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Which stones are suitable for all zodiac signs?

Jewelry, be it a ring, bracelet or elegant pendant, will always be considered one of the most valuable and desired gifts for any person. Our beloved women, who have a certain natural ability to effectively combine these accessories with each other and with their clothes, are especially greedy for jewelry. As a result, we all admire the image of both a young fashionista and an adult woman, who are united by an excellent sense of taste. Those jewelry that are additionally inlaid with natural stones look especially elegant. They look great in gold and platinum frames, striking with their brilliance and exquisite play of shades in the light. Many women, when choosing a suitable jewelry stone, are guided not only by its appearance and price, but also by how exactly a particular mineral combines with her personality. Someone is guided by astrology, choosing a stone for themselves according to their zodiac sign. The topic of astrology has always been extremely attractive to people, so let’s figure out whether this makes sense and which minerals and gems are right for you.

What does astrology say?

Astrology says that every person born under a certain zodiac constellation has his own amulet, which helps him in life, brings good luck and protects him from bad people. And often this amulet becomes a natural stone, which has its own exclusivity, so it can have a great influence on a person’s fate. There is a legend that God himself distributed stones according to the signs of the Zodiac. Each of them has its own specific power, revealing a person’s potential, giving him vitality at the most opportune moment. But there are minerals that can have a rather negative effect on their owner, suppressing his energy, which leads to a feeling of apathy and depression. Minerals accompany man throughout his entire history, so the understanding that stones can influence human destiny did not appear today or yesterday, but in ancient times. All these ideas were formed in different cultures, changed and transformed over time, and were passed on from generation to generation. Mineralogy itself as a science was formed about 200 years ago, so it is quite obvious that ancient ideas about stones were not entirely correct, because at that time there was no clear distribution of minerals into groups. For example, all red stones used to be called “lal”, although there are a lot of red minerals – these are the majestic ruby, and spinel, and garnet, as well as other varieties. To make it easier for you to figure out how to recognize your stone by your zodiac sign, we have collected and structured all the information based on open data. We hope that this information will be useful to you, and you will be able to find your own talisman that will bring you good luck and success throughout your life.

Choosing a stone according to your planet

Each zodiac sign corresponds to a specific planet of the solar system, so we will start with this classification.

Sun Stones

The sun is the center of the Universe, Alpha and Omega. It patronizes Leos, who feel a special connection with solar energy. The main stones of the Sun are colorless diamond, as well as chrysolite, chrysoprase and chrysoberyl, i.e. minerals with a yellow tint.

Moon Stones

The mysterious satellite of the Earth has always attracted special attention. Its mystery is described in many works of art, so Cancers (the zodiac sign ruled by the Moon) are more suitable for moonstones and opal. A good combination with pearls, aquamarine and beryl.

Mercury stones

This planet patronizes Gemini and Virgo. Among the most suitable stones, we note minerals with a yellow tint: opal, yellow sapphire, citrine, chrysoberyl, etc. It is believed that emerald is also suitable for these zodiac signs.

Venus Stones

This planet is associated with Libra and Taurus. It is believed that the stones of Venus are blue and pink sapphires, turquoise, emerald, as well as other minerals with red, green and blue colors.

Mars stones

Mars is not only the name of the planet, but also the Roman God of War, whose children were Romulus and Remus. This is a typically “masculine” planet that patronizes Scorpios and Aries. Therefore, stones that suit these zodiac signs must be “strong” and have a rich and bright color. In particular, rubies and red garnets are more suitable for this planet.

Jupiter stones

Jupiter is the father of Mars in Roman mythology. He corresponds to another deity – Zeus, who was the supreme God in the Greek epic. Under the influence of Jupiter are Pisces and Sagittarius, for whom minerals with a blue and violet tint are most suitable.

Stones of Uranus and Saturn

Under the protection of these two planets are Aquarius and Capricorn. Uranus stones are minerals with an asterism effect, as well as all gems with a blue tint. Dark minerals are more suitable for Saturn.

Jewelry stones according to horoscope

On the Internet you can find many ways to determine which stone is right for a person. There are several classifications, when studying which you can find a certain pattern. Those. if in different classifications the same stone corresponds to a certain zodiac sign, then with a greater degree of probability this information can be trusted. Below we will look at the classification of precious stones according to the signs of the Zodiac from Jasper Stone, who wrote a voluminous and very useful work that fully covers this topic. The following classification will help you choose a stone for yourself:

  • Aries (from March 21 to April 19). This is an energetically strong sign that belongs to the element of Fire. Accordingly, the minerals must be “strong” – these are diamond, rock crystal, quartz and zircon. Other gems that have a positive effect on Aries include ruby, which adds even more courage to its owner, as well as tourmaline, which has a beneficial effect on health.
  • Taurus (from April 20 to May 20). Gems with rich colors are more suitable for representatives of this sign. These include malachite, turquoise, alexandrite, agate, etc.
  • Gemini (from May 21 to June 20). This is a rather fickle sign, so it is not for nothing that it belongs to the element of Air. It is characterized by vacillation and sudden changes in previously made decisions. To partially pacify your temper and achieve the necessary harmony, you can use agate, which helps to calm down a little. In addition, citrine, tiger’s eye and amethyst are suitable for Gemini.
  • Cancer (from June 21 to July 22). People of this zodiac sign have a fairly emotional character, but at some points they can be overly impressionable and even naive. Pearls, emeralds, as well as amethyst, which adds a certain pragmatism to its owner, will help you find harmony with your inner self.
  • Leo (from July 23 to August 22). These are quite strong-willed people who love when people pay attention to them. Ruby and tourmaline can become their talisman, which especially patronizes representatives of creative professions.
  • Virgo (from August 23 to September 22). These people like orderliness in their lives, but sometimes they lack confidence in their abilities, which leads to depression. Onyx will help restore the lack of vital energy, and jasper will lead to success in all endeavors. Other minerals of this sign include peridot, tiger’s eye, pearl and aventurine.
  • Libra (from September 23 to October 22). A rather ambiguous sign, whose representatives constantly experience internal contradictions. A good talisman for them would be tourmaline, which allows a person to be more holistic and specific in his actions. A good combination is shown by opal and aquamarine.
  • Scorpios (from October 23 to November 21). Such people are naturally endowed with strong energy, but they cannot always manage it correctly. To channel energy in a positive direction, you can wear sapphire. Other lucky gems for this sign include ruby, garnet, opal and aquamarine.
  • Sagittarius (from November 22 to December 21). They constantly lack new experiences, so they always strive to change the environment and try something new. These are not the worst character traits, but often excessive adventurism is harmful. Peridot, topaz and sapphire will help to cope with such a character, which make a person more calm and balanced, and can also protect their owner from bad people.
  • Capricorns (from December 22 to January 19). These are quite prudent and pragmatic people, but sometimes they lack energy and emotions. They can recommend bright ruby ​​and malachite, as well as opal and onyx.
  • Aquarius (from January 20 to February 19). Representatives of this sign often put spiritual benefits above material ones. This is commendable, but in modern life money is quite important, so turquoise will be a good bait for it. Sapphire, garnet, amethyst and aquamarine also work well for Aquarius.
  • Pisces (from February 20 to March 20). These are very kind people by nature who simply cannot harm others. Unfortunately, ill-wishers often take advantage of this, so to strengthen the strength of your character, you can wear opal. Pearls and amethyst can also be a talisman.

Many gems are suitable for representatives of different signs, so you can choose the one that best suits your taste. This does not mean that stones that are not talismans for your zodiac sign are not suitable for you. Yes, there may not be a strong magical influence, but jewelry stones always remain of high value, which will remain so in 100 years.

We hope that we have helped you recognize your stone. It’s time to choose a piece of jewelry that will be a great addition to your look, be it an office business suit or an elegant evening dress.

According to astrology, every natural stone is compatible with one or another zodiac sign. A correctly chosen amulet stone protects the owner and is able to ward off troubles with its energy. Precious, semi-precious, non-precious stones and minerals should be chosen responsibly and carefully so that the result is that they help rather than harm. From the article you will learn how to choose the right stones based on your date of birth and zodiac sign.


Date of birth: March 21 – April 19. People born under this sign are distinguished by initiative, prudence and common sense. They are not without charisma and courage, which allows them to easily occupy leading positions. Fate often responds favorably to Aries’ desire to be right in everything, and the person gets exactly what he was striving for. However, representatives of the sign also have vulnerabilities – naivety and excessive idealism. Aries suits:

  • a diamond is a talisman of this zodiac sign, which is able to enhance perseverance while suppressing outbursts of rage, and also saves people born at the end of March from depression and insomnia;
  • sapphire – adds wisdom to the owner, calms emotions.
  • ruby – has healing properties, nourishes the energy of Aries, returns taste and joy to life;
  • amethyst – organizes thoughts and desires, helps improve family life;
  • jasper – people who doubt themselves cannot do without this stone; in addition, such a talisman will help them survive a breakup or failure in love;
  • zircon – improves communication, helps generate and implement innovative ideas;
  • agate – helps to complete what you started.

Undesirable: topaz, aventurine, tourmaline, rock crystal.


Date of birth: April 20 – May 20.

Taurus people are naturally intelligent, resourceful, kind and determined. They may seem closed, but towards their loved ones these people always show warmth and sincerity. A distinctive feature of the representatives of the sign is balance, but you should not conflict with them. Natural stones will help Taurus accumulate energy.

  • emerald is the main mineral of the zodiac sign, it will give insight, improve relationships with others and bring wealth to the owner;
  • ruby – will add confidence to Taurus women,
  • jade – protects against wrong decisions, gives peace and inspiration;
  • turquoise – the mineral promotes family happiness, prevents the evil eye, envy, and the negative influence of the environment;
  • onyx – develops leadership skills, helps in career growth;
  • light green malachite – supports the owner in stressful situations.

Amber and amethyst are contraindicated for Taurus.


Date of birth: May 21 – June 20.

The sign is associated with constant communication, communication, and working with information. Those born during this period are usually inquisitive and open to new things, but often suffer from superficial judgments. They are characterized by impressionability and impatience, as well as frequent mood swings. At the same time, Geminis find it easy to meet new people, they are charming, easy-going, and quickly adapt to any changes. The main task of the talisman is to harmonize the mental state of the owner.

For Gemini it is better to choose:

  • topaz – helps those born under this sign control emotions, and also normalizes sleep;
  • amethyst – puts thoughts in order and reduces anxiety, helps to achieve inner balance;
  • agate – gives composure, improves health, allows you to overcome difficulties;
  • jadeite is a stone that helps in making difficult decisions;
  • alexandrite – helps to gain authority, makes the owner calm and able to make informed decisions even in stressful situations;
  • tiger’s eye – strengthens the health of Gemini;
  • rock crystal – sharpens attention and attracts joyful events.

According to experts, rubies are contraindicated for Gemini, as they can destabilize the emotional state and harm the nervous system.


Date of birth: June 21 – July 22.

According to the zodiac, Cancers are distinguished by a certain mysterious silence. Such people do not open up to everyone, perhaps because at heart they are sensitive and vulnerable. The choice of a talisman must be made carefully, because it should help Cancers get rid of excessive self-criticism and some natural pessimism.

This sign is suitable for:

  • Pearls – jewelry with this stone will protect Cancer from disturbing thoughts, help strengthen family relationships and generally have a positive effect on the psychological state;
  • Moonstone – the mineral sharpens intuition, relieves depression, helps to find a soul mate;
  • Emerald – gives composure, helps to confidently follow the goal, brings good luck;
  • Sapphire – helps cope with asthma and heart disease, promotes friendly relationships;
  • Aquamarine – gives the ability to express thoughts beautifully, gives prudence;
  • Opal – helps make dreams come true.

Red stones, as well as topaz and diamond, are prohibited for Cancers

a lion

Date of birth: July 23 – August 22.

Leo stands out in the zodiac for his attractiveness and self-confidence, which, however, often results in an inability to accept criticism and arrogance. These are innate optimists who feel equally good both alone and in society. The desire for comfort and a prosperous life is supported by hard work.

As a talisman, Leos should choose:

  • topaz – helps to look at things soberly and make the right decisions, and also attracts wealth;
  • amber – guarantees good luck, protects from ill-wishers;
  • pomegranate – creates a surge of strength and promotes career achievements;
  • sardonyx – attracts positive events, gives love and good luck;
  • chrysolite – gives talent for communication, smoothes out arrogance.

Turquoise is incompatible with Leos, as it is harmful to health and overly relaxes. Blue minerals, amethyst and pearls are undesirable.


Date of birth: August 23 – September 22.

Virgos are pedants, workaholics, but at the same time they are endowed with criticism and a contradictory character. Under any circumstances, they want to live up to the expectations placed on them. With the help of a correctly chosen talisman, Virgos can relieve stress after a working day, as well as smooth out negative character traits.

  • jade – promotes health, gives indulgence and healthy adventurism;
  • jasper – eliminates criticism, gives openness;
  • carnelian – directs energy in the right direction, protects against envy and the evil eye;
  • amethyst – gives peace, allows you to achieve success in your endeavors;
  • malachite – protects from troubles;
  • yellow topaz – strengthens memory, develops creativity.

For Virgos, those minerals that are contrary to their nature are undesirable, namely: obsidian, ruby, onyx, labradorite.


Date of birth: September 23 – October 22.

Libras have a good sense of humor, taste and intelligence. They know how to soberly assess their strengths and capitalize on them. However, in relationships, such value judgments and the desire for ideals often get in the way. The correct selection of stones allows you to muffle this character trait and protect Libra from emotional extremes.

  • aquamarine – calms, helps build healthy relationships;
  • opal – as a talisman protects the owner from extremes;
  • tourmaline – gives optimism and self-confidence, pacifies changeability of character;
  • rose quartz – gives strength to resolve conflicts;
  • amethyst – suits Libra best of all in the zodiac, adds decisiveness;
  • amber – attracts love;
  • malachite – increases the attractiveness of Libra, prolongs youth.

Representatives of this sign should avoid onyx and hematite, as well as bright red talisman stones.


Date of birth: October 23 – November 21.

In terms of energy, Scorpios are superior to the rest of the Zodiac. These are strong, talented, creative people. At the same time, they are forced to overcome contradictions within themselves. Natural insight pushes Scorpios to reflection and even depression. A talisman stone will help you get rid of negative thoughts.

For Scorpios you should choose:

  • garnet – contributes to the success of representatives of the sign in the material sphere;
  • opal – smoothes character, helps not to become discouraged;
  • tourmaline – promotes success in personal affairs, calms;
  • citrine – helps in spiritual development, allowing you to concentrate on what is important, serves as a talisman;
  • hematite – gives magnetism and self-confidence;
  • coral – helps attract good luck, enhances the positive aspects of the personality.

Agate, emerald, and amber are undesirable for Scorpios – these stones are dangerous.


Date of birth: November 22 – December 21.

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are original, bright personalities who love attention. They value their own independence and are famous for their straightforwardness. However, sometimes it can turn harsh and harm Sagittarius. These people are mostly optimistic and sincere, always ready to help. Talisman stones are designed to give Sagittarius a sense of purpose and help them fulfill their plans.

  • sardonyx – for Sagittarius it acts as a talisman that brings family and financial well-being;
  • amethyst – concentrates the mind, eliminates waste;
  • tiger’s eye – eliminates jealousy, protects from wrong decisions;
  • sapphire – improves health and gives stamina;
  • lapis lazuli – protects from enemies, makes the owner patient and friendly;
  • chrysolite – increases immunity, sharpens intuition, gives inspiration.

Carnelian, citrine, jade and pearls are extremely unfavorable for Sagittarius.


Date of birth: December 22 – January 19.

The character of Capricorns is characterized by restraint and purposefulness. These are people who honor traditions and ancestors and always keep their promises. Outwardly they may seem harsh and cold, but this is not so. A talisman for Capricorn should protect and help him carry out his plans.

The following are combined with the Capricorn personality:

  • ruby is a wonderful amulet that brings money and health;
  • obsidian – protector of the sign;
  • jet – promotes harmony in family life;
  • rock crystal – helps control emotions and organize thoughts;
  • chrysoprase – is responsible for trust in communication, protects against the negative influence of others.

Stones that are forbidden for Capricorn are turquoise, pearls, moonstone, and aventurine.


Date of birth: January 20 – February 19.

Aquarius’s character is sensitive, naive, and prone to contemplation. They daydream more often than they think rationally, and often do not know what they want from life. However, Aquarians are loyal friends and good spouses and parents. Representatives of the sign need the help of talisman stones to neutralize negative traits and unlock their potential.

  • amethyst – responsible for optimism, creativity, self-confidence;
  • aventurine – for Aquarius, the ability of the stone to impart looseness is important;
  • quartz is a strong amulet;
  • turquoise – heals, improves well-being;
  • obsidian – absorbs negativity, helps to concentrate.

Diamonds are dangerous for Aquarius, and turquoise is also dangerous for married ladies.


Date of birth: February 20 – March 20.

Pisces are characterized by such character traits as activity and love of life. These people are empathetic, sensitive, but subject to frequent mood swings. Despite this, Pisces will always come to the rescue. A correctly selected talisman stone should help you understand yourself, even out your mood, and gain self-confidence.

These tasks will be ideally fulfilled:

  • pearls – there is no more suitable stone for Pisces, it gives peace and comfort;
  • aquamarine – protects against loss of strength and despondency;
  • mother of pearl – gives wisdom;
  • moonstone – helps to maintain mental strength and not make mistakes in people;
  • chalcedony – promotes making the right decisions.

Pisces should avoid jasper, obsidian, jade, and yellow topaz.

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