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Which zodiac sign is the coral stone suitable for?

Coral is a precious stone that is not a mineral at all, as it is organic in nature. Among precious materials, there are only 2 such gems – pearls and coral stone.

Origin of the gem

This is the calcareous skeleton of a marine polyp, shaped like a branch. There are many coral reefs in the seas, but few people know that this organic material can form entire islands. Fossilized coral is opaque and very dull, and there are often cracks in the material. The smoothness and shine that can be observed in finished jewelry is acquired during the work of the master. The habitats of marine polyps are warm waters. Most of them are in the Caribbean Sea, Indian and Pacific oceans. The countries of Central America and the Mediterranean are engaged in the extraction of fossils. In addition, coral mining occurs in Italy, Japan and Australia. The depth of habitat of marine polyps varies. Some can be reached by swimming (with scuba diving), while others require special equipment to get to. The main substances that make up the fossil are calcium and aragonite. Because of this, sea coral is very fragile. He is sensitive to heat and hot water. Under no circumstances should jewelry be exposed to acids. Even with proper care, petrified coral will fade and crack over time. The name coral comes from ancient Greece and is translated as “oracle stone.” And in ancient Rus’ they believed that the jewel was part of the dragon’s body, so it was called “draconite”. Before the nature of marine polyps was revealed in the 18th century, they were perceived as a cross between a plant, an animal and a rock.

Varieties of marine polyp

Almost all corals are different. Their characteristics depend on the place in which they live. Marine polyps can not only be of different shapes and colors, but also differ in composition. There are more than 2000 species of this organic material in the world. The color range is represented by 300 different shades. There are corals of white, blue and other delicate colors, and there are also very gloomy brown or black stones. Blue and black fossils are considered the rarest. Not all varieties of coral are used for jewelry. Jewelers use only 16 types of fossils in their business. The most expensive is red coral, which is called noble. Inexpensive varieties of the material include ornamental fossils in white, dark red and flesh-pink colors. The place of extraction plays an important role. The highest quality and most expensive are Japanese and African sea stones. Sea stones of African origin have branched but straight trunks. Japanese jewelry has a unique pink color. Coral reefs from Sicily are characterized by a strongly curved trunk and are a jewel of average price and quality. Algerian, Spanish and Hawaiian are low quality sponge corals. The reason for this is the many marine microorganisms living in its branches.

Jewelers’ preferences

  • angel skin – a pale pink stone, sometimes giving off a silvery glow;
  • Salmon is a material of red-orange shades;
  • Sardinian stone is a “true” scarlet coral;
  • Oxblood is the rarest type of red fossil, having a brown tint.

The popularity and high price of red sea stones have led to the appearance of many fakes. However, checking the authenticity of a piece of jewelry is not difficult. Just dip it in milk. The natural stone will become lighter, perhaps even pink.

The name “akori” was given to blue (blue) coral, which is one of the rarest. Of course, it cannot compare with a black stone, but the fact that blue coral lives only in the very depths of the Pacific Ocean makes it desirable for many jewelers. The same can be said about yellow coral – its uniqueness leads to a high price for the product.

Not all corals have a calcium skeleton. Thus, black coral is completely plant-based. Due to its unique nature and low prevalence, it was nicknamed royal.

White coral, although not one of the most expensive, is quite often used in jewelry. For example, in the Sea of ​​Japan, in addition to pink ones, you can find snow-white fossils of high quality. Their tops are a valuable material and allow you to create inexpensive but spectacular jewelry.

Application in medicine

The healing properties of coral stone are recognized by both folk and traditional medicine. Its healing effect is due to a large number of biologically active substances.

In traditional medicine, coral powder is used to treat diseases of the endocrine system, musculoskeletal system, diseases of the skin, heart, blood vessels and blood pathologies, such as anemia. Calcium, which is part of marine polyps, is absorbed by the human body much better than other types of building material of human bones. Since it is a gift from the deep sea, it fills the body with iodine, which ensures high effectiveness in treating thyroid diseases. The coral mineral is also used in dentistry; dental implants are made from it.

Alternative medicine attributes more extensive properties to the marine polyp. It is believed that it promotes wound healing, relieves depression, insomnia and nervous tics. When worn regularly, a coral bracelet improves vision, memory and blood circulation. The fossil promotes the perception of new information, so such decorations are suitable for students and schoolchildren.

Coral beads are recommended to be worn for throat diseases – both for treatment and prevention. The fossil normalizes appetite, which is important for obese patients.

It has been noticed that in people with chronic diseases, the jewelry becomes stained in a short period (several months).

Lithotherapists claim that each disease requires a certain type of marine polyp. Thus, pink coral will help with pathologies of the nervous system or sleep disorders. But if you have diseases of the cardiovascular system or anemia, you need to wear red stone jewelry.

Magic gift of the sea

The magical properties of coral are aimed at protecting its owner. First of all, it protects a person while traveling. The amulet has the most powerful effect on water. In ancient times they believed that this “son of the sea” could pacify the elements, preventing storms and storms.

In addition to protection from natural phenomena, some types of jewelry, such as green coral, can protect against illness, accidents and even damage. Therefore, in ancient Greece, such amulets were often purchased for children.

In India, people still believe that the magical properties of the stone give wisdom, develop intuition and the gift of foresight. In addition, it can be used to cleanse your own mind of bad thoughts.

The talisman allows you to improve your family life, but you need to know what colors to choose. Jewelry and talismans with pink corals are considered the most effective. They have the gift of reviving feelings and passion between spouses, and also smooth out conflicts.

It is worth noting that a white coral bracelet is suitable for women, but for men it is better to choose jewelry in red shades.

Astrologers’ opinion

To ensure that the talisman does not cause harm, it must be in harmony with the zodiac sign. Since coral is of a marine nature, it is best suited for representatives of the water element whose zodiac sign is Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio. These signs can wear coral in any form, but it is worth remembering that Cancer is protected by a pink stone, Scorpio by a red one, and Pisces by a brown one.

If you believe the horoscope, then the only zodiac sign that is not suitable for a sea amulet is Virgo. Other representatives of the star circle are not prohibited from wearing coral.

Those who are suitable for the amulet should know how it works. So, for Aries, a fossil of any color will become a protector from diseases and disasters. But for Taurus, who have a creative nature, the talisman will become a source of inspiration. In addition, it helps strengthen marital bonds. Aquarius should choose jewelry made from pink corals, this will bring success in love.

Gemini can use it as a shield from the evil eye, damage and simply unkind people. With the help of coral amulets, Leos can improve their health, but wearing the gift of the sea on their body all the time is not recommended.

Coral helps Libra to establish business and friendly relationships. Sagittarius – get rid of stress and nervous tension. Capricorns are advised to wear such amulets very carefully. They do not conflict with coral, like Virgos, but they rarely find harmony. Therefore, people born under the sign of Capricorn are better off choosing other stones. If you already have a sea talisman, you can wear it only during the waxing moon and in a good mood.

Among the jewelry donated by the sea, coral is on the list of the most valuable. Fossil formations built by invertebrate polyps form extensive reefs and even entire coral islands – atolls – in warm seas.

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Properties of coral – description

Corals contain hard aragonites or calcites. Their hardness on the Mohs scale corresponds to 3,5 – 4 units. Untreated, they have a matte shine and may have stains, cracks, and pores. Glass shine appears only after polishing the surface. Natural coral is more valuable the less natural defects it has and the more even its color. The characteristic properties of corals are vulnerability to high temperatures and acids.

Coral formations are based on a stump with multiple branches. But not all coral branches are suitable for jewelry processing. Many have too small thickness and density of the material. Suitable parts of coral are usually processed in the form of an oval, ball or cabochon.

Types of corals and colors

There are thousands of species of corals. The principle of their classification is based on color differences and the geography of the growths. There are about 350 shades of color in corals alone.

Their color is primarily affected by the ratio of organic and inorganic substances in the composition. Organic matter can make up from 1% to almost 100% of the coral formation. The most organic black coral is highly valued, but is listed in the Red Book and is not mined industrially. Both previously and now red and pink corals are in price. White and white with pink inclusions are also highly valued. The most rare are blue corals.

Products with coral

Coral products have always been very popular – first as amulets and symbols. Then its decorative qualities were appreciated, and coral beads, rings, earrings, necklaces, tiaras with coral inserts received timeless recognition among women from different countries with very different cultural traditions. To create costume jewelry and jewelry, corals are most often mined in rich red tones.

In many countries, for example, in some regions of Poland and Ukraine, coral beads are a mandatory attribute of ethnographic women’s costume. By the number of strings of beads a woman or girl wore, they once judged how rich her family was.

Catalog of products with coral:

  • Sets with coral
  • Gold rings with coral
  • Stylish earrings with coral
  • Bracelets with coral
  • Pendants and pendants with coral
  • Elegant gold brooches with coral

How to clean coral

To wash coral, just rinse it in warm (but not hot!) water. If over time the coral has lost the intensity of its shine and brightness of color, it can be kept in a solution of hydrogen peroxide for a while. Such a “bath” and re-polishing will help restore the appearance of the product.

Coral deposits

Noble corals “live” in the seas, forming bushes at a depth of 3 to 5 meters. The extracted raw material is cleaned of soft parts, then sorted by quality, branch thickness, color and presence of defects.

Currently, the most active coral mining is carried out in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Algeria and Tunisia, western Italy, the islands of Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily. The reefs here grow on rocky bottoms, often under overhanging rock formations, with their branches facing downwards. Algerian corals are valued higher than others from this group, since their processing produces the least amount of waste.

You can find corals in almost all warm seas in places where the water temperature does not fall below 21°C and conditions for the life of polyps are maintained. Along the Malaysian archipelago, in the Red Sea and off the coast of western India, the most expensive black Akbar corals are mined. Red, purple and blue Akori corals grow near Africa and the Samoan islands. Japan produces dark red Moro corals and pale pink Boke corals, which differ from the Mediterranean ones in the thickness of the branches and the size of the bushes.

The meaning of coral stone

In different cultures, corals were given their own meaning, but everywhere they were willingly made into highly valued amulets and amulets. It is believed that the fashion for wearing coral jewelry was set by representatives of the Celtic tribes, although pink beads were found at a site dating back to the Paleolithic.

Whose stone is coral – horoscope, zodiac sign

According to horoscopes, corals are suitable for all zodiac signs without exception and have no contraindications. They have the strongest positive influence on people born under the signs of Pisces, Aries, Virgo, Scorpio and Sagittarius.

The healing properties of coral

The undeniable healing properties of corals are based on their composition. In addition to the main element – calcium, they contain a large number of microelements important for the human body, including iodine.

Coral powder has long been used in medicine to restore the skeletal system, treat thyroid diseases and diseases associated with disorders in its functioning.

The consumption of coral products was prescribed to patients to increase tone, improve memory, and maintain the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Coral preparations treat the liver, intestines, and heal stomach ulcers. They are used to relieve headaches, gout attacks and sore throats.

The magical properties of coral

According to those who study the magical properties of amulets, coral attracts good luck and enhances the gift of foresight, has a beneficial effect on the mental state and the ability to think logically. They are worn to protect themselves from lightning and the evil eye. The ancient Greeks believed that pink corals could bring happiness and ensure immortality.

Catalog of products with coral:

  • Sets with coral
  • Gold rings with coral
  • Stylish earrings with coral
  • Bracelets with coral
  • Pendants and pendants with coral
  • Elegant gold brooches with coral

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