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Which zodiac sign is suitable for tourmaline?

Tourmaline stone has been known for a very long time – since the times of the Byzantine Empire. It reached Europe much later, thanks to Dutch sailors, who brought it from Ceylon in 1703. This gem was similar to other precious stones, so initially people did not understand that this was tourmaline. There are several versions regarding when this amazing stone was first described. According to one version, the first description of the mineral was given in the book “Curious Reflections on Sleepless Nights” in 1707. Proponents of another version attribute the first description of the stone to Paul Hermann, who for some time was a practicing physician in Ceylon (modern Sri Lanka). There he collected a large number of stones from this island, and also compiled a detailed catalog with their descriptions. This catalog was published after the death of Paul Hermann in 1711, but controversy over the first mention of tourmaline continues to this day. Why does he attract so much attention? What properties of tourmaline attract gem lovers around the world? And why did people for a long time mistake ruby, emerald and other precious stones for tourmaline? There are a lot of questions, so let’s look at them in more detail.

Tourmaline – what kind of stone is it?

Tourmaline is a mineral from the group of boron-containing aluminosilicates. It can have a very large number of shades due to the presence of various impurities. Moreover, the stone does not always come in one color, i.e. There are polychrome specimens that combine several shades at once. The location of extraction has a great influence on the color. For example, in Brazil there are minerals with a scarlet core, while the stone itself is light green in color, which darkens in different areas. Such specimens, which have a red core and a green “rind”, are called watermelon tourmalines. But in South Africa their antagonists are found, i.e. these stones, on the contrary, have a green core and a red shell. In addition to the mentioned Brazil and South Africa, the mineral is mined in Sri Lanka, North America, Afghanistan and other countries. In Russia, the gem is not found so often and not everywhere – only in the area of ​​​​the Kola Peninsula and Transbaikalia.

Primary colors of tourmaline

In addition to watermelon tourmaline with its bizarre colors, other colors of the mineral are also found in nature. Based on these shades, a certain classification of tourmaline was formed:

  • Sherl is a black stone, which is obtained due to the high iron content in the mineral. Many magical properties are attributed to this stone, because it is believed to have strong energy.
  • Rubellite is a stone with a bright red color, while more delicate, pink shades are also found.
  • Verdelite is a dark green tourmaline. The saturation of the shade varies, but the processed stone can be very similar to an emerald.
  • Indigolite is a rich, dark blue mineral that has a calming coloration.
  • Paraiba tourmaline is a stone that is mined only in the state of the same name in Brazil. The mineral has a sky blue color, which can be compared to the Cote d’Azur. It is considered the most valuable type of tourmaline.
  • Achroite is not the brightest representative of tourmalines, because it is absolutely colorless. But its value lies in the fact that it is very rare.
  • Burmese is a mineral with rich shades of ripe garnet. By the way, it was Burmese tourmaline that was mistaken for a ruby ​​for a long time – it was even called “Caesar’s Ruby”. It had a rich history, and its last owner was Catherine the Great. In Soviet times, a detailed analysis was carried out, which made it possible to find out that this was not a ruby, but Burmese tourmaline.
  • Dravite is a brown stone that can have a golden hue.
  • Sibirite is a tourmaline that is similar in appearance to rubellite, but it has a darker, slightly crimson hue. Its name is no coincidence, because it is mined in Russia.

In nature, there are also polychrome stones that combine several colors at once. They are quite rare, so they are highly valued.

Is tourmaline a precious or semi-precious stone?

Tourmaline is a third-order gemstone. The same group includes aquamarine, spinel, topaz and other gems.

But this mineral represents a whole group of stones, so it’s difficult to immediately say about their value. For example, regular green and pink gems are quite common, so they don’t cost as much. But Paraiba tourmaline, which is found only in Brazil, in its value can easily compete with first-order stones such as diamond, ruby, emerald, alexandrite and blue sapphire. Its value lies not only in its rarity, but also in its amazing azure-turquoise color, which immediately strikes the imagination.

The healing properties of the mineral

Tourmaline was previously actively used for medical purposes to treat various diseases. It is clear that with the development of medicine this practice has gradually faded away, but we will still mention its medicinal properties. And they directly depend on the shade of the mineral.

Let’s start with scherl – a black stone with its own beneficial properties. It has a beneficial effect on the psycho-emotional state, allowing a person to fight stress and depression.

The green gem will help those who have various heart problems. It also allows you to restore internal strength and improve sleep.

Pink tourmaline has a positive effect on a person’s lungs, while the stone also has a beneficial effect on the skin. Previously, it was believed that if you have problems with the lungs, you should wear tourmaline beads, because they are as close as possible to the diseased organ.

Regardless of color, tourmaline can have the following positive effects:

  • strengthening human immunity;
  • restoration of metabolism;
  • positive effect on hypertension;
  • normalization of the nervous system.

By the way, the healing effect of tourmaline is not just some old belief or myth. It is used in air ionizers in various sanatoriums, providing a restorative effect and accelerating their rehabilitation.

But there are also contraindications:

  • hemorrhagic stroke;
  • uncontrolled bleeding;
  • temperature;
  • problems with the thyroid gland;
  • the presence of a pacemaker;
  • pregnancy and lactation period;
  • allergies in the acute stage.

Magical properties

When purchasing tourmaline products, it is important to consider that this stone has a certain energy. In this case, the color of the mineral again matters:

  • Stones in pink and red shades will make an excellent love amulet. They make women more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex, so they are good helpers in finding a life partner. It also helps if there is a difficult period in the relationship. Tourmaline helps to find mutual understanding and be more compromising.
  • Green gems will become a talisman for creative individuals. They allow you to find your inspiration, and also not to despair in cases when something doesn’t work out.
  • Black stones have very strong positive energy, so they can be given to your children as a talisman. The mineral will protect the child from the evil eye, and will also form a kind of protective vacuum around him.
  • Blue tourmaline helps in studies, so it is useful for schoolchildren and students to wear it. It increases the thirst for knowledge and also helps to find the right solutions in various situations.
  • Paraiba tourmaline develops a person’s intuitive abilities, allowing him to achieve harmony with himself and the world around him.
  • Colorless tourmaline also helps to find inner balance, which is why it is often used during meditation.

Which zodiac signs are suitable for tourmaline?

Astrology has entered our lives quite closely, so it is not surprising that people are increasingly focusing on how this or that thing fits with their zodiac sign. This is especially important when choosing jewelry with stones because most minerals have strong energetic powers.

Tourmaline can affect representatives of the zodiac signs in different ways:

  • Red and pink stones are most suitable for Aries. They will help in building a career and establishing useful connections at work.
  • Leos are advised to wear green tourmaline. It will get rid of internal contradictions and fears, which quite often prevent representatives of this sign from living.
  • Sagittarians are suitable for stones of different shades. Tourmaline has a calming effect on them, allowing them to be more pragmatic and less emotional in matters where strict calculation is required.
  • A blue gem can be a good life partner for Cancers. It gives the necessary determination, and also helps to always finish what you start.
  • Black tourmaline helps Scorpios in difficult times. It has a calming effect, stabilizes the psyche, which allows you to take a fresh look at existing problems.
  • Tourmaline helps Pisces get rid of excessive pessimism. This is very important because healthy optimism is always necessary, otherwise life will remain stagnant for a long time.

Tourmaline is also suitable for representatives of other zodiac signs, so we can say that it is a truly universal stone. It will not bring any particular benefit only to Virgos and Taurus, but you definitely shouldn’t expect any harm from the gem.

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Black tourmaline, also known as schorl, also known as witch’s stone, is a variety of the mineral tourmaline. Belongs to a subclass of ring borosilicates. It is necessary to distinguish the mineral from tourmaline quartz. Black tourmaline is a fourth-order gemstone according to the classification of Professor Kievlenko.

History of the origin of the stone

The mineral was discovered much earlier than jewelers turned their attention to it. Having arrived in Europe in the 18th century thanks to Dutch sailors, scherl quickly became popular. At first, the crystals were sold for next to nothing, but traders who bought goods in bulk then sold them individually, raising the price several times.

The unusual stone remained coveted until huge deposits were discovered in Germany, and then its price plummeted. The term “sherl” was assigned to this variety only in the middle of the 20th century; before that time, tourmalines in general were called this.

Physicochemical properties of the mineral

The pitch-black variety of tourmaline has the same characteristics as other varieties: hardness – from 7 to 7,5 on the Mohs scale, glass luster. But scherl, unlike other tourmalines, is opaque. It is also distinguished by the presence of sodium and iron in the crystal lattice. The latter causes a rich black color.

Sherl, like other members of the group, has pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties. One end of the crystal is charged positively, the other – negatively. Tourmalines are resistant to acids.

In nature, the mineral most often occurs in the form of columnar prisms, and sometimes in the form of aggregates of needle-shaped crystals. The longitudinal shading is clearly visible on the crystal.

The mineral can easily be confused by external features with black diamond, morion, shungite, jet, black spinel, obsidian, black agate.

Where is Sherl mined?

Sherl is the most common among tourmalines, found on almost all continents. The largest deposits of the mineral are located in Brazil, Germany, Great Britain and the USA. In Russia, sherl is found in the Urals and the Baikal region.

There are also deposits of the mineral in Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Norway, Greenland, Bulgaria, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Namibia, Mexico, and Australia.


Black tourmaline has found application not only in jewelry. Sherl is inlaid into rings, earrings, women’s and men’s bracelets, beads and other jewelry, mostly cut into cabochons, but often used in uncut form. The mineral looks good in the form of crystals and tumbled pendants. Jewelers prefer silver frames, most often deliberately brutal.

But usually jewelry with this stone can be found in mineral stores and at fairs; in mass jewelry production, Sherl is not in such demand. Products with it, especially when compared with other tourmalines, are very affordable. Sherl in jewelry goes well with hematite, obsidian, amethyst, and tourmaline quartz.

Schorl is also used to make writing instruments, paperweights and other decorative items. It is very good to keep crystals on your desktop. The witch stone is also purchased as a collection item.

Both pyroelectrics and piezoelectrics are used in industry in the manufacture of temperature sensors and high-precision valves, and in optics for the production of polarizing filters, since crystals are a good polarizer.

A separate area of ​​application is esoteric practice. Black tourmaline plays a huge role in performing various rituals and meditation, during which it becomes easier to concentrate. They say that one of the magical properties of the mineral is to reveal the gift of foresight in a person.

Care of products made from sherla

The stone is not too demanding to care for. For jewelry with black tourmaline, it is not necessary to allocate a separate box. Due to its fairly high hardness, the mineral is not afraid of scratches, but try not to drop the jewelry – it is not so resistant to external influences.

To avoid damaging the frame made of silver or jewelry alloy while cleaning from dirt, it is best to use special cleaning products for silver products and jewelry.

The meaning, magical and healing properties of the stone

In the 19th century, at one of the many tourmaline mines in Germany, the owners of one of them noticed that the workers had excellent health and mood. Sherl, as it turns out, has the ability to ozonate and purify the air. Experiments have shown that even a smoky, unventilated room can be cleaned with tourmaline.

The mineral emits infrared rays, which are valued in medicine. The surface of black tourmaline exudes microcurrents – this was the key to the excellent well-being of the mine workers. Microcurrents are used in modern medicine and cosmetology. The vibration of the mineral neutralizes the harmful effects of waves emanating from electronic devices.

Various magical properties are attributed to one of the most mystical stones. In Victorian England, witch stone was actively used to make mourning jewelry, but this is connected not only with the symbolism of color: according to legend, scherl allowed one to protect oneself from the negative influences to which people are more susceptible during mourning, illness or troubles in life due to the weakening of their natural energy protection.

It is believed that an amulet made of black tourmaline not only protects the owner, but also reflects all the bad things from him towards the ill-wisher. However, the sherl serves as protection against influences not only from the outside, but also those coming from the owner himself, absorbing his fears, resentments, anxieties, and anger.

If you are quick-tempered, often get offended, or tend to blame loved ones, it is useful to think about purchasing a witch stone. Sherl will help you harmonize your relationships and not succumb to provocations from people who want to feed off your energy.

Both with emotional instability and with internal blocks and clamps, black tourmaline will have a beneficial effect. For these purposes, untreated stone is better suited. Esotericists associate the witch stone with the root chakra and believe that it helps to ground oneself and feel safe in this world.

Sherl is also able to activate creative thinking, sharpens perception and attracts inspiration, so it is great for representatives of creative professions. According to esotericists, the stone is able to attract financial wealth, increase efficiency, and overcome addictions.

Which zodiac sign suits black tourmaline?

Among all the zodiac signs for whom black tourmaline is suitable due to its properties, it is worth highlighting two. The stone will be an ideal talisman for Leos and Scorpios. For the former, Sherl acts as a mentor, helping to cast aside doubts, find balance and be filled with greater determination. Behind the external lust for power and arrogance, Leo may hide self-doubt and lack of self-realization, which will help overcome tourmaline.

The witch stone helps Scorpios find peace, directs their thoughts and intentions in a positive direction, harmonizes, and calms the passions raging in the soul, which primarily harm the representatives of the sign themselves.

But even these signs should not wear the stone all the time, because it is energetically very powerful and absorbs a lot of negativity. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly clean the talisman under running water and “charge” it in the sun.

Sherl will give Capricorns strength, somewhat pacify their ambition and allow them to be condescending towards the weaknesses of others, and will help Sagittarians to withstand the attacks of people and achieve everything in life with their mind.

Interesting facts about schorl stone

1. Sherl is not faked. Such attempts were made by chemists from different countries and came to the conclusion that counterfeiting makes no sense: the raw materials and effort expended make artificial tourmaline equivalent in cost to natural one.

2. The name, according to one version, goes back to the area of ​​Scharlau in Germany, according to another – to a German word translated into Russian meaning “slag”.

3. Black tourmaline is considered the most mystical stone and a working tool for psychics, magicians, astrologers, and sorcerers.

4. Schorl has a variety that foams when heated to high temperatures. It is called africite and is mined in a Norwegian deposit.

5. In nature, transparent quartz is found with black tourmaline crystals inside, sometimes forming intricate patterns. Schorl inclusions are also found in rock crystal, chlorite slate, and beryl.

6. In 2011, a giant Schorl crystal from pegmatites of Brazil was presented at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.

7. They produce special healing mattresses with black tourmaline, sleeping on which is considered beneficial for healing the back.

8. Previously, the mineral was used to clean smoking pipes, as it attracts light ash particles well. This is where the Sinhala word “turmali” comes from, which means “attracting ashes.”

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