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Which stone should only be worn in pairs?

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Which stones are preferable to wear only in pairs?


They say that one of the most beautiful stones, which in its color is similar to all shades of sea green – aquamarine – requires a pair when worn. Because without a mate, it introduces an imbalance into a person’s inner world. However, this rule does not apply to just one person. For example, a couple of lovers can wear aquamarine rings. Or friends can wear matching aquamarine pendants. It is then that this stone will reveal all its magical qualities in the best possible way. To reduce mental anxiety and preserve pristine feelings, it is advisable to wear earrings with aquamarine. It is also believed that aquamarine reveals its beneficial properties best in daylight, that is, it is advisable to wear this stone during daylight hours and only in pairs. They say that before any serious troubles, aquamarine “fades.” This was previously used by travelers who, with the help of aquamarine, predicted storms, thunderstorms and other unfavorable weather conditions along the way.

The next stone that also requires a pair when worn is alexandrite. Alexandrite is a “royal” crystal, named after Tsar Alexander II. Therefore, it is considered a stone of strong personalities. In addition, alexandrite is a very complex stone and has a contradictory character. If worn incorrectly, it can attract negativity and troubles in life. But when paired, his aura calms down. For example, a person who experiences strong passion and no less strong jealousy, wearing two alexandrites, balances these two feelings with each other, his mood comes into harmony and is filled with a lot of positive emotions. A person wearing alexandrite in a pair will be able to find balance in any difficult situation. The main feature of alexandrite is the change in its color under natural and artificial light. During the day, alexandrite can sparkle with green colors, and as if by a miracle, acquire reddish-violet shades in the evening. But there is no magic here, everything lies in the amazing structure of this crystal, the correct cutting of which determines the refraction of light on the faces of alexandrite. Scientists have found that alexandrite owes its different shades to the presence of chromium compounds in its composition. It is said that men prefer to wear rings with alexandrite on the middle and ring fingers. This way, the owner of the stones will be able to protect himself from diseases and get rid of unnecessary anxiety or suspiciousness. Alexandrite also tends to endow its owners with the will to win, strength and masculinity.

Amethyst is a miracle of purple color, which is also recommended to be worn in pairs. Otherwise, it may become a “widow’s” stone. Amethyst is also able to help its owner maintain clarity of mind in any situation. In ancient times, rings with amethysts were worn at feasts and feasts, so as not to fall into a “wine stupor” and not lose the ability to think soberly. It is believed that amethyst brings maximum healing abilities not only in pairs, but also when dressed in a silver frame. Thanks to silver, the magical and healing properties of amethysts are doubled and bring maximum benefits to their owner. Well, if your jewelry with amethysts is made of gold, then it is advisable to complement this accessory not only with amethysts, but also with other precious stones.

The most famous stone that is required to be worn in a couple is, of course, pearls. Delicate and feminine, pearls are adored by all fashionistas in the world. But a ring with a single stone is not an option for a young attractive girl. Because a lonely pearl will only bring tears, and nothing good can be expected from it. But when worn in a pair, pearls promise true love, prosperity and financial prosperity. According to legends, pearls help married couples improve relationships, brighten everyday life with positive emotions and provide exclusively peaceful chores. It is desirable that the number of pearls in a necklace or bracelet be even. It is also believed that earrings with pearls are worn without a ring, as an independent decoration. But a bracelet or pearl necklace should only be worn in conjunction with a ring. It is also not recommended for unmarried ladies to wear pearls. It is believed that pearls give young girls a hint of severity and coldness, which is not very welcomed by young people when choosing a “life friend”.

One of the varieties of corundum, sapphire, is distinguished by its rare, indescribably attractive and aristocratic blue beauty. It is believed that the magical energy of sapphires will only be balanced when paired. When worn correctly, sapphires endow their owners with strength, resilience and rare calm. In Eastern countries, sapphire is also considered the stone of sages. Sapphires are recommended to be worn by lawyers, barristers and teachers to make it easier for them to separate truth from lies. Also, the paired energy of sapphires sharpens the sense of justice, and in difficult life situations helps to maintain composure and prudence. You cannot wear sapphires that once belonged to another person. Exception: if you inherited them from a relative whom you valued and respected. But still, before wearing it, it is advisable to clean the stone and let it “rest” for some time, about a couple of months, in a dark box. If you wear a ring and bracelet with sapphire on your left hand, they will lead you to success. To achieve prosperity in the professional field, it is recommended to wear both a ring and a bracelet with sapphire on your left hand. Sapphires also impart authority and increase ambition. Therefore, jewelry with sapphires is exactly what all bosses and managers need to have in their jewelry collection if they dream of making a successful career and successfully increasing the intensity of their production.

It turns out that not everyone knows how to wear jewelry with precious stones. Sometimes girls unknowingly put on a ring or necklace without a set, not even suspecting that the jewelry will not bring happiness if the stone has lost its “pair.” Which gems does this rule apply to? Read on stones that prefer to be paired.


This noble gem attracts attention with its unusual “talent” of changing shade depending on the lighting. On a sunny morning it appears greenish, and in the muted evening light it strikes with deep scarlet, pink and even lilac tones. Therefore, alexandrites are 100% paired stones.

According to popular beliefs, a single mineral in a ring can bring misfortune, bring illness and problems into the life of its owner. It is not for nothing that this stone is sometimes called a widow’s stone: only a widow can wear one ring with alexandrite without fear.

There is only one way to change the vector of alexandrite’s magical radiation – by choosing a pair for it. The number of jewelry with alexandrite is directly proportional to the strength of the positive influence on the person who wears it. There is also an opinion that the changing shades of the gem symbolize the two main fluids of our body – lymph and blood. Therefore, alexandrite has a beneficial effect not only on the blood formula, but also on the strength and health of our blood vessels.


Pearl is another stone that fully displays its qualities only when paired. Only earrings with pearls are considered self-sufficient, while other jewelry persistently requires a companion. This is why pearl sets are so in demand. Unlike alexandrite, pearl jewelry is recommended to be assembled only in pairs. For example, a bracelet and a necklace, earrings and a ring. The third in this tandem is an extra one; pearls like to be even.

Exception No. 2 – especially large pearls. They look great alone. A ring with one large stone will ideally highlight a girl’s bold taste. But for young beauties who dream of meeting true love, it is especially important to wear paired jewelry with pearls. After all, it is pearls that personify the human soul – fragile and tender.


Bright purple amethyst is considered a symbol of balance; it allows a woman to reveal herself, her inner potential, gives confidence and tranquility. In addition to the fact that this stone is very beautiful, it helps its owner get rid of mental torment and find spiritual harmony. But amethyst can accomplish all this only in pairs.

According to ancient beliefs, the lilac stone is considered a powerful amulet. He is an excellent assistant in the harmonious formation of personality, the development of intuition and insight. And the reason for everything is a magical color with a pearlescent tint, which is considered a symbol of the “third eye,” that is, enlightenment. Even if you do not believe in the hidden “potential of stones” and consider them only from an aesthetic point of view, you will still agree: in a pair this gem plays much more spectacularly.


Ancient sailors believed that aquamarine was the materialized soul of the sea and could even tame sea storms! You should wear aquamarine in a pair if you are worried about internal imbalance and want to get rid of it (a problem that is especially relevant for dual zodiac signs – Libra and Gemini).

And Ayurveda adherents are convinced that this blue stone is ideal for lovers, because it helps to maintain awe and passion in a relationship. The mineral of noble blood helps to maintain royal calm even during the most passionate disputes. Aquamarine is often confused with pale varieties of sapphire, because they do not know about its unique property – two-tone. If you change the angle of view, the shade of aquamarine changes, but sapphire does not.

Remember that jewelry is, first of all, a reflection of style, your inner attitude. Therefore, your favorite stones can tell a lot more about you than it seems. Trust your choice to and we will find you the perfect pair of gems.

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