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Which zodiac sign is garnet stone suitable for?

The garnet stone never goes unnoticed by others. This is due not only to its unique healing and magical properties, but also to its rich palette of shades, beauty and respectability. Which lucky person will he give his energy to – let’s find out.

Origin: legends, myths and reality

In Ancient Greece, pomegranate was associated with Persephone, the goddess who was kidnapped by the underground ruler Hades. While trying in vain to find her daughter, the mother of the goddess Demeter found the pomegranate that Persephone had eaten before being abducted. Thanks to this legend, the stone became the personification of magic and rebirth. In the Bible, the pomegranate is considered a symbol of fertility and prosperity. He is also mentioned several times in Exodus, the book that details the high priest’s robes. In the East, pomegranate is a sign of beauty and wealth. It is often used to decorate fabrics and luxury items.

Methods and most significant mining locations

  • Africa (in places where diamond-bearing pipes are located);
  • Alamanda is an Asian area where crystalline gneisses and schists are found;
  • Bavaria.

In Russia, garnet mining is established in Karelia and Yakutia, as well as in the North Ural chromite deposits.


Garnet is a stone whose properties attract the attention of every interested person. What especially attracts attention is not its chemical or physical properties, but its magical and healing powers.


Today it is known that pomegranate has a positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system. The stone is recommended to be worn by those who suffer from sudden changes in pressure and react negatively to changing weather conditions.

Another healing property of pomegranate is getting rid of headaches.

In addition, the stone improves immunity and promotes rapid recovery after serious illnesses.


The magical properties of pomegranate include:

  • increased attention from the opposite sex, help in finding true love, serious relationships and marriage;
  • increase in power, which is especially important for those in leadership positions;
  • strengthening strong-willed qualities, attracting good luck, increasing profits;
  • gaining self-confidence, wisdom and compliance.

For those who really need help in solving complex life issues, it is recommended to choose a product that will contain several gems at once.

For anyone who owns garnet jewelry, the stone will provide the power and strength of accumulated natural magic.


Today, the healing power of the stone remains a controversial issue for many. Someone is sure that the descriptions of shamans and healers about the magical properties of pomegranate are true. However, there are those who believe that the stone is ineffective and the improvement in the situation is nothing more than a mere coincidence.

Symbolic meaning

Pomegranate is a symbol of eternal friendship and love, passion, honesty, and determination. The mineral is recommended for those who have willpower. A weak-willed person will not be able to control the natural energy inherent in him.

Types of pomegranate

Garnet is not just a stone, but a group of minerals that have a similar crystal structure, but differ in chemical composition and properties.

Stones can also differ in color – from burgundy to black.

By Color

The color of a garnet is a characteristic by which the stone can be divided into several different types.

  1. Pyrope is a dark scarlet stone, called by jewelers as a fire stone. Used to make pendants.
  2. Almadine is a bright red garnet. Sometimes it can be raspberry or cherry.
  3. Spessartine is an orange-yellow specimen common among jewelers.
  4. Rhodolite has a dark pink hue.
  5. Demantoid is a green stone with a diamond luster.
  6. Uvarovite is a variety of garnet distinguished by its emerald green hue.
  7. Grossular can be green, yellow, red or brown.
  8. Tsavorite is an expensive variation of green garnet.

Garnet is a stone that has many shades. It is with this property that he won the hearts of jewelers and collectors.

According to the form

Depending on what the crystal is used for, it can be given any shape – from a cabochon to a drop. An elegant, discreet garnet bracelet will always look sophisticated and stylish, indicating that the owner has a sense of style and taste.

Artificially grown

Artificially grown pomegranates first appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century: then they were obtained in laboratory conditions and entailed large financial expenses.

New developments appeared in 1951. An artificially created gem differs from a natural one in its increased hardness, high level of light refraction and dispersion.


The most common application for garnet is jewelry. Stones in jewelry look great with diamond or cabochon cuts. Moreover, uncut samples are no less popular.

In addition, garnet is used for inlaying luxury items.

In the industrial field, artificial stone is used to produce abrasives. When performing construction work, pomegranate powder is added to the cement mortar.

For children

Having a pomegranate amulet for your child is an excellent opportunity to provide him with:

  • reliable protection from the evil eye;
  • strong immunity against dangerous diseases.

The energy of the mineral has a beneficial effect on the growing body, restoring and strengthening the owner’s aura.

For little girls, neat little earrings with garnets are perfect as a talisman.

For girls and women

Women who wear garnet jewelry should not worry about how pregnancy and childbirth will go. In addition, the stone helps strengthen relationships with your spouse and advance your career.

For young people and men

If the garnet stone guarantees strong family ties for a woman, then for a man it is a source of sexual energy. A gem correctly tuned to the owner’s energy is a reliable protection against fears.

The crystal will help you gain prudence and foresight, increase your income and achieve excellent results in your career.

For finance and business

The green pomegranate is considered the patron saint of businessmen and entrepreneurs. Its properties are aimed at helping in the development of one’s own business, improving a person’s qualities as a leader.

What names does pomegranate harmonize with?

Many people wonder who the garnet stone is suitable for. It goes well with any name. There are practically no contraindications to wearing it.

The names with which the stone interacts most favorably include:

  • Yuri;
  • Boris;
  • Konstantin;
  • Stanislav;
  • Oleg, as well as names starting with the letter A.

A garnet amulet is suitable for owners of names such as Yana, Yulia, Ekaterina, Oksana and Daria.

Compatibility with zodiac signs

Garnet is a stone with which the zodiac sign is not always combined. Everything depends on the elements.

  1. Grossular is suitable for each of the representatives of the zodiac circle.
  2. Classic types of stone, possessing the bright energy of the fire element, are intended for Leo, Sagittarius and Aries.
  3. Uvarovite, which has the energy of air, is suitable for Gemini, Aquarius and Libra.

It is strictly not recommended for Taurus and representatives of the water element to wear red garnet.

For Scorpio and Capricorn, any type of pomegranate will be an ideal talisman.

Compatible with other stones and metals

When choosing jewelry with other stones, you should remember that garnet is a finicky stone. Its powerful energy allows you to wear individual jewelry.

The following will help enhance the magical properties of pomegranate:

It is strictly forbidden to combine it with:

When choosing a talisman with different stones, it is important to consider the color and type of the main garnet. The mineral comes into contact with almost everyone, except those that symbolize water.

How to choose and wear correctly

Before purchasing jewelry with garnet, you should pay attention to a number of recommendations and tips.

  1. Zodiac sign. For some representatives of the zodiac circle, the pomegranate is a strong and effective amulet, for others it is strictly prohibited.
  2. Age of the future owner. The stone is not recommended for elderly people: it can cause aggravation of diseases.
  3. Character. The stone is suitable for energetic people, self-confident and open to communication.

In order for the energy of a garnet to work in full force, it is not enough to purchase it, you must wear it correctly.

  1. People in search of love and family are recommended to purchase a ring with a garnet. It should be worn exclusively on the ring finger.
  2. A garnet ring on average will contribute to career growth and success in creative life.
  3. A ring with a green garnet decorating your little finger will generate energy for making new useful acquaintances.

Garnet is a stone that is under the protection of the fire element, which determines its strong energy. Constant wearing can lead to loss of strength and irritability.

When is the best time to buy a pomegranate amulet?

Buying amulets with garnet does not depend on the lunar cycle and other factors. It is advisable to make purchases on sunny days.

Why does the color change

A change in color, transparency and shine indicates strong negativity directed at the owner of the amulet.

Under no circumstances should you wash this fire crystal in running water.

To remove negativity from a pomegranate amulet, use a flower pot with soil or a vase with salt.

Garnet can have different colors and transparency (photo: Getty Images)

The garnet gemstone, according to some people, has powerful magical properties, is considered a talisman of various signs of the Zodiac and, despite the traditional idea, can be not only red.

RBC-Ukraine (Styler project) tells exactly what properties pomegranate has, what color it can be and who is best suited for it.

The following sources were used in preparing the material: “Ukr Zoloto”, “Zoloty Vik”, “Golden Standard”, “Jewelry Card”, “Zolota Koroleva”.

Pomegranate in world history

Garnet is a group of minerals known to mankind since the times of ancient civilizations.. The name of this stone, as expected, comes from the pomegranate fruit, because from the Latin granatus literally translates as “pomegranate seed.”

In Ancient Egypt, jewelry with red garnets was worn by pharaohs, and in Ancient Rome, garnet intaglios (carved stones) could be used to imprint wax, which was used to seal important documents or letters.

The Scythians decorated their armor with garnet and believed that it protected against poison and injury. The Greeks called the pomegranate anthrax.

In the Middle Ages, pomegranate attracted members of the clergy, monarchs and aristocracy. In addition, this stone was used by adherents of mysticism who believed in its unique magical properties.

Origin of pomegranates

Now garnets are mined on almost all continents. The Czech Republic, USA, Brazil, Madagascar, and India can boast of mineral reserves. In Ukraine, garnet (almandine) is found in Vinnitsa and Kirovograd regions.

The largest part of the world’s garnet reserves is found on the African continent (Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania), where the rarest specimens are mined.

Interestingly, this mineral (and its synthetic analogues) is used not only in the jewelry industry, but also in the production of electronics, sandpaper, crushed stone, grinding materials, powders, laser technologies, etc.

Garnet itself is a fairly hard stone and measures 6,5-7,5 units on a ten-point scale of relative mineral surface hardness, proposed by the German mineralogist Friedrich Mohs in 1811.

This mineral is resistant to high temperatures and can be easily cut.

Garnet crystals (illustrative photo:

What color can a garnet be?

From a mineralogy point of view garnet can be classified as a semi-precious stone. It contains compounds of aluminum, silicon and calcium. Additional impurities affect the shade of the mineral – iron, magnesium, manganese.

The vast majority of garnets have red and orange hues, and their transparency varies from almost transparent stones to saturated ones – without any “clearance”.

The luster of garnet is very similar to diamond – it is “clean” and “glassy”.

Jewelers most often work with red garnets with a purple tint, as well as honey or yellow-orange ones. At the same time, green, purple and black garnets are considered the most expensive.

Varieties of pomegranate

Various garnets are united by a common crystal structure, while they most often differ in their chemical composition. There are about 15 varieties of the mineral in the world.

In general, among the precious varieties of this mineral we should mention:

  • almandine – the most common opaque garnet, rich red in color with a subtle purple tint
  • pyrope – transparent garnet, which can have a color from scarlet to a “thick” burgundy hue
  • spessartine – collectible garnet of yellow-brown, red-orange or pink color (may have “turbidities”)
  • rhodolite (a combination of almandine and pyrope) – dark pink garnet with lilac-raspberry or purple “notes”
  • grossular – garnet, which can have almost any color except blue
  • hessonite – the cheapest variety of pomegranate, honey or yellow-orange in color with brown “notes”
  • rosolite (landerite) – rose-red or pale pink garnet (also called pink garnet)
  • leucogrossular – collectible colorless garnet (almost transparent grossular)
  • tsavorite – bright green transparent garnet
  • andradite – the rarest variety of garnet with high light dispersion (decomposition of light into a spectrum), which can be yellow, green, brown and even black.
  • demantoid – olive green or emerald green andradite garnet
  • uvarovite – a rare and valuable garnet of rich green color with an original texture in the form of crystals

There are different types of grenades (illustrative photo:

Svoystva grenade

physical properties garnet is classified as a pyroelectric mineral. The point is that this stone can “heat up” during friction against fabric and attract light particles (fluffs, feathers, etc.). A similar phenomenon can be observed when a static charge appears on synthetics or hair.

Some also believe in medicinal properties this stone. Traditionally, pomegranate was believed to heal wounds, fractures and other physical injuries.

Modern lithotherapy (a pseudoscientific practice of alternative medicine that uses semi-precious stones and crystals for treatment) offers garnet for rehabilitation and restorative procedures, improving well-being during diseases of the digestive and respiratory system, restoring and strengthening the immune system, etc.

Magical properties pomegranate is associated, in particular, with the fact that it is under the “protection” of Mars.

The red stone should bring success to the brave and decisive; for lovers, it can become a talisman of happiness and passion; for lonely people, it is an opportunity to find their destiny (soul mate).

Some esotericists believe that red pomegranate normalizes blood pressure, helps stop bleeding, reduces menstrual pain and even helps with menopause.

Green pomegranate is considered the patron saint of businessmen and executives, as it should help its owner become purposeful, persistent in business, decisive, stress-resistant and hardworking.

The black stone is considered very strong – it protects people from troubles and helps to keep power in their hands.

Yellow stones can help with skin diseases – from allergies to burns.

In addition, some believe that orange and red garnets are beneficial for girls and women – they help maintain love, be wiser, more feminine, and more attractive to the opposite sex.

Garnet can be found in various jewelry (illustrative photo:

Who is pomegranate suitable for?

According to astrominerology, garnet is considered a stone with strong energy, therefore it is best suited for strong-willed and self-confident people.

In addition, the pomegranate is considered a talisman of the fire signs of the Zodiac (Sagittarius, Leo, Aries).

At the same time, this mineral can influence each zodiac sign differently:

  • Aries pomegranate can help improve health, become braver, and avoid hasty decisions
  • for creative Taurus – become a symbol of inspiration in finding your favorite thing and career advancement
  • Gemini this mineral can bring peace and good mood.
  • the effect of pomegranate on Rakov depends on the character of the person (for active representatives of this sign it will become a talisman for financial matters)
  • hot-tempered and emotional Lions the mineral will help you find the right path to achieve all your goals
  • creative representatives of the sign Virgin the stone will help you find inspiration and communicate with the opposite sex
  • Vesam it can give attention to the surrounding reality – become wiser, more pleasant in communication at home and at work
  • combative and stubborn Scorpions the properties of pomegranate will give peace and balance
  • for bright Sagittarius a gem can become a spiritual mentor – help you communicate with others more gently, tune in to positive thinking
  • for Capricorn a stone can become the best talisman and amulet that will help in all areas of life and give balance in any area of ​​activity
  • unpredictable and spontaneous Aquarius with the help of the stone they will find harmony and balance, improve relationships with others
  • Pisces garnet can give determination and strength to achieve your goals, it will give good luck

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