Tips for stone care

Which zodiac sign is Angelite suitable for?

Angelite Use: Angelite will calm the soul. You will also be able to ask your angels for the help you need.

Angelite Colors: blue, bluish-gray.

Angelite properties

  • Improves telepathic communication and allows out-of-body travel while maintaining a connection to everyday reality.
  • Angelite can be used as an amulet to connect with the energies of your guardian angels and/or spirit guides.
  • Angelite is a useful crystal tool for those interested in astrology, tarot and other forms of spiritual counseling.
  • When used in meditation, Angelite calms the mind and allows it to gently enter into inner awareness.
  • In healing grids, angelite stimulates the third eye, crown and throat chakras. It also helps calm an over-exerted or misaligned throat chakra. Angelite balances the physical body with the spiritual body and unblocks meridians and energy pathways.

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Since ancient times, angelite has been associated with spiritual harmony. Those who wanted to find their purpose and learn to manage their emotions turned to him.

A mineral is a substance homogeneous in structure and composition that is part of a rock, meteorite or ore, formed in the earth’s crust or its water shell as a result of natural physical and chemical processes.

Jewelry stones (both precious and semi-precious) are beautiful and rare varieties of a particular mineral.

It is the ratio of the mass of a substance to the volume it occupies. When comparing two objects with the same volume, the one whose density is higher will be heavier.

2,8–3,0 g/cm³ Mohs hardness

A relative scale of mineral hardness, with Mohs 1 being the least hard and 10 being the hardest.

The standard for the greatest hardness is a diamond with a rating of 10 on the Mohs scale.

Pale blue, blue, gray

History of Angelite

The name angelite comes from the Greek word “aggelos” and means “angel” or “angel stone”. It is probably related to the most common color of the mineral, light blue, which was associated with the color of the sky and angels’ wings. Researchers believe that angelite has been known for many centuries, although it was officially described only at the end of the 20th century, after the discovery of one of the deposits in Peru. Angelite is one of the varieties of anhydrite, the main element of which is calcium.

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In the 20th century, angelite began to be used to create writing instruments.

Physico-chemical properties of angelite

Like other varieties of anhydrite, angelite is a soft mineral with a Mohs hardness of 3 or 3,5. Accordingly, scratches easily remain on the stone.

Angelite is formed as a consequence of the process of dehydration of gypsum deposits. With prolonged contact with water, the reverse process occurs – the transformation of angelite into gypsum, which is noticeable by how the mineral loses its glassy luster.

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The color of natural angelite varies from gray to blue. The most common stones are pale blue, the rarest are red and purple specimens.

Angelite deposits

The first large deposit of angelite was officially discovered in Peru. Large-scale development and extraction of the mineral is carried out in Mexico, Chile, Italy, Germany and the USA.

How to distinguish natural angelite from a fake

Angelite is rarely counterfeited, since it is a relatively inexpensive ornamental stone that is practically not used in jewelry. But if you have any doubts about your upcoming purchase, it is important to remember that not every method is suitable for angelite.

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Plastic can be used to imitate this mineral. If you put the product in water, the plastic will float up, but real angelite will not. You cannot resort to this method, because angelite will be damaged after contact with water: it will absorb water and turn into plaster.

If the surface of the product is smooth and has a bright color, then it is very likely that it is an imitation of glass or plastic.

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Healing properties of angelite

In modern lithotherapy, angelite is used as a means of diagnosing health problems at an early stage. It is believed that under the influence of angelite, barely noticeable disease syndromes become aggravated, which allows you to quickly understand what exactly is wrong with the body.

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At the same time, the mineral is credited with immunostimulating properties. It is recommended to exhausted and sick people as an additional source of strength and energy to fight disease.

Magical properties of angelite

The image of a mineral-amulet, a kind of guardian angel, has been assigned to angelite. In magical practice, the stone is used for protective spells or as an assistant in a specific matter. The important thing is that one stone can only absorb one intention.

In household magic, products made from angelite impart the ability to protect against evil forces and negative energy. In ancient times, they were given to pregnant women or women who had recently given birth so that their child would grow up in safety under the protection of the angel stone.

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How to care for jewelry with angelite

Angelite is characterized by a high level of fragility, so it is important to protect products made from this mineral from mechanical stress: shocks, falls

You can clean angelite only with dry wipes. Due to its low density and ability to quickly absorb liquids, angelite should be protected from contact with water or cleaning solutions. The mineral can be negatively affected by prolonged exposure to high humidity conditions.

Who will benefit from angelite?

Angelite will be useful to every person who wants to protect themselves from dangers or negative influences from the outside. Such an amulet will be especially useful for a pregnant woman or a newborn baby.

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For sick people, angelite will help restore strength and strengthen the body.

Which zodiac signs are angelite suitable for?

It is believed that representatives of Pisces and Virgo work most effectively with angelite. However, in general, the mineral is universal and will suit any zodiac sign, regardless of color.

What stones are combined with

According to modern esotericists, angelite serves as a bridge between the physical and metaphysical world and strengthens the connection between a person and his guardian angel. It also has a positive effect on the owner’s immunity and the regenerative properties of his body.

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Angel stone in combination with aquamarine sharpens intuition and has a beneficial effect on brain activity. The proximity to turquoise will protect the owner of the jewelry from unseemly passions. In addition, pearls, quartz, jasper, and coral combine well with angelite.

Since angelite reveals the spiritual essence of the owner, he may suffer from negative mental influences. Therefore, it would be a good idea to combine angel stone with minerals that repel astral attacks: hematite, shungite, snake stone.

What metals does it combine with?

Angelite in a silver frame protects against conflicts, gives wisdom and helps to find a way out of difficult situations. Brass, cupronickel and nickel silver also go well with it.

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If you dreamed of an angelite

In most dream books, the appearance of an angelite in a dream is a favorable sign. Angelic stone dreams of new acquaintances, improved health and, of course, the fulfillment of desires.

However, if the appearance of angelite in a dream provoked negative emotions in the sleeper, then you should not count on life changing for the better.

How much does angelite cost?

Angelite is an inexpensive ornamental stone. The price per carat of the mineral varies between 1-2 US dollars, depending on the deposit and color of the stone.

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