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Which zodiac sign is the beryl stone suitable for?

In this article I want to tell you about such a stone as beryl. It caught my attention many years ago and that made me want to look into it as deeply as possible. This stone is known to have healing and magical properties, and also affects people born under certain zodiac signs. So, what is beryl? This mineral, a silicate of beryllium and aluminum, has a ring structure with hollow channels. Today, many types of this stone are known with various impurities, different shapes and arrangements of crystals. These are aquamarine, emerald, augustite, morganite, goshenite, and others. The different content of alkalis in the mineral contributes to the fact that beryls differ in density, hardness, shade and properties. In nature, stones of different colors are found – from white to grass, raspberry red, sapphire blue. The stone is mined in granite deposits, in a pegmatite vein after crystallization of acidic magma, as well as in metamorphic rock. Large volumes are produced in Kazakhstan, the Urals and Transbaikalia, Brazil and South Africa. The healing and magical properties of beryl have been known for a long time, and our ancestors used this mineral in the fight against various diseases, to protect against troubles and problems. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Healing properties of beryl

  • · Gynecological diseases. Ancestors claimed that the stone helps a woman normalize reproductive health, relieves inflammatory diseases, and prevents prolapse of the pelvic organs. In order for the stone to function correctly, it is important to use it in certain types of jewelry. So, in this case it was necessary to wear silver rings with beryl and marcasites.
  • · Those who suffer from migraines and headaches, who have problems with teeth and the upper respiratory tract, should definitely wear silver earrings with beryl and marcasites. You can also set the stone in a pendant.
  • · It is believed that this gem helps quit smoking even for those whose experience as a smoker reaches several decades. Experts advise wearing the stone daily, taking only minor breaks to cleanse the products of negative energy and external contaminants.
  • · The mineral helps strengthen the spine, treats diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and prevents the formation of hernias and tumors.
  • · Those who suffer from heart or lung diseases should purchase silver pendants with beryl and marcasites. Lithotherapists claim that the stone draws out everything bad and dangerous from the body and absorbs it into itself, while the person is healed and feels good.
  • · The immune system is attacked by many microbes, bacteria and viruses, and in order to cope with its functions, it requires protection and assistance. Blue beryl will perfectly cope with this task, ensure a speedy recovery from infectious diseases and colds, and prevent many diseases.
  • · Beryl in silver normalizes hormonal levels in women of any age. Consequences after childbirth, surgery, and other situations can lead to the fact that the amount of certain hormones may be insufficient, or, conversely, exceed the permissible norm. To eliminate hormone imbalance, experts advise wearing rings that contain beryl stone.
  • · Besides, beryl with marcasites has a positive effect on the functioning of the stomach and intestines, eliminates congestion and normalizes digestion, promotes the production of enzymes. This means that with regular contact of the mineral with the skin, you can get rid of many problems, including excess weight.
  • · Have a positive effect on the human nervous system silver products with beryl. The stone helps get rid of feelings of anxiety and fear, stress and depression.
  • · Those who have problems sleeping or who suffer from insomnia are advised to have one or more crafts or products made of beryl in the bedroom, and place them as close to the bed as possible.

Since ancient times, Easterners considered beryl to be the best body cleanser and believed in its healing power. Despite the fact that in the modern world most people prefer traditional medicine and drug treatment of diseases, lithotherapy does not lose its popularity, and even increases the number of fans every year.

Beryl is credited with various magical properties. Of course, skeptics may disagree with this and deny that the stone is capable of influencing a person’s energy and destiny. But, if you believe the ancestors and modern experts who study stones, then this mineral is truly unique, and it’s not for nothing that there are so many legends about it.

I’ll tell you about the main magical properties of the stone that I know about. It is believed that neither color, nor variety, nor origin affect the properties of the stone. Different types of beryl have the same effect on a person, but the intensity of the effect may depend on which organs the stone is most often located near.

  • · The mineral helps attract members of the opposite sex. Women are advised to wear silver brooches with beryl and marcasites, to meet a loved one and create a strong family union with him. The stone prevents separation and betrayal.
  • · The stone will provide reliable protection to travelers and help them not to go astray. It also protects against the loss of personal items.
  • · There is an opinion that beryl attracts good luck to a person involved in legal disputes, helps to clearly express one’s thoughts and objectively discuss with opponents.
  • · Transparent mineral will help improve relationships with children and establish mutual understanding between parent and child. It is believed that the lighter the color of the stone, the more negative energy it can absorb, protecting its owner.
  • · Any products with stone in the house will help create a favorable and comfortable atmosphere, get rid of negativity and prevent family quarrels.
  • · Beryl will be an excellent talisman when changing jobs, when moving to another house, as well as in other situations when the owner needs support and protection, as well as confidence in the correctness of his actions. It is enough to purchase silver watch with beryl and marcasites, and wear them daily.

People gifted with supernatural and magical abilities use beryl to protect themselves and their home from negativity, damage and the evil eye, and to ward off bad energy if a stranger appears in the house. According to exotericists, it is this mineral that protects the owner from madness and mental disorders.

According to astrologers, beryl is the stone of the water signs of the zodiac. It is ideal for people born under the sign of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Buy silver products with beryl and marcasites recommended not only for these signs, but also for Libra.

If we talk about Cancers, then this mineral helps them to reveal their creative abilities and find spiritual harmony. Scorpios, having beryl, will be able to improve their thoughts, get rid of accumulated negativity, transforming it into positivity. Their impulsiveness will become less pronounced, the owner of the stone will become more reasonable, and will stop making decisions rashly. Pisces, in turn, will become more decisive and self-confident, and will get rid of their complexes and personal prejudices. Libra will get rid of depression, disappointments and personal illusions, and will gain a positive attitude. Enough to wear silver bracelets with beryl and marcasites, or other jewelry to always be protected by the stone.

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Beryl – everything about the gemstone. What kind of stone is Beryl?

Beryl – an extraordinary exotic and incredibly beautiful gemstone. It is highly valued by jewelers all over the world and is quite expensive. In fact Beryl is a whole subclass of stones, which includes blue aquamarines, green emeralds, yellow-orange heliodors, colorless goshenites, light green beryls, pink morganites (sparrowites) and roasterites . When the term Beryl is used, it means that I mean light green minerals with a slight cool apple tint.

Origin of the name of the stone

There are several versions of the origin of the name “Beryl”. According to one of them, the name of the mineral comes from the word “beryllus,” which means “the color of sea water.” Indeed, in aquamarines, which are part of the beryl group, the color of the stone resembles the sea. According to another version, the word beryl comes from “brille”. This is a German word that translates to “glasses.” Previously, optical lenses were made from beryl. Another version of the origin of the name is from the Italian “brillare”, which translates as “to shine”. It is believed that this was the origin of the name “diamond”.

Varieties of beryl

Aquamarine – blue beryl. Aquamarine shades are rich in palette: from light pale blue to rich sea green. Aquamarines are highly prized by both jewelers and mineral collectors. Aquamarine jewelry is extremely popular all over the world. Emeralds – another type of beryl, distinguished by its rich green color. The color of emeralds varies from light green, light green, milky green to juicy dark green.

Natural emerald has one special feature. Inside, even the highest quality stone there is a network of cracks and inclusions; this phenomenon is called “emerald forest”. Therefore, in jewelry, there are ways to refine stones by filling cracks, which makes the stone almost perfect.

Heliodor – another variety of beryl, which is distinguished by the presence of golden shades in its color. The color range of heliodors is varied: from light yellow, golden shades to orange-yellow with a brownish tint. Noble beryl – beryl, delicate green shades. The color of beryl varies from a light apple tint to a cool light green, sometimes almost transparent with a slight green tint. goshenite – a transparent, colorless variety of beryl. It is quite rare in nature and its price is high. The luster of the stone is glassy and resembles a diamond or white sapphire in appearance. Morganite (or sparrowite) – a variety of beryl, whose peculiarity is an unusual soft pink hue. The color can range from light pink, tea rose to reddish-orange. The color of the stone is due to the presence of manganese impurities. Like other beryls, morganites contain gas-liquid inclusions, flat feathery and other inclusions that cloud the stone and reduce its transparency.

The magical properties of Beryl

Beryl is the stone of travelers. He protects you on the way, makes sure that there are no obstacles on your long journeys. The mineral helps keep vitality in good shape, maintain a “bright head” and good spirits. If a person is lazy, this stone can get rid of laziness. Beryl develops thinking, intuition, gives new opportunities and new goals in life. The peaks will fall to your feet if you have a beryl talisman. Beryl is considered the patron saint of the family, which is why it is recommended to purchase this stone for couples whose personal lives have become discordant. Beryl will fix everything, improve relationships, and give peace and harmony.

Beryl and Zodiac Signs. Who is Beryl suitable for according to the horoscope?

If your element is Water, Beryl is your stone. He patronizes such Zodiac Signs as Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. It was for them that he prepared all his forces to protect and help. It should be noted that the most suitable choice for these zodiac signs would be Aquamarine (the blue variety of beryl). Astrologers recommend that Taurus and Gemini wear yellow beryl as a talisman. It is advisable to combine it with silver, then the degree of return of magical power will be at the highest level. Absolutely all varieties of beryl are suitable for Libra and Aquarius (morganite, emerald, beryl, heliodor, aquamarine.) Amulets with these stones will help improve life and show a short path to happiness.

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