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Which zodiac sign is Opalite suitable for?

The mystery of opal: interesting facts and magical properties

Opal is a powerful magical amulet. He was loved by Josephine – Napoleon’s beloved woman, the cruel Caligula, and the jeweler Rene Lalique. The stone is considered cosmic because it was discovered on Mars.
In all descriptions, opal is a romantic stone: at first sight it enchants with its shimmer and glow. Black stones glow in all shades of the rainbow, yellow-fire opals glow in greenish-brown hues, and white opals glow in blue. The beautiful shimmer of the stone is like starlight on the darkest night.

  • harlequin is a stone with a multi-color pattern that shimmers in all shades;
  • hydrophane is a white opal (less often of a different color), which not only shimmers in water, but also becomes transparent;
  • jirasol – white and blue opals with a reddish shimmer;
  • irisopal – brown or colorless stone with a single-color glow;
  • cacholong – milky white opaque opal;
  • lechos – green stone with burgundy and greenish reflections;
  • fire – red or yellow opal;
  • Tsarsky – stones with an original color: they have a bright green border, and inside they are bronze or dark red;
  • white – translucent opal with light blue tints;
  • prazopal – apple green stone;
  • Peruvian – bluish-green or orange opal;
  • black – burgundy, green, blue, purple stones with multi-color shimmer: the shimmer of red tints especially stands out.

Interesting facts about opal

  • Walter Scott’s novel “Anne of Geierstein, Maid of Darkness” caused the bankruptcy of many jewelry houses. In the novel, opal became the fatal stone, and many girls were afraid to buy jewelry with it.
  • According to one of the ancient Greek legends, after the battle with the Titans and a resounding victory over them, Zeus cried, and his tears turned into opals.
  • The largest gem belonged to Nonnius, an ancient Roman senator. By order of Emperor Anthony, the senator was expelled from his native land, because Anthony was very jealous of his subordinate.
  • Indian legend says that the Rainbow Goddess, fleeing from men pursuing her, turned into opal.
  • In Australia there is a theory according to which deposits of precious stones are the footprints of the one who created the entire human civilization.
  • Queen Victoria was a big fan of opal: she often wore jewelry with the stone, and it was she who was able to rehabilitate opal after the publication of Scott’s book.
  • The secret of the beauty of a gemstone is opalescence – an amazing optical effect. In bright light, opal shimmers with iridescent pearlescent spots or iridescence. That is why the ancient Greeks said that opal amazes the eye, and the Romans said that it enchants the eyesight.
  • The gemstone has an interesting structure – it contains about 20% water.
  • The best opals were found in Australia – one carat costs over $10.
  • In the 19th century, opal became overgrown with superstitions, so women began to fear it. Out of necessity, but actually out of fear, they threw away family utensils and antiques if they were decorated with opals.

Magical properties of opal

Representatives of the occult believe that opal:

  • amulet guardian of family happiness and love;
  • an antidote that resists witchcraft damage, dark magic, disasters, the evil eye; people believed and still believe that opal protects the owner from fires, thieves, thunderstorms and lightning;
  • an autumn stone, so it is perfect for people born in October;

Who is opal suitable for according to their zodiac sign? People born under the sign of Pisces. Aries and Leos should be wary of opal, but if people feel warm when they see the stone, then they should definitely buy it. Black opals are most recommended for Scorpios. Taurus should choose a green stone to combat the fear of change. For Capricorn and Virgo, jewelry with red opal will suit, and blue stones will bring good luck to Libra and Aquarius.

Each color of opal has its own magical properties and meaning:

  • White opal is a true healer of souls. This decoration will help with depression and nervous disorders. It is especially important to wear a piece with opal during the waxing moon.

  • Yellow Ethiopian stone is suitable for business people whose whole life is focused on work. Decoration will allow you to focus on the most important issues, give you strength and promote brain activity. Yellow opal protects against the blows of fate, envy and the evil eye. You can safely choose any piece of jewelry – earrings, ring, bracelet, pendant, brooch, necklace.

  • Pink opal develops fortitude, gives confidence, increases self-esteem, and improves relationships with friends and family members. Do not think that pink opal is a feminine stone. On the contrary, he helps men in business. For women, opal is a love symbol.

  • Black stone is necessary for healers, magicians, and psychics. The darkest opals are believed to enhance and awaken psychic abilities.
  • Accumulate energy – not only positive, but also negative, which is why the stone is recommended for honest and conscientious people. Otherwise, the opal will only emphasize all the negative qualities.
  • Double the power if it is framed not in silver, but in gold.
  • Transform women of any color type. Opal is ideal for blondes, brunettes and red-haired girls. The main reason is an optical illusion: multi-color shimmers adapt to any eye color, skin tone and emphasize the beauty of the owner.
  • Cure from illnesses. Jewelry with opal helps eliminate insomnia, prevents fainting and heart disease, and has a beneficial effect on vision.

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When you hold in your hands this gem, playing with all sorts of colors, generated as a result of the mysterious alchemy of the Earth, you get the impression of being present at the birth of the Universe. Opal known since ancient times and covered with the glory of a substance endowed with healing and magical properties.

Its name migrated to Latin and Greek from Sanskrit (upalah) and literally means “stone”, although it is unlikely to be confused with a simple cobblestone from the pavement. Each copy is too many-sided, bright and individual. Natural samples so unique that it is impossible to find two identical ones, either in life or in a photo. It is valued for its uniqueness and mystical appearance not only by jewelers, but also by Ukrzoloto clients.

Representatives of the noble family

Although man has been appreciating opal for its supernatural properties since time immemorial, most of it today is of Australian origin. Over 90% of the crystals supplied to the jewelry sector are mined there. In addition, there are deposits in Ethiopia, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Japan, Slovakia, Kamchatka and even in the Vinnitsa region. By the way, at the end of 2008, NASA announced the discovery of opal deposits on distant Mars.

The mineral contains up to 30% water, the amount of which determines its transparency. This makes it extremely vulnerable to dry air. It can easily dry out, crack and become cloudy. Therefore, it is necessary to put it in water or wear it more often so that it can be recharged with the moisture of its owner’s body. We can say that this precious stone very attached to his owner.

Of particular importance are such noble varieties as:

  • Fiery. It is characterized by rich transitions from hyacinth red to wine yellow with a greater or lesser degree of transparency.
  • The black. In fact, it contains a tart cocktail of shades of blue, purple, burgundy and even green.
  • White. Translucent with the presence of light blue tones.
  • Tsarsky. Polymorphic, rich, bright and unique design.
  • Girasol. Transparent with bluish tints in the structure.
  • Lechos-opal. The base color is green with the presence of all shades of this range.

Magic and the zodiac

As you can see, the very appearance of these stones is very magical. It was believed that it was able to help develop the talents of its owner, without particularly caring whether they were ultimately directed towards evil or good deeds. This is a very energetically strong and loyal talisman. It was recommended to wear it for heart diseases, believing in its healing effect. In addition, it was believed that it strengthens the immune system and fights infectious diseases. In Ancient Rome it was also revered as a symbol of the love and favor of Fortune.

His reputation was ruined by the brilliant writer Walter Scott, who published the novel “Anna von Heyenstein” in 1829. In it, the main character is killed by this “dangerous” stone. After such “advertising,” sales of many-sided opal in Europe fell by half for a couple of decades. A similar situation arose in the same years in the Russian Empire after Ivan Kireyevsky’s story “Opal”. However, today South Australia, as well as the Australian women’s national basketball team, rightly consider it their official symbol of good luck.

Due to the color variety, almost none zodiac sign will not be left without a worthy talisman and companion. Leos, Aries and Sagittarius, as representatives of the element of fire, will certainly be impressed fire opal. Black will not leave Capricorns and Scorpios indifferent, blue – Pisces and Cancers, green with shades of emerald – air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, and yellow-brown will find their fans among Taurus and Virgo. However, we should not forget that opal is the patron of intangible goods and is looking for intellectual, creative and spiritually gifted individuals as companions, among whom there are many Ukrzoloto clients.

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