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Which stones are suitable for whom according to their zodiac sign?

Labradorite is a semi-precious stone that many people know as “labradorite”. It is not only amazingly beautiful, but also has special magical properties. Labradorite is considered a powerful amulet designed to repel negative energy and strengthen the aura of its owner. In addition, the stone is a symbol of prophecy and intuition. It is believed to help develop clairvoyance, improve intuitive abilities and unlock hidden potentials. Labradorite belongs to the planetary association, which determines its connection with the planet Moon, which symbolizes femininity, intuitive gift, and emotional stability. The stone, connecting with lunar energy, becomes a powerful tool that helps achieve inner harmony, balance emotions and strengthen intuition.

Properties of labradorite

Labradorite is called a magic stone. It is known for its properties of enhancing magical abilities and learning the secrets of esotericism. The mineral helps to reveal the creative potential of its owner, extrasensory skills, and awaken hidden talents. The talisman seems to guide you to new achievements, giving you confidence in your abilities. As one of the moon stones, labradorite gives the owner the ability to speak and creates protection in matters that involve risk. The amulet will benefit creative people – it will give inspiration and help them achieve success. If you wear it for a long time, you can attract sponsors and philanthropists. The owner of the stone becomes famous and recognized in society. The mineral is easily tamed. He gets used to the owner, protects him from dangers. The Labrador will remain calm in the house, but it is important that he is always visible. The talisman absorbs negative energy, transforming it into positive. The stone does not tolerate evil people. Labradorite will bring misfortune to anyone who wants to use it for unseemly deeds and dirty thoughts. The talisman can be worn as decoration. Pendants with Labradorite are very popular because the stone interacts with the solar plexus. However, the connection can simply be destroyed if you transfer the amulet into the wrong hands.

A bit of history

In legends and myths about Labradorite, the connection between the stone and the Hyperboreans can be traced. In the oldest records there are references to the rainbow mineral, which was processed and presented as a gift. It had to be earned, but the talisman always helped the chosen one in all matters. It is impossible to say whether this is true or fiction. It’s probably just a beautiful fairy tale. But officially people first became acquainted with labradorite relatively recently – in 1770. Its deposit was discovered on the Labrador Peninsula in Canada, which is where the name came from.

Varieties of labradorite

  • Solar. A special type of labradorite of yellow-orange shades, partially transparent, without an iridescent effect. At the moment, only one deposit of the mineral is known – in America, Oregon;
  • Black lunar. Labradorite has nothing in common with the moonstone (adularia). This is the name of the mineral of blue shades;
  • Spectrolite. A mineral that shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow, while being quite bright and distinct. There is also only one known deposit – near the city of Ylämaa in Finland.

Overall, labradorite is a surprisingly diverse mineral. It has a rather complex composition, combining more than ten chemical elements. Its colors vary over a very wide range – from bright and multi-colored spectrolites, combining the entire rainbow spectrum, to rather dull ones, consisting of two shades.

The magical properties of Labradorite

This stone has been known since ancient times for its strong energy. First of all, when talking about labradorite, the magical properties include the ability of “providence” – it is able to warn of upcoming events, warn against mistakes, and lead to profitable deals. Some owners of the amulet note that after acquiring it they began to see prophetic dreams. The magical properties of labradorite also include the following:

  • The stone brings particular benefits to creative individuals: it helps to fully realize their potential, awaken new talents, and simplifies the path to recognition;
  • It has a beneficial effect on the psycho-emotional state: it helps to get out of depression, maintains harmony in the family, and reduces tension in the team. Labradorite is called a stone for women – it helps them find love;
  • The amulet protects the home from robbers and evil spirits. By placing a small stone near the front door, you will protect your home from any dangerous intruders.

The healing properties of Labradorite

While some people don’t believe in the magical powers of minerals, their healing powers have been tested by time. Labradorite is a stone that has the following properties:

  • helps with migraines;
  • slightly lowers body temperature and relieves fever;
  • beneficial for arthritis;
  • used in the treatment of eye diseases;
  • improves metabolism;
  • indicated for insomnia and nervous conditions;
  • can be used in the prevention of cancer and diseases of the lungs and throat;
  • useful for infertility, deterioration of potency and some other pathologies of the genitourinary system.

Who is suitable according to their zodiac sign?

Scorpios, Cancers, Pisces can rely more than others on the favor of Labradorite; the stone obeys the signs of the zodiac of the water element more readily, transforming the situation around them, adapting to the desires and emotions of the owners.

How to care for stone and products made from it?

Labradorite is quite unpretentious and does not require any special care requirements. In order for the mineral to remain shiny, it must be wiped, using a clean soft cloth for polishing.

If the product needs to be washed, you should use only clean water without any cleaning agents – the composition may contain acids and alkalis that are harmful to the stone. Products made from labradorite are usually stored in a fabric bag that protects them from dust and scratches. If you use it as decoration, it should be in a dry place.

Since the stone has a close connection with the Moon, in order for the properties of labradorite to be better revealed, it should often be laid out in the moonlight. This will help him recharge with positive energy.

How to choose and wear labradorite?

As with any mineral with powerful energy, when choosing a Labradorite magic stone, you need to listen to your intuition. Having looked at the assortment of our store, you will definitely find “your” talisman.

In general, labradorite is one of the few minerals suitable for both men and women of any age (but not quite young). It will be of particular benefit to the elderly, because the stone has excellent healing properties. The versatility of the gem is also evident in the fact that it will suit any style of clothing. It can be worn in combination with jeans, evening dresses, and boho-style outfits.

The mineral can be used in jewelry and as decoration. In any case, with Labradorite, a stone whose meaning lies in gentle energy, you will feel inner strength and harmony.

The first rings, bracelets and necklaces were not jewelry at all; their main “job” was to serve as a talisman or amulet. And today, when selecting jewelry, it is customary to take into account the influence of metal and stone on the owner.

According to the recommendations of astrologers, the main talisman of a person born under the sign of Cancer is an emerald. Other Cancer stones are pearl, ruby, topaz, selenite (moonstone), opal, amethyst, turquoise, coral, amazonite, jet, bloodstone, hawkeye, chalcedony. Lapis lazuli, pyrite, carnelian, sardonyx, chrysoprase, rauchtopaz, and serpentine are contraindicated for cancer.

The planet Moon corresponds to the constellation Cancer, which is why white metals – silver, white gold – are recommended for those born between June 22 and July 22. Talisman stones in a ring worn on the little finger will have special power.

Cancer stones by decade

It is believed that talisman stones receive special power if they are selected according to the decade of birth:

  • 1st decade (22.06 – 01.07) – pearls, moonstone;
  • 2nd decade (02.07 – 11.07) – emerald, ruby;
  • 3rd decade (12.07 – 22.07) – moonstone, pearls, ruby.

Emerald for Cancer

Cautious and prudent Cancer is often in a nervous state, tormenting himself with endless doubts, and experiencing causeless anxiety. Emerald helps him reveal his best qualities, reducing the negative influences of the sign. The green gemstone has the property of calming, eliminating bad thoughts, giving the owner self-confidence and optimism, and imparting courage. Small earrings or a ring with emeralds and diamonds can be worn every day, adding positivity to yourself!

Gold earrings with pearls and diamonds, made by Diva

Pearls for Cancer

Cancer is a very faithful person; it is difficult for him to understand and survive betrayal. Pearls bring fidelity, and therefore “insure” the owner against deception, both in personal life and in business. Pearls will be especially useful for a Cancer woman; they will endow her with an attractive mystery. Beautiful gold earrings with large pearls in a diamond frame will be a great gift for her!

Opal for Cancer

Opal is especially recommended for a Cancer woman in marriage. Family and children are extremely important to her; in caring for them, she can forget about herself and lose the charm of mystery inherent in her from birth. Opal will not allow the love spell with which the Cancer woman envelops her chosen one to dissipate. A luxurious cocktail ring with opal will preserve and increase the power of her charm!

Gold rings with rubies: left 911055R, right 911001R, made by Diva

Ruby for Cancer

Often the representative of the water sign of the Zodiac lacks a spark, and a ruby ​​will add it. A stone of passion and life itself, it gives energy and forces you not to stop on the path to your goal. Cancer is a great friend, but sometimes in relationships with the opposite sex he becomes a hostage to this role. Ruby will help you get out of the friend zone and turn friendship into passion. A Cancer woman is advised to wear a ruby ​​even in her wedding ring. Well, a gold ring with rubies can become an amulet and calling card of a successful business woman!

Only a natural gemstone can serve as an amulet or talisman. Rubies, emeralds, and diamonds grown in a laboratory do not have mystical properties. Looking for jewelry with natural gemstones? You can buy them in the Diva chain of jewelry stores in St. Petersburg. We do not offer “synthetics”, we only offer the real thing!


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