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Which stone to wear for women s happiness?

Many people dream of family happiness, so that family life would proceed peacefully and harmoniously, without serious quarrels and conflicts, and would bring only joy. However, this does not always work out. Often family life is poisoned by routine, everyday troubles, and jealousy. And even if everything is fine between the spouses, other relatives or envious people who can’t bear to look at someone else’s happiness can cause them a lot of grief. In all these cases, the position can be corrected using various stones and minerals. HERE are 10 stones and minerals that can significantly improve your family life if you wear them in the form of talismans, amulets, or store them in appropriate places in the house. 1. MAGNEZITE. This stone is highly recommended for those who are unable to create a family home. And he seems to be an attractive person, and there are many applicants for the status of husband (wife), but for some reason it doesn’t come to the point of starting a family, or divorce follows almost immediately after the wedding. A talisman with this stone helps a person in choosing a spouse, as if pushing him to connect with the one with whom he will feel good and calm in his family life. The stone is able to console its owner, heal his mental wounds from previous unhappy relationships, and free him from suffering over former partners, which is especially important for divorced people or widowers. The stone will also ensure that your choice will be positively assessed by your parents and other relatives. WHO can’t get magnesite can replace it with white denrogate – it’s denrogate that ACTS THE SAME. In addition, it also attracts natural properties to the hostess: herbal teas, honey, walks in the park – it will simply MAKE you take care of yourself and go on vacation and relax more! 2. At the very beginning of family life, spouses are recommended to purchase a stone called COISIT. It must be said that the properties of this stone do not appear immediately, but only over time. By purchasing this stone at the beginning of family life, spouses lay the foundation for a strong family and long-term relationships. The stone absorbs the energy of the passionate love of the spouses in the first years of family life, and then begins to give them this energy when the experience of living together is long enough and feelings begin to fade. Zoisite reminds spouses of their passion and prevents cooling between them. To do this, it is best to purchase a human figurine made of this stone immediately after the wedding and store it in a secret place where no one else will definitely go – preferably in the marital bedroom. If someone else sees this figure, it may lose its power. Also, spouses can exchange rings with zoisite – this guarantees them a long and strong relationship. 3. When children appear in the family, buy BERYL – in the sense of EMERALD! Since emerald has anti-demonic properties. The beryl department also includes morganite (sparrowite), heliodor and blue or white aquamarine!
They will contribute to a harmonious relationship between you and your children, making children cheerful and calm. Also, these stones will give harmony in relationships with parents and other relatives, and will not allow them to interfere in the life of your family without your desire. In general, beryl strengthens the connection between generations and contributes to the creation of a powerful family egregor that can protect your family. Beryl is also capable of purifying the energy of everyone who is in its field of action – both residents of your home and guests: it will not allow strangers to bring negative emotions, envy, gossip, or bad mood into your family nest. 4. The best talisman to quell family conflicts is IOLITE. Iolite is especially good at that stage of a relationship when spouses still passionately love each other, but precisely because of this they are easily offended by the slightest manifestations of their partner’s inattention or because of jealousy (usually unfounded). Quarrels of this kind can seriously undermine family life, and Iolite is able to nip these conflicts in the bud. Iolite also cures love addiction, making relationships healthier and more joyful. It is especially recommended to wear this stone as a pendant for the air signs of the zodiac – Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, since the stone can have the best effect on their mobile psyche. Iolite is also capable of giving a person harmonious relationships in other areas of life – at work, in a friendly team, etc. 5. If you want to bring a little more warmth, tenderness, and care from your partner into your family relationships, buy MOLYBDENITE . It makes spouses softer, more flexible, and allows them to compromise more easily. This stone is especially good if one of the spouses has an explosive, angry character or, on the contrary, behaves distantly and coldly. The stone allows spouses to better sense each other’s needs and evokes a desire not to take, but to give. Also, the stone has a very good effect on the material well-being of the family. 6. Another talisman that will protect your hearth is a stone CHAROIT . If there is a figurine of Charoita in your house, the spouses will always be fascinated by each other, will show each other a lot of attention, and they will not be threatened with “loneliness together.” The stone will give great mutual understanding not only on a spiritual, but also on a mental level – partners will always be interested in each other. The stone will contribute to the development of common interests, especially in the field of art. So that spouses can engage in co-creation, it is very good for both to wear rings with this mineral. 7. Many families are familiar with this state of affairs, when routine and everyday life cools the feelings between partners and dulls the joy of living together. To prevent this from happening, keep a figurine from TIGER’S EYE. This stone will not let spouses get bored. In addition, it makes it fun and easy to run a household, eliminate domestic conflicts, and cope with household chores quickly and efficiently. 8. If your family life resembles a volcano or a battlefield, you need SARDONYX . This stone eliminates all problems that take away family peace. It pacifies spouses if both or one of them has an irritable, quarrelsome or jealous character and often expresses anger. The stone redirects the energy of the spouses in a different direction – most often towards gaining material wealth and business. In this case, it is best to have Sardonyx in the form of a ball (the rounded shape will soften the “sharp corners” of the family union), placed on a metal stand. 9. Almost every family sooner or later faces crises in family life. Typically, crises occur in the 3rd, 7th, 14th years of living together, but they can happen at any other time. To successfully overcome family crises, purchase a talisman from HEMIMORPHYTA . This stone allows you to successfully resolve the situation of “deadlock in relationships”, giving the family union a second wind. Under the influence of this stone, spouses will strive to maintain the relationship; it can protect against irreparable mistakes and divorce. Another remarkable property of this stone is its ability to protect your home from thieves and intruders. 10. If a husband wants his wife not to lose her attractiveness even decades after the wedding, he is recommended to give his wife earrings with TANZANITE . This stone will endow a mature woman with unfading youth and sexuality; she will always be desired by her husband. He is also able to make a woman a very charming and interesting person. Her husband will always be proud and cherish her. We wish you a long and happy life together and hope that the information about these wonderful stones will help you in this. Women’s happiness is a multifaceted concept. We women need a lot to find harmony with the world and others, especially in modern life. They say that turquoise can make any woman happy, be it a little girl or an elderly lady. Ancient beliefs, legends, stories of famous (and not so famous) personalities prove: there is something in this stone that attracts good things into a person’s life and protects him from any adversity.

Help: where to get it, which one to wear.

Chemical reactions to form turquoise lasted for millions of years. The water transformed pieces of rock with high copper or aluminum content into this beautiful stone. The particular shade of turquoise will depend on which mineral predominates in the rock. Blue – not affected by weathering and contains a lot of copper. Green – impregnated with a large amount of calcium, magnesium and zinc. The bulk of the modern world’s turquoise is mined in Iran. It is here that she is of that sky blue shade that is rated above all others. In Tibet, the stones are greener, while in Egypt they are deep blue, brightening under the sun. Deposits in other countries (Russia, China, USA, Brazil and Australia) are not so large, but they also exist. At the same time, for example, in Brazil, turquoise is much more porous than other samples. In my own life, a ring with turquoise became a harbinger of good news at work: I was offered a highly paid position, a promotion to head of a department, and simply a particularly successful working day. As for the personal, turquoise is turquoise, but it’s better not to let such important matters take their course. I do it the old fashioned way: I forge this most feminine happiness with my own hands.

For health.

  • We look at this stone in the morning – we improve our vision, our ability to see in the dark.
  • Wearing the mineral in earrings or a pendant strengthens the heart and saves us from fatigue.
  • We set turquoise in silver – and we stop suffering from insomnia; in gold – we increase immunity.
  • We wear a pendant made of a large mineral – we treat stomach ulcers, tumors and liver diseases.
  • We take it with us to childbirth – and it goes well.

But a sharp change in the color of the stone (both towards darkening and brightening) is interpreted by many as health problems. I wouldn’t be so categorical, because. Often a stone changes its color due to objective reasons:

– under the influence of sunlight (lightens),

– when weather conditions change or air pollution,

– after contact with perfume, oil or a drink with fat,

– in constant contact with liquids.

So there is no mysticism – everything is explained by the elementary laws of physics. Recently I had to calm down an old lady I knew: she smeared cream on her neckline and hung a chain with a pendant, and after half an hour she decided that she was dying. Together with my husband, they convinced me that he would live.

For psychological comfort.

Turquoise can do a lot: extinguish anger, help focus and find meaning in life, set up positive thoughts and give determination to its owner.

For success in money matters.

Wear turquoise regularly – we get rid of the lack of money. Beliefs say that you need to put on the stone on the new moon – then the next month will bring not only happiness, but also wealth.

For matters of the heart.

  • In the Middle Ages they believed: if a lady, unnoticed by her chosen one, sews a single turquoise stone into his clothes, she will receive his love and loyalty (oh, life was not easy for the weaker sex even then).
  • It is probably no coincidence that in the religion of Islam, turquoise was sewn into the bride’s wedding clothes, confirming the virginity of the young woman and attracting happiness to the future life for both. Jewelers in Russia and Germany made wedding rings from stone to strengthen the marriage union and, if necessary, to reconcile quarreling spouses.
  • After failures in love, the mineral is able to heal tormented hearts and give them a new feeling.
  • As a young girl (who among us can tell his true age?!), I am recommended to wear blue turquoise set in silver to enhance feminine attractiveness. Yeah, I’ll immediately become softer, fluffier and more loving.

For beauty.

  • As for appearance, I will say right away: this stone brightens the face. It suits women with black eyes and favorably emphasizes the richness and depth of green eyes.
  • If you are young, turquoise will look good in miniature rings, chains, gold and silver pendants. For older women, massive products are suitable.
  • Turquoise is good in contrast: I don’t wear it with blue and green clothes – it gets lost in it.

But all the secrets and magic are available only to genuine stones. And, unfortunately, they sell a lot of fakes now. I give simple but valuable tips on recognizing real turquoise:

– place the product under a magnifying glass and examine the inclusions (their color should not be much darker than the mineral itself) and the surface (it should be porous, but without bubbles or microscopic cracks);

– if we have beads in our hands, inspect the holes for fishing line or threads (not light or dark, but only in the color of the stone);

– rub the surface of the turquoise with a damp cloth or alcohol-soaked cotton pad (if they stain, we have a cheap fake);

– heat the needle in the flame and touch the inside of the mineral (“the aroma” of burnt plastic and damage to the surface will indicate that we are seeing a synthetic fake);

– we look at the size of the stone, if it is more than 0,5 cm, in front of us is either a pressing of crumbs, or an imitation of turquoise; natural turquoise is an extremely rare and expensive mineral (from 40 USD per 1 gram of mineral), so beads are made from it extremely rarely.

Yes, I have a set donated by one person, so cute, beads up to the navel and earrings with round stones (at least a couple of centimeters in diameter), and it looks like turquoise. I mocked him when I conducted experiments to identify authenticity. No authenticity found.

About numbers, zodiacs and other important little things.

And yet, I strictly adhere to one rule: the number of stones worn at the same time must be odd. And if chips or cracks appear on any of them, or it falls out of the frame, it is no longer worth wearing such jewelry.

As for recommendations for zodiac signs, the mineral will benefit everyone except Leo, Virgo and Cancer. They will have to achieve women’s happiness, relying only on themselves. For me, it’s more reliable.

But the stone can severely punish a moral violator. So, unless you have a high level of morality, there is a risk of getting what you deserve.

And finally, dear women, let me remind you: even the Persian scriptures said that “a horse runs swiftly on the ground, if its bridle is decorated with turquoise, such a horse does not know fatigue.” It’s not for nothing that my husband’s favorite phrase when he addresses our son is: “Mom is not a horse, mom is better. The horse gets tired, but the mother doesn’t.” Yeah, it’s about me. So maybe it’s all about the turquoise?!


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