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Which zodiac sign is sodalite suitable for?

The name of the stone sodalite comes from the English word soda – sodium. Other names for the mineral: hackmanite, alomite. Sodalite is a chlorinated sodium aluminosilicate. Sodalite is a mysterious and quite rare semi-precious stone. The color of sodalite is variable – in addition to blue and cyan shades with white streaks and spots, it can be yellow, greenish, grayish-blue, red or pink. Sodalites of red shades have an amazing feature: under the influence of atmospheric air they gradually change color to almost black – this type of sodalite is called Hackmanite in honor of Victor Hackman, who discovered it in 1903. Moreover, by heating in sodium vapor followed by X-ray radiation, it is possible to return black stones original color, or turn gray and colorless sodalites blue. Sodalite has sorption properties and the ability to undergo ion exchange reactions, similar to zeolites. The photochromic properties of synthetic varieties of sodalite are used in radio electronics and television. physical properties
– Cubic system, fine-crystalline aggregates,
– The color of the line is white,
– Glassy shine, greasy,
– Transparency transparent, translucent,
– Hardness 6,
– Density 2,30 g/cm3. Place of Birth
Sodalite is mined in areas of volcanic rock development, for example on the Kola Peninsula in Russia, in the Vesuvius region in Italy, as well as in mountainous areas in Portugal, Germany, Romania, India, Norway, Canada, USA, Brazil. Sodalite occurs in alkaline igneous rocks and pegmatites. Application
Today, translucent sodalites, usually blue, are used to create jewelry of all price categories; sodalites of other colors become an ornamental material for small decorative items – figurines, stands for bronze sculptures, stone balls and eggs, stone mosaic details. Sodalite is especially popular as a material for religious objects – for example, Buddhist figurines. Sodalite is also used for industrial purposes – in radio electronics and television. In the last couple of years, as semi-precious stones have gained a second wind of popularity, jewelry makers such as Stephen Webster, who makes jewelry for Madonna, and Theo Fennell, servicing Elton John and Naomi Campbell, named sodalite one of the most popular stones of 2006, along with tanzanite, morganite and tourmaline. Medicinal properties
Sodalite relieves diseases caused by increased radiation. In some countries, it is believed that blue minerals normalize blood pressure, regulate cardiac activity, reduce appetite and help with liver diseases. There is an opinion that beads and bracelets made from blue sodalite reduce nervous tension and relieve insomnia and nightmares. Sodalite is also useful for the prevention of eye diseases. Sodalite normalizes the functioning of the endocrine and lymphatic systems, normalizes metabolism. It has a particularly powerful effect on the thyroid gland – it treats diseases associated with it: inflammation, goiter, Graves’ disease. Sodalite neutralizes the effects of excessive solar or radioactive exposure, and when placed on a sore spot, sodalite draws out tension and discomfort and even promotes the resorption of tumors. Sodalite lowers blood and arterial pressure, regulates cardiac activity, and reduces appetite. It treats kidneys, infectious diseases, bladder and pancreas. In addition, wearing sodalite strengthens bone tissue, and daily contemplation of a product made of blue or blue stone is an excellent prevention of eye diseases. Sodalite affects the throat chakra. Magical properties
In magic, sodalite is used as a tool that can develop supernatural abilities in a person. Modern practicing magicians and mediums use it for meditation. Women are advised to wear sodalite beads to become more attractive. For men, the stone helps them quickly and accurately understand difficult situations and put their thoughts in order. Experts cannot say exactly which zodiac sign sodalite corresponds to. Talismans and amulets
Sodalite is a talisman for businessmen, scientists, teachers, practicing magicians and mediums. The talisman can be a product made from this stone or a small piece of unprocessed mineral. It gives its owner the opportunity to better understand the world around him, helps to find harmony and attracts success and universal sympathy. An amulet in the form of a sodalite pendant helps its owner get rid of unjustified fears, develops intuition and helps to understand the essence of things. Sodalite is a stone of courage, it develops intelligence and prudence, strengthens will and endurance, helps to focus on the main goal and persistently move along the chosen path. If you keep a piece of blue sodalite or a rough piece of stone at home, it will become an indicator of impending danger by changing color. Sodalite helps its owner better understand the world around him, find inner harmony, and also develops intuition up to supernatural abilities. Modern mediums use it to achieve a meditative state and call it the “third eye stone.” Astrologically, sodalite is most suitable for those born from April 21 to May 21, from November 21 to 30, and also on the 12th lunar day. However, representatives of any zodiac sign can use its energy. Its influence is strongest on Thursdays and Fridays, the planetary associations are Venus and Jupiter. The choice of the type of jewelry with sodalite is of great importance. The gem has a powerful healing effect on the spiritual and mental areas: it treats diseases caused by psychological and mental overstrain, stress, smoothes out overflowing emotions, relieves anger and fear, and removes obsessive feelings of guilt. It is used for neuroses, depression, headaches, and mental illnesses. It relaxes and calms, it is very useful for people who are sensitive and prone to self-flagellation. Beads and bracelets made of blue sodalite relieve their owner from insomnia and nightmares. From the history of sodalite. The history of sodalite is dark – in Europe sodalite first became known only in the last few centuries, and the stone was first described in literature in 1811. Neither Pliny nor Herodotus mention sodalite, and it is not in the medieval “Lapidaries” – and this despite the fact that it was known to the ancient Incas in South America, who lined the walls and floors of houses with it, carved jewelry and sculpture from it, and extracted ultramarine blue mineral paint from sodalite powder. For some reason, the Spanish conquerors passed by sodalite – this only benefited the stone, because otherwise its already not great natural reserves would have been completely depleted by today.
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Option 1: Russian Post (depends on the distance and weight of the parcel)

Delivery cost: 400 rubles Sodalite is a semi-precious mineral of the feldspathoid class, rarely found in nature. The history of its origin today has not been fully studied and is fraught with many mysteries. The gem cannot leave anyone indifferent. Its glassy shine and magical blue tints attract not only mineralogists and collectors, but also magicians, because, according to the latter, the stone has rare supernatural abilities.

History, physical properties and uses of the mineral

Sodalite is a chlorine-containing sodium aluminosilicate formed in permatites and alkaline igneous rocks. Its name comes from the English word soda and translated into Russian means “sodium”. The first mention of sodalite dates back to 1811. Despite its relatively short history, the stone was known to mankind long before its official discovery. The population of Ancient Egypt used the mineral as a material for decorating ritual attributes, and the Indians of South America used it to cover the walls and floors of houses, made figurines, jewelry, and a mineral base from it to obtain blue paint. Sodalite is a transparent or translucent mineral of a spectacular blue color with white spots and veins. Rare stone samples include crystals of yellow, pink, red, blue, green and gray shades. The most unusual sodalites are red gems that have the ability to darken when exposed to air, acquiring a black tint. These crystals were discovered at the beginning of the 20th century by Finnish geologist Viktor Gakman. In honor of their discoverer, they began to be called Hackmanites. Sodalite is a medium-strength mineral. Its hardness on the Mohs scale reaches 6 units. In addition to the listed characteristics, the distinctive features of the gem are:

  • glassy greasy shine;
  • white line color;
  • cubic system;
  • implicit cleavage.

Blue sodalite stone is widely used in the jewelry industry to create a variety of inserts and cabochons. Gems of other shades serve as ornamental materials for making boxes, figurines, mosaics and other interior decorative elements. The unique magical properties made the stone popular in the creation of religious objects. Sodalite is a mineral with pronounced photochromic properties. This feature allows it to be used in the television and radio industry.

Sodalite mining today is carried out in Eurasia, North and South America. Its largest deposits are located in the USA, Canada, Brazil, India, Portugal, Italy, Romania and Germany. In the Russian Federation, the mineral is mined on the Kola Peninsula.

Treatment with stone

Sodalite has unique healing properties that allow it to be used in the treatment of many ailments. Lithotherapists recommend paying attention to the stone for patients suffering from arterial hypertension, heart and vascular diseases. Blue sodalite has the ability to reduce food cravings and restore metabolism, so jewelry with it should be worn by people who want to gain slimness without following strict diets. Bracelets, beads and pendants with stones will help get rid of nervous tension and normalize sleep. They restore calm to a person, protect against stress and depression.

The gem is also suitable for those diagnosed with abnormalities in the liver, pancreas, bladder and kidneys. Wearing it allows you to normalize the activity of the lymphatic system, neutralize the negative effects of radiation exposure and strengthen bone tissue. Regular contemplation of the blue stone improves vision and normalizes intraocular pressure. Sodalite applied to the injured area can reduce pain and speed up the healing process. It will also help with tumors: under its influence, tumors on the body gradually decrease and after a while completely disappear.

Using gems in magic

The magical properties of sodalite stone deserve special attention, as they help a person discover and develop supernatural abilities. It is not without reason that sorcerers, mediums and esotericists treat this gem with special respect. It is used in various magical rituals, used in spiritualistic séances and meditation.

In some countries, it is widely believed that a woman whose body is decorated with jewelry with sodalite will become prettier every day and will be popular among members of the opposite sex. The stone will help a man become wise and reasonable, teach him to make the right decisions in difficult situations and achieve his goals.

To get rid of disturbing thoughts and find peace of mind, magicians advise wearing rings made of blue sodalite. Jewelry in the form of a pendant is ideal for young girls experiencing problems in relationships with men. Such a product will help them quickly meet a worthy life partner and find family happiness with him.

For magical purposes, you can use not only jewelry, but also decorative items with the mineral (vases, figurines, stands, etc.). Such products will prevent discord in the family and preserve love and passion between spouses. If one of the people living in the house is in danger, the mineral will definitely warn about this by changing its color.

Talismans and zodiac amulets

Sodalite in the form of a talisman is ideal for educators, teachers, doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs. Representatives of these professions do not necessarily have to frame the gem in precious metal. To change their life for the better, all they need to do is carry a small raw mineral in their pocket or bag. Such an amulet has only positive characteristics. It will help its owner to be in harmony with the world around him and will attract good luck and happiness to him.

Who is suitable for sodalite according to the horoscope? The unique healing and magical properties of the mineral can be used by representatives of all zodiac signs without exception, but it will bring the greatest benefit to people born under the constellations of Aquarius, Virgo and Scorpio. Sodalite will relieve them of fears and help them achieve unprecedented success. For Sagittarius, the blue stone will allow you to discover hidden potential in yourself and find your purpose in life. The mineral will teach passionate and hot-tempered Taurus to control their emotions and treat the people around them more humanely.

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