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Which stone unlocks magical abilities?

Labradorite is often used as a talisman, amulet, or amulet. The unusual properties of the stone found on the island of Labrador were discovered in ancient times.

Appearance of the gem

Labradorite is often called labradorite. But this is not true. Labradorite is a beautiful mineral, and labradorite is a rock containing at least 60% labradorite. The stone has several names: spectrolite, iris, mermaid, dark moon, peacock stone and even bull’s eye. The color of mermaid stone varies from dark green to grey-green. Its characteristic is the beautiful reflection of multi-colored highlights on a dark, sometimes almost black surface. Labradorite then resembles rainbow opal. Black or gray labradorite, cast in all colors of the spectrum, is called spectrolite. Its most valuable examples contain the effect of iridescence, cat’s eye or peacock feather. It is rare to see a complete rainbow in stone. Much more often the reflections resemble moonlight or a path on dark water. The gem seems to beckon to itself, enchanting, glowing with inner light.

Properties of mermaid stone

The labradorite mineral is considered a stone of sorcerers. It is known that it enhances the ability to magic and knowledge of esoteric mysteries. The gem helps to reveal a person’s creative potential, extrasensory perception skills, and awaken hidden talents. Labrador seems to push you to new achievements, not allowing you to doubt your own abilities. As one of the moon stones, spectrolite gives the owner the gift of oratory. Labradorite protects its owners in risky matters. Wearing a stone is useful for creative individuals: it promotes inspiration and gives success. If worn for a long time, although not constantly, there is a guarantee of attracting sponsors and patrons of the arts. The owner of the mineral receives fame and recognition of his talent. Magical abilities are realized. The gem is easy to tame. He gets used to the owner, protecting him from dangers. The stone will preserve home peace, but should always be in sight. Mermaid stone absorbs negative energy, transforming it into positive energy. The mineral does not tolerate evil people. In an effort to use it to commit dishonest acts, to realize unclean thoughts, the talisman attracts trouble. They also wear a magical amulet as a decoration. Pendants with an ornamental stone are more popular due to the interaction of labradorite with the solar plexus. But the connection can be easily destroyed by transferring the stone talisman into the wrong hands.

How to use the energy of labradorite

The iris draws its energy from the Moon. The magical properties of the stone are enhanced in the phases of the waxing moon. You can even charge black moonstone. To do this, it is placed in places open to the rays of the night light during the full moon. Stones are divided into male and female. The latter are distinguished by a dark, rich color with brownish-green tints. The male labradorite stone is light, with a golden-bluish tint. It is recommended to keep two minerals in the house: they contribute to economical housekeeping, respect and care for family members towards each other. It is forbidden to place a stone under the threshold: the effect of the talisman in this case is unpredictable. The rainbow awakened forgotten ancestral knowledge in women, helped them learn the past and look into other worlds. That’s why the labradorite bracelet was so popular. The mermaid stone protected the housewives, allowing them to receive strength from every blade of grass and dewdrop. Even the Moon warmed the owners of peacock stones at night. But the trouble is for those who did not understand the meaning of the talisman or could not cope with the power given to them. According to ancient legends, there was only one road for them – to become mermaids.

Useful properties of gems to improve well-being

Labradorite improves well-being in case of joint diseases and problems with the spine. It is recommended to wear it for insomnia, depression, and addictions. The mineral treats infertility, stress, and kidney ailments. To a large extent, Labradorite improves the psycho-emotional state of the owner, improving mood and instilling optimism. Sometimes the gem is used as a love spell. Dark moonstone is also excellent in treating chronic ailments. It improves memory, vision, and is good for the heart. Official lithotherapy uses mermaid stones in the treatment of cataracts, glaucoma, and to lower blood pressure. The amulet stimulates sexual function. A positive gem when necessary to accelerate the healing of bones in fractures. It especially helps older people. The properties of Labradorite stone are to relieve accumulated stress and improve mood. When choosing a magic stone, you should be guided by your own feelings and intuition. Even with all the positive qualities, Labradorite jewelry is not necessarily suitable for a particular person. This is a talisman for thoughtful, reasonable people who sensibly assess the situation and possible risks. But blindly believing that a talisman is guaranteed to protect the owner from all misfortunes is pointless. Labradorite stone is a talisman for the elite. It will help dispel illusions, allow you to understand the essence of phenomena, showing the true intentions of the environment, hidden by their actions and words.

Rainbow jewelry

A distinctive feature of labradorite is a sparkling rainbow mesh, a characteristic shine over a scattering of cracks. The color of minerals is dominated by blue shades. These overflows are what made labradorite famous as a unique gem. Although there are interesting specimens with golden and violet-red reflections. However, brightness is always accompanied by the presence of cracks. For this reason, jewelers rarely make jewelry from spectacular gems. Modern strengthening techniques help maintain integrity, but stones cannot tolerate sudden temperature fluctuations. Massive decorations made from solid or carved plates are especially capricious. Labradorite with a setting is less susceptible to damage. There is no competition for crystals of amazing purity and easily polished dark stones, whose translucency significantly increases the value of gems. The combination of different varieties of gems in one labradorite product looks especially impressive. Amazingly beautiful combinations of golden, bright blue and crimson tones of gems from Oregon, Finnish and Mexican deposits. The rarest variety is considered to be a bright blue high-quality Scandinavian cabochon. No less impressive are dark minerals from China with blue and bright iridescence. Such stones help improve intuitive inspiration and develop contemplation. Thanks to lunar recharge, labradorites are able to hide the true intentions of their owners. But the amulet will not allow its owner to commit reprehensible acts.

Who is the rainbow gem suitable for?

Signs of the water element can count on the favor of this amazing amulet. Cancers, Pisces, Scorpios can rely on the favor of the talisman. The iris obeys representatives of these signs more willingly, changing the environment around them, adapting to the desires and mood of the owners. Horoscopes believe that the earth element and the black lunar gem are incompatible. The stone is not compatible with Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn The talisman of the Air element is less favorable. But the productivity of the amulet’s actions completely depends on factors incomprehensible to people, no matter what the zodiac sign of the owner of the gem. Peacock stone helps to see the other world and communicate with spirits. But even a powerful talisman is not capable of two-way communication: it only creates this ability. The gem cannot force the inhabitants of the world of shadows to communicate with the living. The iris will not guarantee a positive attitude from the other world. For this reason, only experienced magicians and strong adepts can use the secret knowledge of the dark lunar. Labradorite opens the mind to new ideas, strengthens the imagination, harmonizes rationality, the ability to analyze with the ability to act intuitively. But the mermaid stone can also push you to adventures and commit rash acts. It is advisable to wear a talisman after 30 years. During this period, people assess the situation more balancedly and are able to analyze and take into account past mistakes. Who the gem is suitable for is risk lovers. The iris will protect against dangerous experiments. But a labradorite talisman is not suitable for embittered, unbalanced people. It only has a negative effect on those who constantly experience negative emotions. AMETHYST – it is believed that this a natural stone It best helps to cleanse the aura and physical body of a person. Amethyst relieves mental tension, calms anxiety, and helps overcome stress. The owner of the stone becomes more self-confident. Amethyst jewelry awakens a reciprocal feeling in the person you love. For married couples, jewelry made from this stone gives harmony in their relationships. Shamballa amethyst bracelets help you climb the career ladder, open up opportunities to achieve success in business, and improve your financial condition. AGATE – a very kind stone, its energy is soft and airy. This is why agate is suitable for all zodiac signs. Agate jewelry They bring peace and tranquility to the owner; a person perceives others and situations that happen to him more calmly. Shambhala agate bracelet Helps gradually relieve stress and significantly softens emotional outbursts. This bracelet strengthens relationships, helps new feelings emerge, enhances attractiveness. Shambhala agate bracelets have a general strengthening effect on the entire body; such jewelry increases immunity. AVENTURINE Since ancient times it has been considered a talisman of good luck. It was the strongest talisman in India and Ancient Egypt. Aventurine jewelry helps strengthen the immune system, has a rejuvenating effect on the entire body, improves skin condition and It is believed that aventurine jewelry attracts good luck to its owner, making him the favorite of Fate and attractive to others. Aventurine is also a stone of love. It kindles a reciprocal feeling and makes its owner unusually attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. Shamballa aventurine bracelets have a beneficial effect on affairs, both in business and in personal life. TURQUOISE has long been considered a stone of happiness. This is a stone that attracts success in financial matters and attracts money. Turquoise also maintains peace in the family, quarrels between spouses stop, and unmarried girls find their soulmate. Shamballa bracelet made of turquoise – the strongest talisman HEMATITE powerfully enhances the energy of its owner. A person feels the strength to achieve what he wants, helps him see a way out of a difficult situation and become a winner. Magnetized hematite can restore mental and physical well-being. Magnetic bracelets Shambhala carry a huge charge of energy. A hematite bracelet equalizes blood pressure, cleanses the body, and also improves immunity. Hematite beads are found on almost all Shambhala bracelets, as they enhance the energy of the main stone. RHINESTONE this natural stone that concentrates attention, speeds up thought processes, and improves speech. You will better understand those around you, perhaps your extrasensory abilities will reveal themselves, and your perception of the subtle world will increase.
Rock crystal protects the owner and does not allow negative energy to pass through. Helps strengthen the connection with cosmic currents. Shamballa rock crystal jewelry and bracelets have magical properties and bring love and respect to others, as well as peace of mind and balance. CORAL – This is a protective amulet. Since ancient times, it has been believed that coral protects against negative energy and gives strength and vigor to its owner. Ancient sources indicate that corals are excellent for strengthening memory and are good antidepressants. Shambhala coral bracelet – this is warmth, light and sun, feminine tenderness, lightness and beauty. CAT’S EYE – the best protector and amulet. In ancient times it was considered an indispensable amulet against the evil eye and negative energy. The cat’s eye attracts mutual love, makes its owner happy in family relationships and friendships. Cat’s eye jewelry They help a person improve relationships at work and in the family, it is easier to avoid conflict situations, and it is possible to attract the favor of superiors. Shamballa bracelets with cat’s eye They will endow their owner with courage, charm, and attract the attention of others. LAVA STONE (volcanic lava) – stone of knowledge. Shamballa lava stone bracelets help to focus on science as much as possible. The stone does everything to help the owner absorb knowledge faster and better. If you need active brain activity at work, then the Shambhala bracelet made of lava stone can become your reliable amulet. MOONSTONE – There are many talents and abilities hidden in your soul. The stone will help you reveal them, you will see new opportunities, and find the answers you need. Thanks to its magical properties, Moonstone will protect you from negative emotions, help relieve stress, and bring harmony to your life. Shamballa moonstone bracelets я – help to attract love and harmony into the life of its owner. ONYX – a stone that helps to make the right decisions, correctly understand the characteristics of people’s character, and imparts wisdom. It used to be called the “stone of leaders.” Onyx enhances all positive character traits. Helps the owner achieve success and prosperity. Shamballa onyx bracelet absorbs negative energy, gives confidence, helps get rid of fears and indecision. HAWKEYE simply necessary for those people who often find themselves in stressful or dangerous situations. This stone will also help people whose activities involve frequent communication with people. Protects from ill-wishers and danger, relieves stress, calms and restores the nervous system. The hawk’s eye has long been considered a good amulet that can protect against the “evil eye.” “Sensing” danger, the stone becomes heavy, thereby warning the owner. Shamballa bracelet made of hawk’s eye sharpens intuition, improves perception of the world. EYE OF THE TIGER is a stone of active people striving for success and wealth. The tiger’s eye promotes successful transactions, increases profits, and protects against dishonest partners. It is believed that this stone is capable of developing our consciousness, helping to separate harmful desires from real needs. Tiger’s eye strengthens common sense, enhances the ability to concentrate, activates teaching abilities, and promptly directs its owner to useful things. In ancient times, the tiger’s eye was most often used as a talisman against evil spirits, against damage and the evil eye. CHRYSOPRASE – a talisman of innovation, the patron saint of people who follow an unconventional path and strive for discovery. This stone will bring success in all your endeavors and is an excellent remedy for treating eye diseases and improving vision. It is believed that this mineral can increase the body’s performance, Shamballa bracelet with chrysoprase surrounds the owner with friends and protects him from troubles. CITRINE – it is always a symbol of light, joy, good mood. It gives energy, strength, mental clarity, confidence and helps make decisions. The energy contained in citrine is like the sun, which gives warmth and life. He is able to impart intuition. With citrine bracelet Shambhala in your soul, it will be light, warm, sunny. There will always be prosperity and harmony in your home. SHUNGITE – a natural stone about which there are legends. This stone has unique healing properties, it restores strength, restores health, and revives beauty. Shungite has unique bactericidal properties; it absorbs and neutralizes electromagnetic radiation. Shambhala bracelet with shungite is a magical amulet that brings its owner success in love affairs, and also attracts good luck in commercial activities.

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