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Which stone protects against evil spirits?

The Taurus stone of women and men must be selected taking into account their character. As a rule, representatives of this zodiac sign are kind and sympathetic people. They are natural and good-natured, friendly and patient. Taurus is characterized by hard work. These are conservative people who love to earn money and are very careful about material spending. They are often too stubborn and domineering.

Stones by decade

This zodiac sign is ambiguous. Much in the character of its representatives depends on the date of birth. Therefore, Taurus stones are chosen depending on the decade. Sometimes these talismans perform opposite functions. The following decades are distinguished:

  1. April 21-April 30. Representatives of this decade are influenced by Mercury. It makes people somewhat passive and melancholic. However, Taurus born during this period are very kind and sympathetic individuals. Their mental abilities are well developed. They need to choose stones that will support a person’s inner harmony, fill him with spiritual strength, and prevent harmful thoughts from entering his consciousness. Stones of blue and light blue tones, such as turquoise, tourmaline, and labradorite, will help with this. The ideal stone for this decade is sapphire. It protects its owner from evil people and protects against various diseases.
  2. May 1-May 10. Representatives of this decade are under the influence of the Moon. These are dreamy and romantic people. They tend to do noble deeds. However, natural indecisiveness prevents them from achieving big goals in life. Gems such as opal, onyx, jadeite, chrysoprase, and turquoise are suitable for people of this decade. Emerald and aquamarine will become real talismans. Emerald enhances intuition and gives confidence, while aquamarine develops a sense of kindness and inner balance.
  3. May 11-May 20. Taurus in the last decade is patronized by Saturn. These people gravitate towards loneliness. They love to work and earn money. They have high intelligence and excellent performance. Often representatives of this decade close in on themselves and fall into melancholy. But they are very loyal and sensitive to the opposite sex. Luxurious minerals such as diamond, emerald, aquamarine, and topaz are suitable for them. Agate helps to establish contact with people. The stone develops subtlety of mind and harmony of feelings. It also improves well-being, as it attracts money to itself.

Individual stones

Of all the gems, there are talisman stones that are especially recommended for representatives of this earth sign to wear. It is interesting that wood products are considered the most powerful amulet, although it is not a mineral. In the question of which stone is more suitable for Taurus, you can name sapphire. Excellent talismans are also made from emerald, jasper, aventurine and agate.

The rich blue mineral gives peace and tranquility. Sapphire helps achieve spiritual harmony, helps make the right decision and protect yourself from doubts and lies. However, it is believed that sapphire is a talisman for Taurus only with good intentions. This gem will not become an amulet for evil and dishonest people.

Emerald inspires confidence and gives hope. It does not allow its owner to become discouraged and always sets him up for a positive life charge. Emerald blocks sad thoughts. It is believed that this mineral will give good dreams if placed nearby at night. If you always wear jewelry with an emerald, the gem will protect you from evil spirits.

Jasper also charges with optimism. It relieves both mental illness and physical ailments. The gem will help those who take any problems to heart. It will protect the owner from frustration and bad mood.

An excellent talisman for women and men is agate. It gives peace and happiness in life. A stone set in copper is especially strong. If you wear a gem constantly, you can develop excellent intuition. Agate gives the owner the ability to distinguish lies from truth and read the thoughts of the interlocutor.

Aventurine is another great talisman stone for Taurus. It is most suitable for businessmen and bosses. Aventurine gives many ideas and helps to bring the work started to completion. The gem attracts profit. In addition, aventurine relieves inhibitions in front of an audience and gives the gift of eloquence.

Women and men have different stones according to their zodiac sign. Cacholong river minerals are the ideal stones for a woman. It helps the owner find personal happiness. The gem will give strength and health to a pregnant woman and her baby. And after childbirth, it will help you achieve financial well-being in order to provide for a new family member.

It is difficult to say which stone is better for Taurus women than cacholong. Perhaps, agate will be no less useful. He helps a wonderful housewife realize herself both in her personal life and in the professional sphere. A green stone will bring happiness and harmony to relationships with the opposite sex, and a black gem will be an excellent talisman for women doing business.

Opal is useful for girls. The stone helps in romantic relationships and protects against deception and disappointment in love. Opal will help students acquire new knowledge and establish relationships with teachers.

It is useful for jealous men to wear jewelry with sapphire. This mineral soothes and softens. Sapphire will direct a man’s energy in the right direction and protect him from dangers. In addition, the gem brings harmony to both personal and professional relationships.

Agate is a suitable stone for a man who wants to improve his financial situation. For those who are heavily dependent on money, agate, on the contrary, will make them think about other areas of life. In addition, the gem gives men health and internal energy.

Emerald makes a man more open and good-natured. It softens the character of even overly strict and aggressive representatives of the stronger sex. The gem fights the greed and bad habits of its owner. It distracts from negative thoughts and prevents you from falling into depression.

Negative stones

Stones that are unsuitable for this zodiac sign are those whose energy is discordant with the earthly element. Such negative jewelry will be items made of pearls or semi-precious corals. Bright yellow amber will not suit Taurus either. It can seriously ruin the life of its owner, upset business relationships, and quarrel with loved ones. However, dark shades of amber, on the contrary, bring good luck. If the gem is inserted into a gold frame, it will become a wonderful talisman. It’s even better when the amber is a family heirloom.

Gems such as ruby, red corundum and garnet are also not suitable for Taurus. These minerals have powerful energy. And the zodiac sign Taurus is strong in itself. Opal will not harm its owner. However, this stone cannot be accepted as a gift, since along with it the envy of the donor will pass on to the person.

Turquoise has an interesting effect on the earth sign. It is a stone of peace and harmony. It will help straightforward Taurus to be more restrained. However, turquoise is not recommended for those who are married, as the mineral brings discord into relationships. But the gem will help divorced women, widows or young girls find a companion. This will also be useful for single men.

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