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Which zodiac sign is chrysocolla suitable for?

The natural mineral chrysocolla means “golden glue” or “golden glue”. It is translated from Greek as “chrysas” – gold and “colla” – glue. Another ancient name for this natural mineral is “Eilat stone”. The gem is known by its second name from the legends about King Solomon. It is known that the Roman Emperor Nero, like Queen Cleopatra, loved and often wore chrysocolla jewelry.

Chrysocolla natural stone origin

This natural stone has long been known to scientists and is well described, but opinions on it still differ. This is directly related to the fact that the composition of this gem is heterogeneous. This means that frequent impurities change the properties of the stone, structure, and density. Chrysocolla gemstone is a complex copper silicate. It is formed in complex structural formations similar to clusters. The chemical structure of this natural mineral is heterogeneous, because it often contains impurities that change the characteristics of the gem. The natural chrysocolla gem is typical of copper deposits and is not difficult to detect. In other words, the mineral originates where copper accumulations are present.

Chrysocolla mineral deposits

Chrysocolla deposits are especially extensive in the Andes, in the countries of Chile and Peru.
Russian chrysocolla gemstone is mined beyond Lake Baikal and in the Urals.
Extensive reserves of this mineral are found in Europe, Africa, and both Americas.

Chrysocolla color and varieties of gems

  • Asperolite – the variety containing the highest percentage of water content. Crystals nucleate as fragile, kidney-shaped masses. Has greenish-blue shades.
  • Bispiit – contains a low percentage of water in its crystal structure.
  • Demidovit – it is interesting that this mineral is formed as a thin layer on malachite. Outwardly it is very similar to turquoise and therefore is considered the most expensive and popular among the subspecies of this mineral.

Chrysocolla physical properties

Due to the frequent content of impurities, the density of natural stone may vary.
The shine of a polished natural gem can be waxy, matte or glassy.
Natural chrysocolla stone is fragile and does not tolerate strong cleaning agents.

Chrysocolla product care

Because natural chrysocolla is somewhat fragile, it needs to be protected from strong impacts. It is advisable not to wash chrysocolla with strong soapy solutions or clean it with brushes and cleaning agents. It is enough to wipe this natural mineral with a flannel or suede cloth.

Chrysocolla stone has magical properties.

The natural gem chrysocolla is valued by many magicians for the clarity of understanding of what is happening under the influence of the stone. The chrysocolla gem helps to get rid of self-doubt and unreasonable fears. Develops the ability to make error-free decisions and intuition. Thus, the Eilat stone favors serious and responsible actions.
Chrysocolla jewelry improves public speaking skills, making its owner more charismatic and less introverted and shy.

The chrysocolla gem especially favors individuals engaged in scientific work. For this reason it is often called the “stone of the sages.” For sober-minded people, chrysocolla stone helps to structure their thinking. And natural chrysocolla brings dreamers and people living in their own dimension back to reality from the world of illusions. It is not at all easy to deceive the owner of chrysocolla jewelry.

It has been noted that natural stone has a better and more reliable effect on women than on men, making them more gentle, feminine and sophisticated.

For restless children, the chrysocolla mineral helps get rid of the fear of being alone, tremors due to the dark and other imaginary phobias.

Chrysocolla stone is considered a mysterious gem and occupies a special position among magicians. It is believed that chrysocolla mineral protects against obsessions and disturbing misconceptions. The gem also helps in case of obsession to get something now. Thanks to this quality, the chrysocolla mineral helps in the treatment of alcoholism and nicotine regression.

Chrysocolla stone has healing properties.

The natural mineral chrysocolla has proven itself in the treatment of female gynecological ailments. Normalizes hormonal changes. It is especially good for women in a piquant position. The mineral also helps those who already have a baby.

Beads and necklaces made from this stone are used to prevent diseases of the throat and thyroid gland.
At the same time, it is recommended to wear the stone in the form of a necklace, choker or pendant.
Because natural chrysocolla is a copper silicate, it is used for diseases and disorders arising from a deficiency of this metal in the body.

  • Apathy
  • Depressed states
  • Depression and depression
  • Weakness and nervous exhaustion
  • Insomnia attacks

Jewelry made from Eilat stone helps smokers by relieving cough outbreaks and removes tar from the lungs.

Chrysocolla stone has been proven to stimulate vitality, improving quality of life. At the same time, chrysocolla enhances the feeling of mutual attraction in both men and women.

To get the maximum benefit from the healing effects of the stone, it is advisable to use the mineral not only on the body in the form of products, but also to place chrysocolla crystals in the room where the patient is. Moreover, any products made from chrysocolla are good, as well as both processed and unprocessed crystals and druses of the mineral.

Chrysocolla zodiac signs

Chrysocolla stone is ideal for Sagittarius, Aries and Taurus. It is a source of mental energy and understanding for these signs. The natural stone chrysocolla fully endows them with speed of mental reaction. Those born under the constellations of Aquarius, Cancer or Leo with prudence, their chrysocolla products will reward prudence and prudence. Natural chrysocolla gives Scorpios, Capricorns and Geminis a sense of purpose and self-organization.

Chrysocolla semi-precious stone

Few people will be indifferent to the natural ornaments and patterns of chrysocolla. You can buy this semi-precious stone, beads and jewelry made from it from us, in the ArtLavka online store.

Chrysocolla is a mineral that symbolizes peace, prudence, and life wisdom.

The stone combines two Greek words in its name: chrysos (“gold”) and kolla (“glue”). In ancient times, this rock was used as solder, that is, as a connecting material for several gold elements.

Chrysocolla is a stone of peace, wisdom and prudence!

Chrysocolla is a mineral that symbolizes peace, prudence, and life wisdom. The stone combines two Greek words in its name: chrysos (“gold”) and kolla (“glue”). In ancient times, this rock was used as solder, that is, as a connecting material for several gold elements. Chrysocolla is also known as the Eilat stone, named after a bay in the Red Sea. The most common specimens of the mineral have a bright blue-green color with veins and splashes of black or brown. Less common, but there are stones with golden sparkles. The color determines the cost of the stone: the more saturated it is, the higher the price. Legend has it that chrysocolla even enhanced the glory of King Solomon. His magnificent palace was decorated with many elements of decoration made of this stone, and thanks to this, the people spread the word about the wealth and honors of the ruler, making him a respected person. Craftsmen of Ancient Egypt used chrysocolla powder to obtain emerald-colored paint, which was used to cover household utensils, doors, and tombs. The beauties of that time found another use for stone powder – it was applied to the eyes as shadows. The main deposits of the mineral are found in places where there is copper. After all, it is this substance that gives the stone its characteristic greenish color. Chrysocolla is mined in Israel, Chile, the USA, Russia; the record holders for the supply of stone are African countries, in particular Congo.

Medicinal properties of Chrysocolla

Traditionally, chrysocolla is called a woman’s stone, and this is due to its ability to help with gynecological diseases. The mineral will also have a beneficial, healing effect on sore throats and thyroid disorders. The stone is effective for getting rid of a number of problems associated with the human psyche, such as the consequences of stress, insomnia, nervous breakdowns, and depression.

Of course, one should not rely solely on the healing properties of stones in the presence of a truly serious illness.

Chrysocolla for zodiac signs

Chrysocolla is an ideal companion for representatives of the signs of Taurus and Sagittarius, for whom the stone will help awaken intuition and acquire life wisdom. [Calf] Chrysocolla will help Taurus achieve mutual understanding with others. [Sagittarius] Thanks to the influence of the stone, Sagittarians will develop additional thinking abilities and intelligence, which will have a particularly good effect on intellectual workers, in particular scientists.

The magical properties of Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is one of the most common stones in magic. It will protect its owner from negative energy, help cope with various temptations, and drive away illusions and phobias. The stone allows you to clearly see the essence of many things, and therefore it is recommended to hold it in the palm of your hand when making important decisions. Chrysocolla will help you avoid mistakes and give you foresight in choosing your life path.

Chrysocolla in Feng Shui philosophy, influence on the chakras

Chrysocolla affects the state of the parietal chakra (Sahasrara), which is responsible for a person’s presence of such qualities as spirituality, religiosity, and relationship with the Universe and its forces.

Chrysocolla is a truly feminine stone!

Jewelry using the best specimens of chrysocolla traditionally enjoys the love and attention of men and women. In order for a stone to become truly beautiful, it undergoes a long process in the hands of a jeweler. But the result is worth it – even the nobility appreciated the stone: it was not without reason that Queen Cleopatra herself wore items with chrysocolla. The stone has a special influence on the fair sex. He will make free and emancipated women soft and affectionate (for this you should choose beads or a necklace made of chrysocolla). If a lady is not in the mood for marriage, a ring on the ring finger of her right hand will help her refocus on starting a family. Career women who are married, under the influence of the stone, which should be placed on the bedside table, will think about having children. In general, this is the main property of chrysocolla – to awaken the maternal instinct and feminine essence in its owner.

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