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Which zodiac sign is quartz suitable for?

The name presumably comes from the German expression “querklufterz“ or “quererz“, the so-called cross-vein ore. In another explanation, again from the German “quarz” – solid. Quartz, in other words silicon dioxide or natural silica, is by far the most common mineral formation on Earth. The share of quartz in other rocks is more than 60% of the actual volume of the earth’s crust. Quartz gem is the base mineral for the vast majority of rocks of metamorphic or igneous origin. It is also the predominant component of sandstones and sands. Crystallization of quartz can occur directly from magma. Then the minerals include effusive and intrusive rock formations of intermediate and acidic chemical composition. In a hydrothermal environment, the formation of quartz and crystal-bearing veins is observed. The stone is often observed in limestones and other sedimentary massifs. Weathering, natural quartz exhibits stability in surface conditions, concentrating in semi-precious placers of various etymologies. The mineral is found almost everywhere. Each deposit has a characteristic advantage of certain shades. In most finds it appears in the form of white-milky masses, granular type, but sometimes it forms individual grains. Quartz crystals often fill other rocks, forming in cracks, splits and cavities. Often there are fused clusters of crystals of different subspecies of gems. The weight of such stone aggregates can reach several tons. More often, crystalline aggregates are found in the form of elongated prisms or rhombuses. Pure, free from admixed particles, single-formed quartz single crystals are completely transparent. They have a hexagonal shape with a pointed, six or triangular pyramidal top. Sometimes such endings are observed at both ends of the stone. $ IMAGE3 $ A native mineral, like no other, crystallizes into the most unpredictable shapes and sizes. All kinds of shades and colors form numerous varieties of colors and color transitions. Many natural quartz may have visible cracks, crystal defects, and even air bubbles. Inclusions in the form of bubbles often appear in the area of ​​growth of a larger crystal onto a smaller one, in places of fusion and where there is a strong flow of the underlying substance. Cracks appear during sudden temperature changes at the time of crystallization. Without forced exposure to pressure or temperature, quartz crystals noticeably reject most impurities. The mixtures of aluminum and iron that are most specific for stone gems. The entire variety of quartz varieties is divided into two main subspecies. The first is crystalline: amethysts, cat’s eye, prazem, rock crystal, citrines, morions, pink and smoky quartz. The second is cryptocrystalline (chalcedony): carnelian, chrysoprase, sarder, heliotrope, flint, sapphirine, carnelian, agate, plasma, onyx, etc. The semiprecious stone belongs to the category of glass-forming oxides. In other words, the mineral may be fundamental to glass. Quartz melted subsequently by volcanic activity is called obsidian (volcanic glass). The formation of flints and opals also does not occur without the participation of this stone. Quartz crystals are extremely hard and easily scratch glass. Only diamonds, topaz and corundum are harder than them. They often have a glass-like shine, less often greasy. Possessing increased thermal conductivity, some quartz samples feel cool to the touch. The mineral is resistant to chemical influences. The stone is not afraid of either ordinary acid or alkali. The gem can only be dissolved with hydrofluoric acid. Therefore, when wearing quartz jewelry, there is no need for any extraordinary precautions. When making costume jewelry and in jewelry, not only almost all types of gems are widely used, but also mineral formations consisting of quartz, such as jasper or quartzite. Natural quartz is cleaned and discharged using running cool water approximately once a month. After this, it is a good idea to charge the stone in the sun for about three to four hours. $ IMAGE7 $ $IMAGE4$ $IMAGE8$

Quartz stone has healing properties.

Almost all semi-precious stones of the quartz group exhibit healing properties, participate in the healing of the body and improve resistance to illnesses. Quartz crystals have a beneficial effect on the functioning of most respiratory organs and improve the health of the chest. They provide a speedy recovery and improve the condition of prolonged colds. To obtain healing effects, it is advisable for the gem to come into contact with the thoracic region. The attached stone will help cope with inflammation and skin pathologies. Water prepared with quartz is very famous. Quartz water is obtained by filtering water through a filter made from different types of mineral. Or by infusing the gem with ordinary water. Such an enriched liquid is extremely beneficial, has increased biological activity, stimulates recovery and has a healing effect on virtually the entire body. Quartz water is an excellent preventive remedy used against many diseases and wear and tear of the body. It is excellent for lotions. It is also good for compresses applied to areas of cuts, bruises and burns. Quartz-based water mixtures relieve inflammation and promote hydration and healing of damaged areas of the skin. Much is known about the use of quartz water as cosmetics. Regular washing and bathing with this nourishing water smooths out wrinkles, removes acne and gives the skin freshness. Causing elasticity, smoothness, firmness, it has a rejuvenating effect.

Quartz stone has magical properties.

Natural quartz is one of the oldest representatives of magical gems known to man, because since ancient times it has been classified as a stone that influences fate. Quartz attracts love and true family grace. The gem does not forget about success, luck and material well-being. The mineral stimulates mental activity, enlightens the mind and enhances the imagination. Products made from quartz help to overcome stress, calm down and soberly perceive the situation. The stone will provide support in difficult times and relieve irritability if necessary. It will significantly give strength and heal internal wounds. Mystics advise using the stone when trying to establish a telepathic relationship. Depending on the color connection, individual abilities may be better visible in gems. For example, milky quartz is extremely useful for meditative experiences. Chrysoprase and amethyst bestow truly Olympian calm. Rose quartz is the patron of the female half. Smoky minerals are recommended for business entities. By helping them comprehend what is happening and foresee the consequences, the gem will provide them with an invaluable service when ratifying responsible decisions. Owners of semi-precious minerals are not afraid of sudden life changes. Carnelians patronize fidelity in various kinds of relationships. And black morion contains the most powerful mystical properties. Rose quartz is a type of quartz, as you might guess from the name, an amazingly delicate and beautiful stone. One can rightfully call it the most feminine of the entire range of jewelry. Rose quartz will not blind you with brilliance and sparkle, but will enchant you forever with its soft beauty, milky stains, and the most delicate pastel color of a tea rose. This stone is rarely transparent, rather it will reveal the full depth and richness of its internal texture. And the color of rose quartz is incredibly soft and delicate.

Physical properties of rose quartz.

  • Formula: SiO2.
  • Syngonia: trigonal.
  • Hardness (Mohs scale): 7. (On a scale from 0 to 10, where 10 is the hardest stone, diamond).
  • Density: 2,6 g/cm3.

Quartz is a fairly large group of minerals, including amethyst, citrine, rauchtopaz, and rock crystal. As we know, these stones are of completely different colors and shades, from yellow to purple. And rose quartz in this family has the softest pastel color. This a shade of delicate rose it owes to impurities of manganese and titanium.

Until the middle of the 20th century, only opaque samples were known, and only then translucent and almost transparent samples were found. Even in ancient times, girls had a weakness for milky pink stones. They emphasized femininity, softness, wisdom and tenderness.

Most often, rose quartz is cut in the form of a rounded cabochon. This method allows you to get an even better look at his amazing inner world: milky tints and stains. When looking at rose quartz, it seems that you are looking at light clouds against the backdrop of a gentle dawn.

The history of rose quartz.

The color pink has forever given the stone associations with tender love. Kindness, harmony, peace: all these are qualities that seem to envelop girls with such decoration. The gem has long been known and loved. The earliest jewelry with it is up to 9000 years old. This discovery was made in the territory of former Mesopotamia.

Rose quartz is surrounded by legends and beautiful romantic stories. One of them tells about the mutual love of the beautiful young man Adonis and the goddess Aphrodite. Aphrodite’s admirer Ares, overwhelmed by anger and jealousy, attacked Adonis and killed the young man. The murder site was fenced with thorny thorns. Having made her way through the thorns and being badly injured, Aphrodite hugged the body of her beloved and their blood merged together, giving birth to the most beautiful gem – rose quartz.

According to another legend, young people from warring classes fell in love with each other. Unfortunately, their relatives did not give them blessings, but their love only grew stronger in separation. The roses, which witnessed these strong feelings, grew more and more wildly. And the lovers, unable to bear the separation, committed suicide, reuniting forever in heaven. The beautiful flowers petrified after their death, turning into rose quartz.

Rose quartz deposits.

Quartz is of volcanic origin, making up up to 12% of the earth’s crust. The mineral is mined in many countries of the world, however, its reserves will soon be exhausted.

Among the deposits of rose quartz we can name Brazil, USA, Madagascar, Japan, Namibia, France, Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria. The highest quality and most famous stone is mined in Brazil. It was there that almost transparent samples of the mineral were found in the 60s of the last century.

How to care for rose quartz jewelry.

The most important rule in caring for jewelry with rose quartz is to hide it from direct sunlight. Unfortunately, the stone can fade in the sun, so store it in a closed box and do not wear it every day in good weather. In summer, it is better to wear such jewelry in the late afternoon.

Despite the fact that quartz has sufficient hardness on the Mohs scale, treat its surface with care, especially if it is cut as a cabochon. Other jewelry may scratch the stone, so store it in a separate bag.

You can clean the stone from grease and dirt in warm soapy water with a soft flannel cloth.

The magical properties of rose quartz.

Rose quartz – talisman of love, tender and deep. Girls at all times believed in his ability to evoke feelings in the opposite sex and attract mutual love into life. Even today, divorced women are rushing to get jewelry with this mineral so as not to be alone for a long time. The stone protects family happiness, marriage, and helps to get married successfully. In addition, he “builds” the hostess’s relationships with other people, be they friends or colleagues.

Pink quartz awakens the feminine essence, makes the hostess more gentle, calm, and harmonious. This the most “feminine” stone. Girls also believe in its properties to help motherhood, wearing it after marriage in order to quickly have offspring.

Stone extinguishes anger and negative emotions, fights stress, insomnia and anxiety. It calms and brings harmony, peace and grace to life.

Also, rose quartz has a very beneficial effect on the energy of the home, cleansing it of negativity. A talisman made from this mineral protects against black magic and the envy of others.

The healing properties of rose quartz.

Rose quartz has a beneficial effect on nervous system, normalizes work Cardiovascular. It accelerates and activates lymph movement in the body, strengthens immunity.

Wearing jewelry with rose quartz has a positive effect on bone marrow and blood vessels. It improves mood, relieves insomnia, and improves sleep. Some lithotherapists even believe that rose quartz can heal diabetes.

The most important healing property of this stone is that it rejuvenates the body and promotes longevity. It’s not for nothing that girls have used it for cosmetic purposes since antiquity. Thus, Roman women applied a mixture of crushed rose quartz to their faces as a mask.

Today there is a real boom and fashion for this stone. Many stars follow the example of ancient women, using rose quartz in cosmetology. For example, the famous supermodel Miranda Kerr launched its cosmetic line with crushed rose quartz, and also widely advertises small facial massage rollers made from this stone.

Who does rose quartz suit according to their zodiac sign?

Rose quartz is a non-conflict stone; it suits almost all zodiac signs. It will become a particularly strong amulet for Vodoleev. He will give women of this sign success at home and at work, charging them with positive energy.

Jewelry with rose quartz is a must-have in your jewelry box. This stone will not only decorate and emphasize femininity, but will also become a talisman and talisman, attract love into life and strengthen marriage, give the joy of motherhood and bring harmony and joy into your life. In addition, it is simply beautiful and contemplation of such decoration will give you great aesthetic pleasure!

Author: Anna Solovyova.

Photographer: Inna Kubareva.

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