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Which zodiac sign is the sunstone suitable for?

A type of feldspar related to aventurine, it shimmers beautifully with golden sparks and brings joy and happiness to its owner. A mineral is a substance homogeneous in structure and composition that is part of a rock, meteorite or ore, formed in the earth’s crust or its water shell as a result of natural physical and chemical processes. Jewelry stones (both precious and semi-precious) are beautiful and rare varieties of a particular mineral. Feldspar Density It is the ratio of the mass of a substance to the volume it occupies. When comparing two objects with the same volume, the one whose density is higher will be heavier. 2,7 g/cm³ Mohs hardness A relative scale of mineral hardness, with Mohs 1 being the least hard and 10 being the hardest. The standard for the greatest hardness is a diamond with a rating of 10 on the Mohs scale. Shades of yellow, orange and red, gray, green

History of the sun stone

Although the term “sunstone” is periodically used to refer to a variety of minerals, including aventurine, labradorite, selenite, and even amber, the most commonly used name for the stone is andesine. Sunstone belongs to the feldspar group. Thanks to its beautiful appearance, good hardness and the possibility of high-quality cutting, the stone has earned its place among semi-precious stones. Advertising – Continued below The sunstone was first used in Ancient India and Greece as a magical talisman. It was considered a conductor between the world of the living and the dead, and was used in the first spiritualistic séances. During the Renaissance, the sparkling mineral symbolized the celestial bodies and was used in astronomical research. Another name for the stone, heliolite, comes from two Greek words “helios” (“Sun”) and “lithos” (“stone”).

Physico-chemical properties of solar stone

The structure of the mineral is heterogeneous: there are almost always inclusions of crystalline “flakes” of biotite, hematite, goethite, copper or opaque heliolite. In some specimens of the sunstone, the “cat’s eye” effect is especially pronounced – an iridescent stripe on the surface of the stone. Advertising – Continued below The chemical formula of andesine sunstone is (Na,Ca)Al (Si,Al)3O8. The mineral consists of 70−50% albite and another 30−50% anorthite. Sunstone demonstrates good hardness – up to 6,5 on the Mohs scale, however, due to its perfect cleavage, it is a brittle stone and can split from an impact into even plates with a smooth surface. Read more:
Jewelry educational program. Underwater rocks Sunstone generally comes in various shades of yellow, orange and red, but gray and green specimens with shiny flecks are also found. Heliolite is transparent or translucent with a beautiful glassy sheen.

Sunstone deposits

The first large deposit of sunstone was discovered in 1841 on the slopes of the Andes (South America). In 1980, large deposits of andesine with a greenish tint were found in Oregon, and a little later the stone became a symbol of the state. Advertising – Continued below Shimmering feldspars are quite common in the world. Mining is carried out in several countries: Finland, Italy, Czech Republic, France, USA, Greenland, Germany and Tanzania. On the territory of Russia, there are known deposits of sunstone in the Urals (Cherry and Potanin Mountains), Transbaikalia and Karelia.

Healing and magical properties of sun stone

Magicians and sorcerers attribute to the stone the ability to attract the love and attention of the opposite sex, therefore sparkling heliolite is considered a love amulet. In addition, it charges its owner with optimism, heightens the sense of beauty, and gives confidence in one’s own abilities. Elderly people are advised to wear jewelry with a sunstone: it can, even if only for a short time, restore youth and good spirits. To increase its activity, it is recommended to combine a solar stone with moonstone and jade. Sparkling andesite helps fight allergies, pneumonia, nervous disorders, high blood pressure, improves visual acuity, sleep and appetite. Sunstone is used for massage: it is placed on important biological points of the human body, and thus stimulates blood circulation, lymph flow and local heating of the skin. Advertising – Continued below

Who is the sun stone suitable for?

Astrologers strongly recommend wearing jewelry with the sunstone for Aries and Leo. The gem gives these zodiac signs calmness, balance, and helps avoid conflict situations at work and at home. The mineral is contraindicated for Pisces and Gemini – it will make them too apathetic, slow, insecure and gullible. Read more:
Yellow gemstones: 11 shades of sunshine As a talisman, the sunstone is suitable for representatives of several professions: doctors, teachers, military personnel, builders and engineers. It helps to achieve a good result with one hundred percent probability.

Did you know that.

The bright golden tints in the sunny stone have their own name – schillerization. Sunstones mined in Tanzania show very vibrant iridescence with large inclusions of hematite. This type of mineral is called “confetti”. The most common imitation of sunstone is aventurine glass, inside of which copper particles sparkle brightly. SUN STONE – a jewelry and semi-precious stone, a type of feldspar (microcline, oligoclase, sometimes labradorite), which has a predominantly orange-brown background color and contains a large number of small, shimmering inclusions of crystals. The unusual golden tint of the sunstone is due to the interference of light rays. And the pinpoint highlights of crimson, yellow and orange shades are associated with the reflection of light from the surface of inclusions, which are represented by small crystals of hematite, ilmenite or other minerals (magnetite, copper, goethite). English name: Sunstone Other names (synonyms): Aventurine feldspar (aventurine feldspar, adventurine feldspar), aventurine moonstone, heliolite Origin of the name: The name “sun stone” or “heliolite” has ancient Greek roots. It comes from helyos, which means sun, and lithos, which means stone. New items with Sunstone in the product catalog Products with Sunstone are presented in the following categories:

  • Stones and minerals,
  • Decorations,
  • Products and souvenirs,
  • Cabochons and cutting,
  • Stones in esotericism
  • class Silicates
    • subclass Frame (tectosilicates)
      • Feldspar
        • not a mineral Sunstone
          • synonym Heliolite (sun stone)

          Oregon Sunstone is a labradorite containing inclusions of copper crystals instead of hematite.
          Based on their composition, there are varieties: aventurine labradorite (labradorite with inclusions of ilmenite, magnetite or copper), aventurine cancrinite, oligoclase sunstone, orthoclase sunstone.

          Color: Gold, orange, red, brown, beige
          Transparency: Transparent, translucent
          Cleavage: Perfect
          Brittleness: Brittle
          Sunstone has found wide application as jewelry and decorative stone.
          Medicinal properties

          Sunstone is an excellent healer of depression, blues, melancholy, apathy, mental trauma and nervous disorders – it fills the Soul and subconscious with soft and warm sunlight. Has a beneficial effect on the psyche and nervous system. Its energy helps fill the entire body with soft warmth. Also, the sunstone has a general strengthening effect on the body, increases the vital energy of the owner and lifts his mood. Useful for “Water natures” who need the element of Fire.

          Sunstone fills with moderately active energy, which does not seethe, but calmly and constantly nourishes a person in all areas, filling him at the same time with strength, self-confidence and the joy of being. It will help you find inner peace, wisdom and understanding of others. Sunstone stimulates positive thinking and intuition, in terms of understanding how to act in a given situation and everything will end well. It has a bright, sunny energy that awakens a thirst for life in a person.
          Sunstone can be used to harmonize: YIN-YANG, female-male, Water and Fire elements, as well as other opposites.

          Interesting Facts

          On August 4, 1987, at the Legislative Assembly of the State of Oregon (USA), the sunstone was recognized as the state gemstone of this state.

          In the ancient Scandinavian sagas there are references to an unusual Sun Stone, which is capable of opening the pilot’s “third eye,” allowing him to see the sun behind the clouds even during heavy fog.

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