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Which zodiac sign is Prasiolite stone suitable for?

Prasiolite is a stone that attracts attention with its optimistic green color. The magical properties of the gem allow it to be used as a talisman or amulet. In the old days, it was believed that this rare mineral, a type of quartz, could accumulate a lot of information.


  • vermarine;
  • peridine;
  • green chrysoquartz;
  • emerald or green quartz;
  • Indian emerald.

Prasem – This term is applied not only to prasiolite, but also to any quartz that has an onion-green or grassy color.

Many centuries ago it was noticed that yellow and purple quartz could turn green when heated, like true prasiolite. Residents of the Urals baked yellow citrine into loaves of bread for this purpose.

Green amethyst or prasiolite: how to distinguish these stones from each other

There is still confusion in gemology regarding prasiolite: some experts consider it a green amethyst, others believe that it is simply a green variety of quartz.

The quartz group also includes amethyst, famous for its purple color.

The name “green amethyst” appeared in 1950 year at the Montezuma mine in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. There, an artificial analogue of prasiolite was obtained by calcining amethyst at a temperature 500 o C . The artificial stone turned out to be transparent and more durable than natural stone. Its color can be different shades of green.

The reason for this experiment was the following:

  • Demand for green stones;
  • Weak resistance of prasiolite to sunlight. When removed from the bowels of the Earth, it becomes discolored and becomes ordinary (colorless) quartz.
  • Limited availability of natural prasiolite deposits.
  • Relatively cheap material for producing artificial stone.

To create artificial prasiolite, the method of ionized irradiation is also used (it is used mainly in Africa).

There is another method: the stone is heated, then dipped into a cold dye solution. Thermal shock causes microcracks to appear in the mineral, into which pigment penetrates.

Color characteristics of natural and artificial prasiolite:

  • The shades of the natural mineral are light green.
  • The rich dark green color is characteristic mainly of stone processed at high temperatures.

To determine the naturalness of prasiolite, it is better to have it examined by a mineralogist who has the appropriate equipment.

In 1950 year it was decided to consider prasiolite a type of quartz, and not to make a difference between natural and artificial stones.

Proponents of complete naturalness do not like this decision, but stone breeders accepted it with pleasure and began to reap the benefits of this compromise.

Physicochemical characteristics

Prasiolite is a rare variety of quartz. It has a range of green colors, rich in shades: from pale gray-green to grassy.

Sunlight can fade the color of the stone.

  • Chemical formula – SiO2 .
  • Color – onion green.
  • The shine is glassy, ​​pearlescent.
  • Transparency – transparent or semi-transparent.
  • Hardness – 7 .
  • Density – 2,65 g/cm 3 .

The shape of the crystals is a hexagonal prism. The stone is quite fragile. Outwardly it resembles tourmaline, beryl, and peridot.

Place of Birth

Prasiolite is rare in nature. Findings have been reported in:

  • Canada;
  • Brazil
  • USA;
  • Namibia;
  • Tanzania;
  • Zambia;
  • Poland.

Today, supplies are largely depleted, so most of the prasiolite on the market are artificial stones. With 1950 year they are obtained by heating at 500 o C amethyst and yellowish varieties of quartz from Brazil (Montezuma deposit) and the USA (Arizona).

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Medicinal properties

Prasiolite, according to lithotherapists, has a certain healing power.

When using a stone for medicinal purposes, you should not refuse treatment prescribed by your doctor.

This stone is believed to have a positive effect on:

  • heart and blood vessels;
  • blood circulation;
  • immune system;
  • Airways;
  • nervous system;
  • emotional sphere;
  • memory;
  • ability for logical thinking.

Lithotherapists advise infusing water with prasiolite and drinking it when you have a cold, as it cleanses the airways and strengthens the immune system.

If you wash your face with this water, your skin will become more elastic and healthy.

Magical properties

Prasiolite was popular among the ancient Greeks: priests used it for initiation into the mysteries of existence, orators used it for the development of speech, imagination, and memory.

In ancient times, this mineral was used to protect against dark forces. It was believed that the cross into which this precious stone was inserted protected against bad thoughts and bad influence. They believed that through it a person’s connection with his guardian angel arises.

If prasiolite is to be used as a magical artifact, you need to choose a stone that has undergone the most gentle processing possible.

Previously, people believed that minerals from the quartz family are the astral shell of the Earth. Prasiolite was specially isolated from them, as they believed in its ability to absorb impulses and signals from the Universe. Some consider it a kind of recording device that accumulates information about our planet over millions of years.

With its help, experienced psychics can recognize the mysteries of the past, but inexperienced psychics, as well as magic lovers, are not recommended to use it in rituals and meditation, since the gem can confuse thoughts and stupefy the head, wishful thinking. Therefore, this mineral is sometimes called the “stone of illusions.”

If this mineral was stolen or taken by force, it will punish the criminal: he will soon develop a mental disorder and begin to hallucinate.

The magical properties of prasiolite are enhanced if it is set in platinum. Setting the stone in silver will bring good luck and prosperity.

Who is suitable for the sign of the zodiac

Prasiolite, as astrologers have found out, is suitable for all zodiac signs according to the horoscope, but it is ideally compatible with:

People born under these constellations will feel the positive effects of the gem:

  • anxious thoughts will disappear;
  • peace will appear;
  • welfare will increase;
  • the person will become more energetic and not subject to emotional stress.

A talisman or amulet made of prasiolite will also bring a lot of benefits to the rest of the zodiac signs. The magic of the stone will help people become more confident in their abilities and will contribute to spiritual development.

The main significance of prasiolite for a person is that he readily shares his positive energy.

How to wear

When using prasiolite, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • You cannot wear jewelry all the time: for a while you need to put it in a tightly closed box.
  • Do not wear jewelry to the beach or for a walk on a sunny day – the stone may fade in the direct rays of the Sun.
  • He also doesn’t like water, so when going to the pool, you need to take off your jewelry.
  • Do the same before doing housework: the stone does not tolerate household chemicals.

If prasiolite is inherited, it cannot be given away as a gift, as its magical properties will be lost.

Jewelry with this gem is well suited for both casual wear and evening wear.

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How to care

Natural and artificial prasiolite can be cared for in the same way:

  • Clean from dirt using warm soapy water and flannel or a soft brush.
  • It is better to store separately from other jewelry or place it in a bag.

A natural mineral discolored by the sun can be restored with x-rays, but this procedure is troublesome. Therefore, it is better to simply protect it from direct sunlight.

How to distinguish from fakes

Stones of natural origin are used for inserts in premium-segment jewelry, which are not sold everywhere.

In jewelry stores you can buy jewelry with artificial prasiolite. This gem is an x-rayed or heated amethyst or citrine. It is not considered synthetic, as it has a natural base. These stones have colors to suit every taste: emerald, lemon green, mint.

Artificial mineral is more durable and resistant to fading. It can only be distinguished from natural ones using special equipment.

Both natural and artificial stone are beautiful. The color saturation of artificial is richer. Its price is lower (if the seller is honest).

Instead of a gemstone, they may also offer a fake made of glass. In your hands it heats up faster than stone.


The cost of a product with prasiolite depends on:

  • stone size;
  • quality;
  • cleanliness;
  • frame material.

The price of a transparent natural stone with a cut is: $30–115 per carat .

An artificial specimen costs $8–17 per carat .

Examples of prices in Russian online stores:

  • tumbling (ennobled amethyst) 2–2,5 cm — 150 rub. for 1 piece ;
  • earrings with ennobled amethyst – 10 400 rub. ;
  • ring (red gold 585) — 17–950 rub.

Greetings, friends! Today you will learn about what prasiolite stone is, its external and physical characteristics, its impact on human health and destiny. We suggest starting with the basics – the appearance and properties of the breed.

earrings with prasiolite stone

physical properties

To understand what kind of stone prasiolite is, you need to understand that this mineral is a type of quartz. What makes him remarkable is his unusual appearance. Transparent on the outside, the stone is memorable for its interesting and unusual play of colors inside.

bracelet with stone

Quite hard, the mineral is rated at 7 units on the Mohs scale. At the same time, it is considered fragile and capricious to process. The sources of natural samples of the rock have completely exhausted themselves, so they learned to synthesize it in laboratories. The stone is obtained from some types of quartz by heating up to 5000 degrees.

Did prasiolite deposits once exist? Scientists’ opinions are divided. Some believe that there were no more than 6 such sites in the world. Others argue that the stone was a human invention and did not exist at all in nature. Some archaeologists claim that the brightest prasiolites with beautiful iridescence are Indian gems. Green and restrained are Brazilian imitation, and green with yellow shades are fantasy, the result of processing different types of stones.

ring with prasiolite

What history says

The name of the unusual natural stone was given by the Greeks. The word “prasiolite” is derived from two Greek names, which translated means “onion stone”. The Greeks were the first to discover the characteristics of the breed with a hexagonal prismatic figure. It is believed that they discovered samples of the rock more than 2,5 thousand years ago. The stone reminded them of a leek because of its delicate green color.

pendant with prasiolite

Among the minerals, there are samples with different shades of green, and the color intensity varies depending on the brightness of the light. The brighter the sun, the paler the stones. The Greeks believed that the play of colors was a gift from the gods. It seemed to them that the gods had colored the rocks differently, indicating the level of power contained within.

Prasiolite is often compared to crystal due to its bright, crystal-clear shine. In records dating back to the 9th century BC there are references to a similar stone, but with the name prasitis.

brooch with prasiolite

Medicinal properties

Lithotherapists believe in the healing power of the mineral. They claim that prasiolite is able to improve the functioning of all human organs, strengthens the immune system and improves overall health. Traditional healers use the stone to treat:

  • of cardio-vascular system;
  • nervous system;
  • mental illnesses.

Healers believe that the mineral charges with energy and strength and that in order to feel the power on yourself, it is enough to infuse water with it. Healing water is recommended for drinking by people suffering from mental disorders, with increased anxiety, stress and depression. Prasiolite water calms, fills life with regularity, and helps get rid of sudden emotional outbursts and aggression.

necklace with stone

An interesting opinion about prasiolite from cosmetologists. Some of them believe that water infused on the stone helps rejuvenate the skin. Daily washing with medicinal water is the way to beautiful, healthy, elastic and glowing skin from the inside.

Magical properties: who are prasiolites suitable for?

The mineral prasiolite, just like all samples, has magical properties, at least this is what esotericists, magicians and sorcerers believe. It is believed that stones with an unusual transparent shell help to get closer to the astral state and are able to absorb signals coming from the Universe.

cross with prasiolite stone

  • Magicians believe in the significance and magical properties of the stone, which does not allow penetration into its essence. Psychics consider prasiolite to be a mineral of illusions and unfulfilled desires. It is used in rituals associated with learning the secrets of existence. The crystal must be handled with extreme care. Magicians believe that it is capable of a strong intoxicating effect, can cause hallucinations and turn thoughts around, confusing consciousness, mixing reality and fiction.
  • Magicians advise those who know how to benefit from a crystal to wear products with it constantly. The mineral has a positive effect on the formation and development of speech, promotes the development of vivid images and imagination. Ancient speakers carried it with them like a talisman, thus winning the attention and trust of the public. The power of prasiolite-protected speakers was so great that to this day their example is used by modern lecturers.
  • The mineral has proven itself to be a good talisman. Crosses were decorated with them in order to protect oneself and loved ones from ill-wishers and evil spirits. It was believed that the cross strengthened the connection between the owner and the angel who protected him from evil.

white gold earrings with prasiolite

Astrological forecast

Astrologers claim that prasiolite is suitable for representatives of each zodiac sign. The stone is filled with positive energy, personifies the best qualities of the human soul, helps to become more honest and peaceful, kind and reasonable. In the lives of some representatives of the signs, the mineral will play a special role. Aries, Pisces, Aquarius and Sagittarius can choose a pebble as a talisman for good luck. The stone will help you achieve your goals, inspire you to do important things and, like a magnet, attract prosperity, provided you treat it with tenderness and care.

zodiac sign pendant with stone

Colors and what it goes with

The ideal combination is prasiolite with silver, white gold or platinum. In the latter version, the mineral is revealed as a magic stone. Framed in silver, it has no equal in its ability to attract success and luck to its owner. Prasiolite jewelry can be worn to fill your life with love and wealth. The stone will help you tune into a positive mood and prevent the development of aggressive and evil thoughts.

Products with prasiolite are an excellent gift for loved ones. For example, earrings in silver with a stone will refresh your relationship and bring a new surge of love into it.

Considering that the crystal is grown artificially, there are practically no restrictions on the color scheme. The shades of green are so diverse that they have come up with interesting and picturesque names:

  • spring foliage;
  • young foliage;
  • aquamarine;
  • color of the Earth in spring, etc.

In addition to pure green, there are minerals with an admixture of yellow and even gray.

necklace with stone

Natural or fake

It is not entirely correct to talk about the naturalness of the mineral, since it is synthesized in laboratory conditions. Another thing is that cheaper pieces of glass can be passed off as prasiolite. It is easy to distinguish them from natural breeds; just look at them in the light. Each pebble is individual in its type of processing, shades and overall appearance. Minerals are not synthesized en masse. Varieties of prasiolite are created in single form, often for inlaying designer jewelry.

gold bracelet with stone

Jewelry with prasiolite – what are they?

Products with elegant green pebbles look elegant and noble. The price includes rings and pendants, bracelets and earrings; necklaces with prasiolite in a platinum frame and silver earrings look luxurious. Choosing jewelry based on a photo is not the best option. To enjoy the play of light and shimmer within the stone, try to find opportunities for personal contact.

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pendant with prasiolite

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