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Which zodiac sign is the bull s eye stone suitable for?

Bulls-eye Bull’s eye is the so-called “eye quartz”, one of the varieties of quartz with an optical effect such as “cat’s eye” (i.e., with a light strip running perpendicular to the fibers of the stone). In nature, the bull’s eye does not form independently, but develops along another mineral (crocidolite), which has a fibrous structure. This fine structure is replaced by quartz and chalcedony with admixtures of iron oxides, resulting in the formation of such an unusual and beautiful, as if silk, gem. Bull’s eye polishes well. Its color is a beautiful brown-red, with shades ranging from bright almost dark crimson to brown. This mineral is a relative of the tiger’s eye, and is obtained from it by natural or artificial heating, as a result of which the brown-yellow admixture of limonite turns into red-brown hematite, which causes a change in color. Sometimes you can find samples with beautiful transitions of falcon, tiger and bull’s eyes into each other. Bull’s eye is a popular jewelry and ornamental stone. Geological certificate The formula of the bull’s eye is the same as that of all quartz, SiO2 . However, a significant proportion of its composition is an admixture of hematite, Fe2O3. Hardness on the Mohs scale – 7. Bull’s eye deposits are located mainly near tiger’s eye finds – India, USA, Central Asia, South Africa, Burma, Australia. Medicinal properties Bull’s eye can improve the functioning of the genitourinary system and gastrointestinal tract. It is used in the treatment of bronchial asthma and diseases of the respiratory system. Wearing a bull’s eye helps with chronic insomnia. This stone also regulates the owner’s blood pressure and improves overall immunity. Magical properties This gem is a good amulet; it is able to warn its owner about dangers of various kinds. It helps an energetic, active person achieve their goal. The bull’s eye replenishes lost energy, promotes foresight, and helps make the right decision in controversial situations. It is also a good amulet for the home and a talisman for good luck. Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra On Feng Shui It is recommended to keep the bull’s eye visible in the house in order to strengthen the connection between residents and space. In the area of ​​the house responsible for finances, you can place a bull’s eye fish; an eagle made from this stone will help to reveal spiritual powers, clarify thinking, and give the owner a sense of freedom. The Bull’s Eye has projective Yang energy. It also weakens the influence of the Water element and strengthens the Soil element. В Vastu Shastra bull’s eye can be used as a rock for the planet Mars (direction South), replacing coral. This stone works best with chakra Muladhara. For zodiac signs The bull’s eye favors all signs of the zodiac circle, but it usually responds best to Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius и Pisces. Amulets and Talismans Bull’s eye is widely used as an ornamental stone; Figurines, jewelry, balls, and cabochons are made from it. A bull’s eye can make an excellent children’s amulet – for example, a turtle in the form of a pendant or figurine will protect him from negative external influences. Bull’s eye jewelry is not recommended to be worn all the time, as it may make you feel tired and mentally heavy. Attuning to this stone as a talisman will help you achieve your intended goal. It is useful to wear a bull’s eye for hot-tempered people – it will calm their irritability and help restrain their emotions. Earrings or rings, in which bull’s eye cabochons are inserted, will help get rid of bad habits. Wearing a ring or ring with this stone on your left hand will help protect you from financial losses and difficulties. Small trinket from the bull’s eye can serve as a daily amulet and assistant in financial matters. Other products made from this stone: Bull’s eye is one of the most beautiful and mysterious stones in the world. This is a dense, opaque mineral of particularly high hardness; it has no cleavage, syngony, malleability or magnetic properties.

The story of

The appearance of this stone over the centuries of its existence has become overgrown with speculation and legends. What is known for certain is that they knew about it back in ancient times. Ancient people gladly placed a bull’s eye in their own home, trying to place it in a prominent place in order to attract wealth and good luck to the house. According to one version of the origin of the mineral and its name, it got its name thanks to a bull that spared a man with a bright red pebble on his chest. In addition, the name is associated with the color of the stone with veins, which visually resembles the eye of a bull. The formation of a mineral in natural conditions occurs due to tubular voids or parallel lying crystals. Its color is heterogeneous, with inclusions of hematite, thanks to which it is possible to see the fascinating play of light and play on the stone. Hematite can be detected if you carefully examine the gem: it comes in the form of thin formations or soles. Bull’s eye is silica (quartz) with iron oxide inclusions (hematite). Thanks to this, the eye stone is incredibly beautiful and attractive. The color saturation is explained by sudden temperature changes. However, in ancient times this was explained exclusively by the magical properties of the mineral, its ability to have a strong impact on a person’s life and on his fate in general. Bull’s eye has a wide color spectrum that ranges from red to terracotta. Rainbow veining comes in a huge range, with purple adjacent to brown. The main deposits of bull’s eye are located near the deposits of tiger. Large concentrations of this rock are mined in South Africa, India, Australia, the USA, Central Asia and Russia. In the latter, a huge amount of the mineral occurs mainly in the eastern part of Siberia and the Urals. Among the main characteristics of stone are hardness and strength. They explain its wear resistance, low susceptibility to chipping and deformation. The mineral is suitable for making not only jewelry, but also decorative items. The cost of this amazing gem is low. Mineral lovers are happy to purchase jewelry and decorative items inlaid with stylish stones.

Stone properties

Through time, information about the magical properties of this amazing stone reaches out. Ancient people believed that he not only absorbs energy himself, but also gives it to already energetic people, as a result of which their strength and power only increase. The bull’s eye is so strong that it cannot be worn continuously for a long time. It is important to know that wearing the mineral should be alternated with periods of rest and rest from it. The properties of the stone are known in relation to establishing contact between members of a particular family or in a particular room. To do this, you need to place the stone in your home so that it is always in sight. In this case, the wonderful properties of the mineral are aimed at active action It is worth listening to the bullish stone in financial matters. Take the mineral with you to an important deal. Remember that the gem changes its shades, so you can actually read the outcome of your planned business from it. Its owner acts with the confidence of a strong bull.

Medicinal properties

The mineral promises good health to its devoted admirers. This makes it suitable for strong, self-confident individuals. However, it should be worn with care by people suffering from mental disorders and prone to depression – the stone will only weaken already irritated nerves. But infections, fevers and fever recede under its beneficial effect on the body. Do you want to get rid of strong addictions? The mineral will act as a reliable assistant and will help in the fight against smoking and alcohol addiction. Thus, decoration has a decorative function and helps heal the body from certain diseases, including saving from serious illnesses. Buy earrings, pendants, rings made of bull’s eye – and welcome wealth and peace into your home. It is suitable as a talisman only for strong personalities. Whose stone is according to the horoscope? Such zodiac signs as Capricorn and Sagittarius should pay attention to it, but not the energetically weak Pisces and Cancer. It can become suitable for people striving for self-realization and achieving certain heights. These are the magical properties of this amazing mineral, the history of which is so diverse and rich in legends.

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