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Which stone suits all zodiac signs?

Talisman stones for Cancers Suitable stones for men and women Helping stones for areas of life What stones should Cancers not wear? Talismans of star Cancers How to choose and wear a talisman stone for Cancers Cancer (lat. Cancer) is the fourth sign of the zodiac, belonging to the element of Water. People born from June 22 to July 22 and under the protection of the Moon are famous for their sensitivity and homeliness. At the same time, they are vulnerable, secretive, prone to melancholy and frequent mood swings. Stones suitable for Cancer according to the horoscope will help develop the positive qualities of this zodiac sign and smooth out negative character traits.

Talisman stones for Cancers

In order not to unknowingly give a harmful gift to yourself or a loved one, it is better to find out which stones are suitable for Cancers as a talisman, which of them will become a simple decoration, and which are not recommended. Since this zodiac sign belongs to the water element, transparent and translucent stones will work most effectively for its representatives. Thus, aquamarine promotes mental balance. Agate, suitable for almost all zodiac signs, will strengthen self-confidence, awaken creativity and protect against negative external influences. Emerald will help intellectuals of this sign, prone to introspection and philosophizing, to establish strong contact with reality and find application of their philosophy. Rock crystal, a type of quartz, will bring peace and prosperity to the family. Moonstone successfully copes with the mood swings that Cancers are prone to. The cat’s eye will allow representatives of the sign to become socially successful, overcome their shortcomings, and free themselves from the captivity of pessimism and the influence of others.

By date of birth

  • From June 22 to July 1. People born in the first decade and ruled by the Moon are characterized by increased emotionality and sensitivity, are prone to empathy, and have a gentle character. The following stones are suitable for them: amethyst, rock crystal, hematite, carnelian, adularia, selenite.
  • From July 2 to July 11. Planetary patron – Mercury. He endowed his students with insatiable curiosity, practicality and business sense. Those born in this decade are recommended to wear sardonyx, turquoise, heliotrope, bluish pearls, chrysoprase, and chalcedony.
  • From July 12 to July 22. Representatives of the third decade are influenced by Neptune. During this period, as a rule, creative individuals are born with a rich inner world, but not always adapted to real life. The top stones for Cancers of this period include emerald, aquamarine, and tourmaline.

By year of birth

The eastern horoscope provides for the selection of mascot stones according to the year of birth. Thus, astrologers advise Cancers born in the year of the Rat to wear amethyst to overcome the habit of putting everything off until tomorrow. Lapis lazuli will help representatives of the Ox sign to prevent rashness in their actions.

Rauchtopaz is recommended for Cancer-Tigers as an assistant. Rabbits born between June 22 and July 22 will benefit from pearls, which will become a talisman for the family. A suitable stone for Cancer-Dragons is chrysolite, which will help cope with sudden irritability. Carnelian will give support to snakes. For those representatives of the water element who were born in the year of the Horse, amethyst is suitable to stimulate activity and determination.

According to the eastern horoscope, carnelian will help Goats maintain a good mood. People who combine the energy of Cancer and Monkey are recommended to purchase jewelry with agate. Roosters based on their year of birth should get a citrine as a talisman, it will help them gain self-control.

Agate will give representatives of the Year of the Dog the confidence to implement projects. Cancers born in the year of the Pig should wear moonstone to show endurance and defeat their rivals.

Suitable stones for men and women

The Moon, the patroness of the representatives of the sign, is considered a female planet, a carrier of yin energy, therefore it is in girls that one can observe qualities characteristic of Cancers.

For Cancer women, stones such as pearls, precious emerald and blue sapphire, moonstone (adularia), agate, prasiolite, and chalcedony are considered suitable. For example, from time immemorial pearls have been considered a symbol of marriage and fertility. It will bring peace and mutual understanding to a married lady and strengthen family ties. Emerald will not allow melancholy people to fall into despondency.

Adularia helps to achieve inner harmony, calm anxiety, and for unmarried people – to find a soul mate. In addition, the mineral enhances Cancer’s inherent romanticism, affection for home, and gentleness. Sapphire will help you quickly move up the career ladder. Prasiolite relieves the wariness and prejudiced attitude of representatives of the sign towards others. An additional bonus of the mineral is to attract good luck in business.

A talisman with chalcedony will allow unmarried girls to attract the attention of the opposite sex and achieve the favor of the person they like.

Cancer men need one of the following stones: emerald, amethyst, aquamarine, onyx, agate, lapis lazuli. Emerald in men improves communication skills, helps overcome stiffness, imparts optimism and at the same time restrains the maximalism inherent in young representatives of the sign.

Amethyst and aquamarine are talisman stones for men of creative professions. Onyx helps to become socially successful, develop independence from the opinions of other people and determination, and increases charisma. Will become an amulet for leaders.

Agate is able to restore self-confidence and help overcome numerous doubts characteristic of Cancers. Lapis lazuli will help awaken untapped abilities and release potential.

Helping stones for areas of life

Pearls, moonstone, and carnelian will help Cancers achieve success in love. Representatives of the sign who are focused on a career will find sapphire and prasiolite as assistants.

Amethyst and aquamarine will contribute to the development of the creative potential of people born at the peak of summer. If we talk about the health of representatives of the sign, it is believed that emerald helps them fight insomnia and strengthens the immune system.

Agate, aventurine and citrine will become amulets against other people’s negativity directed in your direction.

What stones should Cancers not wear?

Stones of the opposite energy element – fire – are not suitable for Cancers. Although such minerals will not bring much harm, they will be practically useless. The list of stones least suitable for representatives of the sign includes:

It is believed that these minerals are capable of suppressing the will of the owner, switching him to self-digging. But you should not discount personal compatibility, taking into account only horoscopic compatibility. Wear this or that stone with pleasure if you feel that it attracts you.

Talismans of star Cancers

Celebrity – Cancers, based on their zodiac sign, know which stones suit them according to their horoscope and willingly show off jewelry with them on the red carpet. For example, actress Margot Robbie, who celebrates her birthday on July 2, is simply dazzling in pearl earrings. She appeared in them more than once at social events.

The brilliant Meryl Streep, whose birthday falls on June 22, also loves pearls, but her favorites also include emeralds, sapphires and agates. Actress, presenter and model Sofia Vergara (July 10) shows off her crustacean nature by often wearing emerald and turquoise jewelry.

Everyone knows that Princess Diana, born on July 1, was a passionate fan of sapphires, including her iconic engagement ring, which was passed on to Kate Middleton. Another favorite piece of Lady Di’s jewelry – a magnificent aquamarine ring – went to another daughter-in-law, Meghan Markle.

How to choose and wear a talisman stone for Cancers

Astrologers advise paying attention when choosing a talisman to how comfortable a person feels in such jewelry. In a word, if you are Cancer, no matter how suitable the stone is according to your horoscope, if there is no feeling of compatibility, give preference to another gem. The mineral and the owner must synchronize energetically for the former to have an effect, and this takes time.

Since the ruler of Cancer is the Moon, and the noble metal silver is consonant with it, a silver frame will further increase the impact of the stone. If precious stones – emeralds and sapphires – are rarely found in a silver frame, then jewelry ones are easy to find in such a frame.

Esotericists do not recommend that representatives of any zodiac sign wear a stone received from another person or purchased at a pawn shop as a talisman, since the stone has absorbed the energy of the previous owner.

Natural minerals have truly powerful energy, so you should not wear the same jewelry all the time – from time to time the talisman should be allowed to “rest” by putting it away in the box.

A separate recommendation concerns the moonstone: according to astrologers, it will provide the greatest support to Cancers during the waxing Moon, charging with the energy of the night luminary.

It happens that minerals in the design of one piece of jewelry individually suit a sign, but together they can lead to an energy imbalance. In this case, it is better that stones of the same type are inlaid into one decoration. Moreover, they can be of different colors, for example, white and black pearls together.

In addition, when a stone becomes dark and cloudy, and this is not due to external pollution, it is believed that it has accumulated negativity and thereby relieved the owner of it. The talisman can be returned to its “working” state by rinsing under running water.

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Stone by zodiac sign: which stones are suitable for CancersTalisman stones for CancersSuitable stones for men and womenHelper stones in areas of lifeWhich stones should not be worn by CancersTalismans of star CancersHow can Cancers choose and wear a talisman stone Cancer (lat. Ca.

Choosing jewelry according to your horoscope is a good move to get not only a beautiful accessory, but also a faithful assistant and protector. For example, among Capricorns, the talisman stone for women is ruby. Now we will find out which gems protect other signs.


The stars sent several talismans to Aries at once. The main gem of the sign is the blood-red ruby ​​- the king of precious stones. He matches them both in his fiery element and in his passionate, unbridled disposition. The mineral gives confidence, love, and leads to the heights of success.

Other stones for Aries talismans:

  • amethyst – gives strength and success in career;
  • jasper – protects, brings good luck and helps against diseases;
  • Labradorite – develops esoteric abilities;
  • pomegranate – attracts love;
  • sardonyx – restores energy, develops intuition.


Taurus has a talisman stone for women – topaz, as it relieves infertility. This is a stone of fidelity, friendship, it restores health and protects from bad thoughts.

The following gems are also suitable for Taurus:

  • ruby – a stone of love, passion and success;
  • jade – protects against mistakes, guides you on the right path;
  • turquoise – brings love, family happiness, protects from negative energy;
  • The ideal Taurus talisman stone – rose quartz – helps to increase efficiency and productivity.


For twins, the following stones are considered talismans:

  • agate – helps in love, career, protects from evil, reveals talents;
  • amethyst – an amulet for career and self-confidence;
  • carnelian is a powerful amulet, has healing properties;
  • citrine – helps in communication, develops creativity;
  • tourmaline – preserves youth and beauty.


Astrologers advise Cancer to choose the following gems:

  • aquamarine is an ideal stone for women – it gives and enhances attractiveness and charm;
  • moonstone – imparts magical abilities, calms and strengthens mental abilities;
  • tourmaline is a source of beauty, youth and health, protects against damage and evil intentions;
  • pomegranate is the best amulet for insecure people or those who are in romantic quest.

a lion

Strong and self-confident lions should choose jewelry with garnets, jasper, carnelian and citrine. Also, the lion’s talisman stone is:

  • tiger eye – enhances intuition, protects against damage, an excellent amulet for lions prone to adventurism;
  • rose quartz – recommended for women – attracts love, helps get rid of past unhappy love;
  • black onyx – a mineral for men – increases stamina, gives strength, clarifies thoughts.


For those born under the sign of Virgo, jewelry with carnelian and amethyst is ideal. In addition, a virgin’s talisman stone can be in the form of malachite (heals, protects and helps to find family happiness), opal (patronizes creativity and self-development) or rock crystal (develops esoteric inclinations and clairvoyance).

Another star guardian is agate. Depending on the color, it gives mutual love (red), protects from evil (black), helps in work and affairs (brown) or attracts good luck (pink).


When born under the sign of Libra, a talisman stone for women that will provide love, family happiness, and protection from evil is turquoise.

Universal unisex amulets – tourmaline, aquamarine and rose quartz.

Take a closer look at the emerald – the gem prolongs youth, maintains calm, prudence and clarity of thoughts. Pomegranate will provide the owner with balance and attract good luck in love. Sapphire and chrysolite will give success in business, especially financial ones.


Scorpio has several talisman stones:

  • topaz is a stone of fidelity and healing from various diseases;
  • coral – reveals the gift of foresight, provides a balance of emotions;
  • Labradorite is the best choice for representatives of creative professions;
  • black opal – restrains a hot temper and restores energy;
  • black agate – promotes communication skills;
  • blue sapphire – eliminates irritability, relieves emotional distress.


For bright and energetic Sagittarius, the talisman stone will be:

  • obsidian – drives away melancholy and sadness, helps to concentrate on business;
  • tiger’s eye is a talisman for people associated with risk and extreme sports;
  • sapphire – the choice of a family or creative Sagittarius, awakens talents, improves memory and concentration;
  • Amethyst is the best assistant in your career.


Capricorn mascot stones – ruby, rock crystal and tourmaline – give reciprocity in love, extrasensory abilities and youth. Opal restores health and enhances vision, and malachite is indicated for lonely Capricorns looking for a soul mate.


Being under the influence of Uranus, Aquarians are changeable and contradictory, like all air signs, blue stones suit them. So, Aquarius: talisman stones:

  • aquamarine – saves from depression and wasting time;
  • pomegranate is a talisman for lovers or those looking for love;
  • sapphire – attracts good luck and helps achieve goals;
  • tourmaline – enhances creativity.


The best talisman stone for Pisces is aquamarine – it emphasizes the beauty of Pisces and protects against negativity. Amethyst will give you self-confidence, and jade will relieve anxiety. Chrysolite gives good luck in all endeavors and areas. The changeable temperament of Pisces is smoothed out by pearls, and it also helps them focus on achieving their goals.

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