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Which zodiac sign is calcite suitable for?

CALCITE – mineral, calcium carbonate. English name: Calcite
Other names (synonyms): Androdamas, lime spar, gunspar, reichite
First isolated and described: The mineral was first named calcite in the publication of Freiesleben JC in 1836. Origin of the name: The name of the mineral calcite is given from the Latin word “calx” – quicklime, reflecting the important industrial significance of the mineral. New items with Calcite in the product catalog Products containing Calcite are presented in the following categories:

  • Stones and minerals,
  • Decorations,
  • Products and souvenirs,
  • class Carbonates, Nitrates
    • subclass Carbonates
      • Calcite group
        • mineral Calcite
          • variety of Iceland spar
          • variety Cobaltocalcite
          • variety Manganocalcite
          • variety of Onyx marble
          • Simbirtsit variety

          Isomorphism: Calcite forms a series of solid solutions with rhodochrosite (MnCO3)
          Syngony: Trigonal
          Composition (formula): Ca(CO3)

          Color: Colorless, white with various shades: pink (Mn), yellowish (Fe), bluish, greenish, apple green (Ni).
          Allochromatic color: black (organic), red (hematite), yellow (hydrogoethite).

          Trait Color: White
          Transparency: Opaque, transparent, translucent
          Cleavage: Perfect
          Fracture: Uneven, conchoidal, stepped
          Gloss: Matte, pearlescent, glassy
          Hardness: 3
          Density (specific gravity), g/cm3: 2,71

          The mineral calcite forms isometric crystals of rhombohedral and scalenohedral habit, less commonly lamellar or columnar crystals. The aggregates are solid, granular, cryptocrystalline, thin-lamellar to scaly, columnar, fine-fibrous. Sinter crusts, drusen, oolites, concretions, pseudomorphs of various minerals.

          Calcite is used in construction (production of cement and lime), metallurgy (as a flux in iron smelting), agriculture, and optics.

          Even in ancient Chinese medicine, calcite was used in the form of powder orally as an antipyretic and astringent for diseases of the heart and respiratory system (bronchial tubes and lungs). Yellow or orange calcite has a beneficial effect on the kidneys, pancreas and spleen, and improves digestion.
          Since ancient times, to make wounds heal faster, they were sprinkled with powder from corals or fossilized mollusk shells (they are based on calcite).
          It is believed that calcite pendants, as well as rings worn on the little finger of the right hand, help with heart disease; Calcite beads set in silver help with colds.

          The effect of calcite also depends on its color. Accordingly, white calcite is receptive Yin, and yellow, for example, Yang. As a talisman, calcite is an excellent assistant for businessmen, economists, financiers, lawyers and doctors. It makes them far-sighted and protects them from professional mistakes. Astrologers advise car enthusiasts and professional drivers to have calcite products, since it is believed that the stone can protect the owner from the difficulties of the road, in particular from accidents.
          Choose the right stone – take it in your hands and listen – if it is pleasant and comfortable for you, then it suits you. You should not choose a stone based on recommendations for zodiac signs.

          Interesting Facts

          Calcite has been known to mankind for a long time, but until the 19th century it had a different name – “lime spar”.

          Various and commonly found rocks are composed of this mineral. Calcite is also very common in nature. The stone has been known since ancient times. For example, in Ancient Egypt the Egyptian pyramids were built from calcite. It was also actively used in the construction of various Ancient Greek structures. The name of this crystal was given in the 19th century by mineralogist Wilhelm Haidinger. The formation of calcite itself occurs in low-temperature and hydrothermal processes. The stone is resistant to various influences of natural conditions. Previously, it was called limespar, reichite, androdamas and gunspar, but it received its name, which is popular in the modern world, in 1836.


          Calcite is a fairly common mineral that comes in many varieties, shades and shapes. It is used in many fields, for example, for the production of cement or limestone. This mineral has 3 units on the Mohs scale, and also has the following shades: pink, red, brown, brown, white, black, yellow, orange, and can also be colorless.



          Pure calcite without impurities will have a white tint or will be colorless. It can be transparent or translucent. The color of the stone is directly related to various impurities that may be present in the mineral. For example, if calcite contains a lot of nickel, then it will have a greenish color, but if there is cobalt or manganese, then a pink color will be visible. Minerals with such admixtures as iron have a yellowish, brownish-red, or brown color. If pyrite is present in the composition, then calcite will have a blue or green color, and with chlorite impurities it will be green. Hardness on the Mohs scale is 3 units, crystal density is 2,6–2,8 g/cm3. The fracture of calcite is stepped, and the cleavage is perfect. The luster is glassy up to mother-of-pearl.


          This stone begins to boil noisily if it has had contact with dilute hydrochloric acid; the same reaction can be seen with vinegar. Twinning or compression electrifies the mineral. Some species may be luminescent.

          Medicinal properties

          It is believed that calcite has the most powerful healing properties. Each variety has the following healing effects:

          1. For example, an orange stone can improve the functioning of the digestive system. In addition, the carrier of this mineral will easily get rid of various phobias, as well as get rid of depression. Calcite with this color has a beneficial effect on the sleep of its owner, relieving nightmares and insomnia.
          2. The yellowest calcite is believed to have a beneficial effect on the urinary system and also fights urolithiasis.
          3. Pink stone will strengthen the immunity of its owner, and also improve the general condition of a person.
          4. Calcite with a blue color will not allow blood pressure to rise or fall to critical levels. In addition, it will become an indispensable assistant in the fight against arrhythmia and tachycardia. The mineral will improve a person’s emotional background, make him active and cheerful.
          5. It is believed that a white stone can relieve toothache.
          6. The red variety can help its carrier with various intestinal diseases.

          Magical properties

          It is believed that magical properties do not depend, like medicinal ones, on the color or type of stone. Properties of the stone:

          1. Calcite can make a person very calm, and also protect him from any unnecessary and rash actions. It will help you climb the career ladder and develop logic and intuition.
          2. This stone favors motorists and truckers. With the help of this mineral, their trip will be more pleasant, without any incidents or accidents.
          3. Calcite can even help its owner find a partner with whom they can have the longest relationship.

          Varieties and colors

          There are quite a lot of varieties of calcite. Eg:

          1. Marble. This material is actively used for making tombstones, as well as for cladding buildings and creating fountains.
          2. Iceland spar. It was discovered in Iceland and also in Russia.
          3. Marble onyx. One of the types of calcite, actively used to create vases and small bottles.
          4. Moon milk is a jelly-like suspension that accumulates on the walls of caves. Deposits can be found almost all over the Earth.
          5. Cave pearls. This is a form of limestone that forms in caves.
          6. Simbircite is an ornamental stone of orange, brown, red and yellow color. It is mined in the Ulyanovsk region.

          Colors that this stone may have:

          1. White or colorless.
          2. Yellow.
          3. Red or bright red shade.
          4. The black.
          5. Brown or yellow-brown.
          6. Pink.
          7. Green.
          8. Blue.

          Place of Birth

          Due to the fact that the mineral has so many varieties, deposits of the stone can be found almost anywhere on Earth. Calcite can be found in places such as:

          1. Siberia.
          2. Iceland.
          3. The Urals.
          4. Lower Tunguska.
          5. Middle Asia.

          The largest of them in mining the most valuable stones is Iceland. In Asia, calcite is also a common type of stone, but the deposits themselves are not so large as they are numerous. With the help of this breed, Nizhnyaya Tunguska is developing and increasing the level of industrial importance of its city.


          The areas of application of calcite are varied. Eg:

          1. It is widely used for making tombstones, building cladding, and monuments.
          2. Various fountains, statues, flowerpots, tabletops, and so on are also created from this mineral.
          3. Lime and cement are also made from calcite, which are widely used in construction.
          4. Calcite is also used to obtain the base of various varnishes, balms, and paints.
          5. It can be used as an ornamental stone to create figurines, souvenirs and more.

          But besides this, it is almost never used in jewelry because it is quite soft and difficult for jewelers to work with.

          To whom does

          Zodiac sign

          Calcite is a stone that will suit every person, regardless of their zodiac sign. The impact it has on representatives of the zodiac circle:

          1. For example, this mineral will help Aries become luckier and achieve success.
          2. Taurus, wearing jewelry with this mineral, will become more decisive and confident. Their work life will quickly go uphill.
          3. Gemini will be able to expand their horizons and make friends, as well as become friendlier and more open.
          4. Cancers will begin to make better decisions, and will also become more successful in all their affairs.
          5. Leos will also become luckier and more successful, in addition, they will begin to move up the career ladder and become more and more successful.
          6. Virgos will become more friendly and will be able to find truly loyal and true friends.
          7. Representatives of the Libra sign are also fulfilled in life and will move towards their goal more confidently.
          8. Scorpios will become even more ambitious, and with the help of the stone, life will give new positive impressions that they will never forget.
          9. Sagittarius will become more careful and attentive, and will also muffle their ardor, which is typical for representatives of this zodiac sign.
          10. Capricorns will achieve the goals they set for themselves, and their interest in work will increase.
          11. Aquarians will develop their imagination and creativity.
          12. Pisces will become more confident, in addition they will make new friends and become socially active.

          By name

          It is advisable to select almost any stone in accordance with your name. This must be done so that the stone does not “emerge” any negative properties. Names that go with calcite:

          1. Svetlana.
          2. Vladimir.
          3. Lyudmila.
          4. Makar.

          Combination with other stones

          Due to the fact that this stone itself is not a representative of any element, calcite can be worn with any minerals of natural origin. But it combines especially vividly with stones such as heliodor, moldavite, and celestine.

          How to distinguish the original from forgery

          To distinguish real calcite from a fake, you must follow the following steps on the website:

          1. Firstly, to distinguish a real stone from a fake, you need to look closely at it: natural calcite will contain air bubbles, uneven coloring and various microcracks.
          2. A distinctive feature of Iceland spar, a favorite among jewelers, is the refraction of light.

          How to care for a stone

          To preserve the beauty of any stone, you must follow certain steps as on the website. For example, the steps needed to preserve the beautiful appearance of calcite:

          1. Since the stone itself is soft, it is necessary to protect it from various impacts and mechanical damage.
          2. Also ensure that the stone is not exposed to high temperatures or high humidity.
          3. It is best to store away from other stones in a box with soft upholstery or in a separate bag.

          How to wear

          Due to its huge variety of colors and shapes, calcite can be worn with both business and formal attire, as well as casual wear.

          Interesting Facts

          1. This stone ranks first in terms of the variety of colors and shapes. It is believed on the website in the article that it has about 700 varieties.
          2. It ranks third on the Mohs scale and is also one of the standard stones.
          3. The Great Barrier Reef, located in Australia, is made of calcite.

          A piece of jewelry looks influential and attracts attention. More often than not, when choosing different ideal jewelry, organic silver gems are chosen.

          Similar calcite properties are quite similar to metals and anthraconite

          As for energy, jewelry can transmit it through wearing. Stalagmites and stalactites are rarely found in the USA

          For the ancients, the mountain mineral was contraindicated. This product was used to strengthen magmatic deposits and flowing waters.

          in case of heart disease there is a forge mineral. Scorpio constantly uses the mineral

          A transparent talisman with a gem will help with the gastrointestinal tract. Blue breeds are recommended for joints

          Extrasensory properties help owners in talisman bracelets. light processing gives calcite a transparent tint

          In financial problems or problems with the spleen, the green crystal helps. Earrings with calcite save from fractures and negative energy

          Calcite is a common rock and it is the external carbon-solid properties that cleanse the body

          However, its inclusion helps in meditation and many magicians use it

          Calcite easily forms and achieves healing properties and improves organ function

          Calcite shows great potential for its structure in industry.

          Quartz is used in jewelry and talismans. It is made using many other materials

          The gray and black shade have dual characteristics and are found in the jewelry setting

          The compatibility of calcite and zodiac signs is manifested in important aspects. The surface of the bead product especially gives a lot of energy

          The gem in the amulet has the ability to preserve bones and is distinguished by the production of positive energy for the owner

          Calcite, together with brittle malachite, contributes to human energy. Calcite is used as iron and glass.

          There are many different types of calcite crystal on the planet. They are rich in their transparency and are useful in a pendant as an amulet

          This calcite is beneficial for the eyes and vision. Calcium carbonate helps the whole body

          Calcium carbonate is a strength formula and should not be mixed with water. Depending on its properties, the crystal helps a person

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