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Which stone reveals femininity?

Being a woman means tenderness, strength, care, endurance, passionate love, and, of course, harmony with yourself. Being a woman does not mean wearing lipstick, wearing heels and wearing sweet perfume. Femininity is a multifaceted concept, and each of its incarnations has its own talisman stone. Share: Garnet The “joy-inspiring” pomegranate is the main symbol of passionate love. It helps to unlock sensory potential and find harmony with the body. If you are still at odds with your sexuality, add garnet jewelry to your must-have list. But the main thing is not even this – the stone helps to increase self-esteem and fall passionately in love. with yourself! Even on those days when the reflection in the mirror is not pleasing, the styling was unsuccessful, and the scales showed +1, the pomegranate silently reminds the hostess: “You are the best!” Ruby View these earrings >>>>> and ring >>>>> When it comes to feminine strength, emotional endurance and warming care for everyone around, you cannot do without an additional source of energy – the majestic ruby ​​is considered the most active. This is the stone of winners in life: emperors, generals and just people who know how to do several things at once – but this is just about you? If you often lack a couple more hours in the day or a pair of hands, if it seems that you are balancing on the brink of possibilities, combining your personal life, work, friends, hobbies, and you also need to help your parents with seedlings, neighbors with moving and make a craft for your youngest kindergarten, wear your “power jewelry” with rubies. And don’t forget to take breaks – because you are already a goddess, but still not multi-armed. Topaz Women are material beings who value comfort. If you don’t believe us, just imagine the contents of a man’s bag (or rather, even his pockets) – usually a wallet and phone – and the contents of even the most modest woman’s handbag. We need a lot to feel at ease. Psychologists say that modern femininity in its canonical understanding – harmony, relaxation, caring for others – is impossible without money. Agree, it’s quite difficult to indulge in bliss or build self-love when your head is full of housing and communal services payments, payday debt and promotions in the supermarket. That is why femininity not only does not contradict a career or business, but also needs such financial sources. To earn your own stilettos (as well as Gucci bags, apartments and travel), you will need strength of spirit, clarity in setting goals and a “cool head” – icy and sincere topaz is responsible for all this. Pearl Each pearl is unique – like every girl, and perhaps it is difficult to find a more “feminine” stone. It is unique in that it has an organic nature – that is, it retains living energy. Pearls are a symbol of inner harmony and perfection acquired over the years. Just as it takes a shell 5 years to turn a grain of sand into a small pearl, so the owner of a stone can gradually, with small changes in her life and new useful habits, cultivate a real jewel within herself. The stone is the guardian of youth – according to legend, Cleopatra loved treatments with pearls: baths, massages, even putting a pearl in a glass. The queen believed that the stone prolongs beauty – later many empresses in Europe and Russia followed her recipes. True, pearls have one peculiarity – they “get used” to the owner, so it is not recommended to re-gift them or pass them on by inheritance. Ametrine The stone got its name from amethyst, the patron mineral of all creative people, and solar citrine, charged with positive energy. And ametrine also inherited its unique shade – a lilac-yellow gradient – from them. Two-color stones are rare in nature. They calm, balance, and help you choose between conflicting desires (for example, when you want a cake and lose two sizes). They are also responsible for originality and creativity. It doesn’t matter if you’re painting to order, coming up with a new project for work, knitting potholders, humming to Beyoncé in the bath, or just putting your heart into cooking dinner, the creative component of feminine energy is important – because it says: everything I do, I do with love. Photo: Shutterstock, 585*GOLD Daria Krutskikh March 8 2020 Share: Stones suitable for the Aquarius zodiac sign are a number of jewelry varieties of minerals, precious and semi-precious stones, which are recommended by astrologers and esotericists to protect, increase energy and adjust the characteristics of the sign in a positive direction. We, at Gem Lovers, have collected in this article the opinions of reputable astrology experts on which stones are suitable as a gift for Aquarius.

Characteristics of the sign

Aquarius is a horoscope sign that includes people born on the dates from January 21 to February 19. Aquarius is considered a creative zodiac sign, sometimes reaching the point of genius. Among those born under the sign of Aquarius there are many outstanding personalities: artists, musicians, composers, poets. Among the famous Aquarius born according to the horoscope are Sommerset Maugham, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, Boris Pasternak, Franz Schubert, Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin. Aquarians are good friends, capable of preserving friendship for many years, and in marriage they remain faithful to their chosen one. This sign is known for a certain tendency to have their head in the clouds and live in illusions, so they need to return to reality more often and make efforts to realize their ideas and endeavors. In addition, Aquarians are born altruists; they help loved ones and people around them from the bottom of their hearts, sometimes ignoring their own needs. This article will be useful for those who want to find inner harmony and find support, as well as if you want to give an unforgettable unique gift to a loved one born under the sign of Aquarius, to show care and love. Each stone has strong magical properties that will give strength to its owner, help and support.

What should a real mascot be like?

To become an effective talisman, according to astrology, a gemstone must meet the following requirements: 1) Be of natural origin, preferably without refinement. 2) Be in good cleanliness, without cracks or defects 3) Be given from the heart Today you can find a huge number of fakes and imitations on sale, ranging from glasses that were used in ancient times to modern high-tech laboratory-grown analogues of natural minerals, the so-called synthetic stones. According to authoritative astrologers, despite the fact that the structure and composition of synthetics often almost completely replicates the properties of natural stone, there is no power in synthesized stones. Natural stones were in the depths of the planet for hundreds of thousands, millions of years, so they absorbed the energy of the Earth and the Sun. These are really strong amulets. Often, it is impossible to determine with the naked eye whether a stone is natural or a skillful imitation. To be sure, you need to contact a gemologist or a reputable laboratory that specializes in diagnosing the origin of the mineral. When we, at Gem Lovers, select lots for our catalogue, our expert gemologists examine each item. Therefore, we can guarantee that the stone is natural. We also know for sure that the stone was not worn in a product, and does not contain the energy of a stranger. Since our work is carried out directly with raw materials from the deposits, most often we know whether the stone has been refined and by what method. This information is provided for each lot. Many lots in the catalog have already received expert opinions from independent gemological laboratories. High purity is the absence of visible cracks, inclusions and defects. If a stone has a large crack, visually visible to the naked eye, this indicates its low energy. It is better to refuse such an instance so that it does not cause harm. In addition, according to esotericists, for some talismans it is important that there is direct contact with the skin of its owner. Therefore, the frame must be light, or specially designed in such a way that the stone can touch the skin.

Stones – talismans for Aquarius

  • Aquamarine
  • Diamond
  • Moonstone
  • Tourmaline
  • Amethyst
  • Blue sapphire
  • Pomegranates
  • Zircons


Aquamarine, a blue variety of the mineral beryl, is perfect for astrological recommendations for Aquarius as a talisman. It has a very beneficial effect on the creative abilities of representatives of this sign and inspires them to achieve accomplishments. This talisman is able to bring harmony to their inner world, find friends and unite the family. An aquamarine stone for Aquarius, framed in a product, can become an almost indispensable assistant.


Amethyst is a wonderful stone for Aquarius, one of the most effective talismans, especially for those born in February. Amethyst, according to experts, imparts optimism; it will decorate your life with joyful moments, setting you up for prosperity and well-being. Aquarians, both men and women, must have this purple stone in their box if they are interested in esotericism. Set in a ring or pendant, an amethyst can accompany you constantly. Purple amethyst quartz of high purity has strong magical properties, it helps to reveal your talents and gives inspiration to creative individuals.

Blue sapphire

Blue sapphire is a gemstone, a variety of corundum of high purity and transparency. This talisman will help someone who wants to develop their spirituality and find their own path, without becoming dependent on other people’s opinions. Sapphire will give you self-confidence, help you show responsibility, grow up and become more conscious. This stone inspires trust among loved ones and others, and builds bridges with business partners. Sapphire for Aquarius is considered a stone of inner harmony, intuition, everything hidden and unknown. This variety of corundum is especially suitable for men who are primarily determined to assert themselves in the world and society.


Paraiba tourmaline, along with other jewelry varieties of the mineral tourmaline (verdelite, indigolite, rubellite, etc.), has a positive effect from an astrological point of view. Tourmalines reveal the creative potential inherent in nature. Paraiba, in addition, gives influence in society and business, and helps in one’s career. Paraiba, set in a product, reveals the internal reserves of strength and will of its owner, helping to build a path to success.


Garnet is a stone of love and passion, it helps not only Aquarius, but also other signs, however, according to astrologers, it will not interfere with Aquarius who want to activate and fill this area of ​​life. Next we will look at several varieties and their features.

Grossular is ideal for good luck, attracting luck and happy coincidences for Aquarius. This is one of the most effective talismans for this sign, and you can choose either tsavorite (green grossular) or hessonite (yellow-orange color scheme).

Demantoid is a wonderful stone for Aquarius. According to astrologers, this green pomegranate helps to find your soul mate, brings happiness to Aquarius and maintains health. If a girl wears a demantoid, her beauty will be revealed in the eyes of others and she will definitely meet true love, and if this has already happened, fidelity of feelings and harmony with her beloved will be the key to a strong family.


Zircon of natural origin is a rare semi-precious stone, which is often confused in the trade with artificial cubic zirconia, an imitation of diamond. Therefore, be sure to ask if the zircon is natural. Due to their properties, zircons are able to bring inspiration into the life of Aquarius, it is especially useful for creative individuals, for artists, sculptors, writers born under this zodiac sign. Zircons charge Aquarius women with energy, positivity and bring joy to their home. Especially if you are indecisive by nature, since zircons, according to astrologers, give confidence in your abilities and give determination to act for good purposes. You can choose the color of zircon according to your taste, some will like reddish hyacinth, others will like rare yellow zircon.

Adularia moonstone

A rare variety of moonstone – adularia – helps Aquarius build a strong family, create a home, and strengthen family ties. Adularia for Aquarius can awaken the gift of foresight in sensitive and emotional individuals. Moonstones are especially suitable for women. Adularia imparts softness, delicacy, restraint, enhances femininity and attractiveness.

Birthstones by date of birth

If we look at the stones recommended by astrologers by date of birth, we will notice that each period, the so-called decade, corresponds to different stones.

The first decade of the sign of Aquarius is between January 21 and January 30. White and golden pearls are considered one of the most suitable stones for the horoscope sign. Pearls bring happiness and love to their owners; 2-3 pearls set in gold will be an excellent gift option for your loved one. Amethyst is also suitable for those born in the first decade, as well as those born in the second decade.

The second decade of Aquarius according to the time of birth runs from January 31 to February 9; in addition to amethyst and other listed stones, amber is suitable for the second decade.

The third final ten-day period runs from February 10 to February 19. For people born on these dates, astrologers recommend blue and colorless topaz, peridot, tourmaline, sapphire, garnet, zircon, aquamarine, and alexandrite. Thus, chrysolites in jewelry will help prevent wrong actions and actions and protect from their consequences. If you look into the future with fear and are not sure about the future, put on a ring with topaz, it will protect you from empty worries and fears.

Unfavorable stones for Aquarius

In addition to the recommended stones that are favorable for Aquarius according to the horoscope, astrologers highlight a list of stones that Aquarius should wear with caution. They are considered unfavorable for constant wear.

This list includes stones related to the fire element: deep orange sapphire, hairy quartz, fiery red pyrope garnet and ruby. Also, astrologers recognize fiery orange-red opal as an unfavorable gem for this zodiac sign.

Stones for Aquarius women

For women – representatives of the sign, astrologers highlight several gems recommended by the horoscope, which will become not only an exquisite decoration, but also a reliable talisman. These include pearl, aquamarine and almandine garnet.

Pearls are considered an ideal amulet for Aquarius women. This stone emphasizes the femininity, elegance, and tenderness of its owner. 2-3 large pearls are enough to increase the attractiveness of a girl in the eyes of the opposite sex. Pearls can be either classic round or unusual baroque shapes.

Aquamarines are also very beautiful and noble stones with an ancient history, known as powerful talismans. Aquamarine, according to astrologers, will help strengthen ties in the family, build relationships between spouses, strengthen their feelings for each other, and help maintain fidelity and love.

Almandine garnet is an amulet of love and passion. If you are still searching and have not met your soul mate, pay attention to this garnet. Almandine, according to esotericists, attracts the energies of love into your life. Moreover, not only Aquarius women, but also men can wear it.

Stones for Aquarius men

For an Aquarius man, the main thing is to overcome the indecision characteristic of this sign and begin to act. For this, astrologers advise wearing talismans in jewelry that give self-confidence. It is believed that according to the horoscope, several precious and semi-precious stones are suitable for Aquarius men, including sapphires, almandines, topaz, and tourmaline.

Almandine is a type of garnet of a dark red hue, which gives rise to perseverance and determination in a person. This stone motivates a man to take decisive action and reveals masculine traits that make him attractive to ladies.

For a positive attitude and an optimistic outlook on the world, according to astrologers, you need a precious blue sapphire. It will make your life more spiritual and whole. People around you become kinder to you and more lenient towards your shortcomings if you are wearing this talisman.

Astrologers recommend that you have several stones in your jewelry wardrobe – magical helpers that match your date of birth, which can be worn alternately or periodically. In this case, they will harmoniously maintain different areas of life in balance, strengthen relationships with people, strengthen connections, protect and attract luck into your life.

In our catalog you can find a stone-amulet, for yourself or as a gift to a loved one. If you haven’t found a similar talisman, you can order an individual selection of the stone.

We select only high quality natural specimens with good purity. In the videos and photographs presented in the catalog, you can see internal inhomogeneities, if any. If you order jewelry for a selected stone from Gem Lovers, please let us know your wishes, we will definitely take them into account.

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