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Which stone suits Libra by date of birth?

Libras are typical representatives of the air element. They love communication, easily make new friends and are the life of the party. But behind the goodwill lies firmness, adherence to principles and exactingness. They love to study. Curious by nature, Libras easily achieve academic success. In everyday life, it is important for them that there is balance and harmony in everything. They have a hard time if something doesn’t go according to plan.

The main talismans for Libra

Esotericists believe that the main feature of lapis lazuli is its ability to clear the mind. The mineral relieves worries, relieves anxiety and allows you to better concentrate on the task at hand. With its help, Libra will find inner harmony. Lapis lazuli will strengthen intuition and guide you in making the right decision.
The gem will help its owner recognize deception and attract positive people. The magic of this stone can reveal the psychic abilities of Libra. The mineral is able to warn of danger by changing its color.
Jewelry made from this stone attracts the love of others and recognition. And by meditating with a gem, you can find a solution to a difficult problem.
As a talisman, sodalite will help Libra see the world as true. Sapphire
This mineral will gently protect its owner. He will be able to heal the wounded soul and help restore health. The gem is able to relieve anxiety and clear bad thoughts.
Owners of this mineral will always be in a good mood. A talisman made from this stone can prolong youth. It will help Libra to celebrate themselves as more attractive. And creative people will be able to find their muse to create something new.
Malachite will make its owner more confident and reasonable. The gem will awaken creativity and enhance the owner’s potential.
There is a belief that the stone helps to understand the language of birds and animals. Tourmaline can bring Libra’s feelings into harmony. The gem will give its owner firmness and determination. With the help of the mineral, the owner will be able to achieve his goals. The stone will also help you find your true purpose.
Constantly wearing tourmaline jewelry helps in spiritual development.

Birthstones by date of birth

From September 23 to October 2 they are under the influence of Venus. People born during this period are distinguished by their gentleness and goodwill. Best suited for them: lapis lazuli, malachite, selenite. Saturn patronizes Libra born from October 3 to October 13. The planet makes them workaholics, they are caring and true family men. Amethyst, tourmaline, zircon, and topaz are recommended for them as talismans. From October 14 to October 22, Jupiter comes into force. These people are cheerful, optimistic and full of energy. Ruby, sapphire, topaz, and aquamarine will be good talismans for them. Talisman stones by date of birth: September 23 – tourmaline September 24 – sodalite September 25 – amethyst September 26 – malachite September 27 – cat’s eye September 28 – lapis lazuli September 29 – topaz September 30 – Hawkeye October 1 – malachite October 2 – agate October 3 – beryl October 4 – tourmaline October 5 – hematite October 6 – peridot October 7 – lapis lazuli October 8 – Amazonite October 9 – emerald October 10 – jadeite October 11 – rock crystal October 12 – beryl October 13 – peridot October 14 – lapis lazuli October 15 – tourmaline October 16 – sapphire October 17 – emerald October 18 – sodalite October 19 – jadeite October 20 – citrine October 21 – Charoit October 22 – opal

Minerals for Libra Woman

For Libra, the guardians of the hearth, turquoise will be an excellent talisman. Decorating with this stone will bring happiness and protect from negativity. The gem will help smooth out conflicts and bring peace and tranquility to the home.
Beryl will bring good luck in business and help you move up the career ladder. This mineral will clear the mind, give you flair and a sharp mind.
A talisman in the form of lapis lazuli will awaken a love of creativity. With its help, Libra Women will discover new talents in themselves and become more self-sufficient and independent. The mineral can also meet with a soul mate.
With a pomegranate, Libra will be able to find a way out of any situation.

What stones should you not wear?

Some stones are contraindicated for Libra.
These include: serpentine, onyx, carnelian, hematite, sardonyx, jet.
These minerals can drive you into depression, deprive your owner of sleep, and make you constantly irritated and anxious. Before purchasing a pebble, you should hold it in your hands and listen to your feelings. If you feel pleasant warmth, then most likely the stone is right for you. People born under the sign of Libra are extraordinary individuals with constantly changing moods. Before choosing stones for Libra, you need to clarify their date of birth. This will allow you to choose a mineral that will fully suit the person and help him in life.

How to make a choice

Each zodiac sign has its own talisman stones. Some of them are suitable both by horoscope and by profession. For example, amethyst is an excellent amulet for writers and poets, while tourmaline is more suitable for artists. Opals can be worn by people who perform managerial functions. Emerald is a universal talisman stone. It is suitable for both the sign Libra and other zodiac constellations. Each amulet is charged with “hereditary” energy. It is transferred to new owners. Jewelry with stones that are passed on from one generation to another are considered especially powerful. Such family heirlooms should be carefully preserved and not given to strangers. Now let’s talk about which stones are suitable for Libra women. The information received will help you make the right, informed choice. It should be taken into account that this zodiac sign is protected by Venus. It gives a person good taste, refined manners and a sense of tact. The main flaw that Libra has in his character is indecisiveness. To strengthen the strengths, you need to determine which stone is suitable for Libra in accordance with their date of birth:

  1. People who celebrate their birthday from September 24 to October 2 are friendly and gentle in nature. Amethyst, rock crystal, quartz, lapis lazuli and jasper are suitable for them.
  2. People born from October 3 to October 13 are those who are humble workers. They don’t demand money or fame. When choosing stones according to the zodiac sign for Libra of this period, you should give preference to emerald, amethyst, topaz, ruby ​​or sapphire.
  3. In the third decade, the most subtle natures are born who know how to appreciate all the blessings of life. Diamond, emerald, aquamarine, beryl or ruby ​​are suitable for them.

So, we found out which stones are suitable for Libra. Now you need to identify inappropriate minerals that can harm representatives of this sign.

Since representatives of this sign have an overly soft, “diplomatic” character, moonstone, rose quartz and other minerals related to the element of water are contraindicated for them.

Astrologers recommend choosing gemstones for Libras in accordance with their character and lifestyle. For women who cannot find a partner, astrologers recommend wearing tourmaline. It helps you fully express your feelings. Now let’s find out who suits Libra according to the horoscope. Women of this sign get along well with Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. If we talk about which signs are suitable for Libra men, they can create an ideal union with Gemini, Aquarius and Libra. Libra and Capricorn have the least in common.

Characteristics of minerals

If you want to choose a talisman for Libra, the most important thing is that it be exquisite. It can be either a precious stone or an ordinary cheap rhinestone. As a rule, Libra women choose jewelry based on the beauty of its shape, and not on the price, so it is very difficult for them to please with a gift. Each representative of this sign has his own special style. Libras attach great importance to every, even the smallest detail in their image.

The most powerful Libra talisman is the diamond. It gives a person courage and determination. But these are precisely the qualities that representatives of this sign lack. This mineral will help you gain recognition in society and weaken negative character traits. Useful stones for Libra bring harmony into their lives and attract the attention of others. Lapis lazuli suppresses outbreaks of aggression and helps resolve any internal contradictions. Beryl strengthens family ties and helps make the right decisions. This is the best amulet for pregnant women. It protects not only the expectant mother, but also the baby in her womb.

If you don’t know which stones are suitable for Libra women by date of birth, feel free to buy an emerald. It slows down the aging process and preserves female beauty. This is the most favorite mineral of the zodiac sign Libra.

For indecisive girls who are not confident in their own abilities, opal is suitable. This stone promotes their spiritual development and helps them overcome life’s difficulties.

No one can tell women who should wear which stones. This is especially true for representatives of the fairer sex who were born under the horoscope sign of Libra. But we should not forget that some stones can harm women. For example, onyx awakens “coldness” in Libra towards a partner. This may prevent them from finding their soulmate.

When you find out which stone suits your woman’s zodiac sign, the most important thing is not to make a mistake with the shape of the mineral. Jewelry selected according to the zodiac sign is a symbol that should attract good luck and give energy to its owner. The more facets a stone has, the more it energizes a person, which is why astrologers recommend choosing minerals with complex, interesting cuts.

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