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Which zodiac sign can wear an emerald?

Emerald is a stone that once you see, you fall in love with its depth forever. The amazing green crystal crowned the crowns of many rulers; it was passed on as a family treasure to aristocratic families in Europe. In addition to its mesmerizing beauty, it is credited with many magical and healing properties. The power of the stone is ready to support its faithful owner, who will not part with it for most of the day.

Magical properties

In esotericism, the emerald stone is known for its magical abilities. Its most important feature is the ability to simultaneously absorb negative energy and provide the owner with useful power. Green emerald has the most powerful energy. The magical properties of bluish or green stones are the ability to endow the owner with prudence, calmness and healthy sleep. In ancient times, it was believed that green cabochons in rings and pendants pacified the difficult temperament of hot-tempered people, gave them prudence and the ability to make decisions “with a cool head.” And for those who lack self-confidence, the crystal instills faith in success, helps to concentrate on what is important and not be afraid of failure. Green emerald is a stone of fidelity. It helps to restrain wrong thoughts and remain faithful to someone who is not nearby. There is an opinion that on the hand of a betrayed person, a stone can change color, fade or acquire a brown tint. Emerald, whose magical properties extend to the business sphere of life, is recommended to be worn by businessmen. He will protect them from risks and rash decisions, and protect them from envious people.

The healing properties of emerald

In ancient times, healers recommended hanging jewelry with a stone on the crib of newborns. There he could prevent bad dreams and nightmares, calm the baby and protect him from the evil eye. People with a weak nervous system should also wear a green crystal. It helps you recover from severe stress and get into a positive mood. The juicy green color of the stone is recommended for people with vision problems. It also helps the eyes rest after working at the computer or reading for a long time. Another problem that emerald can help its owner with is cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. To do this, it is enough to constantly wear the stone in a ring, earrings or pendant. If you come across a raw, natural version without cutting, you can carry it in a wallet or a special velvet bag. This way he can also show his properties.

Emerald: zodiac sign and name

According to the zodiac sign, the emerald stone is suitable for Aries, Leo and Libra. The hot-tempered choleric Aries receives from his amulet moderation in thoughts and actions, the ability to carefully approach important decisions. For Leo, the stone becomes a kind of assistant, telling them who is sincere and honest with them, and who, with the help of flattery, is trying to win their trust and use them for their own purposes. Libra, with the help of emerald, gains protection from energy vampires and restores energy balance. Despite all the beauty and power of the crystal, Scorpios and Capricorns should avoid it. It is worth considering that the emerald stone protects and gives powerful intuition to those whose character suits them.

Why do you dream of emeralds?

A beautiful green stone in dream books is a symbol of positive changes and new acquaintances. It symbolizes health and youth, powerful energy. In dreams, emeralds are harbingers of a promising acquaintance in the future. For girls, a ring with this stone can portend a romantic acquaintance, which has every chance of developing into a serious relationship. Finding an emerald stone in a dream means a pleasant surprise and sudden luck. Losing him means parting with a person with whom you have not been on the same path for a long time. To receive as a gift means acquiring new useful knowledge that will open up important prospects in the future. The old name for emerald is emerald. This word is translated from ancient Greek as “green stone”. In the 19th century, mining of Ural emeralds was opened, which became famous for their rich green color and special milky color. This color is caused by high iron and chromium content. Even untreated stones from these deposits are so beautiful that they quickly gained recognition in the world jewelry market. Emerald is a stone that can be more valuable than diamonds. This is not a myth or an exaggeration. Crystals of deep green color with a perfect play of sunlight are truly considered one of the most valuable rocks on the planet

The healing properties of emerald

According to legend, it was in an emerald cup that the blood of Christ was collected, and subsequently, anyone who was given the honor of drinking from it was instantly cured of all diseases. This vessel is now known as the “Grail” or “Holy Grail”. The emerald stone can relieve the owner from headaches, nightmares and insomnia. Helps get rid of various types of psoriasis, infections and high fever. If you wear jewelry with emerald, it can enhance the effect of any treatment, and will also relieve the owner from night blindness, various gastrointestinal diseases and coughs.

Magical properties of emerald

Emerald is the best amulet for women. It helps them maintain their pride and honor, and become worthy mothers and wives. The second property of the mineral is related to the first. This is the stone of mothers. It protects a woman during pregnancy and childbirth, helps to bear and give birth to a healthy baby. The crystal is also capable of reducing pain during contractions, minimizing sprains and tears. The gem also extends its protection to the child. In the future, emerald will help you find harmony with your baby, better understand his needs, and become a responsible mother.

Which zodiac signs suit emerald?

Among the favorites of the gemstone are Leo, Cancer, Aries, Pisces, Sagittarius. Taurus can also wear a green gem – it will also benefit them.

Jewelry sector

The main area of ​​use of gemstones. Jewelry mineral is reserved for premium-segment products and expensive orders. Gold jewelry is the best gift for a woman on a special occasion. Earrings, bracelet or necklace are given for the birth of a child. An emerald ring is bought for an engagement or wedding. Emerald is the stone of those born in May and a royal birthday gift.

Star image

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie’s appearance at the Oscars wearing emerald jewelry from LorraineSchwartz went down in history. Teardrop earrings are now included in all emerald tutorials. These are exactly the same Colombian stones that have become a brand on the market. And Angelina’s ring, by the way, was 65 carats! The cost of emerald jewelry on the actress is estimated at $2,5 million.

Julia Roberts

And a 52-carat emerald drop-shaped pendant from Chopard on a diamond chain.

Monica Bellucci

I chose an original crocodile necklace from Cartier. The Italian actress often sparkles in emeralds at film festivals; she knows very well how this stone suits brunettes.

Julianne Moore

An ardent fan of emeralds. It is them that the star chooses as her companions to highlight her beautiful hair color. For a long time I couldn’t choose one image among her many appearances in emeralds. The choice fell on this luxurious necklace and an unusual combination with a red dress.

Elizabeth Taylor

The main fan of the emerald was Elizabeth Taylor. For her engagement, Richard Burton presented the actress with a brooch with emeralds and diamonds. Subsequently, Elizabeth’s box was replenished with many beautiful specimens.

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