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Which zodiac sign is hematite suitable for?

The name of the mineral comes from the Greek “haimatos” – blood, because hematite ground into powder has a red-brown color. Natural hematite has many other names: red ocher ironstone, black diamond, mirror ore, bloodstone, red ore, bloodstone, Alaskan diamond, red ironstone, sanguine. Hematite is a heavy iron-containing mineral. In fact, iron ore contains up to 70% iron in its mass, so the stone is attracted by a magnet. In places where large amounts of mineral occur, the effects of magnetic anomalies have been noticed. Approximately 80% of the world’s total iron supply comes from hematite gems. Natural hematite appears as a result of oxidation and weathering of iron-containing rocks under hydrothermal action. The mineral forms plate-shaped crystals with a specific metallic luster. Most often it is found in the form of granular impurities of other rocks, but it is found in powder form or a fairly dense mass. The stone has a brownish-red, black or silver-gray color. The hematite gemstone is found in a variety of igneous and various metamorphic rocks. Being a type of iron oxide, it is one of the not very expensive gems, since deposits of the mineral are widespread and come across quite often. As a result of polishing, the mineral acquires a slightly reddish or bluish tint and a metallic sheen. The blue gemstone is most valued because of its shade and unique relief pattern. To clean the stone, it is enough to lightly rinse it with water once a month, from the tap.

Hematite stone has medicinal properties.

Natural hematite, also known as bloodstone, has a very beneficial effect on all parts of the blood supply system. Stabilizes arterial and venous pressure, normalizing the correct functioning of the heart muscle. The gem is used to treat problems with blockage of blood vessels and cleanse the blood. Saves from anemia, increases hemoglobin levels, participating in the process of formation of red blood cells. Strengthens the supply and enrichment of cells with oxygen. In ancient times, hematite was used for its hemostatic effect on injuries and wounds. Usually it was applied near the damaged area, wound, or a light massage was performed in the area of ​​the cut. In the practice of lithotherapy, it is recommended to use the mineral to eliminate abscesses and inflammation. The gem is an excellent anti-stress and calming aid. Participates in the regeneration of injured tissues and stimulates recovery abilities. Helps, sometimes very noticeably, with liver diseases, minor and moderate damage to the pancreas, problems with the spleen and kidneys. The stone also significantly increases iron levels in the body.

Hematite stone has magical properties.

Natural hematite has long been considered an iconic symbol representing courage and wisdom. Ancient warriors firmly believed that he bestowed strength, courage and invulnerability at the time of battles. Inspires optimism, strengthens will and raises morale. The mineral belonged to a small group of the most powerful amulets. Warriors wore the gem on their necks, arms, sewn into clothes or shoes, and encrusted with armor. Hematite has a strengthening effect on physical condition and well-being, improves the energy of the body. The stone allows you to concentrate energy and use it when needed. Saves you from making sudden, rash decisions and committing the same actions. The mineral creates a lasting feeling of security and confidence. Practicing mystics are convinced that the gem erects a barrier against the energetic influence of dark forces. In the Middle Ages, hematite was a mandatory attribute for alchemists, magicians, and priests, as it was a powerful talisman for warlocks. In their ranks there was an unshakable confidence that the power of the stone made it possible to subjugate spirits. Therefore, the magician did not even think of starting rituals and sacraments without having a hematite amulet in his hands.
Hematite, playing the role of an energy shield, is a reliable protector from attacks by energy vampires and the evil eye. Since ancient times, people have known that many stones have magical and healing properties. Hematite is called the “black pearl” in the mineral world. There are many myths and legends about it, and it has served people for a long time.

History of hematite

The black pearl takes its roots from ancient Rome and its name comes from the philosopher Theophrastus, who even then claimed that the hematite stone carries magical properties and is capable of healing. It also provides its owner with the ability to recognize signs of fate and influence a person’s will. But for all its positive qualities, the stone had no effect in witchcraft against humans and in other black rituals.

If translated literally, hematite is translated as “bloody.” Because of this, people began to call it bloody.

It was originally used by ancient people to paint cave paintings, and then became the basis for paints, which is also used by modern artists. It was also actively used by occultists in their magical rituals and attached special importance to the power of this stone. We must remember that stones bring health, happiness and good luck to some people, while to others, on the contrary, misfortune, illness and grief. Therefore, it is important to know the true power of minerals, their meaning and how they can affect your destiny.

stone magic

The energy of the stone is masculine, wearing hematite jewelry will help a boy become a real man and gain strength of character. Esotericists do not advise children under 14 years old to wear an Alaskan diamond. But for men of other ages, the stone is suitable. His energy strengthens the “core” on which masculine traits rest. Let the man wear a bloodstone amulet on his right side (or a ring with a stone on his right hand). Creates a protective field around the owner, through which no negative influence can break through, and all possible misfortunes are bypassed. Develops intuition, shows the right path in life, helps make decisions and set priorities, protects against bad influence and eliminates bad habits. It is a symbol of motherhood, eases women’s lives and protects children. Continuously feeds its owner with energy, preventing him from getting tired and mentally burnt out, and his body from wearing out. Promotes career growth and achievement of personal goals. Attracts the attention of the opposite sex and helps to organize your personal life. Increases wealth, for which a small pebble should be kept in a wallet. For a woman, it is better to wear a ring with an iron eye on her left hand, on her index finger. Before going to bed (preferably 2-3 hours before), jewelry with hematite must be removed.

Hematite healing properties

The gem is good for burns and fractures. Also promotes cleansing and healing of wounds. Bloodstone is very useful for the circulatory system. It improves the health of blood vessels and the heart, and helps with anemia. Thanks to the mineral, the number of red blood cells is normalized, and hematopoiesis processes in the bone marrow are activated. Hematite facilitates blood clotting; lithotherapists use it for hemophilia and hemorrhagic diathesis in children. The stone is recommended for hypotensive patients, in whom it can equalize blood pressure. If you wear the bloodstone regularly, vegetative-vascular dystonia will go away; earrings are especially effective in this case. If you have been diagnosed with vascular problems, then litho therapists advise wearing a ring or bracelet on your hand. To stimulate blood flow, a pendant or necklace with hematite is suitable. To alleviate suffering from cuts and fractures, the stone is gently massaged into the skin around the wound. People suffering from low blood pressure are recommended to wear bloodstone during the waxing moon. For hypertensive patients, on the contrary, in a decreasing order, it is best in a silver frame; the specific type of decoration is not important. In case of impaired metabolism or blood diseases, the crystal must be used in the first quarter of the lunar month.

Zodiac and hematite

According to the zodiac sign, hematite is ideal for Scorpio and Cancer. For Scorpio, the stone will help “control” aggression, hidden or overt. In addition, for Scorpios, who for some reason often make ill-wishers for themselves, the stone will provide magical protection from the eye, curses, and other astral attacks. A talisman or decoration made from bloodstone will help you achieve success in business and endeavors. For soft, not very self-confident Cancers, the stone will increase confidence in themselves and their strengths. Bloodstone can reveal hidden talents and abilities in Cancers. For straightforward Aries, an iron eye will help develop intuition and protect against astral attacks. For expectant or nursing mothers whose zodiac sign is Scorpio, Cancer or Aries, bloodstone will provide protection from the evil eye and will help to have enough milk to feed the baby. Pisces; Virgos; Gemini. This is not your stone. They can be used for treatment, but the stone will not provide you with magical protection. We’ll have to look for other amulets in the world of minerals. The remaining members of the zodiac circle have average compatibility by zodiac sign with the Alaskan diamond. If you can “make friends” with the stone, you will receive protection and help. If you can’t, it will be a simple piece of jewelry.

How to care for hematite

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