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Which zodiac sign is jasper stone suitable for?

Since ancient times, jasper has attracted human attention and was considered a talisman. Our ancestors made arrowheads and spearheads and tools from this durable stone. You can see some of them in the photo.

Also, due to the unusual color of the stone, this mineral began to be used to create jewelry.

The crystal is known for its healing properties. Rumor has it that during the time of Catherine || it became widespread as an amulet capable of bringing a person into physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

Jasper stone chemical and physical properties

The ancient magic stone is a rock belonging to the type of silicon. Composition: chalcedony, quartz and other inclusions.

Chemical compounds of natural mineral:

  • silica;
  • aluminium oxide;
  • iron oxide.

Crystal density is 2,6 g/cm3. The stone is quite light. And at the same time very hard – 5,5-7 on the Mohs scale.

Mineral class: Silicates

Fracture: Smooth, conchoidal

Jasper is an opaque spotted mineral

What does jasper stone look like – types

There are many descriptions of its types and varieties. These minerals are divided according to the pattern on its surface, shade, texture, and shape of the stone. Most of the deposits on the planet are red.

  1. Homogeneous – there are almost no impurities in such crystals, which is why they are of the same shade, without patterns.
  2. Striped – the crystal pattern consists of stripes of different colors.
  3. Variegated is a beautiful stone with different patterns, very variegated, hence the name.

In turn, they are divided into the following types.

  • Calico, distinguished by bright colored patterns and unusual shades.
  • Breccia and breccia-like, with very scattered chaotic spots and layers of different colors and patterns.
  • Fluid (another name for streamy), characterized by small inclusions of different colors.
  • Concentric – if you cut such a stone, you can see circles, which is where the name comes from.
  • Spotted Jasper – covered with bright spots of all possible colors.

4. Jasper-like quartzites.

5. Lilac jasper (otherwise called “irmite” – combines red and blue colors.

6. Jasperoids are stones that contain more chalcedony.

7. Jasper-like rocks – the rocks contain quartz and feldspar.

What color is jasper

The stone comes in a variety of shades – red, green, gray, purple, brown, yellow, bluish-green, black, blue. The patterns on it sometimes take such bizarre shapes that it becomes clear that each stone is unique, with a unique pattern. The color varies.

Jasper is colored by impurities, most often oxides of iron and manganese. It is because of them that it stands out from other gems.

The patterns on the stone are motley, speckled, spotted. A striped mineral is also found. The most beautiful are considered to be “landscape” stones with a pattern of blue and red shades.


According to legends and folk tales, you can trace the history of this protective stone. Stories about him take us back many centuries. In fact, at all times people have been interested and excited by this stone.

In ancient culture, the gem was valued as a universal antidote and was considered endowed with special powers. Therefore, it is not surprising that a lot of utensils made from this mineral have been preserved, in particular bowls and drinking cups. People believed that if poison was added to a jasper cup, it would not harm.

In Ancient Rome, its protective properties were valued. They carved names from the stone and believed that now the stone would protect these people from any troubles.

And the famous ancient philosopher and physician Hippocrates recommended wearing jasper to patients with fever and epilepsy. In those days, people believed that this crystal alleviated the course of illness and removed physical pain.

Healers, but only from medieval Persia, wore the gem on their stomachs to prevent stomach diseases.

In Japan, only emperors have long worn jasper necklaces. There are legends about the power of the stone, which protected the rulers of the world. Usually, red jasper was chosen for the emperor as an indicator of the strength and courage of the heart.

Jasper necklace. Such jewelry was popular among the Japanese nobility

The name and origin of the stone also goes deep into legend. In one of them the name is associated with Atlantis. Another says that variegated jasper adorned the breastplate of the Apostle Peter, and was later buried under the walls of Jerusalem.

Where is mined

Now the mineral is mined industrially. Previously, it was often found in places of collapses and landslides, in river beds. It is believed that jasper, endowed with the best magical properties, is mined in India.

The largest stone deposits are located in the following countries:

In Russia, jasper deposits are located in the Southern Urals, Altai and Crimea. True, little is mined there; the deposits are not as large as in other countries.

How to use

Currently, jasper is very widely used to create jewelry, because it is endowed with an unusual pattern and good strength. Most often they create beads, bracelets with beads of different shapes and pendants of different colors.

The stone is also used to decorate the interior of expensive houses – figurines, decorative vases and much more are created from it.

Jasper will decorate the interior of any home

The cost of this stone on the world market is $5–7 per 1 gram. The cost of products made from it, of course, will be higher. The price depends not only on the weight of the stone itself, but also on the material of the product’s setting, the craftsman who made it, and the brand.

Historical artifacts made from jasper are many times more expensive.

How to distinguish natural jasper

Based on the characteristics of this stone, several criteria can be identified.

  1. It is always an opaque stone. Its fakes can have a translucent texture, by which you can immediately distinguish plastic or, for example, agate from natural jasper.
  2. Natural stone scratches glass, as its structure is as strong as quartz.
  3. If jasper is split, fractures will appear, like glass. Therefore, if the stone has a grainy surface on the chip, then it is not real jasper.
  4. The stone is not perfect; it is characterized by inclusions and some defects.

Medicinal properties

People at all times believed that this mineral was universal and would help cope with any disease. Next, we’ll take a closer look at how to choose healing jasper.

Its properties depend on the color:

  • white – will help with diseases of the heart and cardiovascular system;
  • orange – gives the body additional energy, helps to gain vitality, while healing the skin;
  • green – diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and vision problems; at the same time, it also alleviates and sometimes completely eliminates physical pain;
  • blood red – just like white, it will make the cardiovascular system healthier, and also helps with bleeding and diseases of the female reproductive system;
  • yellow – relieves pain, calms, normalizes the functioning of the nervous system.

But there is something in its healing properties that does not depend on the color of this semi-precious stone – any jasper will weaken the course of mental illnesses and can overcome insomnia, depression and fatigue. Also useful in fighting any infections.

Jasper stone has magical properties.

The main magical property is protection. This semi-precious stone will protect its owner from any bad influence – physical, psychological and magical.

Indian jasper magical properties

The Indian mineral is a very strong amulet. It differs from its other varieties by large inclusions of chalcedony and moss agate. Its shades are dark rich green, earthy green, gray.

Indian jasper

The stone gives the owner a “barrier” against failure and helps in any area of ​​life, be it relationships or work. If you attach an Indian amulet above the front door, it can protect you from thieves.

Jasper kambaba magical properties

This is the name of a rare round stone that is mined only in South Africa and Madagascar.

Jasper kambaba

This view is the embodiment of calm and tranquility, complete unity with nature. When everything in life is upside down and your nerves are losing steam, the mineral will help. The dark green swirls and circles on the surface of the stone indicate the comfort and protection you may receive. The pattern on the mineral radiates balance, calmness and gradual restoration, a return to its usual course.

Jasper red and green – magical properties for women

Jasper in rich bloody shades helps with women’s problems such as infertility, painful menstruation or difficult pregnancy.

If a woman wants to slow down aging, she is recommended to wear jewelry made from green mineral.

A red colored stone is the best protection for women. Its magical power is expressed in the ability to heal and alleviate gynecological diseases. It should be worn for infertility and various female painful inflammations.

Every woman should also have green products, because it solves problems such as deteriorating skin condition, constant rashes on the face and the appearance of noticeable wrinkles. It also helps with toothache.

Talismans and amulets made of jasper

There are a great many talismans made from this gem. Their properties depend on color:

  • red is a symbol of love, helps improve relationships with a partner, spouse;
  • green will bring good luck and success, attract money into your life;
  • white helps calm the nerves and is also a very powerful amulet for people with psychic abilities;
  • blue will give you the right thoughts in a difficult life situation and help you make a choice;
  • black symbolizes career success;
  • blue is widely used for magical rituals.

Jasper amulet

The stone will protect you from damage and the evil eye, and will give you confidence and financial success.

Jasper stone suits whom according to zodiac sign

Due to the influence of Mercury, the gem is most suitable for Virgo. Unusual effect: spiritual support, stimulation of Virgo’s intellectual development. Removes communication difficulties and isolation. Stones with red, bloody and yellow veins help this zodiac sign the most. The landscape coloring of jasper brings a feeling of spiritual support and perfectly protects the owner.

Who is also good for: Leo, Taurus, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer.

Taurus, under the influence of the stone, will be able to drive people out of their lives who have only a negative influence.

Pisces brings confidence and perseverance; under its influence, excessive suspiciousness will disappear.

Cancer will stop withdrawing into itself and, under the influence of the gem, will be more sociable. It will add romance, tenderness and attractiveness to Cancer women.

The stone endows representatives of the earth and water elements of the zodiac signs with its energy, giving them more energy and vigor.

It draws out all the negativity from the air and fire signs of the zodiac, cleanses the aura, and helps to “catch luck.”

Who should not wear: Gemini, Scorpio and Aries. The stone will increase their nervousness and arrogance, pushing them to impulsive actions.

Jasper – stone meaning and compatibility

The stone is universal and helps almost any person, as it has many properties. Its ancient magic never fades and influences people for many decades.

Benefits for men and women

The mineral is considered masculine, since due to the influence of Mercury and Mars it has masculine energy. For the strong half of humanity, jasper jewelry will enhance their masculine traits – confidence, perseverance, courage, desire to achieve career success, and enhance libido. The mineral will protect the owner from unwanted conflicts.

But this does not mean that the stone is useless for women. For women, the mineral helps cope with diseases of the reproductive system and speed up the conception of a child. It is recommended to wear a jasper pendant; it will help solve these problems. The bloody ancient stone is considered a strong talisman for women. Brings good luck in your personal life.

Name compatibility

Male names: Daniil, Danil, Danila, Yaroslav, Grigory, Valentin, Vladimir and Alexander.

Female names: Karina, Nina, Vera, Lilia.

What stones does jasper go with?

Before choosing jewelry made from natural stones, find out what element this or that stone belongs to and how these elements combine with each other and whether they come into conflict. The healing properties of a combination with an inappropriate element will become worse.

Jasper element: earth. Therefore, the mineral has good energy and goes well with agate, sapphire, emerald, and alabaster.

Combination of jasper and agate in a bracelet

Cannot be combined with aquamarine, moonstone, diamond, ruby, lapis lazuli, pearls.

Jasper care

The mineral is not picky in care. You can clean it with a regular sponge and soap. You should not heat it or keep it in water for a long time; you should not store the stone together with perfumes and cosmetics.

To cleanse the amulet of accumulated negative energy, leave it in direct sunlight for several hours.


At the end of the article are answers to frequently asked questions about this mineral.

How to choose jasper?

When choosing a stone, be guided by the following criteria:

  • What’s your gender;
  • Zodiac sign;
  • name;
  • the nature of the problems you want to get rid of.

How to wear jasper?

There are many ways – either a small ring with this mineral or a heavy bracelet or necklace will do. Choose the jewelry design that you like best.

Amulets, amulets and pendants can be worn around the neck or in a pocket or purse. The main thing is that the amulet is always at hand and the magic of the stone envelops you.

What does jasper stone look like?

The mineral comes in a variety of color combinations, but its main feature is its opacity. The patterns that are created on its surface are never repeated on other stones.

Natural stone jasper, like opal, quartz, carnelian, jade, agate, is silicon oxide of volcanic origin from the Paleolithic era. In ancient Greece it was called the mother of all stones. Few people know that these minerals were formed over many millions of years due to the close fusion of rock crystallized siliceous rocks with the remains of fossil microorganisms of the ancient ocean floor. The fantastic coloring of gems based on this chemical compound is explained by the presence of pigment additives of oxides of various metals and minerals. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for a non-specialist, far from gemology, to distinguish them from, for example, chalcedony, jade or aventurine.

Various-faced jasper

Like the names of many minerals, the word “jasper” has Greek roots. If you translate it literally, you get “motley stone.” It is difficult to come up with a more precise definition. Our ancestors called all jaspers as jasper or blood agate. These gems with a fibrous structure and inclusions of pyrite, garnet, and hematite lend themselves well to processing. Under Catherine the Great, entire factories were built in Russia to produce products from these minerals.

Altai and Ural jasper is found in the famous agate rooms of the Tsarskoye Selo Catherine Palace.

The Empress idolized her, spending a lot of money on geological expeditions looking for new deposits of gems. Some of them are still in effect.

Jasper gets its color from additives to silicon oxide. Its rich palette of shades excludes pure blue. But you shouldn’t use color alone as an indicator of authenticity.

The only way to recognize a natural stone is its natural spotting – stripes, stains, layers, stripes – no monotony or sparkles.

Gem palette

The range of color variations of this mineral, despite its diversity, has several basic tones.

Bloodstone was named for its red color, similar to thick blood. The reason for this is the hematite included in its composition. This iron oxide is also called red iron ore. It belongs to the iron ores important for metallurgy.

Brown jasper also contains hematite, but in a different concentration, so its shade is not so bloody. It produces very beautiful dishes and various totemic animal figurines. Its mottled with intricate patterns makes the material a favorite of many stone carvers.

Black jasper is very similar to another mineral – basanite. But this is only a superficial resemblance. The natural pigment magnetite gives it its characteristic color. It is believed to be a stone of duty and honor. It can only belong to a person who knows how to keep his word.

White jasper with fancy veins is a luxurious option for a gift. Such a stone is so rare that finding it in jewelry or crafts is real luck.

Favorite of gods and poets

Green jasper in the Bible at the dawn of Christianity symbolized courage and fortitude. It was she who patronized the Apostle Peter, who was on duty at the gates of heaven.

Perhaps that is why Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, who wore a green jasper bracelet, chose this stone as his amulet. He believed that this little thing would help him in matters of the heart.

The chest pectoral of the Old Testament high priest was decorated with 12 stones according to the number of the sons of Israel. And red jasper was adjacent to onyx and chrysolite.

The heavenly city of Jerusalem – the personification of the Kingdom of God – is surrounded by a stone wall made of jasper.

The art of glyptics, which flourished in Ancient Greece, received a new impetus for development in the Russian Empire during the time of Catherine II. Stone carving was carried out on an industrial scale. Products of amazing beauty and complexity are today the pride of private and public collections around the world. A vibrant collection can be seen in the Hermitage.

From all diseases and misfortunes

The healing properties of jasper have been revered throughout the centuries. Until now, the description of a mineral given by an astrologer, lithologist or psychic necessarily contains a mention of its healing power. Medieval alchemists noticed its therapeutic properties. They used the property of this mineral to resist various caustic liquids. They identified varieties of jasper as material for vessels in which magical potions were stored.

It is a known fact that the Byzantine ruler Manuel presented a vessel in the form of a bowl as a gift to the Christians of the Athos monastery with the parting words that it resists poisons and has healing powers.

The significant popularity of the mineral as a raw material for making tableware is explained by the fact that it does not absorb water.

In ancient times, healers and sorcerers believed that bloody jasper could stop bleeding. But only a yellow pebble can get rid of stomach problems and restore a woman’s ability to conceive.

How to distinguish a fake?

Beauty and versatility make this natural stone a universal ornamental material for any product – from brooches and pendants to dishes and furniture.

Jasper jewelry is beautiful and regal. The price of particularly interesting specimens may exceed the cost of gold items.

Any semi-precious stones containing silicon oxide are sometimes confusingly similar. Traders often convince you that this is blue jasper. But in fact, they are trying to replace it with variscite – a beautiful mineral, but it has nothing to do with the desired stone. Its too bright green, pink and blue shades should alert you. After all, the same pink jasper is an opaque stone, with a dimly expressed color.

When looking for a product with natural stones, you should trust stores that sell crafts and jewelry made from natural materials with accompanying documents. Otherwise, you risk buying not only a replacement stone, but also plastic or an artificial fake.

Magic and mystical meaning

Jasper amulets were used to combat drought. Particularly valued were types of mineral with inclusions resembling the outlines of plants or animals.

The magic of stone is based on its diversity. Today, the sandy, almost monochromatic African queen and the bright oceanic rhyolite with greenish-yellow concentric patterns are popular among sorcerers of all stripes.

Generals also believed in the magical properties of the mineral: the Tatar khan Makhmet Amin had a jasper mace sprinkled with emeralds and rubies as a talisman. Bogdan Khmelnitsky carried the same symbol of power with him.

Jasper gifts, decorated with skillful carvings and precious stones, were more than once presented to the treasuries of the Russian tsars. Thus, Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich, along with a broadsword on his belt, received an inlaid mace as a gift from the Kasim Khan.

The powers that be believed that the mineral jasper reveals the gift of foresight and forestalls mortal danger. Modern sorcerers use it to remove damage and sharpen intuition.

Zodiac preferences

Anyone whose horoscope matches imperial jasper may not be afraid of difficulties. Accompanying its owner through life, even a small pebble can strengthen his spirit, help pacify his pride, and give him determination in his actions.

Patronizing Jupiter and Mercury, jasper selects the zodiac sign to match these luminaries. The mineral is suitable for Sagittarius and Taurus as it brings good luck in business and personal life. The magical properties of jasper talismans will help Pisces in creative endeavors. Even a small figurine standing on a shelf can bring harmony to the house and cleanse the aura of negative energy.

The properties of the stone will not bring good luck to either Aries or Gemini. But jasper and the Virgo zodiac sign are simply made for each other.

Russian deposits are considered one of the best in terms of quality of raw materials for processing. Specimens obtained in the Urals and the North Caucasus are especially valued.

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