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Which stone protects against troubles?

The dark color of gems attracts people with their beauty and scares them away with the unknown. These minerals are endowed with magical properties. Black stone is loved by psychics and strong people. Dark gems are considered a source of spiritual power. They help you find the right solution in a difficult life situation. Precious and semi-precious black stones are very popular among connoisseurs. Products and jewelry made from natural minerals are called talismans. List of popular dark colored stones:

  • sapphire;
  • diamond;
  • opal;
  • onyx;
  • nephritis;
  • tourmaline;
  • spinel;
  • pearl;
  • obsidian;
  • jet.

Dark colored gemstones

Black sapphire is considered a sign of wealth. It is given to influential people in gratitude for their deeds. This stone has strong magical properties. A talisman with sapphire brings good luck and heals many diseases. It encourages charity, diplomacy, and spiritual cleansing.

In jewelry stores you can find products with black diamonds. This is the name of a processed dark-colored diamond that harmonizes perfectly with clear stones. It absorbs light and captivates with its appearance. According to some scientists, this diamond is formed from cosmic dust. He is a conductor between people and space. Jewelry made from this diamond gives its owner extraordinary energy.

Spinel, with its sparkling black luster, is considered a noble mineral. This gem helps in love affairs and eliminates diseases of the circulatory system. Rings with a large spinel will help the owner find his soul mate. Noble minerals have the ability to heal. Carry the amulet close to the sore spot, and it will direct all your strength to get rid of the disease.

The black opal gemstone is a powerful talisman. It protects against troubles and negativity, and has a wide range of therapeutic effects. Alternative medicine even uses the water in which the opal was lying. It is believed that contemplation of the gem will lead to healing if you devote at least a few minutes a day to it. Receiving an opal stone talisman as a gift is considered great luck. He will bring love and happiness to the house.

Black tourmaline is considered a masculine gem. It eliminates timidity and gives determination. Tourmaline has a positive effect on all body systems. Products and jewelry made from this gem are in demand among connoisseurs. Tourmaline pleases with a variety of colors. But black stone is considered the most powerful mineral.

Pearls are a creation of nature that are quite rarely found in their natural form. Black pearls are valued just like diamonds. This is a feminine stone that prolongs beauty and improves the quality of life of the owner. Pearls have a beneficial effect on the entire body. If it fades, then this is a signal of the presence of a serious disease. Black gemstones should be given with pure intentions. In this case, they will bring joy and benefit to the owner.

Semi-precious gems

It is interesting to know the name of the dark night stone. This is obsidian, which is widely used by psychics in magical rituals. This mineral was used in the past to make deadly weapons and medical instruments. Obsidian is able to keep its owner in good shape throughout his life.

Black jade protects travelers. There are legends about this natural stone; it protects against violence and the imposition of other people’s opinions. In times of war and crisis, the gem helps to get rid of feelings of fear. Jade helps improve morale. This black colored jewelry stone is recommended to be worn by elderly people to avoid disappointment in life.

Ornamental dark minerals

Men and women who are in search of truth prefer rings with black stones. For males, a ring with a large dark-colored mineral becomes a symbol of power. Black onyx beads were popular among chiefs. It was used to remove damage or the evil eye. The black necklace scared away evil spirits. Onyx is considered a faithful assistant in any endeavor, in business. It brings good luck and happiness to its owner.

A black ornamental stone called jet is often used in jewelry. It is easy to process and has a low price. After polishing, jet figurines and jewelry acquire a beautiful shine. The variety of shapes of the products makes them attractive as souvenirs and talismans. Jet carries the secrets of generations. With its help, you can correct birth errors and change your destiny.

There are several theories about the origin of black stone. Some scientists consider them to be fragments of meteorites. Muslims interpret this phrase in their own way. The main thing is that natural black stones are part of nature. They are endowed with miraculous properties that have been tested for thousands of years. Jewelry with black stones adds elegance. They are popular because they go with any clothing and accessories. Trust the selection of precious stones to professionals. Jewelers will help you avoid fakes.

For many centuries, people have used natural stones in magical rituals; It was generally believed that stones have a certain effect on a person, they can give self-confidence, calm and bring good luck. And this is true: each mineral has its own special energy, which it can transfer to the owner.

Every person has “their” stone depending on the time of birth and zodiac sign. In turn, the signs belong to one of the elements – Fire, Water, Air and Earth, which reflect the characteristic personal qualities of their representatives. Well, each element corresponds to a special set of stones. The right Beriotti stone can become a powerful talisman for life.

Fire Release

Fire – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

For people born under the element of Fire, Beriotti bracelets made of natural stones are suitable – turquoise, shimmering aventurine or yellow agate. Turquoise is a talisman that will protect its wearer from troubles and bring good luck. Shimmering aventurine protects the health of its owner, and also sets a positive mood and gives a good mood. Yellow agate protects from envious people, brings success in business and helps to think clearly.

You can also choose trinkets or suspensions, including blue agate. This stone, also called sapphire, will give strength, enhance intuition and help develop creative abilities.

Fire people are usually very energetic and active, but can often commit rash actions, so stones of this element are often aimed at making their owner more restrained and cautious.

Water Element

Water – Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer

People born under the element of Water are vulnerable and sensitive, they may be characterized by some melancholy, so the task of the stones is to protect against negativity, add optimism and calm feelings.

An excellent choice would be Beriotti bracelets from amethyst and blue aventurineand quartz and pink aventurine. Amethyst will help develop a person’s internal abilities and talents, quartz will attract good luck and success, and aventurine will lift your spirits and give you vigor.

Pendants и pendants made of blue and lamellar agate – also for the element of Water. They will protect their owner, give peace of mind and become a real talisman.

Air Element

Air – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

People born under the element of Air are very sociable, quickly get along with people and try to avoid conflicts as much as possible. Well, a correctly chosen amulet will give such people firmness and perseverance in achieving their goals.

Beriotti bracelets from onyx and rose quartz, as well as from agate, cat’s eye and tiger’s eye. They will become real amulets: agate will give determination, rose quartz is “responsible” for energy, and can also relieve emotional distress and stress. Cat’s eye helps to find harmony, tiger’s eye gives the owner physical strength and stamina, and onyx gives discipline and strength.

Beautiful trinkets и suspensions Beriotti natural stones will also become stylish accessories for every day, because it is better to always have a talisman with you. You can also choose a pendant from amethyst (it will help develop insight), and a keychain from blue agate: it will bring freshness and novelty to life.

Earth Element

Earth – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Signs of the Earth element perceive and analyze information well, like to keep everything under control and calculate every step. Deviations from a given route can often cause anxiety in such people, so the purpose of the stone is to add flexibility and optimism, and relieve anxiety.

The elements of the Earth will be an excellent choice for people carnelian and serpentine bracelets: carnelian, which is also called the “stone of the sun,” will protect from ill-wishers and calm the senses, and serpentine will strengthen intuition. It has also long been believed that this gem bestows wisdom on its owner.

Beriotti bracelets in gray and blue agate will give inspiration, as well as peace and calm relationships in the family.

Trinkets и suspensions Beriotti can also be chosen from brown agate, which will protect against the evil eye, maintain health and give strength.

Choosing a stone is, of course, an individual process, and you can never say with certainty what will suit a person and what will not. After all, it makes no sense to set any specific boundaries for the zodiac sign: even among self-confident “earthly” Taurus there can be very shy and timid people.

Therefore, it is best to honestly analyze your character, answer the question “what would I like to correct in myself” and build on the answer you have already received. One thing is certain: among the natural Beriotti stones you will definitely choose what is right for you, but before purchasing we advise you to study in detail all the properties of the selected stone.

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