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Which zodiac sign is fluorite stone suitable for?

Fluorite has been known since the times of Ancient Rome. Then “Murine” vases were made from it. And it was precisely such a vessel that marked the beginning of the release of hydrogen fluoride from this mineral. The name fluorite comes from the Latin “fluor” – “to flow”. The gem is extremely beautiful and is found in the most beautiful and bright shades – from emerald green to rich purple.

Varieties of fluorite stone

  • Antozonite has a bright, rich and deep purple color.
  • Chlorophane is an emerald-colored fluorite.
  • Ratovkit is pale purple, closer to lilac or even pink.
  • Yttrofluorite – from yellow to yellow-brown.

Multi-colored faceted fluorites weighing from 24 to 900 carats from the USA, Switzerland, Spain, Korea, South Africa, Namibia, England and Tanzania.

Physico-chemical properties of fluorite

The color palette of fluorite is extremely diverse with characteristic zonal coloring. Often polychrome (multicolor) – this is due to structural defects. The shine of the stone is glassy.

The chemical formula of fluorite is CaF2. The stone is quite fragile and its hardness on the Mohs scale is only 4, which can make it difficult to process.

One of the properties that made fluorite famous is luminescence. It was thanks to this stone that this phenomenon was identified and studied.

Fluorite stone deposits

Natural untreated fluorite

Fluorite deposits are located in Turkey, Germany, Italy, Norway and Greenland, Great Britain, Canada, and the United States of America.

The stone is also mined in Russia. The largest deposits are located in Transbaikalia, Primorsky Krai and the Nenets Autonomous Okrug. In addition, the mineral can be found in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

Healing and magical properties of fluorite

Magicians and psychics very often use fluorite in their practice. It is considered a very strong stone. Mediums, for example, use a stone to evoke the spirit of the deceased. It is believed that a seance without fluorite is not genuine. Any predictions made using this mineral will be more accurate.

As for the medicinal properties of fluorite, lithotherapists recommend massage with balls made from this stone for those who are susceptible to sudden changes in pressure. Rolling the ball over the body restores energy balance and stimulates the proper functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Jewelry with fluorite can, in combination with sports, quickly relieve neuroses and hysterical conditions. It is useful to have a fluorite ball in your bedroom. It normalizes sleep, cleanses the aura of its owner and creates an influx of beneficial energy.

Who is fluorite suitable for?

Unlike the vast majority of precious and semi-precious stones, fluorite has no “contraindications” for any zodiac sign. And yet this stone has its favorites. Astrologers believe that fluorite is most suitable for Virgo and Sagittarius.

The stone can also be a good helper for travelers and people involved in science.

Signs of a natural mineral and its differences from a fake one

Firstly, we take into account the physical property of this natural mineral – if it is heated, it will glow in the dark, and under the influence of ultraviolet it can cast a violet color.

Secondly, fluorite is not a hard stone; if you look closely at it, you can see small scratches and abrasions on the edges. Fluorite is possible damage with any sharp object, although this is not the most applicable verification option. Fluorite is also a very dense stone, heavier than plastic and glass.

Fluorite is a fluorspar that you may not have heard of before. Meanwhile, this stone can easily compete in beauty with emeralds or sapphires. Its heterogeneous structure, variety of colors and ability to glow from within make it incredibly attractive to jewelers.

The color of the mineral can be yellow, pink, colorless, green, purple. The most beautiful and popular designs in jewelry are green and purple. Very often they can flow into each other, layered in stripes, and this gives stunningly beautiful pictures and patterns! Incredibly interesting are dark green fluorites, with a rich bottle color and aqua shade. The internal structure of the stone is also amazing: transparent layers can turn into more saturated ones, and inside you can often see pearlescent tints and shiny areas. These optical qualities make fluorite an extraordinary mineral!

Physical properties of fluorite.

  • Formula: CaF2.
  • Syngony: isometric.
  • Hardness (Mohs scale): 4. (On a scale from 0 to 10, where 10 is the hardest stone, diamond).
  • Density: 3,1 g/cm3.

Fluorite is a type of fluorspar, calcium fluoride. Miners in Germany often called it “ore flower”, since the discovery of this mineral could indicate the proximity of more valuable rocks.

The color of fluorites can vary from yellow to turquoise-violet. Sometimes there are even orange specimens! This stone was often confused with other gems, and was even called “false ruby” and “false topaz.”

The most important quality of fluorite is that it can glow in the dark! Even during the day, it seems that a mysterious soft glow emanates from the depths of the mineral. And the term “fluorescence” (glow) owes its name to this stone!

The mineral is found in hydrothermal ore veins, limestones, and dolomites. It often coexists with topaz, tourmaline, apatite, quartz, and marcasite.

Interestingly, fluorite is widely used in industry. Transparent specimens are used to make lenses and components for optics, such as telescopes. A mixture with sulfuric acid allows you to apply designs on glass.

History of fluorite.

The name of the mineral comes from the Latin «fluorine» – “flow”. This name appeared in the 16 century, thanks to the Saxon doctor Bauer, who went by the pseudonym Agricola. This is what he named the mineral because of its ability to melt easily.

Fluorite, therefore, has long been known to people. Vases, boxes, dishes, and beads were made from it. At the same time, due to its beauty, it was often valued higher than gold. Today the mineral is used in optics, industry, and jewelry.

Fluorite deposits.

Fluorite was discovered in Germany, this is still one of the most important stone deposits. Also, the mineral is mined in Italy, Norway. England, Canada, USA, Greenland.

Large fluorite crystals are found in Kazakhstan. It is also found in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan. In Russia, fluorite is mined in Chita region and Primorye.

How to care for fluorite jewelry.

Fluorite is incredibly beautiful, and therefore attractive to jewelry lovers. Often, products with this stone cause more delight than more familiar and expensive diamonds and rubies. Unfortunately, this mineral has a very low hardness: only 4 on the 10-point Mohs scale. Therefore, it is very fragile and must be handled with care and precision.

Do not drop products with fluorite, protect it from mechanical damage. It is necessary to ensure that the stone is not scratched on other surfaces. It is better to store jewelry with fluorite separately from other products.

Magical properties of fluorite.

People have long believed in the magical properties of fluorite. In India, this stone was considered very strong. And medieval magicians made magic balls out of it, “predicting the future.”

Fluorite – stone peace and harmony. Contemplation of this mineral soothes, puts you in a positive mood. It is believed that bracelets with fluorite perfectly calm overly hysterical women.

Mineral accelerates thinking process, makes the owner more rational and reasonable, clears the mind. Therefore, it is recommended to wear it students, scientists, and everyone whose activities involve processing large amounts of information. He will be indispensable during the sessions.

Healing properties of fluorite.

Fluorite soothes, promotes relaxation. It has a good effect on nervous system, removes stress, gets rid of depression and negative emotions.

Lithotherapists talk about the ability of fluorite to heal brain, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy. Also, it has a good effect on Cardiovascular system.

Fluorite will help weather dependent for people, it neutralizes stress and normalizes sleep.

Interesting fact!

Fluorite is considered capable of cleaning space well from radiation. Therefore, keep it near your computer to absorb harmful currents.

Who does fluorite suit according to their zodiac sign?

Fluorite will be an excellent talisman for Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius.

Fluorite is an incredibly spectacular and beautiful stone! In addition, it is not very well known in the jewelry community, and therefore, you will definitely attract attention and interest. Choose a shade to your taste and enjoy the stunning beauty and glow of the mineral!

Author: Anna Solovyova.

Photographer: Inna Kubareva.

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