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Which stone reveals feminine energy?

The energy of the Universe is hidden in precious stones. Sorcerers and witches, psychics and ordinary people with well-developed intuition feel their power and, as a rule, wear rings with large stones. A ring with a stone can become not just a talisman, but a powerful accumulator of the flow of love.
Stones that attract energy into the sphere of our love relationships and our partner’s perception of us are associated with Yin energy. In the East, it is believed that this energy develops softness, sensitivity and receptivity, and improves relationships between people. Women who wear stones saturated with Yin energy feel full of sexual energy and are more confident in their attractiveness.
Pink quartz
It is considered a universal talisman of love and a feminine stone. Quartz is known for its ability to quickly adapt to the energy of its owner. Rose quartz affects the character of its owner, as well as her environment. Enhances feminine charm, helps to acquire typical feminine qualities. Rose quartz is able to attract people into your life who are capable of true tenderness and care towards you. This is a stone of sincere love and it does not tolerate selfish motives in its owner. It is also worth noting that rose quartz is not designed for seeking non-binding sexual adventures. White, yellow, red and orange chalcedony have long been considered stones of love – they attract the attention of the opposite sex, drive away melancholy and sad thoughts. An untreated piece of stone in the house preserves peace and happiness in the family, protects against accidents, and neutralizes the influence of geopathogenic zones. Malachite
Dedicated to Venus, the great goddess of love and beauty. It helps a woman feel like a queen, surrounded by numerous fans. Suitable for those who suffer from insecurity about their own appearance. Helps reveal a sense of beauty and style. In the old days, malachite was called peacock stone. Malachite teaches the art of flirting and also helps to find generous fans. Thanks to his influence, a woman has the opportunity to charm almost any man. Also suitable for the stronger sex as a love talisman.
This mineral was considered sacred in many civilizations. And in Ancient Greece it was considered one of the symbols of Aphrodite, the Greek analogue of the Roman goddess Venus. Pearls promise happiness in love and are considered a talisman for a successful marriage. This mineral is suitable for those girls who want to see in a partner, first of all, a potential husband and father of their children. It’s not for nothing that brides’ wedding clothes have been decorated with pearls from time immemorial. On an emotional level, pearls give balance and noble calm. Its owner feels more protected and, accordingly, ready to open up to men. Pearl is the stone of women who are homemakers, good housewives and mothers.
Combines the influences of the elements of Water and Fire. Its marine origin emphasizes its connection with emotions, and its bright red color indicates a passionate fiery nature. Suitable for those who are looking for stormy love adventures and appreciate the hot temperament of their partner. Coral frees you from complexes and pressures associated with sensuality. A person wearing coral feels more liberated and ceases to be ashamed of his desires. Coral frees you from false modesty regarding your own image.
It has a strong impact on couple relationships. It is recommended to use tourmaline of a rich scarlet color. Red tourmaline is considered a masculine stone that enhances sexual desire and emphasizes the masculinity of its owner. But it is also suitable for women who have an ardent temperament. This is a stone of fidelity, so it can be used to revive the cooled feelings of a couple. For this purpose, red tourmaline was previously placed under the pillow in the marital bed. Tourmaline is a stone that protects family values, but at the same time does not allow sexual desire to weaken. Moonstone.
The name of the moonstone itself speaks for itself. The Moon is a Yin female planet, a satellite of the Sun.
There are several types of moonstone – adularia, feldspar, labradorite and selenite.
The most popular are adularia and feldspar. These are transparent stones with a blue tint and a yellow reflection.
Labradorite is a dark moonstone favored by mystics and should be worn with extreme caution.
Moonstone is able to enhance the owner’s Yin qualities, namely: emotionality, love of home, and desire to travel. It also gives dreaminess, softness, tenderness. Moonstone activates memories, makes adamant and self-confident people softer.
In England, it was believed that the moonstone gives the one who wears it the gift of oratory and the power of persuasion.
And, of course, moonstone enhances feminine energy and attracts love into the owner’s life. They say that passion quickly burns out – like the flame of a fire, leaving behind charred hearts and handfuls of indifferent ashes. And according to the Japanese writer Yukio Mishima, this is “an ideal environment in which the human soul manifests itself in all its fullness and perfection.” You just need to understand how to support or strengthen it. What stones belong to Yin energy (feminine energy)? Very generally, such stones include soft stones, such as calcite and moonstone, opaque stones, with cold tones and shades, and also capable of changing their color when rotated, for example: moonstone, labradorite, opal, with the exception of stones of fiery shades . Stones of the Water element (white, cloudy whitish and greyish, light blue, indigo, violet, blue-green, etc.) and stones of the Earth element (very dark, dark brown, black, green, etc.), but still, at least and quite rarely, there are exceptions to the rules. Today we will talk about the 5 most feminine and effective stones for the fair half of humanity.


Moonstone (Adularia) is a stone with exclusively feminine energy. He will make his owner more attractive to the opposite sex. The stone can become a powerful love amulet, helps to find a soul mate, enhances fertility, increases the feeling of maternal care and protects against female diseases. Develops intuition and helps release feminine energies. Among the properties of moonstone are resolving conflict situations, getting rid of enemies and ill-wishers, as well as helping in awkward situations. Very useful for people with a lack of emotional abilities, reduced sensitivity and limited sociability. It is indispensable for people who have difficulty expressing feelings and suffer from sudden changes in the emotional sphere. Moonstone activates emotional abilities, enhances imagination and creativity, improves the state of mind, eliminates attacks of bad mood, aggression and allows you to better express your feelings. It increases sensitivity and personal charm. Everyone who needs good luck and luck on the verge of fantasy will also need a lunar talisman.

  • Today, moon stones are mined in India, Sri Lanka, New and North Zealand, Australia, Tanzania, Madagascar, the USA and Russia.
  • Grouppotassium feldspars.
  • Crystallographic properties: Monoclinic system.
  • Planet rulerЛуна
  • ElementWater and Air
  • ChakraAjna, Sahasrara, Vishuddha, Swadhisthana
  • EnergyYin


Aquamarine is a stone of sky and sea water, a stone of enlightenment, spiritual awareness and the ability to tune into positive emotions. A talisman of true love, protecting friendship and preserving justice. The mineral gives the owner a charge of positive emotions, helps get rid of laziness, fatigue and anger, improves mood and general condition of the body, helps increase mental activity and stress resistance, and protects against dangers and deception. Aquamarine is considered a versatile healing stone that can help with many types of physical and mental disorders.

The gem protects marital happiness. He will fill you with tolerance and understanding, so that you will stop getting irritated about anything. You will have a high level of patience and become thoughtful and considerate. Aquamarine will relieve you of the tendency to judge, criticize, which destroys love, friendship and business.

Aquamarine develops imagination, creativity and public speaking abilities, and also helps a person to adhere to his own point of view. The mineral improves intellectual skills, a person begins to quickly and effectively find solutions to problems and generate ideas.

Do you experience frequent procrastination? An aquamarine talisman will fill you with the energy of perseverance and discipline. This powerful stone will attract prosperity and abundance, as well as good luck in business.

  • Aquamarine is mined in Brazil, Madagascar, Russia (Ural) and Australia
  • Groupmineral, a type of beryl
  • Crystallographic properties: Hexagonal system
  • Ruling planet: Venus, Mercury, Neptune
  • Element – Water
  • Chakra – Vishuddha
  • Energy – Yin


Amazonite increases personal charm and adds attractiveness, calms and gives optimism to life. Influences the adoption of the right decisions and actions. Smoothes out negative character traits.

Its color improves mood, copes with anxiety and fills its owner with confidence. Amazonite helps to avoid wrong decisions and actions. The mineral gives a feeling of complete security and reliable protection. Strengthens family and marriage, protects against betrayal and jealousy – the best family talisman. Heals wounds after difficult breakups and loss.

Amazonite gives the wearer the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and desires, increasing the energy of intention. Improves material well-being, attracts good luck and ensures success in any financial enterprise.

  • Amazonite is mined in Colorado, India, Madagascar, Namibia and Russia
  • Group – silicate mineral, a type of alkali feldspar
  • Crystallographic properties: Triclinic system
  • Ruling planet: Venus, Mercury, Uranus
  • Element – Earth
  • Chakra – Anahata, Vishuddha
  • Energy – Yin


Larimar is a symbol of joy and a bright future, clear skies and bold hopes. An amazing bright blue stone, decorated with a pattern similar to the play of the purest sea water in the sun. The stone helps you find harmony and realize your true purpose.

Promotes personal development and helps overcome difficulties. Activates the will and makes you believe in yourself. Promotes good luck. Relieves depression and apathy, restores the joy of life, faith in everything good and bright.

The effect on the nervous system gives a stabilizing effect, irritation, anxiety, and guilt are relieved, and in return comes a joyful feeling and peace. It helps a person understand his own spiritual world and understand himself.

The stone has an amazing ability to strengthen and maintain the physical and spiritual health of women and make childbirth easier. Larimar promotes femininity and spiritual development. The mineral gives a person responsiveness and kindness. It promotes happiness in your personal life and harmonizes the family unit.

This stone can be used in rituals related to attracting something good into your life. Categorically does not tolerate negativity.

Larimar is a very beautiful and relatively inexpensive semi-precious stone; today its price on the market from unscrupulous sellers is considerably inflated.

  1. Larimar is mined in the Dominican Republic and Italy. Small deposits are located in Canada, Alaska and the Caribbean.
  2. Group is one of the varieties of pectolite
  3. Crystallographic properties: Triclinic system
  4. Ruling planet – Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune
  5. Element – Water and a little Fire
  6. Chakra – Ajna, Vishuddha
  7. Energy – Yin
  8. Larimar is considered a universal stone that will be equally useful for everyone.


Malachite, a gem with the strongest energy, gives confidence, stability and determination, attracts good luck in money matters and business, and also warns the owner of danger. Malachite is considered a symbol of wish fulfillment. Helps restore balance in the body, both physically and mentally. This stone will make you wiser and strengthen your intuition, strengthen your connection with your guardian angel.

The influence of malachite promotes stability and constancy, especially in the emotional and sensual sphere. Favors harmonious, stable, faithful, long-term relationships. Malachite acts as a great “last chance” for creating a stable couple.

Develops creativity, aesthetic, artistic taste and sense of beauty. The gem acts as a guard for its owner, absorbs negativity and establishes protection. Malachite absorbs negativity, helps strengthen the nervous system, eliminate imbalances and free the mind from grievances.

  1. Malachite is mined in Russia, the Democratic Republic of Congo,
  2. Group – mineral, basic copper carbonate
  3. Crystallographic properties: Monoclinic system
  4. Ruling planet – Venus
  5. Element – Earth
  6. Chakra – Anahata, Ajna, Muladhara
  7. Energy – Yin


Not quite a stone), but still we’ll talk about it today.

Pearls are magical moonlight frozen in mother of pearl. Pearls are a symbol of beauty, femininity, fertility, clairvoyance and intuition. Pearls relieve the paste of the struggle – the same way, on the same love, it is a good love LENI. Using pearls will help release pent-up emotions. Pearls improve sensitivity and expand emotional receptivity. Rejuvenates the body and soul of the wearer. Prolongs youth and preserves beauty. Energetically nourishes.

Protects a woman from her husband’s infidelity. Natural pearls have a powerful healing effect on the female body.

Attracts wealth into the life of its owner, can make him financially independent, but on the condition that the owner does not forget to share with those in need. It will help a person achieve what he wants, make him more respected and successful.

Pearls are often mentioned in the sacred texts of various religions. For example, in the Gospel, Jesus says: “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for good pearls, who, having found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had and bought it.” (Matt. 13:45-46).

  • Pearl is a mineraloid, a biogenic solid, round or irregularly shaped formation, extracted from the shells of some sea and river mollusks. The formation of pearls is a protective reaction of the mollusk body to any foreign body that gets into the mantle or between the mantle and the shell.
  • Ruling planet – Moon
  • Element – Water
  • Chakra – Anahata, Ajna
  • Energy – Yin

Is it possible for men to wear stones with feminine energy? Of course it is possible, for example, if a man has a predisposition to aggression, anger, etc. in his natal chart, the feminine energy of the stone will soften the character of any tyrant, but for a loving man “drink up” You definitely can’t wear pearls, selenite, moonstone, white agate, etc., stones under the auspices of the Moon and Water will maximize the addiction and lead to alcoholism.

Can all women wear stones with feminine energy, yes, without a doubt, but it depends on what kind of stones. Let’s say a girl is lonely, withdrawn, doesn’t leave the house, considers herself not very attractive, in this case she can’t wear pearls – it will simply “break” her and lure her into bad habits.

In any case, each person is unique, just like the stones, so they should be selected based on:

  1. on your intuition
  2. natal birth chart
  3. knowledge about stones

We hope the article was useful and interesting for you. Tell us in the comments. Would you like to know about stones with male Yang Energy?

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