreamy. Helpers among minerals are onyx, chrysoprase, chalcedony, opal and turquoise. · From May 12 to May 21. The third decade is ruled by Saturn. Diamond, emerald and sapphire will help mitigate the negative influence of the planet, manifested in the tendency of those born during this period towards introversion, pessimism, misanthropy and fatalism. Blue topaz will restore the joy of life, help drive away anxiety and fear, and protect from envy and ill-wishers.

Taurus amulets stones by year of birth

The companion stone for Taurus, according to the eastern horoscope, born in the year of the Rat, is red garnet. Representatives of the earthly element, born in the year of the Ox, should choose emerald or lapis lazuli as a talisman. Diamond and ruby ​​will become magical helpers for people of the year of the Tiger. For the Taurus + Rabbit combination, the best choice is emerald and sapphire. For those born in the year of the Dragon, opal is suitable, and for Snakes – jasper, opal and turquoise. For representatives of this zodiac sign born in the year of the Horse, astrologers recommend wearing jewelry with turquoise, onyx or emerald. Taurus-Goats should take a closer look at emerald, sapphire, carnelian, and jade. People of the Year of the Monkey will make friends with agate, red garnet and aquamarine. Taurus-Roosters are advised to use products with agate and ruby. Jasper, sapphire and carnelian will become amulets for Dogs. Those born in the year of the Pig will be helped in their business by lapis lazuli and coral.

Suitable stones for men and women

For Taurus women, the ideal stone is turquoise. The mineral will attract love into life and protect the owner from frivolity and deception. Blue turquoise is more suitable for young girls, and mature women are advised to wear a green stone as a talisman, symbolizing motherhood, health and family well-being. Cacholong, or pearl opal, is a mother’s stone that makes raising children easier. Attracts money to the house. Opal is another mineral for the Taurus woman – an assistant in love. It is believed that the stone protects against disappointments on the personal front. And businesswomen born from April 21.04 to May 21.05, with the help of the energy of the mineral, will be able to easily find mutual understanding with senior management and clients. Aquamarine acts as a love amulet, making the girl of the sign more sensual. Men of this sign strive for a stable position in society and financial success. They are distinguished by calmness and a pronounced business streak. Men of the Taurus sign are favored by such a stone as black agate. The mineral attracts good luck in business, strengthens the material sphere, and allows you to show versatility without relying solely on your career. For those Taurus who have to communicate a lot with people, emerald is suitable. The stone improves communication skills, makes it easier to establish contacts in business life, enhances creative abilities, and dispels the melancholy that has washed over the representative of this sign. Amazonites will be a real find for not too determined Taurus. The mineral will give them confidence in their own strengths, facilitate decision-making, and attract financial success. Products with amazonite will help young men find a match. Sardonyx will allow you to convince others that your earth sign is right. It will be an ideal talisman for timid men who find it difficult to be the first to start a conversation with the woman they like.

Helping stones for areas of life

Rose quartz helps married Taurus people to strengthen their family relationships. For lonely representatives of the sign, the stone will help in finding a partner, increasing the owner’s inner attractiveness and sociability. Another good helper in family life is turquoise. Opal will help this earth sign to harmonize the sphere of health. In addition, the mineral helps the owner to reveal his creative potential. Creative representatives of the sign will also benefit from coral, which gives subtlety of perception and enhances imagination. Black agate will provide support in financial matters.

Unsuitable stones for Taurus

There are stones that are not suitable for Taurus according to the horoscope. These primarily include minerals of the element of Fire, such as amber, as well as stones such as: Although these stones will not bring much harm to the representative of the earthly element, they can aggravate negative character traits, which will ultimately work against the person. There are not many minerals on the list of contraindications, so Taurus can easily choose a talisman for themselves.

Talismans of star Taurus

It is commonly believed that celebrities exclusively favor first-class gemstones, but this is not the case. For example, the blond and light-eyed actress Cate Blanchett (May 14) really suits the Taurus amulet – turquoise. The star’s collection includes a wonderful massive necklace with this stone. Another fan of turquoise is Megan Fox, born on May 16th. Uma Thurman, another famous Taurus woman, chooses jewelry with emeralds.

How to choose and wear a talisman stone

Any jewelry with matching stones will bring good luck to Taurus, be it a ring, earrings or a neat pendant on a chain. The stronger half can wear minerals in the form of signets, cufflinks, key rings, rosaries and bead bracelets. Astrologers advise representatives of this sign to choose gold as a frame. What you should avoid is purchasing a mineral with defects as a talisman – cracks, scratches, chips, etc. Because they not only spoil the appearance, but also drain energy from the owner instead of giving it away. You should not buy jewelry with stones in pawn shops, since such products store the energy of the previous owner. It is also undesirable to accept personal jewelry as a gift from a person with an unlucky fate. Synthetic stones – cubic zirconia, Swarovski crystals, etc. – will not bring any harm, nor any benefit to the representatives of the sign. Astrologers and esotericists advise not to wear your talisman all the time; from time to time it should be allowed to rest in a dark place. Do not expect that the stone will begin to help immediately – it should “feel” its owner. In this case, the mineral must touch the skin with at least one surface in order to have an effect. If the talisman is made in the form of an owl, dove or bull, this will allow Taurus to get a more powerful effect. Another rule concerns the combination of stones with each other: some minerals conflict with each other when inlaid into one piece of jewelry, and therefore are more likely to harm the owner than to benefit. The correct solution is to immediately put on a product with one type of mineral. If you haven’t found your favorite stone among the listed stones that match your horoscope, but you feel positive energy vibrations when in contact with a particular mineral, feel free to choose it, despite the recommendations. Jewelry with stones suitable for Taurus are presented in the catalog of the Moscow Jewelry Factory. https://miuz.ru/guide/stones/zodiak/taurus/ Stones for Taurus: talismans for men and women of this sign. Talisman stones for Taurus. Unsuitable stones for Taurus. Talismans of star Taurus. How to choose and wear a talisman stone. People born in April – May on the dates from 21.04 to 21.05 belong to the Zo sign. In addition to being a source of aesthetic pleasure, jewelry often acts as amulets. These are invisible assistants in business, and precious stones are talismans that bring happiness and good luck.

How to choose a talisman stone

Talisman minerals are chosen according to several principles. Some stones patronize certain professions, others protect those with social status, there are amulets stones for zodiac signs, and there is even a classification by name. But the most accurate and error-free choice is, of course, by date of birth. To find out which stone is a talisman for a particular person, it is necessary to take into account many factors. A talisman is not just a talisman, it attracts good luck and happiness. Many stones have their own “professions”: some give creative inspiration, others attract good luck in business and commerce, others bring love and family well-being to the owner’s life, protect against negativity and the evil eye. Therefore, the choice of jewelry with gems depends on the purposes that you entrust to the future amulet.

Selecting a stone by name

  • ruby is ideal for people with the names Alla, Pavel, Vasily and Varvara – it patronizes strong, passionate natures, attracts love, harmonizes family relationships;
  • Alisa, Christina, Galina, Nikita, Vsevolod, Oleg, Timofey, Emilia – your carnelian stone – helps creative people, reveals talents, gives success in business, protects from the machinations of ill-wishers;
  • Garnet is recommended for Tamars, Alexanders, Semyons and Antons – the stone gives the owners sincerity, loyalty, resistance to stress, protecting them from hasty decisions;
  • Ekaterina, Nadezhda, Alina, Nina, Sofia, Tatyana – rose quartz protects you, it attracts money and promotes career advancement, protects you from betrayal and the machinations of spiteful critics;
  • Lyubov, Albina, Alexander, Vadim, Alisa, Zoya and Emma can safely wear jewelry with lapis lazuli – it helps keep emotions under control and helps in financial endeavors;
  • The names Valeria, Lydia, Maria, Regina, Varvara correspond to amethyst – it relieves anxiety and emotional distress, gives peace and tranquility, drives away depression;
  • Marina, Diana, Irina, Albina – patron of pearls, gives inspiration and spirit for creativity;
  • Blue topaz will become a faithful friend for Xenia and Alexander; it attracts luck and romance;
  • Nadezhda, Anna, Timur, Olga, Nina, Andrey, Inna, Tamara will become luckier in the company of amber;
  • citrine takes care of Andrey, Georgy, Ilya, Leonid, Nikita, Mikhail, Valery, Daria, Anna – the mineral promotes the development and revelation of hidden talents, imparts wisdom and strength;
  • emerald is a talisman for Julius, Helen, Catherine, Elizabeth – a stone of mediums, relieves evil inclinations;
  • turquoise is addressed to Natalia, Lyubov, Elizaveta, Igor, Artem, Emilia, Larisa – attracts good luck and success, heals and restores mental strength.

To find out which talismans are suitable for a particular person by date of birth and name, you need to take into account his profession, spiritual properties and other nuances – this is the only way to choose the ideal talisman.

We select stones for talismans and amulets according to the zodiac sign

A horoscope is an excellent assistant in choosing a precious companion. Astrology recommends choosing stones according to constellations and decades of birth.

  • pomegranate, bull’s eye, ruby, sardonyx – will calm the hot temper of Aries and help make informed decisions;
  • for those born in the first ten days (period from March 21 to March 31), hematite, jasper and agate are recommended;
  • the second (March 31-April 9) corresponds to amethyst and garnet, instilling restraint and tenderness;
  • The third (April 10-20) decade corresponds to ruby, sapphire and diamond.
  • ruby topaz and jade, moonstone and tourmaline, rose quartz, amethyst and agate;
  • Taurus women should pay attention to jewelry with red garnet;
  • onyx and aquamarine are suitable for men;
  • those born in the first ten days (April 20-30) are suitable for aventurine, agate, carnelian, quartz, and jasper;
  • in the second decade (01-10 May) – jadeite, coral, turquoise, chrysoprase, opal;
  • third (May 11-20) decade – diamonds, topazes, sapphires, tourmalines.

Gemini’s patrons are:

  • citrine, emerald, agate, moonstone, amethyst;
  • Taurus ladies are ideally suited for jewelry with beryl, garnet, rock crystal, chrysoprase, alexandrite and pearls;
  • products with sapphire, malachite, aventurine and obsidian will bring good luck to men;
  • those born in the 21st decade (May 31-XNUMX) are suitable for emerald, opal and agate;
  • in the IInd (June 1-10) – heliodor, yellow topaz, alexandrite, zircon and citrine;
  • The third decade (June 11-20) corresponds to rock crystal and white topaz.

Cancers have many precious patrons:

  • jasper, emerald, amethyst, aquamarine, rock crystal and especially moonstone;
  • Pearls, opal and emerald suit Cancer women;
  • for men – emerald, aquamarine, amethyst, onyx;
  • Cancers of the 21st decade (June 01-July XNUMX) are shown aquamarine, blue sapphire, moonstone, rock crystal;
  • the ambitious and domineering disposition of those born in the second decade (July 02-11) will be smoothed by topaz, amazonite, chrysoprase and peridot;
  • for the third decade (July 12-22), it is better to choose ruby, heliodor and amber.

The stars advise the following talismans for Leo:

  • garnet, carnelian, pyrite, citrine;
  • for women – green peridot, citrine, rose quartz;
  • for men – tiger eye, red garnet and black onyx;
  • for the 23st decade (July 03-August XNUMX): red jasper and jade, rock crystal or carnelian;
  • for the second decade (04-12 August) – cat’s eye and opal, as well as jadeite and citrine, plus amber and onyx;
  • III decade (August 13-22) – topazes and sapphires of any color, garnet and ruby, tourmaline and emerald.

Gems for maidens:

  • carnelian, malachite and amethyst, jade or pink and yellow opal are ideal, as well as rock crystal, striped and colored agate;
  • For women, the stars advise opal, onyx, jasper, garnet, amethyst, pearls and sapphire;
  • sapphire, carnelian, jasper, lapis lazuli, dark agate are favorable to men;
  • for those born in the first decade (August 23-September 01), moonstone, purple amethyst or aventurine, plus rock crystal and jasper are suitable;
  • The second decade (September 02-11) corresponds to emerald, citrine, pearl, tiger eye;
  • III decade (September 12-22) – products with sapphires, garnets, topazes, emeralds.
  • aquamarine, lapis lazuli, turquoise, agate, emerald, amethyst;
  • for women – diamond, moonstone or lapis lazuli, add garnet and emerald;
  • for men – sapphire and zircon, aquamarine and chrysolite, opal is perfect;
  • I decade (from September 22 to October 02) – turquoise, quartz, jasper, malachite, lapis lazuli;
  • II decade (October 3-12) – amethyst, zircon, tourmaline, topaz, opal, emerald;
  • III decade (October 13-22) – topaz, aquamarine, tourmaline, ruby.

Scorpio is advised to choose the following minerals:

  • opal, labradorite, black agate, coral, sapphire;
  • for women – aquamarine, carnelian, alexandrite, hematite, garnet;
  • for men – beryl, ruby, tiger’s eye, and tourmaline;
  • those born in the first decade (October 23-November 1): aquamarine, serpentine, topaz, garnet;
  • second (November 2-11): sardonyx, turquoise, cat’s eye, rubellite or ruby, coral and definitely tourmaline;
  • in the third (November 12-21): moonstone and emerald, amethyst, red garnet or blue topaz.
  • emerald, obsidian, amethyst, zircon, tiger’s eye, chrysolite;
  • for women: rubies and sapphires, amethysts, topaz and emerald;
  • for men: amethyst, obsidian, turquoise, zircon;
  • first decade (November 22-December 1): emerald, citrine, amethyst, lapis lazuli;
  • second decade (December 2-11): turquoise, ruby, zircon, topaz;
  • third decade (December 12-21): peridot, blue and yellow topaz, emerald.
  • opal, malachite, tourmaline, agate, onyx, obsidian, carnelian, turquoise, rock crystal;
  • Rauchtopaz, jasper, tiger’s eye, malachite, ruby, carnelian are suitable for women;
  • for men – obsidian, chrysoprase, tourmaline, obsidian, onyx;
  • for the first ten days (December 22-31): rock crystal, dark agate, jasper, tiger’s eye, malachite;
  • second decade (January 1-10): peridot, onyx, carnelian, opal;
  • third decade (January 11-19): ruby, tourmaline, opal.
  • amethyst, obsidian, aventurine, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, zircon or rose quartz;
  • Aquarius women are recommended to wear garnet, pearls, topaz and moonstone;
  • for men – jade, topaz, and obsidian with tourmaline;
  • stones of the first decade (January 21 – February 01): onyx, obsidian, tourmaline, jade, pearls;
  • second decade (02-11 February): amethyst, onyx, sapphire;
  • third decade (February 12-19): alexandrite, garnet, aventurine, sapphire.

Astrologers predict good luck in company for Pisces:

  • amethyst, opal, pearl, peridot, aquamarine, rose quartz;
  • “female” stones: opal, pearl agate, aquamarine;
  • “men’s”: sapphire, pearl, peridot, amethyst;
  • talismans of the first decade (February 19-March 01): moonstone, freshwater and sea pearls, carnelian;
  • for the second decade (March 02–11): heliotrope, opal;
  • third decade (March 12 – 20): diamond, emerald and certainly sapphire.

Now it is much easier to choose jewelry with precious stones and gems that will help in all your endeavors and serve as a talisman against failure. In our online store there are suitable options for any names and zodiac signs.

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